Upcoming movies – Boxoffice Prediction


If Accepted :

Opening :  28 – 32 Crore
Total        :  52 – 60 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  20 – 23 crore
Total        :   30 – 34 crore

* Collections may suffer due to clash with DBH, And trending of action movies are generally lower compared to other genere unless it accepted like ghajini or gadar. However wanted has fair chance to be winner.

Dil Bole Hadippa

If Accepted :

Opening : 20 – 25 Crore
Total        : 40 – 45 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  15 – 18 crore
Total        :   22 – 25 crore

* Collections will suffer due to strong opposition in form of Wanted. However if accepted, will trend better. 

Whats Your Rashee

If Accepted :

Opening :  18 – 22 Crore
Total        : 35 – 40 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  12 – 16 crore
Total        :  18  – 22 crore

* This movie will open slow and trend marginally better if accepted, just like fashion. 

Do Knot Disturb

If Accepted :

Opening :  28 – 34 Crore
Total        : 55 – 60 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  18 – 20  crore
Total        :  24 – 26 crore

* Its opening will be better in any case due to comedy genere with big names associated(David and govinda) 

All The Best

If Accepted :

Opening :  30 – 35 Crore
Total        : 50 – 55 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  22 – 24 crore
Total        :  30 – 32 crore

* Should prove to be another golmal return of 2009. Opening will be huge, but trending will be average. 


If Accepted :

Opening : 35 – 42 crore
Total        : 65 – 75 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  20 – 25 crore
Total        :  25 – 30 crore

* This movie will either be hit or flop, no mid point can settle for such a biggie. 


If Accepted :

Opening : 30 – 35 crore
Total        : 50 – 60 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  12 – 18 crore
Total        :  16 – 20 crore

* Fantasy is genere which didn’t get huge success in past, most are disasters(Drona, LS2050) , some are average success(Alibaba aur 40 chor). This movie too can go either way. If rejected, will be disaster for sure, but even if accepted, it can not go beyond a certain point.

London Dreams

If Accepted :

Opening : 32 – 38 crore
Total        : 60 – 70 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  23 – 26 crore
Total        :  30 – 34 crore

* Opening should be good because of face value and genere. 


If Accepted :

Opening : 18 – 22 crore
Total        : 45 – 50 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening :  10 – 14 crore
Total        :  16 – 18 crore

* This movie will be most interesting case to study, either way it shouldn’t flop, atleast average success written all over due to exceptional plot, intresting cast, low budget (15 crore) and hype it has created already. If accepted, can go big way in long run.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

If Accepted :

Opening : 22 – 26 crore
Total : 45 – 50 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 12 – 18 crore
Total : 22 – 26 crore

* RKS is back in comedy genre after Andaz apna apna, APKGK should get benefit of AAA reputation and also audience feedback for promos are good(however not great), should get decent initial in range of 20 crores and trend well in subsequent weeks if accepted, which is most likely the case. 


If Accepted :

Opening : 14 – 20 crore
Total : 32 – 38 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 10 – 15 crore
Total : 18 – 20 crore

* Madhur bhandarkar brand of cinema never opens too big, but always got appreciation with decent business, Fashion was madhur’s biggest hit, Jail belongs to genre which when combined with madhur can never take big opening, movie is probably will settle across 32 crore unless it accepted big way.


If Accepted :

Opening : 22 – 25 crore
Total : 50 – 55 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 12 – 18 crore
Total : 20 – 25 crore


* I am highly anticipated for this movie, Shimit Amin has given two outright classics of different genre ATC(Crime) and CDI(Sports), Now he treads in different region altogether i.e. Business/Marketing. If i say ROCKET SINGH promo is most innovative this year will not be tall claim, Promotion of movie is all time low, but Latest heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and Shimit combo shouldn’t get wrong and for me winning proposition for Yashraj is already in hand.


If Accepted :

Opening :  44 – 50 crore
Total : 85 – 95 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 38 – 42 crore
Total : 58 – 62 crore


*Three Idiots will not be outright rejected in any case, Either it will be heartily accepted by all OR accepted by class audience only. Above prediction is for these two cases only. I am not taking into account outright rejection.  

— BollyBusiness

41 Responses to “Upcoming movies – Boxoffice Prediction”

  1. The opening mentioned here in box office prediction column refers to opening week’s collection or opening weekend’s collections. Please explain.

  2. i think its over all collection.


  4. salman- ‘Opening’ is for 1st week collection

  5. so LD is rejected ??

  6. till friday 3 more days left in ist week. London dream will be a hit.

  7. Gita !!!

    Nobody has time for a movie on a weekday except single screen audience..which unfortunately LD doesn’t have..

    If you say LD WOM is good then..it will be tested on the weekend..WOM is good then it should do g8 business else it will collapse……..Salman antcis can do the home run let’s see…


  8. Why no predictions about Tum Mile?What’s the general hype over the film?I think it’s a potentially successful film.Any idea about its budget?

  9. london dream second weekend collection 11.41 crore…..total after 10 days 35 crore

  10. i hope dats rite Vicky. for da first time regarding box office am absolutely seething. cant believe a bad/decent product like APKGK is doing so so well and LD not.


  12. Well it’ll be better than 3 crores as per me, but the entire week cant be more than 11 – 14 crores due to Tum Mile and 2012 getting good reviews. Moreover, LD is still running in some of the theaters which will affect its collection.
    It will end its entire run with not more 53 crores and will still get a blockbuster tag 🙂
    And the movie is not even that good.

  13. Hi Yakuza,
    pls tell me more about blue collection and last verdict, is still running in some cinemas or not?

  14. ROCKET SINGH will be a HUGE HIT!

  15. Paa is predicted as HIT by this astrologer :

  16. Yakuza, I see that you have downgraded the expectations of paa. Last week your expectation was 25-30cr if accepted now it says 18-20cr if accepted. why ?

  17. Any idea about the budget of Rocket Singh??

  18. Yakuza, Now its time to update this list with

    3 Idiots


  19. So you think Three idiots will be atleast get Semi-hit/HIT status .. even i am in Synch with you …. 🙂

  20. One thing I know for sure is that 3 Idiots will not flop. It’s easily going to recover its cost.

  21. Veer predictions please……….

  22. Yakuza,
    U proved wrong as 3 idiots will collect more than 150 crores only in India. 200 is a easliy achievable target for overall collection… Once again, VEER predictions please….

  23. Yakuza
    i love ur site just because of ur predictions,information,previews and knowledge which is so helpful and updated but i am confused now because as a Amir khan fan i expected allot from u that u will updated us from the business of 3Idiots but u are fail because ur site just show 3Idiots starting few days business and u never given us any information or ur review or there updated business of 3Idiots now i am thinking that may be u don’t like Amir khan or u r jealous from Amir khan and his 2 back to back All time Block Busters movies and what he did with bollywood means his movies broke each and every record of bollwood histroy so whats ur comments plzzz

    • 3 Idiots is a film that everyone should celebrate not be jealous of, even if you hate Aamir because it truly is among the best films and historic in every way.

      Yakuza has already explained why he is unable to provide figures for 3Idiots and any of the new films releasing.

  24. Yakuza (yokozana)

    whats your review about PYAAR impossible???



    ps: i want to know ur taste of movies

  25. Yakuza, are your predictions net or gross figures? Also please update us on how the issues with releasing trade figures are getting resolved .. Miss your trade updates

  26. Reliance has said 3I grossed 315 crores in 19 days, so how come the nett figure estimates provided by BOI is only 165 crore for 3 weeks. Shouldn’t it be 67% of gross?

  27. Yakuza,
    This is the 3rd I am requesting… VEER predictions please…………….

    • Hassain , Prints count is yet unknown. If i take 1000 prints in circulation then it should do 40+ Crore in first week if accepted well and overall business of 90+ Crore.

      In case of rejection it wouldn’t go beyond 30 crore in first week and 40 crore overall. However i am optimistic for Veer.

  28. Yakuza, can you update this list with Veer, MNIK, Housefull, Kites, Rajneeti, ATKJ and other movies?

  29. What is the boxoffice prediction of Kites

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