Performance Calculation

How to calculate performance of an actor ? 

There are many parameters to judge performance of any actor, Let’s have a look at each 

  1. Hit Ratio : This is total number of hits against total releases. Let’s suppose an actor ‘X’ did 10 movies out of which 6 are hits, it yields to 60% hit ratio.
  2. Success ratio : This is total number of successful movies (Hit, semi hit, Above Average) against total releases. Let’s suppose an actor ‘Y’ did 10 movies out of which 2 are Hits and 6 are above average success. This yield to 80% success ratio. 

Now in both the above parameters, we can’t rule out any single one. If we chose Hit ratio as parameter then actor ‘Y’ would have been only 20% Hit ratio, this would exclude the fact that he has 6 more success behind him. And if we take success ratio as sole parameter then ‘X’ would have 60% success ratio and ‘Y’ would have 80% success ratio, this would exclude the fact that ‘Y’ has only 2 hits in his kitty, means despite of less number of hits ‘Y’ would rank above ‘X’ which is again not acceptable. 

Let’s look at more parameters : 

  1. Total Number of Releases : This is total number of releases an actor have for the period of time ranking is being calculated. But this parameter can’t be taken solely as it doesn’t indicate any success of failure, however it indicates the efforts put by any actor in that span of time.
  2. Total remuneration generated : This is total revenue generated by any actor through the movies he acted in the span of time for which ranking is being calculated. Let’s suppose ‘X’ generate 250 Crore from 10 movies out of which 6 are hits and ‘Y’ generated 400 Crore from 10 movies out of which 4 are hits,   In this case ‘X’ has more hit ratio but less revenue sum, ‘Y’ has less hit ratio but has generated more revenue. We can’t rule out the fact that Y has generated more revenue. So this parameter is again important. 

We can’t rule out any single parameter to judge performance of any actor. So here we are taking in account all parameters to calculate performance. 

Parameter Contribution to performance
Hit Ratio 25%
Success ratio 25%
Total Number of releases 25%
Revenue generated 25%

 Some standards : 

  1. An actor is expected to release 2 movies a year, means if we are calculating performance for 10 year duration and ‘X’ has done 12 movies in 10 years then This parameter will get effective score of 15%, for overflow there is no extra points.
  2. Revenue figures would be taken as adjusted one, So total revenue would be adjusted by adding 20% more to the total sum (this is applicable to 10 years span only).
  3. As par today’s scenario 50 Crore Nett revenue per movie is taken as 100%. Let’s suppose ‘X’ generate 250 Crore revenue from 10 movies, standard is 10*50 = 500 Crore[To get 25% scroe), so Revenue generated parameter will get effective score of (250/500) * 25 = 12.5%. overflow of revenue will get extra points.  

Notations :

MR (Minimum Revenue) = [(Total Years for which performance is being calculated) * 2]

URG = Unadjusted Revenue Generated

RG (revenue Generated) = ((URG * .2) + URG)

How to calculate these parameters ?

Parameter Contribution to performance Calculation Method
Hit Ratio 25% (Total Hits/Total releases) * 25
Success ratio 25% (Total Success/Total Release) * 25
Total Number of releases 25% If Total release < MR      (Total Release/MR) * 25Else


Revenue generated 25% RG/MR * 25


Now Take Two examples to calculate performance of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ for span of 10 years : 

X   Score
Total releases 12 15
Total Hits 6 12.5
Total Success 8 16.6
Revenue generated 300 Crore 7.5
  Total Score 51.6 %
Y   Score
Total releases 18 22.5
Total Hits 5 6.9
Total Success 10 13.8
Revenue generated 500 Crore 12.5
  Total Score 55.6 %

So with all above parameters, X’ performs 51.6%  and ‘Y’ performs 55.6% for span of 10 years.

NOTE : This is not final technique, All suggestions are welcome here and any important parameter which is missing will be incorporated here with due acknowledgement, I do want to apply performance technique with agreement of all you guys. Looking forward for your feedback/suggestions.

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9 Responses to “Performance Calculation”

  1. Do you think the opening that a star gurantees should be included in the performance calculator? e.g Aamir, Srk, Akshay gurantee a big opening irrespective of the content of the movie (take Akki’s e.g.) After all that is starpower.

    • Yeah, This is process is under development stage with few more parameters like Blockbusters , Disasters, Openings etc. Thanks for your input.

  2. Also i feel the total no. of releases should carry a little less weightage.

  3. This is just one suggestion – if we give different weightage to different kinds of roles – solo leads (100%), one of two leads (80%), multistarrer leads (60%), supporting role (40%), character artist (40%), extended appearance (20%), guest appearance (0).

    Here’s an example using Salman Khan for last 3 years:

    London Dreams = One of Two Leads (80%) = Flop
    MAMK = Extended Special Appearance (40%) = Flop
    Wanted = Solo Lead (100%) = Superhit

    Yuvvraaj = Multistarrer (60%) = Flop
    Heroes = Extended Special Appearance (40%) = Flop
    God Tussi Great Ho = One of Two Leads (80%) = Flop

    Partner = One of Two Leads (80%) = Superhit
    Salaam E Ishq = Multistarrer Lead (60%) = Flop

    Total Movies = 8

    Hits = 2, Contribution to Hits = (100 + 80)/2 = 90%, Hit Ratio = 2/8*90% = 22.5%

    Success = 3, Contribution to Success = 86.7%, Success Ratio = 22.5%

    Flops = 6, Contribution to Flops = (80 + 40 + 60 + 40 + 80 + 60)/6 = 60%, Flop Ratio = 6/8 * 60% = 45%

    U’ll notice the success ratio and flop ratio will not add up to 100 over here. You can base your Performance calculation based on these 3 scores + all other parameters

    Performance Calculation

    Number of Movies = 8, Score = 25
    Hit Ratio = 22.5%, Score = 5.625
    Success Ratio = 22.5%, Score = 5.625
    Flop Ratio = 45%, Score = -11.25%
    … (Other Parameters)
    Final Performance Score = 25

    Basically tried to separate between the importance of role and burden of carrying a movie. What do you think, is it possible to incorporate this or something like this?

    • Hey rosh, thanks for wonderful inputs, will comment later, in hurry at the moment. Thanks .. 🙂

    • Hi rosh, Thanks a tons for valuable efforts. Now i have three new versions of performance technique:
      First one published already, as you seen above.
      Second include additional parameters: Blockbuster/Disasters/Opening/Awards.
      Third one has one more additional parameter just as suggested by you: Role length (Solo, Multi-starrer, Special appearance, guest appearance, cameo etc).
      Now i am screwed up at third one, because i know even this much of hard work on each list will not end any debate (because difference between special appearance and supporting role is still subjective). Still want to apply the best available option i.e. 3rd version. I will introduce this technique at mid December and start applying thereafter on each list. Let’s see how well it will receive.

      Thanks for taking such an extensive interest.

  4. Thanks for this great post! I’m new reader of your blog 😉

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