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Hello guys,

This blog is result of very unfair and shallow analysis done by various BOLLYWOOD trade analysts. Movies production is very serious and expensive business and a common man hardly knows about ABC of this trade. The final tags attached to a movie are for the business it does in its complete run. How these Tags are calculated? What is the methodology used to calculate the result? These are very simple questions which comes instantly in mind if we look into verdict of movies. Well a very simple business rule, Movie succeeds if it yields profits out of investment. If earned money is more than investment, it ensures success. Bigger the Earning : Investment, greater the success. But movie business is quite dicey, because money is not involved from a single source and earning is also not destined to a single point. There is hierarchy from top to bottom who invested in this business and yield profits/losses.

Producer(s) – > Distributer(s)/ worldwide distributor(s) – > Sub Distributer(s) – > Exhibitor(s)/ Theater owners

If there are so many contact points then it is also possible that fate of every contact point is different. Suppose producers sell movie to Distributors and make Table profits. So for producers movie is HIT as they succeed in making money. Now distributer may sell the movie to various sub-distributors, and if distributor makes profits, Movie is HIT for him too. Now if sub-distributors make profit from its run at theaters then movie is hit for sub-distributor and exhibitors. So there can be at Max 4 contact points, Producers, Distributors, sub-Distributors and Exhibitors. Sub-distributors can be (and generally) more than one. And it may be possible that movie make profit for one sub-distributor and incurred losses for another sub-distributor. This yield to quiet a complex situation. We will deal with it in adopted methodology section. In short, success of movie is largely depends on profits incurred from its theatrical run, means if sub-distributors and exhibitors makes money, movie succeeds.

Verdict/Result/Tags associated to a movie can be:

1. All time blockbuster

2. Blockbuster

3. Super Hit

4. Hit

5. Semi Hit

6. Above average

7. Average

8. Below average

9. Flop

10. Disaster

Details of these verdicts can be found in Terminology and Methodology Pages.