Filmfare on “SuperStar” and First real superstar !!

This scan from 1978 explains following things :

1. The term superstar used for Rajesh Khanna first.
2. His immediate fall.
3. But in real sense first ever super star was Shammi Kapoor.
4. Amitabh is first superstar whose 6 movies always running simultaneously in one city.
5. They were predicting same fate of Amitabh like Rajesh Khanna, because old superstars like Dev Anand etc always did one movie at one time and have long lasted career. So they were predicting sharp fall of Amitabh very soon because of over exposure.

~ by Yakuza on July 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Filmfare on “SuperStar” and First real superstar !!”

  1. Khanna didn’t really have a ‘demise’. It was more of a media story or should i say a ‘masala’ story. Khanna in the 80’s was similar to Bachchan in the 90’s(which i don’t think is a crash or a disaster by any stretch of imagination).

    • Rajesh Khanna’s decline was very unique case. His movies were starting flopping after 1972 though he was very much in top till Roti in 1974. But a sudden disinterest towards Rajesh khanna was felt after that, not only among fans but also among industry people. May be because of his change in physicality and not so good projects in hand due to action and masala movies came in trend. But his decline was sharp considering the peek he had earlier. Very occasional minor success here and there.

      Bachchan in 90’s was different case, he was almost absent. He announced retirement in 1990 itself, last release was in Early 1992, absent for almost 6 years and then make comeback in late 1997. So practically he was active only for four years (1990, 1991, 1997, 1998, 1999) and made comeback in 2000 in different avataar.

      • Correction : I meant Bachchan between 1988-92 where despite his films getting superb openings(meaning that people were still interested in watching his films) most of them except Aaj Ka Arjun and Hum ended up underperforming(implying that maybe they were all below par films in terms of content).

    you can see earlier in 2003 BOI WAS 90% RIGHT IN THEIR VERDICT OF AMITABH’S MOVIES. But now they have degraded atleast 50% of amitabh’s movies boxoffice verdict.why they are not presenting the real picture?

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