20 Years of khuda Gawah, A big screen spectacular entertainment !!

20 years before, right on this day i.e. 8th May, 1992, Mukul Anand much awaited Amitabh bachchan-Shri devi Starrer Khuda Gawah was released. This was first movie to release on 350 prints and first ever movie to make news in BBC news program, don’t remember the name, might be it was “world this week”.

Khuda Gawah was produced by a big bachchan fan, Manoj Desai, who was president of Amitabh bachchan fan club in Mumbai. This movie was tribute by a Bachhcan fan, directed by Mukul Anand, last one in trilogy of Amitabh-Mukul combo.

At boxoffice it opened to record breaking response all over India. Its first half was full of mind boggling sequences and clap worthy dialogues. But second half lost the grounds due to absence of Amitabh for good amount of screen time and only respite was the culmination part where Baadshah khan again stand up for final battle.

This was movie not be missed on big screen. There were plenty of moments you came back home. To witness few of them :

Shreedevi on Khuda Gawah :

~ by Yakuza on May 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “20 Years of khuda Gawah, A big screen spectacular entertainment !!”

  1. I remember Kuhda Gawah opening was huge, but to say it was record-breaking, I think that’s incorrect. I think Hum opened better than Khuda Gawah.

    Its sad didn’t perform well at the BO (I think it was strictly an average) because I thought Khuda Gawah was a great entertainer, and one of his best films in the 90s.

    • HUM broke first week record of Aaj Ka Arjun with huge margin (Almost 1 Crore margin). Khuda Gawah was very close to Hum .. at many centers it collected more than Hum, but overall first week was marginally less than Hum.

      • By your logic almost all Amitabh films between 1988-92 had historic openings and crashed thereafter(except Hum). Most of them being totally bogus films at that!! Amitabh’s best was seen during 1973-84 and 2000-05..! 1988-92 was bad,95-99 was worse and 2007- has been absolutely disastrous….i sometimes wonder why Amitabh even needed to do some of the films that he did in these 3 phases.

  2. Khuda Gawah in 15 minutes :

  3. awesome movie with awesome songs,one of my best film ever,superb film,I love last battle of Badshah Khan,its semi-hit not average,hope Yakuza will do boxoffice operation of this film,where is video of Shahenshah premire,?Yakuza,u ve told us about that?

  4. KHUDA GAWAH had a great opening.But couldn’t sustain in long run.it was average at the boxoffice.

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