Govinda after two mild success, Love 86 and Tan Badan !! And One major success ILzaam !!

~ by Yakuza on April 22, 2012.

12 Responses to “Govinda after two mild success, Love 86 and Tan Badan !! And One major success ILzaam !!”

  1. At a time when we saw the rise of Govinda, and that time, I thought the Neelam-Govinda duo was awesome, especially since it appealed to a youngster like me at that time. And then he had Sindoor, Khudgarz, Hatya and many others.

    Why wasn`t Govinda ever considered amongst the tops at that time or even the 90s

    • Ohh yes .. I was very fond of Neelam. She was very charming those days. Govinda didn’t have any major solo success till 1992 (Shola aur shabnam). From 1992-1999 period he was always among top 5.

  2. Govinda was damn good…..but had 2 flaws …..very little variety….always doing comedy….after a while people get sick of an actor doing the same thing again and again..(SRK/Akshay kumar)

    He got too content/overconfident……his weight ballooned 😉

  3. the 80’s stars (Mithun/Anil/Sunny/Sanjay/Jackie/Kamal)


    the 90’s generation (Aamir/SRK/Salman/Ajay/Akki/Saif)

    who is better overall – BO wise and quality wise – now that would be a good debate……the 80’s stars had to live under Amitabhs shadow. Same with the 2000 generation (Hrithik/Abhi/John) will not be able match the success of 90’s generation.

    • Yeah agree .. But this happened always, top stars of previous decade always rule in next decade as well. Dilip kumar(50’s) ruled in 60’s as well.

  4. I heard Govinda had a pretty crazy life……any links…

  5. was ilzaam a hit yakuza?

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