From the diary : Satyam (Re-titled Main Azaad Hun)

~ by Yakuza on April 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “From the diary : Satyam (Re-titled Main Azaad Hun)”

  1. Main Azaad Hoon is clearly Big B most underrated film. I thought this was a great film, and sad to hear it was a flop when released.

    • It was destined to flop , its production values were like any tv serial. Actually they made Art movie having biggest commercial star in lead. Obviously audience would not be interested. Though as an art movie its business was 3 times of biggest art movie Hit till that point of time. Problem was that selling price of movie was not at par standard of art cinema.

  2. Main Azaad hoon is a very good content it fails because of larger then life Amitabh. because of him it has not considerd as an art film still the song kitne baju kitne sar remain inspiration for many

  3. I thought this was an awful film…….

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