Some Interesting Upcoming Bollywood Movies

~ by Yakuza on March 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “Some Interesting Upcoming Bollywood Movies”

  1. @Yakuza : I’m still awaiting your analysis of the new Agneepath.

    • Yeah, i got distribution prices and returns, will do shortly.

      • @Yakuza : You say that only distributors profits should be considered while giving the verdict for a particular movie. But what if a movie makes losses in circuits while it gains in certain others(as seen in most recent hits)? How do you estimate the ROI in that case?

  2. From all these posters, i like Nangu and Pangu.

  3. EK THA TIGER got postponed for TALAASH last year. And now TALAASH itself has been postponed and is gonna clash with RACE-2! What a waste! Bollywood film-makers need to get some sense into their heads. A good film always works,irrespective of its release date or competition. We saw it with DIL-GHAYAL, LAGAAN-GADAR in 2001 and also with ZNMD-SINGHAM last year. Hope the bollywood makers learn a lesson or two now.

  4. @Yakuza : Bhai,Agneepath ka BO operation kab karoge? 😛

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