HUM (1991) Hungama

~ by Yakuza on March 12, 2012.

12 Responses to “HUM (1991) Hungama”

  1. For me,this was a very mediocre product and not a patch on Agneepath. I’d rather have the box office verdicts of Agneepath and Hum swapped!

    • HUM was pure entertainment, this movie is 10 on 10 from me. I liked it when it was release and have seen many times afterwards, however on repeat watch recently some flaws were visible, but i still rate it much better entertainer. Bachchan-Rajini-Govinda .. superb combo and on top of that chartbuster Jumma Chumma. Just like Agneepath was tale of Vijay dinanath chauhan VS Kancha cheena .. Hum was tale of Tiger VS Bakhtawar. The only difference was that former was more serious and intense, and later was told in more entertaining way .. and in bollywood only entertainment sells.

      • @Yakuza : What do u think will be the verdicts of all the Amitabh and Dharmendra movies of the 70’s & 80’s if we apply BOI’s current methodology of giving verdicts based on theatrical performance?

        • Thumb rule is to up the level of film-information verdicts to 2 level up to match to theatrical verdicts, but its not straight forward either.

          • That would be completely invalid for the 2011 verdicts at least. Can you imagine ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’ being called a HIT? Fact is,Komal Nahta is a manipulator and no different from BOI and Taran Adarsh! That’s the irony of bollywood trade.

      • Hum was brilliant film……better than Agneepath which was a bit gory and too much violence imo

  2. Hum was one of my favorite childhood films in the early 90s, and still to this day, it provides much better entertainment than most films today. Big B was amazing as Tiger/Shekhar, added with the Jhooma Chumma craze, this was a great family film. No doubt, in terms of quality, Agneepath is the way better film, but in the Bollywood world, its all about what Vidya Balan said “Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment.”

    Hum was a Hit at the BO, I don’t remember recalling it as a Super-Hit, as the price for it was Huge, considering the Big B factor.

    Just wondering, was Hum the top grosser of that year, and how did it actually fare in the overseas?

  3. The best part of both AGNEEPATH and HUM were the technical aspects. The camera shots and background score(particularly Agneepath) of these movies is still a benchmark in modern day Bollywood. Mukul Anand might not be the most refined film-maker but he definitely was a master technician indeed!

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  6. awesome film,I like all three Mukul Anand and Big B combination,
    Agneepath: Awesome
    Hum: Awesome
    Khuda Gawah: Awesome

  7. I remember it was released at TARANA theater in Sonipat as i was a hosteler there and watched HUM bunking school knot my white shirt tiger style chumma chumma is a huge craze and i think this song is the baap of all item songs

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