Salman Khan First Interview From Filmfare (1990)

Thanks to Shruti for providing me scans.

~ by Yakuza on March 1, 2012.

10 Responses to “Salman Khan First Interview From Filmfare (1990)”

  1. Salman Khan is the biggest star of this generation. I wish him all the best for his upcoming films. Yakuza, what are your predictions for Dabangg 2 and Ek Tha Tiger?

    If ETT and Dabangg 2 are huge Blockbusters, where would this put Salman Khan in the all-time greats in terms of popularity and box-office success?

    • Both movies will be huge. All three khans will be remembered as big superstars down the history, in last 22 years, any one of three was always giving big hits at a particular time. If i ask you who was bigger among Dilip, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand ?? Very difficult to answer .. all three were big with shares of big hits and varied talents.

      • Couldnt agree more..Good thing is that..all 3 khans are incomparable ..all the 3 do different films with different style..and will always be remembered..for there contributions..!!

  2. Yakuza bhai, post this on NG please…..

  3. yakuza its very easy to answer who was the biggest amond dilip-dev-raj. it was simply dilip kumar going by boxoffice data (as opposed to media, mainly times of india/filmfare/madhuri) created myth of a trilogy. dev anand’s success is much less in scale. raj kapoor as an actor was successful in only his home productions except anaari, chaalia and a cpl more.

    similarly going by boxoffice data salman is the biggest in this generation. dont try to obfuscate over it.

  4. and yakuza in any case f there is a competition its between salman and sharukh. aamir is no where close. he has had two phases of 5 years each wen he didnt have a single release.

    • Which were those 2 phases,kindly explain? It was only between 2001-05 when he didn’t have even a single release due to personal issues. And Aamir has been consistently giving successes for the last 20 years. Its just that earlier the magnitude of his success was not at par with SRK and Salman. That too has changed since Ghajini and 3 Idiots.
      P.S. : Let’s not even talk of Salman’s 2000-09 phase or even the ridiculous,brainless so-called blockbusters he’s dished out for his loyal fans of senseless cinema since 2010.

    • I have read some of your ridiculously laughable articles on NG and would like to point out certain facts

      1. Your entire theory of Footfall=Quality is laughable to say the least. Footfall=POPULARITY and there’s a big difference between QUALITY and POPULARITY. Quality is an individual perception that varies from person to person and you,me or anyone else is no-one to judge what quality is. All we can do is speak for ourselves from our own point of view

      2.You mentioned somewhere that films like DCH,Swades etc cannot be called cults because of their low trp’s(or some similar nonsense). You have conviniently forgotten the mere definition of a “cult”(or maybe you just don’t know it). DCH,Swades etc are cults because they have an ardent following among the urban middle class population(about 20% of the population). Nobody claims DCH to be a cult in smaller towns like Kanpur or Udaipur(vice versa for a cult called Tere Naam).

      3. Your hatred and loath for the urban middle class is unjustified considering that in the last 10 years a major section of the population of India has been migrating from smaller towns/villages to the bigger cities. Hence the urban middle class has been increasing in number by the day and will continue to do so in future(unfortunately for some psycho fanatic like you).

      4. You keep whining about the fact that movies doing better in SS(mainly starring your fav semi naked chimp) have more footfalls yet they gross lesser owing to ticket prices. Here too you have conviniently forgotten the fact that the Multiplexes too contribute towards trash like Dabangg and Bodyguard in a big way! But the vice versa is not true. Movies like ZNMD,Rockstar etc hardly have any viewership in the smaller sectors and hence they lose out in a big way as compared to mass entertainers like Dabangg and SIngham. Multiplex audiences lap up a Ghajini,Dabang etc with as much enthusiasm as they lap up a ZNMD,MNIK or a Rockstar. But the vice versa is not true for the mass audiences who prefer sticking to their over the top trash stuff.

      Think over these points before you make another one of those laughable articles and get dissed off by multiple folk(in hindsight they’re great mindless entertainment though,just like your Dabangg & Bodyguard trash 😉

  5. Aamir has a much better success ratio than Salman. In fact if you take flops into account,Salman would be leading there too 😉 For me all 3 of them have their own place in bollywood. Ridiculous fan ranting on good for nothing sites is not gonna change public percpetion.

  6. Danish, r u the same danish from NG

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