First Week Record Holders Since 1979 (Updated)

Sr. No. Release Date Movie First Week Nett
1 16-Nov-79 Suhaag 89,15,459
2 28-Nov-80 Ram Balram 1,20,31,560
3 12-Dec-80 Shaan 1,22,36,876
4 3-Feb-81 Kranti 1,24,65,436
5 1-May-81 Naseeb 1,29,34,256
6 30-Jul-82 Khuddar 1,32,26,933
7 3-Dec-83 Coolie 1,50,36,326
8 12-Feb-88 Shahenshah 1,60,73,280
9 7-Jul-89 Tridev 1,62,32,753
9 11-Aug-89 Toofan 1,69,19,142
10 10-Aug-90 Aaj Ka Arjun 1,78,28,289
11 1-Feb-91 Hum 2,31,76,437
12 6-Aug-93 Khalnayak 3,25,37,983
13 13-Jan-95 Karan Arjun 3,78,36,250
14 22-Dec-95 Trimurti 4,91,26,175
15 15-Nov-96 Ghatak 5,05,26,376
16 13-Jun-97 Border 5,78,27,178
17 16-Oct-98 Bade Miyan Chote Miyan 6,89,87,086
18 23-Jul-99 Hindustan Ki Kasam 7,25,26,873
19 5-Nov-99 Refugee 7,47,84,565
20 27-Oct-00 Mission Kashmir 8,45,12,549
21 26-Oct-01 Indian 8,62,87,982
22 14-Dec-01 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 12,01,11.980
23 1-May-04 Main Hoon Na 12,61,34,913
24 12-Nov-04 Veer Zaara 17,12,09,115
25 11-Aug-05 Mangal Pandey 18,56,19,578
26 26-May-06 Fanaa 21,67,00,000
27 23-Jun-06 Krrish 26,48,00,000
28 24-Nov-06 Dhoom 2 32,87,00,000
29 9-Nov-07 Om Shanti Om 36,33,00,000
30 8-Aug-08 Singh Is Kinng 38,98,19,763
31 12-Dec-08 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 41,44,98,132
32 24-Dec-08 Ghajini 54,78,45,876
33 25-Dec-09 Three Idiots 76,45,87,765  
34 31-Aug-10 Dabangg 80,75,19,211  
35 10-Sep-11 Bodyguard 100,00,00,00(Approx)
Actor Number of Record Breaking Movies
Amitabh 14
Shahrukh Khan 7
Aamir Khan 4
Sunny Deol 4
Hritik 4
Salman Khan 3
Sanjay Dutt 2
Akshay 1

As we are covering record breaking initial since 1979, Amitabh is only actor in the list whose entire career has not been covered up as he was in industry since 1969 and 1975-1979 was his career peak , So this list excludes majority of Amitabh starrer movies in this period which break initial record. Despite the fact that his peak years are excluded, Amitabh still has maximum numbers of record breaking movies with pretty good margin from next stars Shahrukh, Aamir, and Salman. Rest of all stars career has been covered up in this period. But again fact is that Aamir and Shahrukh are only stars after Amitabh who able to get some fraction of monster  success of Bachchan.

  • Coolie retains the biggest first week record for maximum number of weeks i.e. 217 Weeks, This record was broken by next bachchan starrer Shahenshah in 1988.
  • KKKG was next to coolie to retain same record for almost 124 weeks.



~ by Yakuza on February 27, 2012.

78 Responses to “First Week Record Holders Since 1979 (Updated)”

  1. Hey Yakuza, really amazing information. BTW, no. of record breaker movies for Salman should be 2 (Karan Arjun & Hum Saath Saath Hai). Keep up the good work buddy:)

  2. Yakuza, if 3 idiots is multistarrer due to Sharman and Maddy, then even OSO is multistarrer due to presence of Shreyas Talpade and Arjun Rampal. Same with SIK as Ranvir Shourey, Om Puri and Sonu Sood were there.

    All of the above mentioned have played lead roles

    • agree with jeevcy .. aamir has 5 solo record breakers

    • Well, three idiots is multistarrer or not is really subjective thing, I agree Madhavan and Sharman doesn’t possess box-office pull but both was in lead. At the same time I don’t agree that SIK and OSO should be considered as multistarrers. Arjun rampal was villain in OSO, Same for Sonu sood and other characters in SIK. But it hardly matters jeevcy, three idiots will always be considered as Aamir HIT.

      • Then you shouldn’t bring subjectivity in an objective list. I can understand movies like DCH being branded a multistarrer, as others actors were also huge stars (although Akshaye has gone downhill now). As for Arjun playing villian, SRK played a villian in Darr and Bazzigar. should those movies not be considered his movies? same for Fanaa.

        If Sharman and Maddy were lead roles, why did they get nominated for Best Supporting Actor while Aamir for Best Actor in almost all the awards?

      • Yakuza, please explain how Main Hoon Na is a solo starrer while 3 idiots is not? MHN had Zayed Khan who haid a fully developed romantic pairing with Amrita Rao, who has a solo BB to her name in Vivaah, more than anything Sushmita Sen, SRK’s lead can dream of. Maddy and Sharman did not even come close to a girl in 3 idiots, had to strip to thier pants to affirm Rancho’s superiority.

        By your logic, Satte Pe Satta was also a multistarrer then.

        • who calls 3I multistarresr,then all srk starrers baazigar,darr,karan arjun,ddlj(bcoz amrish puri had a good role),pardes(apoorva),yes boss(aditya pancholi),kkhh(sallu),mohabattein,k3g,devdas(jackie),khnh(saif),mhn(zayed),vz(manoj bajpai),vz(arjun),everything which srk has done is a multistarrer,

        • Yakuza, can you name the 7 solo Amitabh starrers from here?
          Suhaag – Shashi Kapoor
          Ram Balram – Dharmendra
          Shaan – Sunil Dutt, Shashi Kapoor
          Khuddar – Sanjeev Kumar, Vinod Mehra
          Naseeb – Shatrughan Sinha, Rishi Kapoor
          Coolie – Rishi Kapoor
          Shahenshah – solo
          Toofan – solo
          Aaj Ka Arjun – solo
          Hum – Rajnikant, Govinda
          Bade Miyan Chotte Miyan – Govinda
          Hindustan Ki Kasam – Ajay Devgn
          Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – SRK, Hrithik

          As you can see, Amitabh has only 3 solos. How are you getting 7 solos for Amitabh?

          • i agree with jeevcy,aamir has most solo record breakers 5.

            otherwise also call oso and mhn as multistarrer

          • except Dharmendra who ever be there with Amitabh, can any one let us know if any of there solo hero movie of them has ever done 50 percent business of the above figures ?

  3. Excellent work bro

  4. jeevcy, in SIK , sonu sood has only 10 min screne appearance. Otherwise in whole movie he was on wheel chair. Ranbir came at interval and he was just ok. like Raja Hindustani’s Johny Liver,

  5. Yakuza, I couldnt understand how did u make this table. This is not year wise, Oven this is not biggest grosser of the year as well.
    How did u make it ?
    where are Welcome , Golmaal Returns , Kambakht Ishq , Love Aajkal. and so many more which touched 40 cr in 1st week.
    plz dont say KI didn’t get 42 cr in 1st week.

    • Nauman, This list is for first week record holders. Like in 2001, 8,61,76,547 was biggest first week ever. This record was broken by indian in 2001 itself by collecting 9,01,87,982.

      The movies you mentioned above like welcome, GR, KI LAK were having good first week but their collections in first week were not greater than previous first week records.

      I hope you get it right now !!

  6. hii yakuza
    first of well thanks alot for such a wonderfull information well i would like to ask that what ur predictions that is there any chance in near future that 3 idiots 1st week record should be broken?

    • Well if these factors combined in first week, Might be possible :

      1. Excellent movie with tremendous repeat value.
      2. Long weekend.
      3. Box-office puller in lead like Aamir/SRK.
      4. Lead actor should not be overexposed in that period.

      I don’t see any movie in near future with all these elements assembled in same movie. At least in 2010, this record will not break.

      • yakuza don’t see it being broken for 2 yrs 202 cr,not for 5 years atleast

      • you missed the real superstar … Raju Hirani. After Munnabhai and LRMB, 3 idiots was the most awaited because of the Hirani factor as well.

  7. Awsome information yakuza. Thanks.

  8. Thx Yakuza now i got it. I am also running a site and we launched it recently. I want you to visit there and advice us how we can make it better. plz log on

  9. loving your work Yakuza

    keep it up boss!

  10. thanks yakuza i am also sure that in 2010 its not possible that any movie should break 3 idiots record

  11. there r many kings (superstars) in bollywood but there is only one emperor (supermegastar) who is undisputed and still rockin at 68…the one and only ORIGINAL DON of bollywood…big b!!

    • Toally agree. No matter what Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan does past, present or future, Big B will always be #1

  12. U rocks…really yakuza..telling straight frm heart…u rocks bro…damn rocks…hoping for ur new site

  13. Great info, really very useful. but with each passing year, print count of movies increased and its obvious that collections will surpass prev movies

  14. look at the way ghajini kills rnbdj,mazza aa gaya,then 3I overhauls ghajini like anything.aamir has became the biggest superstar ever

  15. I sometimes wonder if hits really matter if they do then how come actor’s like abhishek bachchan and kareena kapoor are still in the film industry…..considering their track record they have given more flops than any other actors in the industry at the present….it is so absurd and ridiclous to hear that kareena is the highest paid actress and i dnt understand why…..last year her movies like k ishq ,kurbaan .main aur mrs khanna did not do well and she ws lucky to be part of 3i ….cause the movie would hve been a blockbuster even if kareena wouldnt have been in the movie….and abhishek the guy gave a dozen flop’s before giving his first hit which anyway wsnt a solo hit….he is doing quite well now ,but my point is that would an outsider with no bollywood connection got those no of chances and oppurtinities….never….it just goes on to show tht the industry keeps whoever they want to irrespective of their talent ….nothing against anone but there is bias…>

  16. Great information but disappointed start from 1979,and amitabh peak time was from 1973,but still amitabh is on top.Amitabh the real DON of bollywood,A pillar of age of 68m,still on top.amazing hero.without amitabh on bollywood.Well done Yakuza,soon BOI will be crying because of Bollybusiness because now everybody is coming to join bollybusiness because of real facts and BOI is fake site,We r with u and hope u will bring more real information like this.

  17. Excellent post dear…way to go..cheers!!!

  18. Lahore

  19. Jackie Sheroff has 5 movies on that list!!!!!

  20. Amitabh was the king in his days

    However i feel/believe that Aamir is one actor who will push the boundaries of cinema in this generation…whether it is BO or making films which are hatke.

  21. Well, to end the controversy of Solo and Multistarrers,i remove the credits !!

  22. YAKUJA,
    what abt maine pyar kiya,hahk,salman film

  23. media is biggest n most dangerous enemy of salman
    media always makes plan to down sallu image,career,love-life,films,eg,veer
    media tell lie n fake news abt sallu
    4 getting trp n making money by buying fake vedios
    to youtube,bcoz sallu is most searched celebrity of google.

  24. just goes to show srk box office pull. great going.

    • What boxoffice pull ?? Just 8 clean hits in 18 years (As per komal nahta strict classification against 35 clean hits of amitabh in just 12 years (1973-1985) ….You need to know first what is boxoffice pull).

  25. Main Hoon Naa without any major Star except SRK broke K3G Opening Record what great pull he has. Plus VZ Released with 3 Movies and OSO with Sawaariya and still they created Opening Records way to go. Also RNBDJ came at a time when people were scared to go to theters because of Mumbai Bomb Blast and still a record shows that no actor in his generation has that pull or Box office Charisma.

    • First of all K3G opening itself was not so great, it was time of rise of multiplexes and business was bound to rise, Main Hoon Na with huge SRK in 2004 did 12.5 Crore business while Bunty & Bubbly in 2005 did 13.5 Crore with abhishek in lead. So what’s the significance of Main hoon na opening ??? Was it great enough .. Not really …. Just 2 years later in 2007 Guru first week was 19 Crore .. 5 Crore higher than B&B .. So was it great ?? Not really .. Only thing is business was rising with each passing week in between 2002 – 2008 … This was time of multiplex revolution and SRK got advantage of it.

  26. Mr. Jeevan who is comparing Amitabh with SRK only Amitabh Insecure Fans.

  27. Plus 35 Hits without Solo Atbb and BB by amitabh. While SRK DLLJ, Aamir Ghajini & Salman HANK were Solo Atbb.

    • Mr. right …. The movies verdicts of Amitabh starrer was Hit , superHit and Blockbuster were given by Mr. Komal nahata .. As per komal nahta .. There is hardly any blockbuster of SRK …. Otherwise only His DON(1978) was bigger hit than SRK’s all movies ..

    • Bachchan’s SOlO Zanjeer, DON, Deewar were bigger hits than any biggest hit of SRK (As per komal nahta classifications)

    • An I am refering komal here again and again because old movies verdicts are available only given by komal nahta .. SO we can compare verdicts of old movies against classification of komal only ..

    • No point in talking about SRK..
      this website is filled with Salman and
      Data shows..
      If Amitabh is President of Bollywood..SRK is Prime Minister…
      And rest Aamir and Sallu have there times….like Sallu is having now..

  28. And how only 8 Cleans hits by SRK from Komal. Komal had rated 11 Hits for SRK.

    (1) Deewana (Hit)
    (2) Baazigar (Hit)
    (3) Karan Arjun (Super Hit)
    (4) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (All Time Blockbuster)
    (5) Dil To Pagal Hai (Hit)
    (6) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (BB)
    (7) Mohabbatein (Super Hit)
    (8) Veer – Zaara (Hit)
    (9) Chak De! India (Super Hit)
    (10) Om Shanti Om (Super Hit)
    (11) Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Super Hit)

    • DTPH, Mohabbatein and veer zaara are not clean Hits as per Komal .. Check your facts right ..

      • WTF are u mad..
        Veerzaara Super hit..DTPGH too a superhit..Mohabbatein..a hit..
        Which plane r u from boss…

  29. Shah Rukh Khan Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is bigger Hit than any combined Amitabh Hit. Plus komal never rated any Amitabh Movie ATBB but for DDLJ he did.

  30. Sholay was not Solo and Don and Deewar were Hits by him not BB.

    • DOn and Deewar were BB by Komal .. Go and check filminformation of 1978 and 1975. You will get good appetite.

  31. I have checked it it was Hit by him not bb.

    • Even i have checked it amny times and still have copy with me .. It was BB … I will ask Yakuza to upload the copy of filminformation from 1978 and 1975. then you will get the right facts ..

  32. okay.

  33. YAKUJA,
    what abt salman

    • prity, This list is about first week record breaking business. HAHK and MPK were huge hits but first week of these movies didn’t break the record of previous first week record holder movie.

  34. right, jeevan .. good debate above, If we apply old yardsticks for verdicts to current movies, there will be hardly any hit. Comparing the scale of success of old movies V/S new movies is illogical. As complete scenario has been changed. Only one thing i can assure that scale of success of bachchan movies was more than double if compared to other stars of that era.

  35. Updated on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 11:21 IST Tags:India, Best looking nations

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    India, home to Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, and heartthrob Salman Khan, among others, has come eighth, while France came ninth and Canada finished off the top 10.

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  36. Amitabh is awesome,
    DON(blockbuster),Deewaar(blockbuster),Muqqadar ka sikanddar(alltime blockbuster),TRSHUL(Superhit),AAA(Alltime blockbuster) and many more.amitabh gave six consective HITS in 1978,its unique record in bollywood.

  37. AAA was not All Time Blockbuster.

  38. MNIK continues dream run in Egypt. drops just 15% in week 5. (cont)

  39. Saurbha,
    I know Deewaar in 1975 and AAA in 1977,I am telling about DON,MKA,Trisul,Ganga ke saugind,Be sharam etc in 1978.
    and DON(blockbuster),AAA(alltimeblockbuster),MKS(ATB),Deewaar(BB),Nakam Halal(BB),Mard(BB) and many more.

  40. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  41. Rajendra kumar was the real box-office king and you all are ignoring this fact.

    which is stupid thing.

  42. The picture is clear..
    This site is full of Bias towards Aamir and Salman..
    But Data of Yakhuza is..Brilliant and shows..
    That Amitabh is the all time best..followed by SRK..
    Salman and Aamir are good..both have there times in patches..
    Like Salman is having now..
    While Aamir..does well ..but his releases are like 1film in 2yr..
    He should release 2-3films a year..then we’ll know how good is he..

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