Agneepath(1990) Scans from Magazine (Footfalls of 3.5 Crore audience testified here)

~ by Yakuza on February 25, 2012.

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  1. @Yakuza : I have a query. How’s it that FI and Trade Guide have rated a lot of Amitabh films unequally considering that they both use the same methodology(ex. Silsila is a FLOP by FI & AVERAGE by Trade Guide….ditto for Bombay To Goa and Satte Pe Satta)

    • No .. Both Trade Guide and FI has them Average .. and Bombay to Goa as Hit. Its just that in final year end classification, for movies which was released in middle or later .. those movies got verdicts based on business so far, but in later issues of next year .. those movies if done substantial business afterwards, revised their verdicts. Bombay to Goa verdicts was revised 4 times between 1972-1982 .. Finally after having more than double of its investment, it was given Hit by both FI and TG.

      • One more thing….how would the footfalls of a multiplex mega blockbuster like 3 Idiots compare with the footfalls of a SS mega blockbuster like Dabangg? Would the footfalls of both the films be almost equivalent?

      • 3I was like 3 Crore, Dabangg was around 2.25 Crore … Bodyguard is like 1.75 Crore (This is how market dynamics changes every 2 months these days).

        • Why is Yash Chopra’s contribution to Amitabh’s career always underestimated when compared to Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra?For me Deewar,Trishul and Kaala Patthar are 3 of Bachchan’s finest,much better than any Prakash Mehra film(except Zanjeer) and definitely better than the over-rated,over the top melodramatic Manmohan Desai stuff.

          • Desai and Mehra gave Amitabh the commercial format which is extremely popular till today. No one is thinking to remake any Yash chopra movie, but talks of remake of AAA, MKS, Zanzeer, Mard, Coolie and Sharaabi are ON .. all these are Desai and Mehra stuff.

        • 3I 3 cr footfall while Dabangg 2.25 cr footfall? Yet the difference between their total gross is 82 cr? Shouldn’t Dabangg in that case be having a higher gross collection than 187 cr? Or is it that Dabangg performed best only at SS theaters of interiors and was just an Above Average performer at high end multiplexes!

  2. @Yakuza : Bhai sorry to say but i think you yourself are a bit confused as far as verdicts for modern day movies go! In one of your own posts you said this :

    “Anyways, main point discussed here is that its only money today .. not silver or golden jubilee. Isn’t Money was mattered even in 70′s and 80′s ???? Shaan made silver jubilee at many centers .. still was considered average because it was expensive movie and expectations were more. It was always Cost VS Revenue … jubilees was never parameter.

    But today .. its only 100 Crore .. Even if movie suffered losses .. or just break even .. trade is not hesitating to term it Super hit/Blockbuser .. if cross 100 Crore. This is only reason i still prefer filminformation .. (though even Komal is scaring from audience now days on twitter and khoimoi).”

    On the other hand you yourself ended up giving HIT verdicts to commission earners like ZNMD,Wanted,APKGK etc and SUPER HIT verdict to Overflow films like Raajneeti! This clearly shows your own state of confusion(not surprising considering even Taran and Komal are contradicting themselves these days).

    • No i am not confused, when i am saying likes of ZNMD, Singham or Ready as success .. i am not talking about scale. They are success because along with big grosser they made pretty good profits. As i am saying .. it was always Cost VS Revenue .. even in 70’s and 80’s many silver jubilees were not given even Hit rating because they were not able to put up profits.In current scenario my issue with likes of RA.One and Bodyguard. There is no way RA.One should be given Hit just because it crossed 100 Crore. Same way Bodyguard is big grosser, but didn’t put enough profits to term it Blockbuster. Bodyguard is just Hit+ in my books.

      • What’s your final verdicts for Agneepath? And btw,if Bodyguard didn’t put enough profits then why did Komal Nahta give it SUPER HIT according to his own tried and tested strict methodology? Are u suggesting that even Nahta’s fudging numbers?

        • Komal has melt down since last 2 years. He is giving super hit to movies which are not even doubling investment. In 2008, he gave Movie marvel of year to Ghajini. Now if someone ask him .. what is this ? is it any new rank or what ? He did not categorize Ghajini in his system. Because he wanted to escape from giving it semi hit tag (Ghajini’s profits were merely ~5 Crore against heavy investment). Same was true for HUM in 1991. It was biggest grosser of 1991, but ROI was not much. So in his final telly, he just escape putting biggest grosser of year against Hum and didn’t give any ranking. In later issues he gave it Hit tag in separate section.

          • So basically even Komal isn’t really as reliable as what he used to be! Or should i say even he’s not being foolproof at the moment. But you can’t really blame him for that considering that he might end up making a fool of himself by giving Ghajini a Semi-Hit while every other analyst(including Taran and BOI) gave it a Historic Blockbuster verdict. I wish these guys stuck to their own methodologies sincerely. Taran,Komal and BOI have all ended up making idiots of themselves on more than one occasion in recent times.

          • The biggest laughable farce was when both Komal and Taran predicted BLOCKBUSTER before Ra.One’s release but ended up doing a face-saving exercise after its disastrous trending. It was the first time i heard a movie being called a “Success” due to some sort of subsidy from the govt. of UK 😀

  3. 3.5 crores footfalls and still Average at boxoffice,really disgusting,today if a film has seen by 1.5 crore(BG) its BB but a film with 3.5 crores footfalls and declared Average,really big difference,just think if amitabh films come in this time with amitabh super stardom then think how much his films will do business,most of his films will be more than 150 crore.

    • Its not the Amitabh factor alone! Movies today in general have a lot lesser footfalls than movies in the 90’s and before(owing to various factors such as DVD’s,torrents,other mediums of entertainment). Do u know that even a film like Border has bigger footfall then today’s biggest blockbuster 3 Idiots? Footfall alone is not a factor to judge the popularity level of a film. Business dynamics is an ever evolving process and change constantly with the times! Today the “original” DVD of every film within just 2 months of release. Plus almost all the movies are telecasted on satellite TV within 2-3 months of release. Not to forget DVD piracy and Torrents which have severly dented theatre business for movies. Comparisons should be made only with movies releasing in that particular era! For would be totally unfair and wrong to say that HAHK,DDLJ and even Taja Hindustani are bigger hits than 3I and Dabangg just based on the footfall theory.

      • Well, its not that Amitabh was factor for big footfalls. But if you see even in his lean phase he gave record openers and big grosser, even if some of them were flops at end.

        About other factors like DVD, satellite etc .. 80’s was also badly effected by emergence of video, in fact people stopped going to theater because video rentals were way cheaper than cinema going with family. And most important thing .. if you are aware .. in 80’s video cassettes officially released on same day of movie release. The day movie released, one could watch it at home with family. This was main reason of bad situation of cinemas in late 80’s.

        • Same can be said about SRK and Aamir with their loss makers Ra.One and Mangal Pandey too putting up impressive numbers despite being loss makers! The last 3 years are a supposedly “lean phase” for SRK and yet he’s given 3 films which have made over 200 cr worldwide!

  4. @yakuza : Do u have the Taran Adarsh verdicts for the movies released in the 1990’s?

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