Boxoffice Operation : Agneepath (1990)

Week All India Nett Business(Crore) % Drop % Occupancy
1 1.65 ~ 100%
2 1.5 -9.09% ~ 90%
3 1.18 -21.33% ~ 69%
4 0.85 -27.97% ~50%
5 0.5 -41.18% ~40%
6 0.25 -50.00% ~40%
Rest 0.25
Total 6.18
Name Agneepath
Opening 100%, Opening week was almost similarto last first week record holder, Toofan(1989), Missed the record by few Lakhs.
WOM Mixed, Amitabh’s voice experiment didn’t go well with audience.
Trending Average, Amitabh movies showing sign of drops for more than 10% in first few weeks was rarity those days, After GJS and Toofan, this was third consecutive movie which dropped more than 20% in just 3rd week and further drop in subsequent weeks.
ROI Movie was sold for quite high price of 4 Crore(1 Crore more than Shahenshah which was highest in those years), overall returns was ~3.90 Crore, But only Mumbai distributors commission money, interiors territories bear minor losses.    
Distribution Right 4 Crore
Recovery ~3.90 Crore Domestic Distribution Share (6.18 Crore Nett)
Relative performance Movie was among top 5 Grosser of 1990, places its position at 4th after Aaj Ka Arjun.
Inflation adjustment collection 180 Crore (Factor of 30 as per ticket prices of 1990 and 2012)
Recall value Excellent, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan and Kancha cheena became Iconic characters played by Amitabh and Danny, Its dialogues still considered as best since last 2 decades. On technical grounds its still a challenge to beat even in 2012.
BollyBusiness Note Opening was superb, but couldn’t sustain on higher end for further weeks. Was almost break even. Commission earner for Mumbai distributors, lost some money for CP, CI and East Punjab. Bihar was surprisingly on Plus. Rest were break even.But for a monumental movie like this, expectations were to break all previous records, but it end up with just recovery for investors and disappointment for audience, just to realize it later a cult classic.
Total Audience Movie was watched by Approx 3 Crore audience (Average ticket price was Rs. 4/- and Gross collections was 12.4 Crore)
Verdict Average

~ by Yakuza on January 30, 2012.

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  1. Outstanding movie!

  2. Thanks Yakuza, great review. However, why does website claim that Agneepath was a flop at that time? At that time, Big B films were sold at huge prices, so how long did Agneepath need to sustain to be a Hit film?

    • It was expected to do at least 9-10 Crore, Mard and Coolie 5-6 years ago did 12-13 Crore. So 6 Crore for such a big movie(not budget wise, but expectations wise) was under-performance and also word of rejection due to voice changeover was all around.

      There were many factors which went against Agneepath and Hum(though Hit) .. movies in late 80’s almost stopped making jubilees, in fact after 1985, there was hardly any movie which celebrated silver jubilee in true sense. 1986-1993 phase was dark phase of Indian cinema, business of even biggest hits were not going up more than 10 Crore .. it was getting hard for filmmakers making expensive movies because practically production cost was growing, but revenues were not showing upward trend. Ticket prices were almost same since last 10 years. It was HAHK which reinvented bollywood and brought back audience to theaters, though total audience of HAHK, DDLJ was not more than biggest hits of early 80’s like Naseeb, Kranti, Lawaaris, Mard or coolie .. but ticket price factor played a big role and helped to elevate the business to another level.

  3. Great job Yakuza,
    Amitabh Agneepath was Awesome film,and very disappointed for us becz its Average at boxoffice,really deserves Blockbuster,my favourite film ,great performance of Amitabh,
    I hate when someone remakes amitabh films,new agneepath completely crap film and reached to superhit tag.

    • But old agneepath was watched by 3 Crore audience in theater, while new one will not cross 1.8 Crore .. so which one is bigger Hit ?

      Old Agneepath was 100% for two weeks … New one is just 60-70% for week one and almost crashed in second week .. so which one is trended well ?

      Old Agneepath was among top 4 Grossers of 1990 .. We will see by end of 2012 Where this new Agneepath will find its place.

      Overall .. seeing all things of collections, footfalls, trending .. Old Agneepath is still miles ahead.

      • This is irony that even Trade is fascinated towards 100 Crore mark while completely sidelining the real factor which decide success or fail at boxoffice .. i.e. actual territorial distributors profit/loss. Mangal Pandey in 2005 got great initial collections, but it doesn’t automatically makes it super hit, in today’s business scenario MP would easily fall in 100-120 Crore range, does it make any sense saying it super hit today but flop in 2005 ?

        New Agneepath did better than old one is not debatable in trade yet, because they are seeing only record breaking opening(even old one was close to previous record holder for week one), and should i say new AP didn’t break any record for week one ? 100 Crore mark today is like 6 Crore mark in 1990, there were hardly 15-16 movies till 1990 which have crossed this mark and Agneepath was one of them. Trade will not see this, because Old Agneepath was flop highlighted in all promotions of this one .. and only target by karan Johar was to make it box-office success.Now if KJ thinks that his target was to achieve half the success of old one, its good and he achieved . else i don’t see there is anything which surpassed by this remake, neither in content, nor in box-office.

  4. Typical fan rants by AB fans! @shruti : Who on earth told you that the new one “crashed” in the second week? Go and check out the collections and trending of the new Agneepath in the second week and get your facts right. Fact is that the old AP was a mediocre mashup of Scarface and Deewar and only got elevated ‘coz of AB’s phenomenal performance. I’m not justifying the new one but i hope you guys agree that the new AP is definitely better then some of the fake default blockbusters like Ready,Bodyguard and Don-2. If new AP is a fake hit then what about movies like Ra.One,Bodyguard and Don-2 which have a trending score of under 50%?

    • @Ashwin here the perspective is different.If you compare with recent hits like Ready, ZNMD or Singham .. I will say new Agneepath is definitely good hit, no two opinions. But if claims are that it has surpassed old Agneepath boxoffice(And old one was rejected, no two opinions), then comparisons are necessarily to make in order to verify the claims. As much as i liked Hritik as actor and person, i have to say this that i don’t see new Agneepath surpassing old one at any level. However business dynamics have changed since 1990, but there are few things which are still comparable and easily verifiable like total audience for Old Agneepath was more than new one(difference is as good as 1.2 Crore), Old Agneepath was 4th highest grosser (i don’t think new one will place in top 4 by end of year), Inflation adjustment of Old agneepath is 180 Crore(in 2012).

      At the end, New Agneepath is Hit by current business standard, but saying that it has surpassed old one is looking true on cover(verdicts), but not true with all detailed analysis.

      • Total audience is an unfair comparison in today’s day and age of Torrents and Video Piracy. Ultimately its the trade,profits and WOM that matter the most for a film. I’m sure the new AP will not become a cult,but that was never the intention in the first place. KJo’s intention was to pay a tribute to the older one and yet give the new one a different look and a different feel. And i do feel team AP has succeded on all counts. And why do you feel it can’t be among the top 4 grossers of 2012? That’s too early to say especially considering that AP will easily touch 125 cr nett!

        • Yes, theatrical viewership has decreased significantly over years, i am fully agree(But i also believe that late 80’s suffered lot due to emergence of video cassettes, please refer print article below ) That’s why i am looking to other parameters like relative performance, this is best parameter while judging where movie scores comparatively in respective business decade, Old Agneepath was relatively on 4th Place and around 25-30% lesser then biggest hit of year Dil and Ghayal.

          However we will see by end of 2012 where this new AP stands at relative comparison, but looking at as many as 6-8 strong contenders to cross 100 Crore mark and few of them even crossing 150 Mark, this will be interesting to see where this will stand in top 10 race.

      • Singham and ZNMD has extra-ordinary and unbelievable trending thanks to the universal acceptance and also ‘coz they had 4 open weeks ahead of them. They cannot be used as a yardstick for trending scores,esp for movies releasing on festivals which do bulk of their business in the first weekend itself.

        • Three idiots, Dabangg, Ready did bulk business in first weekend, still trended quite very well over next few weeks.

          But hey, i am not actually defending shruti’s theory of crash and neither i am buying it, this is standard business practice today. But still a better accepted movie always trend well .. and we have seen it in past, no matter how much bulk business they do in first week.

          • Nor am I trying to justify that Agneepath has as good a WOM as Dabangg and 3 Idiots. But to say that the WOM is totally negative and that the movie has crashed is totally ridiculous. Had it “crashed” in the literal sense,it would have gone the Tees Maar Khan and Ra.One way. There’s a big difference between the WOM being “mixed” and the WOM being “negative”. And anyways a violent and gory movie like AP was bound to have mixed WOM for obvious reasons.

      • If old AGNEEPATH is 180 cr in today’s times then are you suggesting that DIL and GHAYAL would have bigger inflation adjusted collections than 3 Idiots? That’s an outrageous and ridiculous claim!

        • This 180 Crore is on linear conversion .. i.e. Average ticket price today is 120/- compared to 4/- of 1990. This is 1:30 ratio .. so easily 6 Crore grosser is 6*30 = 180 Crore today. But in any case, you can’t deny that if business practice was exactly same in 90’s, Old Agneepath was without any doubt would have opened huge and sustained for at least 5 days. An easy(and strictly) 100+ grosser for 1990 .. I am sure you would agree.

          • And you would notice that any Huge opening and fizzle out movie today easily doing 100+ .. so what you think old Agneepath would have grossed in today’s scenario ? Can you rule out 100+ ?

            • Among all the 100 cr grossers i don’t think anyone except Ra.One fizzled out. Don-2 had a strong second week,so did Bodyguard. Singham and Ready were among the best trenders of 2011. Even AP is doing strongly in its second week. None can be said to have “crashed” except maybe Ra.One. The only reason Ra.One crossed 100 was ‘coz of the inflated ticket prices,3500 prints nationwide and the extended diwali puja. Compare the second weeks of Ra.One,Don-2,Bodyguard and AP and you would know what i mean. Agneepath would definitely be at par with Bodyguard and Don-2(if not better).

          • Average ticket price today is nowhere near 120/-. Rs. 120 is the average price at high end multiplexes of urban centres. Single Screens of smaller centers like Jaipur,Raipur,Udaipur,Nasik,Gwalior etc(where new AP is doing bulk of its business) still have ticket prices ranging from Rs.40-60!

            • Multiplees tickets are varying between 100-1000, while single screen varying between 50-150 .. This is 120/- average at the moment. Even ormax media uses 110/- just recently for 2011 releases.

              see this ..

              • 1000 rupee tickets have a miniscule,near negligible audience. Unless of course its a Rajnikanth film. Average ticket price can possible not be more than 75/-
                By your analysis all of today’s ATBB’s like 3 Idiots,Dabangg etc stand nowhere compared to the likes of HAHK,DDLJ,Kranti,MKS,Amar Akbar Anthony etc. Please be fair in comparison instead of getting nostalgic.

                • ofcourse i am taking 1000/- Rs ticket in minuscule, else average would have been 500/- .. isn’t ? I have shown you even ormax media link where they are using 110/- as average for 2011 movies and how average price is increasing with every big release.

      • Yakuza you yourself say that the only way to compare old movies with today’s one’s are through the FI verdicts of yesteryears and Komal Nahta verdicts of today! Why don’t you put up the FI verdict for the old Agneepath and compare that with the Komal Nahta verdict for the new one at the end of the year. Everything would be clear then!

        • FI verdict for Agneepth will be seen by end of year, It would be possibly A(semi hit) based on ROI .. Old Agneepth was B.

          • If B stands for Average(Coverage) then what do B to B1,B1 and B1 to BB stand for? Are they all supposed to signify Above Average-Average collections?

          • Hey i saw an interesting fact. There are so many so called perceived flops and disasters like Asoka,Na Tum Jaano Na Hum,Lakshya,Mangal Pandey etc which have been given a ‘B’ rating. Should all of them be considered Average? While on the other hand we have perceived Hits like Rock On,Paa,Dostana(2008) and MNIK too being given a ‘B’ rating. What about them?

    • 65 Crore first weekend to 15 Crore second weekend, 78% Drop .. isn’t this a Crash Mr. Ashwin ? 86 Crore first week to possibly 20 Crore second week, again almost 80% Drop … if 80% Drop is not crash then what crash is ????

      • You have conviniently ignored the fact that the first weekend was an extended one that too with a national holiday boosting up the figures. Apply your brains and ask yourself,how many mainstream commercial movies do 15.50 cr business in their second weekend? 80% fall “appears’ to be a crash because the first weekend in itself was so massive. Bodyguard too had a similar so called crash! That does not mean it was rejected by the audiences Miss Shruti. And what do you have to say about the stable weekday collections where the movie has trended well? Anyways ur a hater stuck in ancient timelag. Fact of the matter is that Agneepath has been accepted by one and all especially by the mass audiences. As for the urban audiences,you can yourself log on to IMDB and check out what the urban middle class and NRI audiences have to say about the new Agneepath. Its a profit maker for the producers/distributors and having an excellent theatrical run as well. Haters be damned!

  5. “Q. How would you compare the Agneepath of 1990 and of 2012 in terms of footfalls as that is best comparison between two different time scales?
    A. In terms of footfalls there is not much difference as the first one had around 1.25 crore and the new one will have 1.5 crore but it has to be looked in the context of what was happening in the period of releases. We have had a dwindling audience in terms of theatres goers since the mid 80’s when video got going and it is has continued till date due to piracy gaining steam and cinema becoming unaffordable to a lot of the potential audience. In 1990, Agneepath had around 1.25 crore footfalls but a big blockbuster like Maine Pyaar Kiya released around the same time had 4 crore footfalls while Agneepath (2012) has 1.50 crore footfalls and big blockbuster like Three Idiots today has 2.5 crore footfalls.”

    This has been published by! What do you have to say now Yakuza bhai? Footfalls of both the Agneepath’s are almost identical. But the previous Agneepath was only a fraction of the highest grosser MPK while the new Agneepath is a lot more with respect to 3 Idiots. Video piracy was in its infancy during the days of the old Agneepath whereas nowadays its at its peak(esp with the internet coming in). No wonder modern day blockbusters like 3 Idiots and Dabangg have lesser footfalls compared to MPK,HAHK,DDLJ and Raja Hindustani.

    • Yes, i have seen this and posted my response somewhere ..

      “Both are inaccurate, Industry people have seen my post about Agneepath (1990) Analysis and this response of BOI is answer to that .. but sorry to say this is absolutely incorrect i can prove it instantly.

      If Maine Pyaar Kiya had 4 Crore footfall with 28 Crore gross, How could AP have 1.25 Crore footfall with 12.5 Crore gross ?? (Given release time is same). Even straight calculation gives more than 1.75 Crore (assuming MPK had 4 Crore, while it was way above) ?

      Fact is old AP had more than 3 Crore audience, based on my analysis and even i have seen copy of old magazine where claims of 3.5 Crore audience was clearly mentioned .. i guess that scan was uploaded by pawan sharma somewhere in facebook, i will search and post.”

      • The fact is MPK was seen by 7 Crore audience, AP was little more than 3 Crore. New AP is not more than 1.5 Crore.

        • By that yardstick the old Agneepath would be having a bigger audience than 3 Idiots? As i said please be fair in comparison instead of getting nostalgic. And do take factors like Torrents,Video Piracy and fake DVD’s into consideration which seriously dent movie business in today’s scenario.

          • Three Idiots had 5 Crore footfalls, so no, AP was not bigger. And i am not denying this fact that footfalls has fallen over decades, it was better in 70’s, lesser in 80’s .. even more lesser in 90’s and now downer even more. So this is obvious that Hit movie of today may have lesser audience than flop of 70’s and 80’s.

            But we also have other parameters, like relative performance as i explained you earlier. Old AP was 4th highest grosser of 1990 and was almost half grosser of biggest hit around (MPK), same is with new AP .. almost half of grosser of biggest Hit around(3I).

            • MPK had a nett collection of 15 cr according to IBOS and 14 cr according to BOI. Old Agneepath had netted around 4.5 cr according to IBOS and 5.75 according to BOI. In both instances its nowhere near half of MPK and nor is it the 4th highest grosser of its times. Its only the 4th highest grosser of the year 1990 and its gross is half of that of DIL. New AP will do about 115-120 cr which is much more than half of 3 Idiots(202 cr). Even in comparative analysis the old AP falls flat as compared to the new one.

              • MPK was 14 Crore and Agneepath was 6.18 Crore according to me. This is 44% of MPK.

                New Agneepath may be 120 and 3I is 202, this is 59% .. but things are not as simple as it seems. When MPK(1989) was released and when Agneepath(1990) was released, tickets prices were same, there was not exponential rise of Market then, in fact for tickets prices then remained same for as good 10 years.

                But now days, market is growing exponentially every two months. When three idiots was released average ticket prices were around 70-80, now its shoot up to 120. So you can’t directly compare 3I with new Agneepath.

                Yes, we can take footfalls. Old Agneepath was seen by more than 3 Crore audience(confirmed) and MPK was around 7 Crore. This makes similar of around 44% of MPK.

                New Agneepath probably end up by 1.5 Crore footfalls, while 3I was seen by 5 Crore audience .. this makes new Agneepth 30% of 3I.

                • And how are we supposed to know that your stats and figures regarding the collections and footfalls are right? I’m a regular visitor to both SS and Multiplexes in the city of Bangalore and haven’t noticed much change in ticket prices between 3I and Agneepath. There has been minor inflation but definitely not to the extent of being termed “exponential”. Not in the high end multiplexes like PVR,Inox,Fun Cinemas etc. And the footfall theory too seems to be tweaked to favor Amitabh’s Agneepath.
                  P.S. : MPK was not the highest grosser at the time Amitabh’s AP had released. It was still Sholay at that point of time. Comparing AP to MPK would be equivalent to comparing the new AP with the likes of Dabangg and not 3 Idiots. Especially considering that the new Agneepath actually deserved an “Adult”(wonder why it didn’t get one) rating which automatically turns off almost 40% of the audience.

      • BOI is using Rs. 10/- as average for Agneepath and Rs. 7/- Average for MPK while both release around same time. and average ticket price at that time was definitely 4/- ..

        See this .. in 1989 a high end single screen selling ticket at 7/- .. interiors were at 2/- and 3/- .. Average was definitely 4/-.

        • That indeed is a very wrong list. As far as ATBB’s are concerned,i guess you rather stick to FI. HAHK,DDLJ,RH,Gadar and 3 Idiots are the only ATBB’s. Dhoom-2,Ghajini and Dabangg are nowhere near being ATBB’s.

          • Actually this list was modeled on movies whose total collections out grossed last highest grosser with good margin.

      • More over i have seen magazine scan which claimed 3 Crore audience for old Agneepath .. have to search that .. it was posted by some one in facebook long back.

        • As i said,the perfect comparison would be between the FI verdicts of the old Agneepath and the new one. Wait for Komal Nahta’s year end classification.
          Anyways i don’t see the need to compare the 2 AP’s considering that both are completely different films,poles apart. The only thing similar is probably the wafer thin storyline.
          Amitabh was outstanding in a mediocre film. Hrithik is reasonably good(far from his best like in Lakshya and Jodha Akbar) in an Above Average film. End of the story.

  6. Great analysis by Shruti and Yakuza,
    Ashwin! No one believe on BOI site,they said flop to new agneepath on second day when agneepath collasped badly.
    Imagine amitabh agneepath in 2012,definitely 200 cr easily if new agneepath can do 100,old agneepath is 1000 times better than new agneepath,please watch new agneepath with full concentration,how much blunders did by director,specially in last fight between hr and sanjay.I like hr but disappointed with this film,waiting for krrish 2.

    • Your likes and dislikes is not gonna make a difference to the box office prospects of the new Agneepath. Accept the fact that the new one has performed well at the box office and move on. Not only BOI,even the likes of Taran Adarsh,Komal Nahta,Amod Mehra and Vinod Mirani have given their thumbs up to the new Agneepath. As for audience response,the strong trending in week 2 is for everyone to see. BOI is a cheat as evident by their verdict for TMK and Ra.One but Komal,Amod and Vinod Mirani are few of the most reliable people out there.
      P.S. : Even Yakuza and Doga agree that the BO performance of the new Agneepath has been good. Pointless comparisons with the old one do not hold fort at this point of time.

    • Amitabh Agneepath 200 crore? haha right! People would have walked out half time seeing the pathetic overacting by Mithun and the 4 clownish gangsters. As i said,Amitabh’s phenomenal performance was the only saving grace of the otherwise mediocre mashup of Deewar and Scarface.

      • Now its time for you to be fair. Agree on all counts, but 180 Crore inflation adjustment is calculative .. by factor of 30. I have explained. Please correct me if you feel there is any fault.

        • At best the old AP would have fared as well as the new one has. Its just that Kran Johar has gotten his economics spot on with the new one and hence its gonna be a highly profitable affair(min 30 cr profit confirmed by Komal Nahta and Taran Adarsh).

    • Despite being controversial and terrible with their verdicts,BOI is still the final word when it comes to numbers. Even Komal and Taran bring their numbers down to BOI’s in their year end reports.

      • BOI is not end of Road, specially when we know they have put up many things in wrong perspective specially old data of 70’s and 80’s. From this QA of theirs, you need any more proof ?

        • There are only 2 sources of BO numbers viz BOI and IBOS. As for IBOS their numbers might be correct for the 70’s and 80’s movies but its a completely outdated site as of now. Thus BOI is the only option left,more out of compulsion than choice.

  7. Mithun did not overact, he was naturally convicing in his portrayal, and stole the show from amitabh.

  8. New agneepath,completely crap film like don 2006,although its good at boxoffice and successful.old agneepath is far better film than new crap agneepath,in old agneepath,not just amitabh was good but others also like amitabh mother,mithun,dinney and tinu anand.

    • New AP : Average critics rating-3.5/5,IMDB rating-7.5/10,Box Office-Super Hit,Nett Gross-120 cr….!! Now please continue with your bogus,irrespective and out of context rants. Why only here,try doing it on FB,Twitter,Orkut and NG as well. New AP is crap blah blah blah!!

  9. A correction about 3I footfalls ..

    Old Agneepath(1990) had 3 Crore footfalls. (@ 4/- average ticket price)
    MPK(1989) had 7 Crore footfalls. (@ 4/- average ticket price)

    3I(2009) had around 3.1 Crore footfalls (@ 80/- average ticket price)
    new AP(2012) will have around 1.25 Crore footfalls (@120/- average ticket price).

    • The change in ticket rates and production costs between 1975-1990 is a lot lesser then the change post 1994(HAHK) and consequently post 2006(multiplex boom). A top hit like Deewar in 1975 netted about 6 cr while 1990’s top hit Dil netted about 9 cr. Compare that with what happened post HAHK. Top hits like Karan Arjun and Border netted about 30-35 cr. It further marginally increased to about 40-45 cr post 2001(K3G and KMG). But since 2006 the increase has been at least about 10cr on a yearly basis. In 2006 alone there were 6 films netting more than NO ENTRY(top hit of 2005). The figures continued to increase by at least 10 cr/year at an average since 2007 till date. Thus comparing the new Agneepath with 3 Idiots is as good as comparing the old Agneepath with Sholay(considering that MPK had come just a year earlier then the old AP and one year inflation during those days was almost negligible). I think a Bodyguard vs Agneepath would be a fairer comparison,at least in terms of revenue and nett collections(that’s assuming that only marginal/negligible inflation has taken place between Bodyguard and Agneepath).

      • Average ticket price during Sholay was 2.5/- .. and i am not saying this just now for heck of it .. This is what i wrote 1.5 years ago ..

      • And again .. gap between old AP and Sholay was as good as 15 years .. Sholay is biggest Hit of bollywood till date. Sholay is exceptional movie once in a lifetime. If you are comparing any movie with Sholay, you have to compare all movies with Sholay. 3I was even lesser than Gadar, leave apart Sholay. Sholay was such legendary hit that it took 20 years to cross some movie(HAHK) its absolute collections and 3I collections will probably be beaten this year.

        • What would be the inflation adjusted gross of HAHK,DDLJ,Gadar and 3 Idiots in today’s scenario? I think they all deserve to be termed equally considering that all of them grossed about 60-70% higher then the big blockbusters of their respective era(i.e. comparing HAHK and DDLJ with KKHH,Gadar with KNPH and KMG and 3 Idiots with Dabangg and Bodyguard).

        • “Sholay was such legendary hit that it took 20 years to cross some movie(HAHK) its absolute collections” ~ that too happened because of the change in market and business dynamics post HAHK. Else Sholay would probably have held its record for another 5 years i guess. Sholay was almost double that of Amar Akbar Anthony which was an ATBB in itself. Dunno what term should we use for Sholay!

  10. There’s no way 3 Idiots collections can be beaten this year. There’s not even one movie which has come within 50 cr of 3 Idiots till date. Sholay of course is on a different plane altogether. But 3 Idiots will definitely be bigger than Gadar in terms of revenue and popularity,if not in terms of footfall. And the fact that 3 Idiots has maintained its record for more than 2 years(and might maintain it for another 2) i think in the present day context it would have to be equivalent to 6-7 years of the 90’s and the early 2000’s(HAHAK,DDLJ and Gadar). 3 Idiots is definitely at par with HAHK,DDLJ and Gadar if not bigger(although taking trp’s and DVD sales it would easily be bigger than HAHK and Gadar).
    As for the old AP,i think comparing it with the likes of Mard and Coolie would be a fairer comparison than comparing it with MPK. I don’t think normal regular hits should be equated with the biggest blockbusters of their generation(Sholay,HAHK,DDLJ AND 3 Idiots respectively).

    • How ever just like old AP and new AP, there can’t be direct comparison of Gadar and 3I without adjustments, All i can say is that Both movies were hysteria, But mass hysteria of Gadar was much more and it was anonymously considered as biggest hit of last decade by all trade, 3I comes second.

      • That mass hysteria for Gadar was for reasons other than the quality of the film and content. Gadar just happened to be an extremely “lucky” film to have released just at the right time and the right moment. Had it released some time later,it would have suffered the same fate as Maa Tujhe Salaam and The Hero. The failure of MTS and The Hero is an indication that Gadar was not exactly a cult theme,it was more of a flash in the pan sort of thing. No wonder its the least popular ATBB among audiences and media today(much unlike DDLJ,HAHK and the most recent 3 Idiots). Movies like Gadar,Raja Hindustani and even Mard will never stand the test of time unlike the likes of Mughal-E-Azam,Sholay,Deewar,HAHK,DDLJ,3I etc.

  11. @Ashwin :

    • Considering that the new AP has netted 7.6 cr in week 3 and close to 2.75 in week 4(a lot higher than both Don-2 and Bodyguard),how would u rate the trending of the new AP?

      • seeing trending of TDP, ZNMD and Singham .. i can safely say that if movie is liked, it can still trend very well .. and if opening is also huge, then we can have another three idiots. AP trending is just little better than Don-2 .. not much pleasing.

        • TDP is a small time film while Singham and ZNMD are friend/family entertainers! Same can’t be said for a dark and violent movie like AP. WOM in case of a movie like AP was bound to be mixed considering that family audiences wud stay away. So what’s your verdict on it? Hit ya Super-Hit?

        • So how would u rate the overall acceptance of the new AP? Positive,mixed,partially positive or positive only among a certain section of the audience?

        • @Yakuza : Personally I would definitely recommend you to watch the new AP just for the phenomenal performances delivered by Rishi Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan. Who would ever have imagined that chocolate faced romantic hero Rishi Kapoor could ever be so cunning and menacing! As for Roshan,this is yet another feather in his cap. Jodha Akbar followed by Guzaarish followed by ZNMD and now this! How’s that for variety? He’s one of the rare Bollywood actors to have not been typecast in a particular genre(except Aamir Khan). Even greats like SRK and Amitabh have been typecast as “romantic hero” and “Angry Young Man” respectively. Hrithik’s definitely come of age as an actor from his KNPH and Mission Kashmir days! He can only get better from here.

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