Satte pe satta(1982) running Houseful shows even in 1989 (Entire week full in advance)

~ by Yakuza on December 26, 2011.

7 Responses to “Satte pe satta(1982) running Houseful shows even in 1989 (Entire week full in advance)”

  1. nothing absurd . in late 80s , early 90s I haved witnessed that all Amitabh movies like SPS, MAHAAN,PUKAR,INQUILAAB,DO AUR DO PAANCH used to ran packed house for 5-6 weks at a strch.

    • So how trade analysts keep track of collections if movie is run for years at different time different cities. I don’t think if any one have kept track of these collections. BOI should immediately pull off data for all amitabh movies of 70’s and 80’s, there is no point of keeping wrong information.

  2. no one can match big b.

  3. The same euphoria happened for Sunny Deol, Mithun and Sanjay Dutt also.
    Sunny’s below average movies used to run for 6-7 weeks in northern India every time.
    But it is sad to see their decline.
    Even Amitabh failed to get the audience after 90s and he had to take the help of younger generation to get some Hit movies.
    Otherwise his solo starrers like Baghban or Black, were non starters from Day One.

    • Baghban is a certified HIT and Black is a BO success. How can you call them non starters? Get your fact right.

  4. Wow,so are we to believe that a movie that ran housefull for 7 years was just an Average grosser according to Trade Guide?

    • No man, Not houseful for continues seven years.Actually 80’s was decade when Amitabh movies was considered gold mines for distributors, because his movies used to re-release quite very frequently and most of time those reruns collections outgrossed new releases, that’s the reason there were hardly 5 movies of Amitabh which were actually comes in flop category of odd 70 movies he had done in those 20 years.

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