Box-Office Operation : RA.One(Hindi, 2011)

Ra.One(Hindi) is a 2011 Indian science fictionsuperhero film written and directed by Anubhav Sinha. The film features Shahrukh Khan in dual roles, and also stars Kareena Kapoor, Aman Verma and Arjun Rampal in the lead.

Week All India Nett Business(Crore) % Drop

% Occupancy




~ 65%




~ 20%




~ 15%





Name RA.One
Opening 65% (Good)
WOM Mixed(Liked by kids and certain section of audience including critics)
Trending Hold very well for first seven days, witnessed severe crash afterwards.
Distribution Right 75 Crore all India Distribution cost. 
ROI 13% (Loss), Loss of around 10 Crore to distributors.
Recovery ~ 65 Crore (D.S.).
Relative performance Good, Done very well if compared to biggest Hit of year like Ready, Bodyguard and Singham. Though fell short of recovery given cost and tremendous hype.   
Recall value Likely to be poor.   
BollyBusiness Note First five days collections saved this movie to place in flop category, there was tremendous hype around movie and huge money was spent by brand tie ups for promotion. This movie was publicized as most expensive movie of its time, though distribution price was fair enough with 75 Crore, but still movie fell short of 10 Crore for recovery. We will rate it Average(despite –ve ROI), due to excellent initial.
Verdict Average.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 19, 2011.

17 Responses to “Box-Office Operation : RA.One(Hindi, 2011)”

  1. As always, your information is perfect.

  2. Ye hui na baat .. Ra.One and Toofan, both were almost equal performer .. No way to give one Hit and another Flop(like BOI did) .. you have done good job giving correct and comparable verdict to both.

  3. Yakuza bro, is thz site stil runing. I visitd here after a long term… Y arent u updating regular boxoffice update…

    • Its not running the way it was before, my current assignments are not permitting me to do so. Thanks for visiting dude, btw not able to recognize u, what was ur old id ?

  4. raone 1st week is 98cr nett
    2nd week is 14cr nett
    3rd week is 1.36cr nett in hindi only
    so raone hindi lifetime will b around 114cr nett.
    raone regional 3weeks is 6.12cr nett.
    so raone all version lifetime wl b 120.15cr nett
    verdict: disaster or flop

  5. Sir,
    u didn’t mention the budget of this film,many sources confirmed that budget is over 155 crore and Ra 1 collected round about 122 crore,then how it comes Average,it will be flop.please answer?

    • Though some distributors will be in loss, still collections are handsome. Yes, based on amount of money spend on movie and publicity (No matter from which pocket money comes), its like flop business.

  6. ra one has collected close to 50 cr from overseas as on it will recover money

  7. Same old anti-srk crap..
    Why doesnt anyone get that..Ra.One was made to earn worldwide..and not alone in India..
    Worldwide Ra.One is placed at 200cr..with one more phase of release left..overall it will gross more than BG’s lifetime..

    Films like HP,Batman are made at 250 mill dollar..and they end up making 200mill doll in Usa..and 300 mill doll overseas..
    We dont term them as flop or avg only on US collections..

    So plz..excuse..

    • Can you console same to indian distributors who are in Red ??

      • If in a battle..out of 100..ur 10-15 Men is still a victory..
        I am telling in totality..
        For me was just a 150Cr film which was subsidized by 50Cr(Satellite+Audio rights) + 32Cr(U.K Govt)..Leaving the film to recover only 78Cr ..
        INstead it raked in 200Cr ..and is expected to touch 230Cr with release in 2nd phase..leaving with bumper profits

        What matters to what the producers are earning..’coz they are the one who took the risk..and succeeded in getting returns..I dont get into this complicated distributor stuff..
        What I know is that ..I want sequel to this Ra.One thing..
        ‘Coz I wanna see my BOllywood Cinema move on from Masala this kickass stuff..

        • Aashkaran, Here the case is 10-15 men die and rest just recovers. And producers always make money, be it Ra.One or Rascals or Bbuddah Hoga terra Baap. Its Distributor share and their account balance, which decide theatrical verdict. In that sense i am lenient(or right so) giving it average tag, and i guess i am with majority here.

  8. Yaklhuza I respect u ..and ur verdicts..
    But Ra.One was made to earn worldwide..a 150Cr recovery cant be made soley on domestic BO..
    So I suggest u to use worldwide status of Ra.One..Just like Hollywood FIlms..

    • Hollywood films don’t involve sub-distributors most of time, they release movie themselves directly.But Indian production companies don’t have such arrangements to release movie without involvement of distributors, mainly because single screens.There are some production companies, like Yashraj and Mukta arts, who distribute themselves in some territories where they have their own distribution office.

  9. and Ra.One sequel is ON !!

    • From where did you get this false piece of information you blind SRK fanatic? Ra.One is a loss maker for sub distributors and a flop as far as audience perception is concerned. No wonder it crashed alarmingly post the Diwali weekend. Face the facts instead of blindly defending every SRK film as though your own life depends on it.

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