Awestruck with three classics : Tere Ghar Ke Samne, Hum Dono and Teen Deviaan

Old is gold’ saying is not just for heck of it, and if you want to witness it, you have to travel back to golden phase of Bollywood, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s .. where technology was on back seat and content was king. These were movies, where there was story to tell, message to deliver, dialogues which struck the chord. These were movies, where music flows along with story and simply enchanting.

Just Like Khan Trilogy today, there was trilogy of Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. Most movies of 50’s and 60’s were social drama and love stories.None of these three were belonged to any particular genre, But Dev Anand was most stylish lover boy with grey shades.

I have not seen much of his movies, except some few here and there.I am fan of his Jewel Thief. Last week i bought six DVD of his old movies. Three from late 50’s/erly 60’s and Three from late 60’s/early 70’s. I have finished all three movies from 50’s and will not be wrong to say that i am still awestruck and felt like i just got introduction of Dev Anand, an ultimate superstar, a true style icon, magical lover boy and phenomenon actor.

Here’s my short take on TGKS:

Tere Ghar Ke Samne(1963) : To say that this is one of best romantic comedy i have ever seen will be understatement, indeed this is most enjoyable romantic comedy ever made. Vijay Anand made masterpieces in late 60’s like Guide, Teesri Manzil, Jewel Thief, Johny Mera Naam and Tere Mere Sapne .. all different genres and all classics. But i wonder why Vijay Anand never tried romantic comedy again, however his later work was more recognized, but after riding this enjoyable trip, i wish if he offered us few more.

Movie starts with Ego trip of two millionaires, Lala Jagannath (Om Prakash) and Seth Karamchand (Harindranath Chattopadhyay). Both always tried to pull down each other with one or other way. They buy adjacent plots to each other and want to make better house, and to accomplish job, both hire common architect Rakesh(Dev Anand), son of Lala Jagannath, for which they were unaware, and to make it worse, Rakesh fell in love with Seth Karamchand’s only daughter Sulekha(Nutan). Things unfolds later and Rakesh decided to marry Sulekha only with consent of parents. How he convince his elders for this marriage is rest of drama, which leads to interesting climax.

What attracts most in movie is simplicity blended with charm. The way love story between Rakesh and Sulekha developed with beautifully written scenes and witty dialogues. Lead pair spread charm through out movie,they share amazing chemistry and deliver more than what is required of brilliant romantic comedy.Nutan’s smile induces life. Dev anand’s fun loving, humorous and at same time dedicated and principled character made curiosity through out.Climax is simple and beautiful, Dev anand last minute act brings heart out.In fact Dev anand give me most pleasant surprise with his acting skills. My impression about him was always Ham actor.But he proved me wrong with these movies and i am proud proven wrong .. 🙂

S.D Burman’s Songs gels very well with movie and its classical filming makes them more memorable. Vijay anand had unique way of songs picturizaton and lifts them to another level.My favorite song is “Dil Ka Bhanvar Kare Pukar” filmed in Kutub Minar. The way Vijay Anand created situation for this song and picturized on lead pair coming downstairs from top on building is simply mind blowing. Dev Anand and Nutan pleasant expressions, Unique camera angle make this song fore-ever classic. “Tu Kahan Ye Bata” is my next favorite. Hero comes to shimla in search of his girl friend and he don’t where she is staying, singing this spectacular song on streets of city in midnight is heights of lover’s obsession and brilliantly expressed by Dev anand.This song might be second best of movie in terms of filming because instead of real location, sets are used, but as a song, this is one of my all time favorite.If you want to witness my tall claims of Vijay anand mastery of songs picturization, you have to see title song.

Title song as Dev Anand sings to his glass of whisky imagining Nutan inside the glass is just brilliant.The song has an unforgettable moment when Anand’s assistant Rashid Khan puts an ice cube into the glass causing Nutan to shiver with the cold which Dev Anand gallantly takes out! All in all, a great film by a great filmmaker which will bring smile on your face at every frame, every minute and leave last long impact which will enforce you to see once more .. 🙂

~ by Yakuza on September 9, 2011.

7 Responses to “Awestruck with three classics : Tere Ghar Ke Samne, Hum Dono and Teen Deviaan”

  1. whr hav u been yakuza…

    Sallu has broken all the barriers of imagination with his super stardom ….
    you need to be here to update us about all the happenings ….
    his presence is converting average movies to blockbusters and all time blockbusters….
    Is he in line to become the biggest star , the country has ever seen…
    We need your views and comments on these….
    plz be active here .. its a request..
    nice to see you back

  2. Yakhuza..Bhai..write some article on Ra.One plz..

    I hope you have seen all..Promos..incl. new Dialogue Trailer..ITS MINDBLOWING..

    can u tell about it..and plz dont be biased against him..

  3. my brother yakuza,
    it has been too long my brother, i hope everything is fine. no article, no update, do you have some other block, please let us know?

  4. i mean blog

  5. where r u yakuza Bhai,u r disappeard from naachgaana website also,why?please continue this site and bring articles about film Aarkshan and Bhudha,please…………………….

  6. Where r u Yakuza Bhai,please come back,
    Actually yesterday I ve seen one post on u in Site,
    they wrote that u r anti-srk and they ve given some examples of ur on SRK films and also they said that Yakuza went from boxoffice becz of giving wrong report,so please come in front and give answer.

    • Hi Shakir, how are you ? Sorry to disappoint, but coming back with regular updates is not possible at this point. How’s everything at ur end ?

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