Ready : Madness continues

This is queue at Raipur cinema on second Monday morning.Ready exemplifies how a mass hero can dominate at box-office, despite mix reports from urban youth, Masses at interiors and Family audience all over India lapped up the movie in big way.Near 70 Crore first week and 21 Crore second weekend collections at box office is no joke for a movie which was panned down by critics when released and most of journos predicted massive crash on first weekdays and funny thing is when crash didn’t happen even on weekdays, speculations were on second week crash, now even that didn’t happen and second weekend surpassed all expectations, everyone is lip locked. All those so called self proclaimed intellectuals who based on their self analysis and feedback of equally minded, presume poor word of mouth, falls flat on their face.

Its not their entirely fault, most judged the movie based on sensibilities of metros class and youth, forgetting the dominating class of audience from middle class family living in interiors and totally neglecting the sensibilities of female audience.Critics give reviews based on their views, but they generally forget that there might be certain section of audience with whom this movie can click. Can’t we give different ratings for different section of audience ?

Back to Ready, Salman is truly mass hero of this generation, He show us little glimpse of what kind of superstardom Amitabh was living in all those 20 years.Though Amitabh himself is ready to give his fans treat of reviving his image with Bbuddah where he is doing all those massy things which he was doing in his hey days, Action, comedy and dance. Massive boxoffice success of Dabangg and Ready, and now coming of Amitabh in his angry man avatar is surely a back to future sort of thing , fiesta for fans and lesson for critics.

~ by Yakuza on June 13, 2011.

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  1. Thank god , u r back ! how r u yakuza ?


  3. is Ready Blockbuster or All time BB. or superHit?

  4. lol. You never let go a chance to project or promote AB. You are more loyal to him than AB jr. Any family connection between him and u …..

    I can not compare Salman with AB as they belong to different eras. But comparing AB to some of his contemporaries:

    Rajesh Khanna was Bigger than AB.
    Dharmendra was almost at the same level.
    Vinod Khanna took over AB before he went on Sanias
    Anil Kapoor and other youngsters forced AB to go into retirement in early 90s.

    So the picture is not as green as want us to believe.

    • Thanks for all the jokes above, and if you are serious, i pity on your beliefs.

      • May be you should remember times after Ajooba, Kduha Ghawa, Akayla, Indrajeet he had no option but to announce retirement. Or perhaps you hould rememebr times of late sixties and early seventies when Rajesh Khanna rulled the industry in presence of AB. ‘
        AB was made by Salim Khan and Javed Akthar. It was not his acting skills (of course he leart acting afterwards) but the image which gave him success. Ditto with Salman Khan (his image, his personality is the reason of his success, not his acting). There are bigger actors than AB in bollywood. Perhaps you dont know but AB till 90s used to send his dialogues to Kader Khan to have them recited and then he used to take redeliver them in his voice.

        But I guess it is useless to hit your head against a wall…

        • SJ, after such a long gap at this blog, i am not in mood to respond to your stupid comment and there is no need to either. Stay happy with your assumptions.

        • SJ, AB is miles ahead of any other bollywood star and this fact is undisputedly accepted by every one, not even AB fans, but all other fans. What you are commenting is nothing but plain stupidity and NO, i am not defending Yakuza here, he don;t need any defend for such crap remark, If anyone come here and read these comments can well understood the foolishness spreading here by you .. Yakuza was respected as ever, but you are just deteriorating yourself. Have some brains.

          • One more Chamcha….

            The question of AB being ahead of anyone else must be left to historians. There was one Showman, there was only one Golden Jublie Star, there was one Shensha Jazbat, there was one Super star. History has decided that. We will see where history places AB.

            The main point was not to use ready article to promote AB.

        • lollllllllllllllllllllllllll .. Can’t stop myself laughing. Amitabh was forced to leave bollywood ????????? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

          Dude he was giving top opening even in 1992 ehn he left .. His HUM was euphoria that is still unmatched, Agneepath is cult classic gone wrong due to his change of voice. Khuda Gawah was one of biggest opener and was news in BBC channel and prior to this BBC never reported any bollywood news. This was first time BBC discuss bollywood on their channel in prime time.

          Can someone please educate Mr SJ about Mr Bachchan ??

          • lol. BBC even reported a crapper called Pyar ki Inteha in 1992 (Dev Anand). Hum was huge but AB was not the reason. Another film using a simailar copied song Thanedar also opened big.Agneepath and Ajooba showed there were no more takers of AB’s cinema.

            • Dude … Ajooba opened to 100% … Akeyla opened to 90% .. Khuda Gawah opened to 100% …. Even so called crap movie of Amitabh(In extended guest appearance) Insaniyat in 1994 opened to 94% … Only movies which was not opened well in 1988-1994 phase was Jadugar and Main Azaad hun for well known reasons. and FYI .. Thanedar didn’t do even 1/3rd of HUM . .

              • Janu if all opened to 100% why they turned out to be disasters. Reference de ker baat kero. Waisay claim ka koi faida nahi!

          • FYI, BBC used to have a weekly half an hour program on bollywood movies in early 1990s. They have reported on most of the movies from that era. Kduda Ghawa was definitly not the first one.

          • Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Big B, and now who? Should not be fighting pity u guys. Today, Big B cannot pull crowds like what Amir,SRK ,Salman or Akshay Kumar can do, he did it during his prime but now sadly he is no more what he used to be . Meaning every dog has its day, I am not saying all the above r dogs. No point in fighting,history is history,present is present. This month Ready is doing superb business next month some other movie so lets enjoy today…not history or future..just today.

            • Well Said Singh. I also told him to celebrate Ready and Salman instead of comparing it (like he always does) to AB. AB is hisory and if we have to discuss history than AB is not the only one which should be discussed.

        • HAAAAAAA .. Can’t stop my self laughing, So it was Kader Khan who taught Amitabh how to deliver dialog ??????????? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          Bache … Go and watch Zanjeer, Deewar … and learn some thing about bollywood then come here ..

          • Go and ask Kader Khan or go and ask AB. You will get the answer.

            • Kader khan was not even born when Amitabh did Namak Haraam, Deewar and Zanjeer … 🙂

              SJ,now seriously stop this nonsense.

              • Go to twitter and post AB a question. You will get the answer.

              • Check this out.

                Kader was the writer of his dialogies:

                Khan is said to be as responsible for Amitabh Bachan’s success as a Bollywood icon as writer duo Salim-Javed. He wrote many memorable dialogues for Amitabh’s films, including Mr. Natwarlal, Amar Akbar Anthony, Laawaris and Naseeb, which were huge hits at the box office.

                Pehle socho phir bolo

              • Kader Khan was born in 1935 and is writting dialogues since late 60s.

                Facts pe baat kero bachooo.

              • No one denying Kader khan wrote dialog for AB, but what you have written was something else ..

                “Perhaps you dont know but AB till 90s used to send his dialogues to Kader Khan to have them recited and then he used to take redeliver them in his voice.”

                Can you prove this ?? Pahle socho phor bolo …

                • Yes Sweety because Kader used to teach him how deliver (correct pronounciation and delivery) dialogues as a dialogue writer. Later when Kader reduced his work as a writer AB still used to send him the dialoges to get the pronounciation and the delivery right!

  5. Great Yakuza. We are missing your fantastic updates. No one can give boxoffice updates in your style. More then numbers and figures, we were fan of your presentation style. Please continue with this blog, if not box office, please update with your old gold memories, at least we will have platform for discussion .. 🙂

  6. Ready has already beaten Ghajini in every aspect, also 3 idiots in an opening weekend…..So, it should be All Time Blockbuster as well, otherwise it will be non-justice with Salman

  7. Yakuzu bhi finaly u bak on bb.thx man

    • Sorry tarzan, not really back. This is just random update. Mass hysteria of Salman forced me to write few words .. and is there any better platform then my own blog .. ?? .. 🙂

  8. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yakuza hwssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu??? prakash jaju says ready monday is better den saturday is dat true ? plz rply .,.

    • No idea ninja, I am far from numbers these days. Just excited to see dream run of Sallu bhai and nostalgia factor back to bollywood after ages ..

  9. Good to see you on your own blog.

  10. BTW Yakuza, welcome back. I know you will not come regularly, but i am always glad to see you here . . you are best when you are at bollybusiness, no one can beat you.

  11. Hai Yakuza bro HRU????

    Very Nice article and absolutely true.. i really think , there is some more path to travel by Salman Bhai to reach the credibility & madness created by Amitab gi in 90’s. but in this recent time sallu bhai is the only star who is some how comparable to the craze of AB in 90’s.

    And Ready is Blockbuster and i am really surprised by the trending of the movie.when i thought the it is through another surprise by doing outstandingly at the BO.

    BTW what u think how much ready will do in life time???

    And BHTBs promos click big time in the audience .. a sure sort hit .

  12. thanx yakuza for rply 🙂

  13. Nice to see you post something on Bollybusiness. Love this blog.

    btw i can’t see the pic???

    Great to see Ready doing very very well. MEGA hit

  14. Yakhuza..I would love to hear your comments about the buzz Ra.One is generating..What are your comments on it’s bright it’s coming in 3D now..and overseas would be pretty fired up..Plz..answer as an analyst not a SRK hater..

  15. @Ninja .. plz tell me ,, prakash jaju ki update apko kidhar se milta hai ??

  16. Hey Yakuza, thnx 4 the blog… I wud lyk 2 knw ur thoughts on Ready and atleast come once in a month if u r that busy but neverabscond 4 a long tym… V jus luv ur updates nd presentation…

  17. arrey yaar lado mat. simplu hits gin lo na

  18. jonny on twitter bro

  19. Thanks ninja .. bt prakash ki update to taran se alag hai . anyway , ready ko all time blockbuster hone ke liye kitna kamana parega ? @yakuza n ninja .

  20. Ready is Mind blowing,

  21. Mumbai – 7.20 crore

    Delhi/UP – 4.70 crore

    East Punjab – 1.66 crore

    West Bengal – 79 lakhs

    Bihar – 35 lakhs

    Asaam/Orissa – 25 lakhs

    CP Berar – 1.14 crore

    CI – 82 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 1.13 crore

    Nizam – 88 lakhs

    Mysore – 65 lakhs

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 16 lakhs

    ALL INDIA – 19.73 crore

  22. Yakuza bhi thx dude.bro pls update ur nd keep touch wid us

  23. WHo is this SJ on this forum??? I think whoever this person is needs to get a life. He is trying to prove that AB is not the biggest star india has ever seen. Its almost like saying milk is black, or the sun rises from the west.

    SJ, im new to this but here is my take. Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest star EVER in hindi film history!! prove to me how im wrong??? Every director, producer, trade analyst who saw his peak say this. Why would any person listen to a idiot like you.

    He was bigger than Rajesh Khanna ever was, He was bigger than Dilip Kumar. His injury on the sets of coolie and the outpouring of hysteria while he was in hospital is poof enough that there has never been a bigger star than him before or since.

    My message to you mr SJ. Enjoy life and stop trying to find faults in others, as it is making you look like an idiot on here. Just accept that AB was the biggest ever star, like we accept milk is white or the way we accept the sun rises from the east.

    • SRK is the greatest bcoz he has won the maximum number of Filmfare awards. Purely based on no of awards won by an actor. It’s a big achievment, no other actor can achieve and he still has many more years to go….

  24. Yakuza you are saying we saw glimpes of the craze Amitabh had through salman khan. I disagree 100% on this.

    Salman khan is nowhere near that level, today the biggest star is marketing and promotion and content of the movie. I remember seeing the bumper opening and hysteria when “Coolie” was released in 1983. 100% opening everywhere. Ready or Dabaang are nowhere close to that opening. Also i have learned that there are some distrubuters that will lose money with Ready!! Yet its a big hit.

    This proves 1 thing, todays hit movies are all marketing and are not PAN-INDIAN blockbusters.

  25. SJ needs a good mental doctor becz he is out of control,
    without Amitabh Bollywood is nothing.

  26. Hey Yakuza, welcome back buddy. Is Ready an All-Time Blockbuster? And what are the trade expectations for Bodyguard?


  28. Ful too Bakwaas ready Movie Was……….
    Hey! Post About Ajay Devgn Updates With Movie Till This Month……..Yakuza………

  29. Ready is a ATBB

  30. the seated elephant is never the less much taller than the standing horse..forget mules and half breeds..i wonder how a Hrithik,srk,salman,akki would do at 50..let alone 69??big b is the baap of all superstars combined

  31. great yakuza bro cant tell u how happy i am to see u post even if it is random.i truly respect you

  32. we love u salman

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