2010 : Annual Boxoffice Report

Year 2010 has been closed on disappointing note. Most anticipated movie of the year, Tees maar khan, which was expected to bring smile on investors face and bollywood industry, bombed badly at box-office. In fact entire December remained dismal with one after another box-office duds and created history with worst December month in last ten years with losses over 50+ Crore. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, No Problem, Toonpur Ka Super Hero, Band Baja Baraat and few other small movies, all were either failed to sustain at box-office or some even didn’t fetch opening.TMK started quite well, but huge negativity (though personally i found it good) around it crashed it quite very soon. Still around 65 Crore final nett will not be a losing proposition.

Let’s check out list of top grosser of year 2010 in various categories of release size :

Category One (Release size 1200 – 1400 Prints)

Rank Movie Prints(Approx) Nett Collections(Approx) Verdict
1 Dabangg 1400 144 All time blockbuster
2 Golmal 3 1200 108 Blockbuster
3 Raajneeti 1300 94 Super hit
4 Housefull 1200 73 Hit
5 Kites 1300 47 Flop
6 Khatta Meetha 1275 41 Average

This is probably the best category with 65% Hit ratio.

Category Two (Release size 950 – 1199 prints)

Rank Movie Prints(Approx) Nett Collections(Approx) Verdict
1 My Name Is Khan 1150 71 Above Average
2 Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 1050 61 Super Hit
3 Veer (Hindi) 950 41 Below Average
4 No problem 950 29 Flop
5 Guzarish 950 29 Flop
6 Prince 1000 19 Disaster
7 Lamhaa 950 9 Disaster


A very ordinary success ratio of 42% here and Hit ratio is quite very low at 14%.

Category Three (Release size 650-949)

Rank Movie Prints(Approx) Nett Collections(Approx) Verdict
1 I Hate Luv Storys 775 43 Hit
2 Badmaash Company 800 32 Semi Hit
3 Raavan 725 31 Flop
4 Peepli [Live] 650 30 Hit
5 Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? 800 30 Hit
6 Lafangey Parindey 800 23 Flop
7 We Are Family 650 21 Flop
8 Band Baja Baraat 650 15.5 Below average
9 Chance Pe Dance 650 10 Flop
10 Milenge Milenge 750 8 Flop
11 Shaapit 700 8 Flop
12 Phoonk 2 675 7.5 Flop
13 Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey 650 5.5 Disaster


Category Four (Release size 400 – 649 Prints)

Rank Film Prints(Approx) Nett Collections(Approx) Verdict
1 Ishqiya 550 22 Average
2 Karthik Calling Karthik 500 20 Flop
3 Aisha 500 16 Flop
4 Paathshaala 475 11 Flop
5 Rann 600 9 Flop
6 Love Sex Aur Dokha 475 9 Average
7 Pyaar Impossible 400 6 Flop
8 Teen Patti 500 6 Disaster
9 Hum Tum Aur Ghost 425 5 Disaster
10 Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai 400 5 Disaster
11 Toh Baat Pakki 550 3.5 Flop
12 Dulha Mil Gaya 550 3 Disaster
13 Right Yaa Wrong 600 3 Disaster
14 Help 575 2.5 Flop
15 Aashayein 400 2.25 Flop
16 Hello Darling 475 2.25 Flop
17 Tum Milo Toh Sahi 400 2.15 Disaster
18 Click 400 1.5 Flop

 Category Five (Release size 200-399 Prints) :

Rank Film Prints(Approx) Nett Collections(Approx) Verdict
1 Tere Bin Laden 350 8.25 Average
2 Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time (Hin) 300 4.96 Flop
3 Mahayudh – Clash Of The Titans (Hindi)) 325 4.23 Flop
4 Udaan 225 3.24 Below Average
5 Well Done Abba 325 3.13 Flop
6 Day & Knight – Ek Haseena Ek Khiladi 225 2.86 Flop
7 A Team – Khatron Ke Khiladi (Hin) 225 2.59 Flop
8 Iron Man (Hin) 200 2.24 Flop
9 The Expendables – Maut Ke Saudagar (Hin) 225 2.11 Flop
10 Salt (Hin) 200 1.95 Flop
11 Predators (Hin) 200 1.72 Flop
12 Red Alert 350 1.25 Disaster
13 Apartment 350 1.2 Disaster

Category 6 (Release size less than 200 prints)

Rank Film Prints(Approx) Nett Collections(Approx) Verdict
1 Inception (Eng) 125 17 Super Hit
2 Iron Man (Eng) 125 8 Semi-Hit
3 Day & Knight 125 6 Semi-Hit
4 The Karate Kid (Eng) 115 5.5 Semi-Hit
5 Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time (Eng) 125 5 Flop
6 Clash Of The Titans (Eng) 125 4.5 Flop
7 Salt (Eng) 140 4.5 Flop


With limited release size, most of English movies have done quite reasonable business.


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~ by Yakuza on December 30, 2010.

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOWWWWW It’a relief to have you back yakuza.Really missed your blog.Glad to have you back.

  2. Finally you are back…. Eagerly awaiting for sumthing interesting from you….. Rock the floor YAKUZA…..

  3. Hassan and Vishnu, Sorry to disappoint you guys, but this blog will not operate the way it was before due to various reasons. I am not in situation to give you timely updates, thats why i decided to close this blog earlier, but now i will keep this blog alive with random updates of article(other than latest boxoffice reports, which is not possible at the moment).
    But YES, i promise, you will see something fresh and different in 2011, not in this blog, but another site.

  4. Please let us know which website and PLEASE inform if possible about Tees Maar Khan

  5. Woooooww, IT is the best new year gift for me. Welcome back yakuza bhai and pleass let us know about your new web site.

  6. BTW as usual great article and so informatics.

  7. Can you tell me what is the print size of TMK???????

  8. welcome bck:)>……………..akshay fan kaha gye ,.tmk first week 75cr collect kregi.,ye lifetime bussiness bhi nahi hoga hahaha.,

  9. hi yakuza hws uuuu???????/

  10. hi yakuza bro.welcome back.so glad to see u……………

  11. Welcome back bro. Very great post bro. Salman Khan once again ruled the 2010 year

    • Thanks randy, How are you brother ? YES, Salman ruled in 2010. Though veer underperformed, but with some other star, collections of Veer couldn’t go beyond 10 crore. Its purely based on Salman single screen strength that Veer collected 41 Crore odd figure with Audience attendance more than Houseful and MNIK. And Dabangg .. well we all know it was humongous and seen by more than 2.5 crore audience. A true ATBB.

      • Everything is great bro. I wish you all the best for the New Year.

        Yeah, Dabangg was watched by more than 2.5 crore audience, which was excellent. But my question is this bro, although 3I grossed more than Dabangg by close to 40 crores, was Dabangg was watched more than 3I in the theatres thanks to its single screen business?

        And, with 3I having a huge hiked ticket pricex when released, and Dabangg didn’t, had Dabangg did have the hiked ticket price, what could’ve been Dabangg business at the BO?

  12. Yakuza – it’s really good to hear from you. Great work nce again. Hope everything is fine at you end.

    Plz let us know what the verdict will be for tmk at 65 crores.

    • Hi Naveed, Yes i am absolutely fine and doing very well. How are you friend ?

      About TMK, there are two verdicts. From purely business point of view, movie is break even, so i would rate it average. But it made money from initial hype and extra huge release, 75% of revenue is from first weekend which was purely based on publicity and hype, movie just collapsed after weekend, proved total rejection by audience (though again personally i liked movie and may be i am in minority, but Hey i liked JBJ as well, so no worries … 🙂 ).

      • Yakuza am fine thanks

        Happy new year to you and your family.

        I’m sorry but I watched tmk on wed (2 days before it released in India). I knew this film would crash and that’s exactly what’s happened. The experience was terrible I just couldn’t believe how bad the film was.

        A question if I may. Will the response to tmk harm the chances of PATIALA HOUSE at the BO.

  13. Happy new year to all folks. May god bless you and your families with all success, pride, happiness and peace.

  14. Yakuza, when will u let us know abt the website….

    Happy new year to you as well….

  15. Yakuza, can we safely say now that Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are the 10 biggest commerical actors ever in Bollywood to make an impact at the BO?

  16. Here is a wishing that the coming year is a glorious one that rewards all your future endeavors with success.
    Wish You A…Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Mind Blowing, Energetic, Terrific & Extremely …happy,HAPPY NEW YEAR to Yakuza bhai and all the member of Bollybusiness.

  17. Happy new year everybody

  18. btw YAKUZA…1050 prints of Outim- 61 crores..make it a super hit
    and MNIK -1150 prints with 71 crore..(though it was 74)..make it above avg???..why so..use ratios and mnik would have been a super hit at 67 cr. by your logic…now dont brign 100 crore price..if u do..add overseas 95 crore net as well!!

    • Hey abhishek, My verdicts are purely based on ROI and some other factors like trending. And we take investment by distributors on movie. 7 out of 12 Indian sub distributors lost money on MNIK. I am being way lenient giving above average tag to movie. In case of OUATIM .. 9 out of 11 sub distributors made profits. So definitely it is way bigger hit.

  19. Great to see you back yakuza.

    • Hey Rajesh, How are you bro ? Well i am not going to update this blog the way it was before for various reasons. But yeah it will be alive ..

      • I am fine, thanks yakuza. I missed your blog so I will be happy if this site will remain alive even in a different manner.

  20. OMG. Yakuza u r back????
    thats great. If u dont hv enough time then dont post updates daily. But plz once a week u should put latest boxoffice reports.
    So, What is final verdict of TMK with 63 cr life time and around 35 cr DS???

    • Hi Nauman, How are you friend. Nauman as you know things are getting delayed for new project and if i keep my self regular on this blog, things may delay further. So might be few more time. About TMK, movie is average in my opinion. Though opening was very strong, but couldn’t sustain and considering all other factors including cost and trending, i will rate it just average.

  21. Guys, Yakuza is back ab true verdicts and net collections pata chala karien ge.

  22. hey guys I am back . After along time.

  23. TMK flop I am very happy guys

  24. Naveed thanks dude.I always miss u guys.

  25. hey yakuza great to hear from you after soooooooo long almost lost hope of hearin you again.anyways welcome back and belated happy new year to you.

  26. yakuza bhai u havent given your verdict on anjaana anjaani and why have you given lafangey parindey a flop tag altough u gave it an average tag before and boi has given waf an average tag so why have you rated it a flop?

  27. hi yakuza .so good to hear from you after soooooo long.belated happy new year to you

  28. between what is your verdict on anjaana anjaani yakuza bhai?

    • Yeah, AA is missed from list. Though i have not analysed it fully, but was not more than average fare considering all factors.

  29. RAM 1 will be sure shot FLOP like TMK.

  30. Yamla Pagla deewana will be super Hit

  31. Subhu how r u dude ?

    • I am fine saju? How r u and how ur project is going on??? Another 4 month 2 go for READY, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  32. Naveed how r u dude ?

    • am fine saju. HOpe to see u on bollystreet and here on the best site of them all bollybusinees when READY releases.

  33. Yakuza how r u dude ?

  34. nauman u r right tmk 1st week 75cr ,.,hmmmm sachhh meee nauman u r grttttt hahahahahahahahahahaha,.,

  35. now there saying PH will be hit etc lmao

    they should just let the film do the talking and nothing else

  36. Yakuja I am also fine dude.

  37. no dear naveed am here just for u guys…………………….dnt worry abt akki…..

  38. we cant hibarnate becoz of busy release schedule of akki………………u guys can hibernet after veer like movies……………

  39. ph will be break all past recordsssssss hahahahahahahaha ,.,.naveed akshay fans ki to baanddddddddddddddddddddd hi baj gyiiiiiiiiiiii,.,.,.,

  40. exclusive ph ki release ke baad aap bhi gayab ho jayogeee hahahahahaha

  41. hi yakuza welcome back hum taras gaye the tum ko dekhne.aamir’s next reema’s movie is hyping up like ghajini from time of announcement,ghajini was a real opener,hila kar rakh diya tha sab ko

  42. TMK is a nasty film

  43. TMK is a semi-hit already according to Box Office India

    A bad movie of Akshay can easily collect 40+ crore, like Kambakkht Ishq, Blue, Khatta Meetha, TMK did 60 crore

    Imagine if he chose good movie

    Star power

    • No offence dude but tmk opened due to Sheila and the never seen before promotion. If akki had such great star power why did AR open at 2 crore

      And stop all this that wait till he acts in good film nonsense. Akki can never act in a good film coz he has no script sense.

      Exclusive Arun – I apologise if I said anything that offended u. Never knew u were akki fan all that time

      • Action Replayy is one movie

        Tell me why did Blue, Khatta Meetha, Kambakkht Ishq open well then? None of them flopped either

        Sheila ki jawaani can be watched on youtube

        Akshay releases 3-4 movies per year, despite that his movies do good business & are a profitable venture for the investors

        Which other star has 3-4 releases per year with such a success margin in the past 4-5 years?

        And the people that are calling Tees Maar Khan a disaster are mentally retarded

        • lol BLUE KI KM all of them below avg and blue outright flop. Plz Yakuza shed light on this.

          Anyway akki had his 2-3 good years lol PH wont even open. Let’s wait and watch.

          • What is there to lol about?

            I said none of them were flops, I didn’t say they were hits. So, average or below average are in the “not flops” category

            Do you know the future? How can you predict that a movie would be a flop before it’s release?

            If your predictions are so accurate, then the producers should give you a full time job for predicting their investments

            • De Niro – dude I was just messing with you.

              Good luck to akki in all his future films. What are your thoughts on his latest PH?

              • No hard feelings bro

                There is nothing really special about Patiala House, the story is very evident & so is the climax

                But since it’s budget is very low, around 20 crore, then it will surely be a success at the box office

                I am looking forward to the action movie he signed with Prabhu Deva

  44. de nero bro good saying………………..
    yehi to yeh bhai log samjhte nahi hai ki akki ki busi se buri movie bhi itni kamaal opning leti hai but see at salman or ajay devgun or abhishek or hritik ……………. no opening for bad movies but in case of akki opning is always there.thats the star power……
    raw power…….and dear ninja i’ll be always there for u ..even i was here after cc2c or blue…so dont worry abt me……..kyu yakuza bro??????????

  45. FLOP kumar of bollywood

  46. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tmk ne disater ke saare recordddd toddd diyeee,.,.ab umeed he ph hi tmk ka record tod skti heeee,.,

  47. apsara award bst actor salman khan,.,.

  48. FLOP masters of bollywood

    1) Hrithik

    2) Akki

    3) SRGAY

  49. Hey shutup Sanju Dey
    Aamir ki taraf daari mat karo..
    Agr himmat hai toh akki jaise woh bhi chaar picture saal mein release kare..fir dekhte hain kya hota haii..Akki is still most reliable for all producers..
    Salman ki zyada side mat lena..
    Dus baar duck pe out hoke ek century maardena acha hai par it isnt good..
    He has no consistency..
    Hrithik for him this year ws a tough luck..guzarish deserved more..bt our rickshaw wala audience doesnt knw wht cinema is..

    And Talking abt Srk..if bollywood is body srk is it’s heart..he is most consistent..he is face of india..overseas..
    Apne mohalle mein sabse zyada popular hona doesnt make u famous..
    Salman is most popular in India..in terms of following..but take in overseas..Srk has double triple fan following..

    Wait for Raone..and Don2..I hopw u wld change ur name frm Sanju Dey to Sanju Gay..
Challenge to u..

  50. Yakhuza Band Baaja has collected 15.5 cr for 2 weeks..its super strong..and is xpected to finish @ 24-25..cr
    Wld u still give it avg..i think its a big hit..
    And LSD its ROi ACC. TO BOI was 127perc..tht means it was a big big winner..

    Comment plz..

  51. aashkaran ra1 kab aayegi kab jaye gi pta bhi nahi chalega tume,.,bs sochte hi rea jayoge aur woflop ho jaye giiiiiii,.,.,
    nauman kaha ga yrrr akshay to flop ho gyaa,.,.,ab to nauman semi hit se khush ho gya hahahahaha

  52. Arre dekhliyo Ninja..
    don2 raone dono overseas main 100+ ke arnd gross karegi..aur India main Dono 100+hogi..aur dono ab tk ki sbse tkrdi competitor hongi to break 3idiots rec..more than dabangg overall..
    Stndrds wld be very very high..overseas raone se bomb hojaayega..
    Think logical not rational..

  53. @Ninja u r right dude, RAM -1 will be sure shot DISASTER.

  54. Indian fan = World’s fan

    Winner is Veer Dabangg salman khan

  55. SRGAY is finish

  56. Yamla pagla deewana will be sure shot SUper Hit

  57. What makes Tom Cruise , Johnny Depp , Will Smith , Jim Carrey Etc Etc Famous is worldwide following not only local American following..

    Salman khan ki ek dabang se itna ghamand
    kya God Tussi Great Ho…Veer..Marigold…Garv..Main Aur Mrs. Khanna..London Dreams..Hello..Saawan..Jaaneman..Kyun Ki..Heroes..Yuvraaj Jaisi Super Duper Hit Sunkr..bhi Dabangg ko aage rakhoge..yeh saari films 5 saal ke andar aayi thi

    Agr Bacha Sirf ek subject mein ache no. laake baaki main lurdak jaaye usse faiuire hi kehte hain..

    Ab Shaant Ho Jaao Sanju Dey..

    Srk is in his own league..

    Stop commenting on him if u dont have any point..call him gay if he ever tried to seduce u..Samjhaa

  58. And Yes..Yamla Pagla Deewaana Will Tear Single Screens Apart Like Dabangg..
    Wld Be A Major Major Earner..If Multiplex in Maharashtra Pick Up…

  59. Don -2 will be sure shot FLOP

  60. Disaster films of SRGAY

    1) My name is FLOP khan

    2) Billu

    3) Dulha mil gaya

    4) Paheli

    5) Alag

    6) Josh

    7) Krazzy – 4

    8) Luck by chance

    9) Kaal

    10) Phir bhi dil hai hindustani

    11) Kabhi alvida na kehna

    12) Don

    13) Kabhi khushi kabhi gam

  61. Sorry Flop film ki list main BHOOTHNATH bhi hai

  62. haha u r counting dulha mil gya..luck by chance..alag..krazzy 4..and Kaal as srk films..man r u serious..they were special appearence or item song of him..fir toh salman ki list mein prem ka game..isi life mein aur anginat films aati hain..shitz man r u blind..
    Even billu he was their as cameo..extended cameo like salman in no entry..

    Kank..was Atbb overseas..hit in india
    Don was bb overseas hit in india
    Kabhi khushi kabhi gam..was BB in india and Atbb overseas..
    MNIK..chalo maanliya ki Abv.Avg-hit thi pr bahaar woh super ATBB thi..
    In ur given list only paheli was flop
    Phir bhi dil hai was avg..and josh too

    And dude Bhootnaath was a clean hit..and it was his cameo in it..

    Aur kuch sunna hai..

  63. hahahahaha aashkaran ek dabangg ne srk ki baand bja di hahahaha,.mnsk ki to ****** pad diiiiii,.,.thanx sanju.,.ypd to super hit hone wali hee.,.,jb don2 aayegi to wo disaster ki history bnayegi hahahahaha,.,.

  64. i love salman..I knw ek dabangg..has put him back to top 5..bt jis top5 ki baat kr rha hoon usmein srk pichle 20 saal se hai..
    Yeh hasi..tb dikhana..
    Ask yakuza..wht are prospects of both films..as a boxoffice analyst not as srk hater..
    Both films incl bodyguard are most awaited..bt raone is at first..

  65. thanks Yakuza for come back to this great site,hope u will continue ur work like this.

  66. check boi first,.,.most awaited movie of 2011 is bodyguard,.,.,srk ki to firse baand bj jaye gi hahahahahahahahahaha

  67. Beta ji kahaa toh BOI ne TMK ko bhi most awaited tha..
    It’s BOI,s opinion bacha..public ka nahi
    ab salman is degrading his own quality like Akki..by doing same genre films..it would be good till some time..
    thats why Aamir and Srk dont get old..coz they keep on reinveinting themselves..

    • Dude agree SRK is most consistent but we all know Salman was no 1 in 90’s. SRK for me was no 1 this decade whereas Salman slipped but out of nowhere delivered monster hits in WANTED, PARTNER, NO ENTRY and even TERE NAAM (craze wise).

      I think this year SRK will deliver big especially DON 2. RA -1 will struggle coz the budget is just 2 high. (that’s what hampered MNIK).

      If Salman delivers big again in READY then my word will that make things interesting.

      By the way plz don’t degrade Salman by comparing him with akki. Akki has has 3 good years 06-08. Salman was delivering all the way to 01 then slipped badly but I think he’s defo back. SRK most consistent for borh decades and Amir has become a brand now. So these 3 for me lead.

      Akki is yet to deliver a monster hit (ATBB) whereas the other 3 have delivered em with DABANGG being the latest.

      Hope I’ve been fair with my comment.

  68. aashkaran bhad me ja yr,.,.,.,.,oye muje ye btao bodyguard ka naam my love story kisne kr diya ab to muje mai aur mrs khanna ki feeling aa rahi he,.,.kya yr

  69. Naveed dude I agree completely..
    Salman has made the bst comeback..
    Wht I think is aftr MNIK srk is targetting overseas
    I have read a lot abt both films..they r nothing less than
    international stndrds..
    They wld be double of MNIK both the films..

    and yes bollywood has been about three khans only Aamir..Srk..Salman..
    Other guys for me are Ranbir and Akki..

  70. Ninja Lol..Main aur mrs khanna waali feeling..
    Bodyguard mast naam thaa..single screens type ke liye perfect..My love story..ajeeb hai..

  71. jo sach he sach he aashkaran my love story title bekaar he,.,.bodyguard hi theek tha ,.,

  72. guyz its called BODYGUARD atul has confirmed

    the media need to check their facts bloody idiots lol

    hopefully with BODYGAURD he will complete his hattrick

    the pics ive seen are looking good

  73. ooo hooo thanx naveed bro,.,.bodyguard title hi acha heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  74. indicine firse suru ho gya

  75. Yeah…Srk Kajol Karan Won Filmfare Awards For Bst Actr Actrs Dirctr..for one and only MNIK..
    Very well deserved unlike best actr award which has been given to salman..for his casual acting in dabangg..

    • Something I don’t get, they gave best film to Dabangg but not best actor. That means movie was good but not the actors. Likely, SRK and Johar bought the awards.

  76. Haha same old looser comments..rather than accepting tht Srk is the best..u repeat the old saying angoor khatte hain..
    kaayede se best film bhi nahi milna chaiye tha though it was a superb film..best film bhi Mnik ko milna chaiye tha ya rajneeti..’coz they r true cinema..awards r given on basis of film not BoI collections..
    Awards koi nahi khareedta..
    Bestfilm ka yeh mtlb nhi actor bhi best ho..bhaisahaab oscar nahi dekhte..
    Yeh indian oscars hain..

  77. Bhai…SRK ki hazaro Flop movies hai..
    Guddu — Biggest Disater of the Year
    Zamana Deewana —- All time Flop
    Trimurti —- Biggest Flop of any actor Till Date…world Record
    Maya Memsaab—ha ha ha
    Oh Darling Yeh Hai India —- I shut my mouth
    MNIK —- Sick Movie….
    yaar its endless….and SRK looks like as if he is 60 years Oldie….He cant manage his Age :-)…
    Baaki rahi most awaited movie ki baat to its Bodyguard only…
    Last years it was TMK which already opened awesome with 3 days collection of 40 Crore Domestic….( which SRK has never done in his LIfetime)…:-)
    Akki Sallu are Grand Daddy of Box Office

  78. Wohoa..Yeh Jitni Flop movies batayi hai..tumhe nahi lagta tumhare paida hone se pehle ki hai..
    get the fact right MNIK wasnt flop
    Hit in India..ATBB in overseas
    Srk gave back to back 3 BB..2 BB in same year CDI and OSO

    Dude..Akki Ki Flop List aur Salman Ki Flop List Itni lambi hai jitni srk ne total films bhi nahi kri hogi..

    Srk is the best actor..Full Stop

    • SRK never does movie outside his comfort zone. He never tries anything new. He is coward like his fans like yourself.

  79. Right Rick…He he gave 1 movie in last 2 years…hardly has any movie in hand….all his movie don’t even get a opening…OSO did almost same collections like TMK….but these sick SRK fans..thinks OSO was BB…ha ha ha
    MNIK was a Big Flop sold to Fox at 100 Crore and ended up with a DS of 35 Crore….Making a Huge Loss of 65 Crore…sarcastic people beleave its a Hit…:-)

  80. go on..
    Nothin will change..he is the bestestestes actor..
    U dnt like him fine bt..3.5billion other ppl do..

    Get ur facts right..boy oso rnbdj cdi all were 3 bb in row..if u tk last 2 decades..he is at top..bt taking 3 yrs back he is 2nd bst..after aamir..wait for raone and don2..he will rule again..
    As he ruled filmfare..this year..

    • SRK didn’t rule this year but he bought the awards for himself, his bf (Karan Johar) and squeaky mom (Kajol).

  81. ohh..yeah..look at ur backside guy..I can see black smoke oozing out from ur backside..

    wont it be stupid if i say salman payed audience to see dabangg thats why it became historical bb..
    same wld be stupid..if u say srk buys awards..so
    Dnt mess coz Srk is the best…

  82. hello neveed bhi . I mis all u ppl? Whic web u ppl r using. Any latest news abt ready trailor. Yakuza bhi imfrm us ur new.

    • tarzan thanks for remembering me bro

      READY trailor should be out soon then all us bhai fans will promote it here on bollybusiness

  83. READY will be sure shot BB

  84. Patiala House, most reviews are 4/5 or 3/5

    Hopefully it will pick up

  85. lets hope for best de nero……….

  86. tarzan, ninja, rick and subhu could you guyz plz get in touch with me.

    I need to ask you guyz something


  87. please someone provide film information 95 final classification scan

  88. naveed bhi, bhi includin more action scence for ready. I heard dat music of ready also sweet.asin lookin. Ready trailor may b cum out 8april. Bodyguard may releasin 31st augst

  89. Hey Guys whats up?????????????

    Ready is buzzing more then any recent movie!!!!!!!!It will be huge… Bhai will give another blockbuster after Dabangg.

    Hey Navved bro, Yakuza bro is not updating here, so we better move to Indicine for fresh discussion.They have already stated putting updates.

  90. Yakuza – How are you ? Been a long time! I noticed you had posted an article of mine on naachgaana on super icons : Bachchan and Tendulkar, rightly consecrated. Thanks for this, but could you redirect that post to the Times of India page where it appears and not the Sri Lankan Guardian which has copied it from TOI. Thanks again for this!


  91. naveed bhi chack ur email.

    • tarzan bro I just chechked bro and there is no email

      plz can u email me again its important thanks

  92. naveed bro , dis is my email id
    pls email me ….frm ur email account.

  93. Hey Guys come to Indicine, we will Discuss there. They are updating regularly.

  94. hey subhu i did nt find u in indicine .wher u discuss in indicine. Naveed bro email me .

  95. tarzan Bro, check this link


  96. subhu i gt it bro. Thxx

  97. Aamir Khan in 2011 TIME 100 Poll.

    Vote for Aamir here – http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2058044_2060338_2060165,00.html

  98. Sorry Guys..Same Old Repition Of Bollywood Trying To Make Money Minded Films..
    easy way is to pick up a south indian film..
    Ready is no exception..dissapointed..that Indian movies arent cinema..bt a timepass..
    leave the script..even music is copied..

    I am very proud of what Srk did in MNIK..
    and Ammir does it everytime..
    bt Salman is finding an easy way out..
    wont be long when he gets caught again in string of flops..after his repition value ends like akshay’s..

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