Dabangg : Around 230 Millions Second Weekend

Just a short note !! Around ~50% fall from first weekend. Marvelous !!

Well guys, will be on break for next 3-4 days !! Next update will come on 24th September (or may be sooner) !! Enjoy Monster success of Dabangg !! 

* Updated the post(from 240 to 230), coming to lower end of 24 Crore.


~ by Yakuza on September 19, 2010.

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  1. \m/

  2. Pls yakuza today collection

  3. So yakuza bhai finally u come with a good news.

    so as we excepted the second weedend is arround 24cr.

    Now i dont thing there as any thing left For Dabangg to ans. The 2nd weeked collection shut many people mouth who thought that after tremondos 1st weekend Dabangg has no legs to futher path.

    I just back 4m Dabangg show 4m Cinemax: Banjara Hills,Hyderabad. It was packed house and i enjoyed the movie 2nd time.

  4. surabh wher are u? I told u dat sunday ll huge . U criticized me . Now se wht hapnd . ..

  5. apna dabangg sabu lagta hai sow gaya hai…kahan ho sabu dabangg

  6. who is using very abusive words by using my name

    hi guys,
    dabangg lifetime business in india will b 150 crore nett

    hey guys,
    i dont like big boss promos
    direction of these promos r very rediculous n cheap.
    salman ki natural acting nahi lag rahie.
    overacting hai.aisa lag rahaa hai jaise director of all promos,salman se kisi ki copy karwa raho ho
    very cheap,rediculous n overacting promos

    what about u guys??????????/

  7. i meant saju dabangg

  8. if nxt weak aa nt relesd den dabang life share mst be 150 cr. Dabangg team does nt hikdd their tickt price

  9. good they didnt hike the ticket prices which is in film favor

  10. hey prity dnt worry if script wel dn audiance reaction wil be gud. Sallu bhi huge thy ll mst se.

  11. tarzan,

    but big boss promos r not good.
    salman performance is over acting
    director of all promos ,is very bad

    dus ka dum k promos were good n direction is very natural n good.

    big boss k promos main director salman se overating n kisi ki copy karwa raha hai
    dresse r also dnt decent

    today one news channel said that big boss ya chichora.

  12. Dabanggs 10 days collection around 105Cr.

  13. The Fun Continues

    After the super success of Dabangg, talks of its sequel keep the excitement growing
    During the recent festive weekend, Salman Khan swaggered on to the big screen as the corrupt cop Chulbul Pandey. Amidst catcalls and wolf-whistles, the actor walked right into an unprecedented opening, with Dabangg earning Rs 48.5 crore in the first weekend alone. The box-office rout — the biggest ever in Indian cinematic history — had the Dabangg team plotting to make its sequel even before it had completed its first week run.

    Though the buzz around the sequel is massive, its director-writer Abhinav Kashyap is yet to zero in on a specific idea. “I don’t even know what my next script is going to be — whether it would be a sequel or something else. The other day, we met at Salman’s house and discussed different possibilities. One of them is moving the film’s location to a city like Mumbai,” he states. However, the director is certain about a few things, like not leaving Sonu Sood out in the sequel, which will either be called Dabangg 2 or Robin Hood Pandey. As Chedi Singh, Sood garnered rave reviews. “Clichéd as it may sound, we came up with a situation where Chedi Singh’s twin comes into the picture,” says Kashyap. Sood is mighty excited about the possible sequel and his role. “I have even thought of a name for my character — Ganpat Singh,” he says excitedly.


  14. 3-idiots vs Dabangg DS Share

    Mumbai – 18.5Cr. & 16.8Cr.
    Delhi-UP – 8.6Cr. & 11.7Cr.
    East Punjab – 3.6Cr. & 3.8Cr.
    West Bengal – 2.5Cr. & 2.3Cr.
    Bihar – o.6Cr. & 1.5Cr.
    Assam – o.3Cr. & 0.35Cr.
    Orissa – o.2Cr. & o.3Cr
    C.I – 2.3Cr. & 2.25Cr.
    C.P.Berar – 1.7Cr. & 3.6Cr.
    Rajasthan – 2.5Cr. & 3Cr.
    Nizam/Andhra – 2.25Cr. & 2.15Cr.
    Mysore – 1.79Cr. & 1.7Cr
    TN- Kerela – 0.7Cr. & 0.7Cr.

    Total – 45.54Cr & 50.15Cr.


  15. Mention collections are 1st weeks DS share of 3-idiots & Dabangg

  16. big boss promos k director ne salman ko over acting karne wala rediculous n chichora anchor bana diya hai

    though DKD se vo best n natural anchor ban gaya thatha.

    very rediculous,over acting,chichorey promos hain big boss k

    n director of thse promos is very bad n rediculous.

    • i dont agree prity. I personally think Salman looks cool. the man who is directing bhai is milan luthria (OUATI). i think he is talented

  17. naveed,

    DKD ka direction was very good.
    salman did natural acting in DKD.

    but in big boss promos.salman is doing soo much over acting first time.he is not looking salman khan.
    director salman se kisi ki copy karwa raha hai.
    u r watching as a fan
    but i watch as an audience
    and as an audience.these promos r rediculous,chichorey,over act n big flop.

    no one is liking these promos.
    bcoz director is very bad/rediculous.
    director ne koi bhi film banayi ho.
    but these promos direction is big bakwaas.

    promos main first time salman bahut over acting n kisi ki copy kar raha hai
    n ye sab director ne karvaya hai

    how sad,he won best anchor award for DKD.

  18. so many tv channels ki headlines –

    big boss ya big chichora

    ye big boss bakwaas hai,chicgora hai

    n now iskey promotional song k words bhi biggest chichorey hain.

    salman become worst,rediculous,overacting tv anchor from best ancor of DKD


    salman was best tv anchor of DKD.

    y he did sooo much over acting or copy of other actor,direction of all promos is biggest weak point.
    n if the whole show is directed by this director than salman bcome worstt tv anchor of big boss

    so sad.

    • Prity – you have s valid point. But Salman won the anchor coz of how he presented the show. His interaction and down to earth behaviour with his guests was the major attraction. Am sure Salman will take care of matters in BIG BOSS. the media are never gonna praise him really so don’t worry bout it. Abhi to gane ko alenedo.

  19. Dabangg Sunday 12.25cr jaju

  20. Dabangg 10 Day Rajasthan UPDATE
    Monday 20th September 2010 09.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Dabangg has recorded huge figures over second weekend in Rajasthan. Sunday was a record for second Sunday. The drop is just 53% from first to second weekend which is fantastic as the first weekend was exceptionally high.
    Week One
    Friday – 80 lakhs
    Saturday – 88 lakhs
    Sunday – 96 lakhs
    First Weekend – 2.64 crore
    Monday – 65 lakhs
    Tuesday – 45 lakhs
    Wednesday – 36 lakhs
    Thursday – 30 lakhs
    First Week – 4.40  crore
    Week Two
    Friday – 33 lakhs
    Saturday – 35 lakhs
    Sunday – 54 lakhs
    Second Weekend – 1.22 crore


  21. Q. Is Dabangg a Super Hit or Blockbuster?
    A. All Time Blockbuster

  22. dnt wory media is nevr suportd sallu bhi.there are so many channal likes to cricizd bhi nd increase thir trp.

    Now karina in mls nt katrina……

    • Tarzan bhai that’s a rumour that bebo is in MLS. Only for her am gonna watch G3. But I honestly think it will be either Deepika or Vidya. Kat is the dark horse. But I think it’ll be 1 of these 3. Who knows Anushka Sharma or Amrita Rao may get it. (Salman has praised both women in the past).

      Media are losers. They will always try to broadcast and show crap bout bhai. They know in doing so there trps will increase.

      Btw can some1 pls give me fri sst and sun collections separately. Thanks

  23. i dnt think kareena is rite choice. Lst two movie wid kareena ws flop .kat shud nt be nd she does nt knw acting…i think deepika nd vidya wise decesion. Let se wht director bring out dam ..another kareena hv so many movie nxt year .already two comfirm ra 1,agend vinod etc

  24. So, I guess with its great weekend collections, Dabangg is officially a All-Time Blockbuster Yakuza?

  25. naveed bhi from taran its fri 6.20cr nd sat 7.5 cr

    naveed bhi cn u tell me whic movie are relesing in eid11 kick or mls?i m confusd sajid nd autal . Both wants relese same time? Plz.

    • Tarzan – MLS was confirmed for Eid 2011 but it may be KICK. time will tell my friend.

      So there’s a strong likelihood that sun collections were 10

  26. sallu bhi told in his interview dat akshay is no 2 position. But i hardly remember dat does akshay ji has any atbb movie?

  27. ther are gr8 poll ..who cn better dance .jhon vs sunny

  28. @Tarzan , Akki has no ATBB.But he has only one Blockbuster like Welcome

  29. @tarzan, Sunny is better dancer than expressinonless John.

  30. Dabangg salman looking excellent in Big Boss season 4

  31. Hey saju bro our prediction 4 weekend was bingooo i.e around 23-25cr.

    Now give the prediction for week days of 2nd week.

    • Ok the weekend was 23-25. I think there is a good chance it can earn in the range of 15-17. Making that a second week total of 39-41. If am not mistaken giving it a total of 117 ish. I havnt calculated it precisely these are rough indicators. I do hope it goes past GHAJINI by thurs.

      Kamal karte ho

  32. saju dey why da ppl comparing wid akki nd salman.
    SAJU dey is AA confirm nt relesing 24th sep? If its nt dn we ll watch another gud weeknd.

  33. Anjaana Anjaani’s Dabangg fear

    The makers of Anjaana Anjaani are at present a worried lot. In a four-hour, closed-door meeting on Saturday afternoon, between Sajid Nadiadwala and the film’s co-producers, Eros Entertainment, two definite realisations were as follows: there is no point in postponing the release date despite the Babri Masjid verdict; and that Dabangg is not disappearing from theatres.

    As a heads-up to this, producer Sajid Nadiadwala has now decided to pump in approximately Rs 5 crore extra into the publicity and marketing machinery of his product.

    Says a source close to Anjaana Anjaani, “We slotted our film two weeks after Dabangg. We never thought it would continue to be this strong. Huge amounts of money and time are going into the marketing of Anjaana Anjaani. Ranbir and Priyanka are doing their publicity events on a war footing.”

    Director Siddharth Anand played down these anxieties though. “I’d like to believe that the success of Dabangg means good news and better business for Anjaana Anjaani.

    People are now in the mood to return to theatres. And who says two films can’t do well simultaneously? In 2006, there were big films one after the other every two weeks. And all of them did well.

    God willing, people would want to watch our film because after Dabangg they’re in the mood to visit theatres.”

    Producer Sajid Nadiadwala confirms, “We did consider withdrawing Anjaana Anjaani because the court’s decision on Babri Masjid-Ayodhya is on the day of our release.

    However the international prints to countries as far-flung as Germany have already gone. We’ve spent a fortune on marketing and publicity. Our hoardings are up.

    There are 40 of them in Mumbai and we’ve the right to have them up for a limited period. Yes, we are spending a substantially extra amount on promotions this week, because it is impossible to hold back the release.

    The producers are also piggy-backing on the Commonwealth Games, slated for October 3. “We will have dignitaries from all over the world. The government can’t afford any untoward incident in the country,” says Sajid.

    Read more: Anjaana Anjaani’s Dabangg fear – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/Anjaana-Anjaanis-Dabangg-fear/articleshow/6589965.cms#ixzz103TaGK7E

  34. @Tarzan, joh log compare karte hai woh sab pagal hai . Bcoz Dabangg salman is far ahead from Akki & SRK.

  35. This is the predict in a worst case , ther is possibility that it will go little bit higher. the main reason that collections are coming 4m ss, so it will so steady collection in a lower range.
    Mon :- 4-4.5 cr
    Tue :- 3.50 cr
    wed :- 3.00 cr
    Thus :-2.50 cr

    weekends :- 23.5-24cr

    2nd week :- arround 38cr

    total :- 118cr(at least) which will break the record of Ghajni.

    What u say guys ?????????????????????

  36. @Subhu ,Dabangg’s 2nd week days total collection will be 16Cr.

  37. Dabangg dhamaka: Salman and Arbaaz Khan in the mood to celebrate

    It’s true that Salman and Arbaaz were expecting Dabangg to click with the audience but neither of the Khans had anticipated that it would become a massive rage and acquire a cult-like status. However, now that Dabangg has broken all records, producer Arbaaz and his team are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Not that they are complaining; the Chulbul Pandey and his men are in a celebrative mood. “Yes, we’re going to have a celebration very shortly. So far because of the way ‘Dabangg’ has gone, we haven’t been able to plan out full details. But yes we will invite all our friends and colleagues. We want to share our happiness,” Arbaaz gushes.
    Reportedly, Arbaaz shall be inviting all his friends from the film fraternity. Everyone from Hrithiks to Bachchans will be invited. Aamir Khan shall surely be invited and Shahrukh Khan, surely, not (after all, Salman is still not ready to forgive him).


  38. Dabangg’s 2 weeks total collection will be 121Cr. .Hey guys just enjoy the historic Success of dabangg.

  39. ‘Dabangg’ Girl Sonakshi Sinha – Being Human

    Written by Admin
    Monday, 20 September 2010 12:49
    News Desk: Breaking News! Debutant Sonaksi Sinha not only rocked the Bollywood with her debut movie, ‘Dabangg’, but also displayed the human side of her character. She donated her first cheque to Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation.

    Although Sonakshi comes from a rich and reputed family and takes pride for being the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, it’s not an easy decision for any debutant actor/actress to donate their first pay cheque to any charity.

    Sonakshi considers Salman Khan as her mentor and she exactly did what Salman has been doing for years. “Your first pay cheque is always something you cherish and I wanted to do something special with it”, said Sonakshi.

  40. Second week fri.6.25 Saturday 8cr Sunday 12cr .,second weekend 26.25cr

  41. Guy any one have overseas box office collection 4 2nd weekend????

  42. @Subhu , thanks brother for ur appreciation.

  43. hello guyz.

    Faridoon_S Breaking News: AnjaanA Anjaani to release on
    October 1st.

    good news dey dun wan 2 clash wid dabangg.my prediction 2nd week 40crs+.
    hum yahaan ke robinhood hain robinhood pandey

  44. @Sids, Prity ka prediction kya hua dude ? Weekend 38Cr.ka ?

  45. it was a deam saju koi baat anhin im sure salman ke aani waali movies yeh dream bhi pura kar dengi prity ka.

  46. Kareena Kapoor opposite Salman Khan in ‘Bodyguard’

    It’s confirmed! Kareena Kapoor will star opposite Salman Khan in brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri’s next project, a remake of the Malayalam hit ‘Bodyguard’. There was speculation that Katrina Kaif would essay the lead role, but Atul clarifies, “See, we have already decided to release our film during the Eid week next year. Since Katrina has committed her dates to other projects, we decided to cast an actor whose dates would match with Salman’s and would facilitate the release of the film during the festive week next year.”

    However, this combo – Salman and Kareena – hasn’t delivered a hit in the past. “It all depends on the film and how the audience takes to it. Why blame a pair for its failure? Besides, they may be third time lucky with my film,” Atul smiles. Meanwhile, Atul is keen on calling his film ‘Bodyguard’, not ‘My Love Story’ or ‘Meri Love Story’. Directed by Siddique, the film has music by Pritam.


  47. The Friday business was 6.50 crore nett and Saturday was 7.75 crore nett while the Sunday business is likely to come in anywhere between 9.50 -10.50 crore nett.

  48. @Sids , prity is just over the top.Also die hard fan of Dabangg salman.Prity dont worry ur dream will come true in next Eid 2011.

  49. @Ninja, pls give me ur link.

  50. taran_adarsh also gave the conformation that AnjaanA Anjaani to release on October 1st.

    If AA will release on October 1st then it is sure that its box office collection will hamper.Aakros is also releasing same day and it will do well in center like Bihar,UP,CI center. Also Endhiran – The Robot’ is coming on that day,though it will not affect boxoffice collction out side South. But excepted a Hurricane in south after all this is Rajnikanta Movie.

    but it is good thing 4 Dabangg, one more open week.

    • But this can also work in AA favour. I don’t have much hopes from it, seen very little promotion. Plus DABANGG is still very much there.

      I hope AKROSH is a good film. Big fan of both Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna. Plus Paresh Rawal is there. So hope film is both good and does well at box office.

      • I also like Ajay Devgan and he is on a role after giving 3 hit. Aakros will do definitely do good business in SS because it is a massala movie.

  51. Am happy bebo is in BODYGUARD remake. I love her. In G3 promos she looks gorgeous and she does look good with bhai. Yes Kyun Ki failed but in MAMK they were hardy there together. So I expect big things from this film.

  52. Salman Khan’s film up for sale before it’s made

    The star in demand
    By ApunKaChoice
    Mon, Sep 20, 2010 08:20:54 GMT
    Comments (0)

    Download WallpaperOne superhit film can change the fortunes of a star overnight in the film industry. Salman Khan, who is riding high on the super success of Dabangg is a man much in demand among producers and distributors nowadays.

    The star would pair once again with Sonakshi Sinha in producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Kick, and the enterprising producer, we hear, has already become busy negotiating a deal with Eros Entertainment.

    Not just that, rumours go that Nadiadwala has quoted a humungous amount of Rs. 75 crore for Kick if Eros wants to acquire the film.

    The film will be an action thriller like Dabangg and will probably release around Eid next year. Considering that Salman’s previous two Eid releases (Wanted in 2009 and Dabangg in 2010) have hit bulls-eye at box office, Kick is likely to follow suit.

    Though Sajid denies having discussed the whopping price with Eros, sources claim that a deal is in the works and may be signed as soon as the film’s script is finalized.


  53. Dabangg Has Huge Second Weekend

    Monday 20th September 2010 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg continued its huge box office run over its second weekend with around 24 crore nett over its second weekend.

    The Friday business was 6.50 crore nett and Saturday was 7.75 crore nett while the Sunday business is likely to come in anywhere between 9.50 -10.50 crore nett.

    This takes the film to a 105 crore nett plus total in just 10 days and a distributor share of 62-63 crore making it the second highest domestic earner in just ten days. In circuits like Delhi/UP, Bihar, CP Berar and Rajasthan it may well end up the highest earner ever. The lifetime share seems to be heading towards 75 crore but if it remains steady over the weekdays this week it may do more than 75 crore nett.

    • WOW that is great news. Many films lifetime collections don’t make 75 crore. DABANGG DS will be atleast that much.

  54. Saju boi

  55. As per DS it overcome Ghajini record i.e around 59-60cr.

  56. Salman Khan re- affirms his position as a top draw

    September 20, 2010 11:52:50 AM IST
    Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network

    Now that the dust has settled and it is sinking in that a film by the name of DABANGG has broken the opening weekend and then (the seemingly impossible to break!) opening week record of 3 IDIOTS by netting 80.50 crores, time for some related issues that must also be discussed.

    view DABANGG stills

    Around the time films like YUVVRAAJ and also VEER failed to score, there was a lot of discussion about how Salman Khan had lost his multiplex clout though still loved by the masses. When the conversation veered towards the hit plus WANTED again it was said that most of the earnings came from the single screens. There were also suggestions that Ajay, Ranbir or Shahid Kapoor should be given Salman’s place in the top five stars, the remaining being Aamir, Shah Rukh, Hrithik and Akshay.

    CHECK OUT: DABANGG, mixed numbers and the mobile service providers

    However, the DABANGG Salman had other things in mind and decided to prove it by scaling Mount Everest, that is challenging 3 IDIOTS, and did it in his typical ‘dabangg’ way!

    Well, it is obvious that DABANGG will not beat 3 IDIOTS end run of 202 crores but surely GHAJINI will be crossed and Salman Khan is back to where he belongs, one of the top box-office draw!


  57. finally we cn say dabangg is all time blockbuster….

  58. Saju sabhu is week koi holiday nahi he kyaaaa

  59. taran_adarsh

    ‘Dabangg’ had a rock-solid second weekend, collecting approx. Rs. 24.6 cr. to Rs. 25 cr. nett in second weekend.


  60. ‘Dabangg’ 2nd wknd breakup is as follows:- Fri: Rs. 6.1 cr, Sat: Rs. 7.5 cr and Sun: Rs. 10.5 cr to Rs. 11 cr. [estimates].


    Yaar every one is giving different Fig.

  61. Subhu dabangg 11 cr on Sunday .,boi bhi jaldi hi update kr denge 11cr.,.,muje btao is week koi holiday he

  62. Ghajini 2008 114crs.i think it will go beyod ghajini by end of wednesday or tuesday.

  63. Dabangg’s DS Share will be Historic check out guys

    81Cr.main DS Share around = 51Cr.

    150Cr.main DS Share will be = 51×150/81 cr.

    = 94.4Cr.

    3-idiots DS share 101Cr. & Dabangg Will be around 94Cr.

    • that not correct bro, it will depend on various factor like 4m where major collection are coming (ss or multp) and also 4m which city (different tax rate 4 difference city ) .

    • 3 Idiots is 99 cr not 101.

      DS to Nett ratio will keep rising as multiplex collections fall and SS gets more prominent.

      Week 1 DS/Nett ratio is 0.63
      Lifetime will be around 0.70 – 0.75

      To get 100 cr DS (beat 3I), Dabangg needs 135 – 145 cr lifetime.

      Now look at earnings .. Weekend + Weekdays

      Week 1 – 50 + 30
      Week 2 – 25 + 10 (expected)
      Week 3 – 12 + 5 (predicted based on trending so far)
      Rest – 6 (lots of new movies coming in on Oct 1)

      Total 135-140 cr lifetime. This falls within the range of 135-145 required to beat 3I DS .. so 50-50 chance of doing that.

  64. taran has declared dabangg a blockbuster already…wow.
    ‘Dabangg’ 2nd wknd is exceptional at single screens, showing hardly any drop. 10-day total stands at approx Rs 105 cr nett. Blockbuster

  65. @Subhu ,Mera prediction 200% correct ho gaya na dude ?

  66. grt work saju.tum to badhe chupe rustam nikle.sab kuch sikha diya salman ne

  67. @Subhu ,Mera prediction 200% correct ho gaya na dude ? Weekend 25cr. ka .

  68. @Sids,Mera prediction 200% correct ho gaya na dude ? Weekend 25cr. ka .

  69. Hey guys mera DS Share ka Math Solution aap logo ko kaisa laga brother ?

  70. hope nxt weeknd will be another 20 cr.

  71. I earlier declared that Dabangg will be All Time Blockbuster.

  72. Midweek B.O.: ‘Dabangg’ magic continues, emerges Blockbuster


    Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Sonu Sood, Vinod Khanna, Dimple
    …Kapadia, Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar, Mahi Gill, Tinnu
    Anand, Murli Sharma, Malaika Arora Khan
    Full on mass entertainer with Salman Khan like never before

    Predictable storyline
    Had a
    rock-solid second weekend, collecting approx. Rs. 24.6 cr. to Rs. 25
    cr. nett in second weekend. The breakup is as follows:- Fri: Rs. 6.1
    cr, Sat: Rs. 7.5 cr and Sun: Rs. 10.5 cr to Rs. 11 cr. [estimates]. The
    film is exceptional at single screens, showing hardly any drop, while
    multiplexes showed the usual drop in morning and noon shows on Friday
    and Saturday. The 10-day total stands at approx. Rs. 105 cr. nett.

  73. @Tarzan , brother pahele 2nd week toh finish hone doh uske baad 3rd week ka prediction karenge.

  74. yaha bhi hoga woha bhi hoga

    aab toh sare jahan main hoga



    bolo yaar

    Chulbul Pandey ka jalwa.

  75. saju whts ur prediction 3rd weeknd.. ….my prediction 15 …20 cr.

  76. Watch Dabangg online A Story of a Man Who Never Afraid

    Watch Dabangg movie online, a Hindi action movie directed by Abhinav Kashyap. Salman Khan plays a corrupt police officer on the movie. It introduces the viewers to the weak points of the system and unlawful activities. The storyline of the movie is all set in Uttra Pradesh. Dabangg is available to download now.

    Salman Khan did the wonderful job in the movie also sonakshi made debut with him, Vinod Khanna and Dimple Kabadia also shared the silver screen along with Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arrora Khan and Sonu Sood. Watch Dabangg movie if you wanna be a fearless man to beat enemies by having nothing when enemies fight with Pistol. Have watched Dabangg last night and enjoyed a lot! Follow this link to watch Dabangg online.

    • Kya yaar saju, telling people to watch Dabangg online.


      • saju dey you r spoiling Dabangg box office collections ..How would u react if ur film is seen only through pirated dvds and online? Pls dont spoil Dabangg box office collections..let people see in theatres….

  77. @Tarzan , 2nd week finish hone ke baad predict karungi dude . abhi nahi.

  78. dabangg cn touch 3i ..prakash jaju

  79. Is prakash jaju gone out of his mind???? It is not possible To bit 3idiot.

  80. Grand Party planned to celebrate success of ‘Dabangg’

    Written by Admin
    Monday, 20 September 2010 14:30
    News Desk: Breaking News! Nobody in the industry thought that Salman and Sonakshi starrer ‘Dabangg’ will become such a blockbuster hit that it will break the records of box office collections. It’s the time for celebration now.

    Arbaaz and Salman Khan are now in mood to celebrate the success of their hard work, which has paid off.

    Arbaaz told a news agency “Yes, we’re going to have a celebration very shortly. So far because of the way ‘Dabangg’ has gone, we haven’t been able to plan out full details. But yes we will invite all our friends and colleagues. We want to share our happiness”.

    This is for sure that the ‘Dabangg’ success party will be a grand party and who’s who of film industry will be invited. The list will be long so Khans have to do lot of preparation for the party now.

    According to the sources, the Bachchans, the Roshans, the Chopras, the Kapoors, Ajay Devgn and Kajol, Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Saif-Kareena, Sinha’s family will definitely be invited.

    Let’s see if Salman Khan will invite Sharukh Khan and Vivek Oberoi to celebrate his success.


  81. @Subhu , sorry brother. Forgive me.

  82. i m sure dis yr no 1 cn beat dabangg 1st week nd weeknd collectiion.ppl who thinks tmk cn beat thy doesnt need to gv test for fool…

  83. dis record is very difficult to break,unless multiplxes hikes derre price by 2 times.

  84. Dabangg 2nd monday will be around 6Cr.

  85. TMK will be a just crap comedy moview .TMK lifetime will be 65cr.

    Verdict – Hit or Above Average.

  86. @Hey guys mera DS Share ka Math Solution aap logo ko kaisa laga brother ?

  87. Dabangg 2nd monday collection will be around 6Cr.

  88. @Saju, Good but not practical.Because multiplexes will give less share from second week to distributors.

  89. TMK film main sirf Salman & Katrina ka Item song Hit hoga.

  90. Multiplexes give 50% in the first week,42.5% in the second week,35% in 3rd week and so on

  91. Dabangg 10 Day Rajasthan UPDATE

    Monday 20th September 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg has recorded huge figures over second weekend in Rajasthan. Sunday was a record for second Sunday. The drop is just 53% from first to second weekend which is fantastic as the first weekend was exceptionally high.

    Week One

    Friday – 80 lakhs

    Saturday – 88 lakhs

    Sunday – 96 lakhs

    First Weekend – 2.64 crore

    Monday – 65 lakhs

    Tuesday – 45 lakhs

    Wednesday – 36 lakhs

    Thursday – 30 lakhs

    First Week – 4.40 crore

    Week Two

    Friday – 33 lakhs

    Saturday – 35 lakhs

    Sunday – 54 lakhs

    Second Weekend – 1.22 crore

  92. saju dey r u gussin .i think so.

  93. Saju subhu Tarzan 1 holiday hey…. anant chaturdashi on wed……

  94. dabangg,
    2nd monday – 4.5 cr
    tues – 3.5 cr
    wed – 2.5 cr
    thurs – 1.5 cr,total= 12 cr,total of 2weeks=117 crore nett india

    3rd fri= 2 cr,sat= 3.5,sun= 6 cr,total=11.5
    3rd mon=1cr,tues=75 lacs,wed=50 lacs,thurs=50 lacs,total=14.25
    total of 3weeks=131.5 cr nett in india
    4th week=7cr
    5th week=3.5 cr
    6th week=2 cr
    7th week=1 cr
    8th n 9th week= 1cr
    total lifetime=131.5+14.5 cr= 146 crnett in india only
    verdict= all time blockbuster

  95. salman dus ka dum se natural acting karne wala best tv anchor bana thatha.

    but big boss promos k director ne salman ko rediculous n over acting karne wala anchor bana diya.

  96. Kaisa lagta he ,accha lagta he..dabaang ka jalwa . Maja lagta hey…salman ki acting . Sapna lagta he..

  97. I personally liked the trailer but I agree DKD was much better

  98. ninja brother i m nt confirm. If does dn in wed dabang wil cros gajni huge margin

  99. todaz collection nt dn 5cr….



  102. totaly rediculous vedio of big boss

    now salman khan bcom rediculous n cheap tv anchor

    director,choriographer n photography is totaly rediculous.




  106. big boss promos k director,cameraman,choriographer ko milkar peetna chahiye.
    in logon ne salman ko rediculous,cheap n over acting karne wala tv anchor bana diya hai.

  107. Cosyrohit waf is a flop movie .,box office ko satellite ya music rights koi matlab nahi hota.,is tra se Mai aur mrs khanna bhi hit he

  108. I Love the video of Big Boss 4


  110. Dabangg Second Weekend Territorial Breakdown

    Monday 20th September 2010 18.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg had an approx 23.75 crore nett weekend taking its ten day total to 104 crore nett. The drop is around 51-52% from first weekend. The territorial breakdown was as follows.

    Mumbai – 7.75 crore

    Delhi/UP – 5.75 crore

    East Punjab – 2.18 crore

    West Bengal – 1.50 crore

    Bihar – 60 lakhs

    Asaam/Orissa – 27 lakhs

    CP Berar – 1.03 crore

    CI – 89 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 1.22 crore

    Nizam/Andhra – 1.20 crore

    Mysore – 1.04 crore

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 29 lakhs

    TOTAL – 23.72 crore

  111. I thing this is the right weekend number because Yakuza Bhai also said it is lower end of 24 Crore.


  113. Dabangg had an approx 23.75 crore nett weekend taking its ten day total to 104 crore nett. The drop is around 51-52% from first weekend. The territorial breakdown was as follows.
    Mumbai – 7.75 crore
    Delhi/UP – 5.75 crore
    East Punjab – 2.18 crore
    West Bengal – 1.50 crore
    Bihar – 60 lakhs
    Asaam/Orissa – 27 lakhs
    CP Berar – 1.03 crore
    CI – 89 lakhs
    Rajasthan – 1.22 crore
    Nizam/Andhra – 1.20 crore
    Mysore – 1.04 crore
    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 29 lakhs
    TOTAL – 23.72 crore

  114. Boi ne below avrg kaha he bro.,.,.,


  116. JUST A SEC


  118. Ab dabangg second week 34cr hi collection kr payegi .,.,total 2weeks 114cr


  120. Sry bro avrg hi hai unho ne phele below likha tha


  122. O ha Mai taran adarsh ka check krta hu waha likha huya he


  124. Subhu muje nahi lagta bro

    • Bro it will easily add 12-13cr in week days, the main reason is it is strong in SS. so the collection will be steady in lower range

      • Expect about 2-3 cr per day .. thats average, mon will be higher than this range, thu lower. So overall weekdays 10 cr, 2nd week total 35 cr, 2 week total 115 cr .. Ghajini lifetime record in danger.

  125. Yes taran ne below avrg likha he



  128. naveed and saju bro i tink any south actrees who is very cute shud be cast for mls. We cn tolerate bhi any paring bt ppl want to fresh paring.


    big boss vedio is totaly different,no copy-cat of other song.

    but promos r very cheap,over acting,rediculous n flop.



    • KBC4 will flop .. no one wants to watch boring quiz shows .. KBC 1 was hit because it was a new concept, first time AB or any star hosting a show, and many other factors.

      And people prefer scandals, sex & tadka .. all that make up Bigg Boss .. with Salman coming in after Dabangg, it will be huge.

  132. preity dnt wory …dnt expect much.watch out less expection bigbos 4 hope u ll get more result.


  134. Dabangg – Today(2nd monday) – apprx 4 cr

    on Twitter

    but i dont belive this man at all

    • Expecting about 4 cr for Monday .. if it is less than 3.5, its not good news.

      Mon 4 cr
      Tue 3 cr
      Wed 2 cr
      Thu 2 cr (+/- 0.5 on all days)

      Weekdays should be 10 cr (+/-1)

  135. now watch out salman khan best movie yet tere naam on star gold

  136. direction of all big boss promos is totaly rediculous,tapori,chichorey n over acting.

    promos r disaster now
    lets see hows the direction of show??????

  137. im expecting 4.5-5 crore as last two time prakash jaju reported less number


    ye sab aajtak channel faila raha hai.n i think u saw aajtak bakwaas news.

    the whole song n dresses r totaly different.
    similarity kuch nahi hai.

  139. all promos r too iritating

    specialy direction is too bad

  140. Dabangg’s mondays collection will be around 5Cr.to 6Cr.

  141. @Prity , what is this baby ? Big Boss 4 ka promos are rocking. Big Boss -4 will create History on Indian Television for TRP ratings.

  142. @Prkash jaju is a mad guy dont believe him.

  143. @Gud News , Anjana Anjani releasing on 1st october .It is confirmed by producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

  144. @Gud News , Aakrosh releasing on 8th October.It is confirmed by Ajay Devgun.

  145. monday collection will b 4 to 4.5 crore nett.

  146. saju dey what hapnd wid priety.why priety posting those comment

  147. saju,

    realy big boss promos r totaly reciculous,over acting n tapori style

    diorection is too bad.first time salman has done over acting.

  148. Q. Is Dabangg a Super Hit or Blockbuster?
    A. All Time Blockbuster

  149. @tarzan maybe she is too much dissapointed so her dream has broken and can see the reality very well

  150. i am considering as common audience not as big fan.

    as common audience,what i felt,i wrote. abt big boss promos direction.it is too bad

    director of all promos of big boss is very bad n rediculous.

  151. Sonakshi to flaunt her Dabangg style at LFW

    After the huge success of her debut film ‘Dabangg’ Sonakshi Sinha is on a career high. The beautiful daughter of Shatrughan Sinha will be the show stopper for Narendra Kumar.

    The ace designer will be unveiling his new collection for ‘Killer’ denims this evening at Lakme Fashion Week 2010. Narendra Kumar who has always been experimental with his craft, has this time designed Jodhpur pants and trousers in denim. Narendra’s stunning showstopper Sonakshi will rock the show in Jodhpur denim at the evening show.

    It can be recalled that recently she walked the ramp with her ‘Dabangg’ costar Salman Khan at the IIFA Fashion Show held in Colombo. Though not walking with her this time at LFW, we won’t be surprised to spot Salman sitting in the guest row.

  152. @Hey guys , I dont think she is Prity . Mujhe lagta hai Prity ki ID koi aur use kar raha hai.

  153. prity kya he yr agar promo nahi psand aaye to dekh kyu rahe ho channel badl liya kro

  154. dabangg today 4.25cr

  155. Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor: Anjaana Anjaani’s Dabangg fears

    Salman Khan starrer Dabangg has caused such a mayhem in the film world that any new release is bound to feel jittery given that Dabangg is running extremely strong in the theatres.
    Now, that Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ is all set to release this 24th September, the producers are pretty anxious about its fate. Hence, a surge in the marketing machinery can be seen with the bosses pumping in an additional 5 crores to promote the film.
    An Anjaana Anjaani official reveals, “We slotted our film two weeks after Dabangg. We never thought it would continue to be this strong. Huge amounts of money and time are going into the marketing of Anjaana Anjaani. Ranbir and Priyanka are doing their publicity events on a war footing.”
    However, the director Siddharth Anand is putting in a brave face and maintains that there is no reason why two films can’t do well simultaneously. Besides, the Dabangg factor there is also the Babri Masjid case whose verdict shall be pronounced on the 24th; something that can cause a religious and political stir in some parts of the country.
    However, now the date can’t be postponed and Ranbir is keeping his fingers crossed


  156. @Ninja , link kaha hai dede ?

  157. saju link ????????/muje to laga maine guess kiya he:)

  158. all salman fans i m telling dat dnt go wid priety cause bigg boss 4 nt bad so.promos r gud….it will rock….i think priety ab ….

  159. hey guyz why ru fighting for such a small thing.big boss 4 is not a salman movie.Ase fight kar raho jaise salman bhai ki movie ka promo aaya hain.chill guyz

  160. Yeh prity nahi ab hai. Fraud AB .

  161. prity if u dun like it,its ok its not his new movie song or pop video like honey honey my fav.

  162. sids bro any news of 2daz collection? I think it shud b 5cr atleas.

  163. i hope 2.jaju is saying 4 cr ,i hope hes wrong dis tym.u know i somehow feel dat collections r underreported.u know dat guy ghulam also told dat.

  164. today collection will b 4 to 4.5 cr nett

    ya u r right ,this is not salman filmthis only tv promo
    but salman is doing too much over acting n style is full tapori

    salman shouldnt do work with milan lutharia,director in future for any filn

    bcoz direction is too bad n rediculous
    salman over acting n tapori style is too iritating.

    • hey prity salman has done well in dabanng he his proven that he his the best in acting among all other khans, kindly accept it, dont be jelous of his hit movie dabanng

    • prity u fool dont know anything abt acting promos etc….dis is salman own style of acting n we love him in dis funy n mad way….salman rocks and u shut ur mouth coz u r anti salman n ur comments r against bigg boss n its promos…and i must tell u that milan lutheria said in his interview that he let salman do his own style n spontinious acting….prity if u dont stop ur anti comments then atleast just shut up n wait till 3rd oct

  165. i want to share 1 more news to all salmans fans, salman is in number 1 postion out of 5. sharukh is in 4th postion, 2nd postion aamir, 3rd postion is ranbir, 5th is akshay, this is true , so other guys dont give wrong informtion, this is true kindly accept it

  166. prity i thing ur jeoleus as todays best anchor for show is salman and best actor is salman , best action hero is salman he has been proven for alrounder, kindly accept it , today all tv channel guys are behind with salman to act for there shows as anchor, which noboday can give succsess, dus ka dum is huge hit, so every body wants only salman

  167. big boss ya big chichora

    big boss is totaly rediculous

    salman is doing over acting n his style is tapori.

    direction of all promos is too bad

    all team,director,cameraman r rediculous.

    promos r too iritating.

  168. Bid to pump iron with the Big Boss

    Want to work out with your Bollywood star Salman Khan? Just log on to online marketplace eBay India and start bidding for the opportunity.

    As part of a special charity auction, eBay India has started the auction and the winner can have a private gymnasium training session with Salman Khan.

    Proceeds from the auction would be given to The Research Society that offers care, treatment and training to special children, eBay India said in a statement today.

    Commenting on the initiative, Salman Khan said all the money would be going to a good cause.

    “I will reciprocate by offering some valuable fitness techniques to the participant,” he said.

    “As part of the gymnasium session, Salman Khan will work out with the highest bidder and provide valuable inputs on fitness…,” the statement noted.

    The auction, which began yesterday, would be on till September 26. The bid starts at Rs. 1,001.


  169. Big Boss – 4 Rocking.

  170. i m comfirm dis is nt prity .avoid dis id nd comments

  171. Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Than: Five common Factors between the two superstars!’

    Amitabh Bachchan, the last word in superstardom in tinsel town, will not have to worry about who will be the next to step into his heavy shoes.

    Right after the super success story of ‘Dabangg’, Bollywood hunk Salman Khan seems to have hit the right chords, and is on his way to be given a seat just next to the Big B, in terms of his image, his super success after a brief lull, his star power, his dramatic return and his rise to stardom after being termed as totally finished!

    Well, to prove a point let’s put the top five common factors between the two stars in point nomenclature!

    First- Amitabh Bachchan was considered a romantic hero from his first few films, especially the ‘Bombay to Goa’, kind of role. Salman Khan too had the romantic hero image right from ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ release.

    Secondly- Big B was known as the angry young man, more for his roles like ‘Deewar’, Muqaddar Ka Sikander’, etc. And even in real life, he was known to be a private person. Salman Khan got the image of an angry young man more due to his real life guffaws and also his penchant for staying away from social dos.

    Thirdly Amitji was given a raw deal; films started getting bleak reviews after his stupendous success in his prime years. His production house fell into depths, and he thus forayed into the small screen with ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati, which was a stupendous hit. Salman Khan too, was at the helm of being considered a flop star, after a series of flops, and his success with ‘Wanted’, was considered a fluke shot. Even Salman ventured into the small screen with the amazingly popular ‘Dus Ka Dum’, and that brought him back with a bang!!

    Fourthly, Big B is adored by fans from all age groups, young and old; similarly, Salman Khan has a fan following amongst all age groups.

    Fifthly, Big B broke all records to prove that he is the reigning super star in B Town, and Salman Khan has just proved his super star power, and is again to appear in Big Boss 4, replacing Big B. Will Salman really follow Big B’s footsteps? (ENSNN)


  172. @Tarzan , u r right dude . She is not Prity.

  173. big boss promos direction is too bad n rediculous.
    salman khan become now worst tv anchor from best tv anchor of DKD.

    big boss promos director is very bad,rediculous n not talented.

    promos r too iritating,tapori,chichorey n bakwaas

    director n whole team of big boss promos is very bad.

    and if this whole team will b on whole show than

    big boss will b iritating,rediculous,chichora n very bad n super flop.

  174. Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan to throw Dabangg success party

    What Dabangg has done, was never done earlier or I can also say that even after being Salman Khan he never tasted the kind of success which Dabangg gave him, and now to celebrate the success, the lead of the movie Salman Khan, producers Arbaaz Khan and wife Malaika Arora Khan are planning to throw a lavish party.

    On the first day of opening Dabangg broke the opening day record of ‘3 Idiots’ the highest box office grosser till date in the history of Indian Cinema, however we at FilmiTadka do remember interviewing Arbaaz Khan on the very first day, he was happy but extremely anxious at the same time, he told us that Dabangg has sure broken the first day record of ‘3 Idiots’ but saying that it will break all the records of the compared movie will be too early and the true standing of the film will be only clear by coming Monday, but Monday came and went only to increase the fan following of Dabangg, Salman Khan and of course Munni who is now badnaam.

    But now movie is showing all signs of overshadowing ‘3 Idiots’, and to celebrate the success Arbaaz has invited all his friends, Bachchans, Roshan family, Kapoor family, Saif Ali Khan, Sinhas, Aamir Khan, you name it, whole of bollywood will be present but no prise for guessing to whom Arbaaz won’t be inviting, and you are correct no invitation has been sent to Shahrukh Khan.


  175. @Kutte kaun hai re tu joh @Prity ki ID use kar raha hai. Randy ki aulad samne toh aah . FACE kala karke IDIOT chup raha hai.MAA ka DUDG piya hai toh samne aah . Phir main tujhe NANGA karke chorunga shuaur ki aulad.

  176. @No invitation card for SRGAY. Dabangg salman se panga lekar aab Bollywood main NANGA hokar GHOOM raha hai SRGAY.

  177. Salman dances to the tunes of Bigg Boss 4

    Colors has launched a stylish and sassy promotional music video for its flagship reality show – ‘Vodafone presents Bigg Boss 4’. For the first time on Indian television viewers will get to see Salman Khan grooving with a bevy of beauties in this unconventional music video that premieres tonight in prime time on Colors.

    The pulsating video has been directed by renowned film director, Milan Luthria and has been choreographed by Pony Verma. The music has been rendered by the talented composer duo Sajid-Wajid of ‘Dabangg’ fame and Wajid has also lent his voice to the peppy track. Salman’s look for the video has been put together by his sister, Alvira Agnihotri and ace fashion designer, Ashley Rebello.

    According to Ashvini Yardi,Head -Programming, Colors “Since the time we have announced Salman Khan as the host for Bigg Boss 4, we have witnessed unprecedented excitement and buzz amongst the viewers. Keeping in mind our promise of giving viewers ‘andar majaa aur baahar majedaar’, we have released a series of entertaining promos and are releasing a music video for the first time. Viewers want more and more of Salman and till the show goes on air, we will keep them entertained with the music video and lots of other surprises”

    Speaking about this initiative, Rajesh Iyer, Director- Marketing, Colors said, “Vodafone presents Bigg Boss 4 with Salman Khan as the host is amongst the most awaited shows this year on Indian television. Our marketing efforts around the show reflect the same kind of enthusiasm and innovation to further build curiosity around the show. For the first time we have launched a music video that will not only be showcased on our channel but also on other channels across genres. The idea was to create an unconventional musical to give our viewers a sneak peek of the show and a memorable experience. The video has everything that will create buzz and keep our viewers entertained till the show goes on air”.

    The entire background setting has a Moroccan look, with dancers hopping to the catchy beats. Says Milan Luthria, Director of the video, “Salman and Bigg Boss both represent unpredictable entertainment. I have tried and capture that in a tongue and cheek approach in this video which is supported by great lyrics by Rajat Arorra and a great melody by Sajid-Wajid. The collaboration between Salman and me couldn’t have come at a better time when both of us are enjoying the success of Once upon a time in Mumbai and Dabangg. He further added,” I have tried to harness his unique spontaneity and energy and marry it to the concept of a very interesting show. We had a blast shooting it”.

    The video has been created keeping in mind, Salman’s bindaas and fun attitude and the various emotions contestants go through in the Bigg Boss house – hatred, jealousy, insecurity etc.

    Produced by Endemol India Private Limited, Bigg Boss presents the unique combination of reality and real unscripted drama It is the ultimate reality show where 14 handpicked strangers are locked in a house, for close to 85 days – with 35 cameras following their every move 24×7 and Bigg Boss, the ultimate authority in the house who ensures that their stay is anything but comfortable. As the 14 hand picked contestants vie with each other to survive in the Bigg Boss house, irritation, backbiting and backstabbing reach its prime. This is one show that brings out the best and the worst side of contestants. Last year, on Season 3 of Bigg Boss, 90 million viewers watched the show over a period of 3 months.

    Catch Salman Khan in ‘Vodafone presents Bigg Boss 4’ music video – Andar Majaa… Bahar Majedaar, September 20th onwards only on Colors.


  178. Dabangg Second Weekend Territorial Breakdown

    Monday 20th September 2010 18.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg had an approx 23.75 crore nett weekend taking its ten day total to 104 crore nett. The drop is around 51-52% from first weekend. The territorial breakdown was as follows.

    Mumbai – 7.75 crore

    Delhi/UP – 5.75 crore

    East Punjab – 2.18 crore

    West Bengal – 1.50 crore

    Bihar – 60 lakhs

    Asaam/Orissa – 27 lakhs

    CP Berar – 1.03 crore

    CI – 89 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 1.22 crore

    Nizam/Andhra – 1.20 crore

    Mysore – 1.04 crore

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 29 lakhs

    TOTAL – 23.72 crore

  179. chichora big boss who wear red paint.oh my god so cheap

    song vedio is toooooo iritating n choriography is totaly rediculous.

  180. Guys I am expected another 20 crores in next five days. So by Thursday, the grand total will be 125 crores.

  181. chichora big boss,who wear red paint,oh my god soo cheap.

    song video is too iritating n choreography is also irritating n ridiculous.

    • Ok now you have learned the basics, post something useful.

    • Prity – I politely request you to stop repeating these comments of yours concerning BIG BOSS. People can call me biased but I love all the promos of BIG BOSS. Salman bhai looks damn cool and handsome. I can’t wait to see the music video aswell.

      Btw I expect the show to be huge. Never watched it before but will do for obvious reasons lol

  182. naveed,

    plz suggest to salman ,that he shouldnt work with big boss promos director in future.

  183. this is not me.someone else is using my name

    i dont like the prpmos of dabangg

    but these all extra things i didnt write

  184. sorry,i dont like the promos of big boss.
    bcoz these r not good.

  185. Dabangg 3.25cr bad news

  186. @ninja from where you got the news????????

  187. Prakash Jaju

  188. Oh no. Min 4 cr expect kiya tha.

  189. 3.25 Crore Second Monday for Dabangg

    Tuesday 21st September 2010 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg had a 3.25 crore nett second Monday meaning a drop of 50% from second Friday. The collections after 11 days are now 107.50 crore nett approx.

    The second week is heading for business around 35 crore nett which would be the second biggest second week ever after Three Idiots which did 56 crore nett in week two.

    Dabangg will face no competition in week three and overall it is looking to have lifetime business of around 145 crore nett and a distributor share of 80 crore.

  190. I dont say the collection are excellent but it is good. This will be the story for Dabangg 4 remaining Day’s. The collection will be consistent in lower range.

    BTW any one have overseas news ?

  191. @allbolly member what do you think when a movie should call a alltime blockbuster??????????if a movie can cross 100 crore then or it trends like never before what you think????????/

  192. Yep those are not the figures I was expecting for mon. But tbh we bhai fans shouldn’t be complaining. It’s gonna end up monster hit anyway. Is 80 crore DS gonna be 2nd highest?

  193. yes

  194. Salman Khan Dabangg collects 106.24 crores
    Updated on: 21 Sep 2010

    Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha starrer Dabangg creates history. Initially, Dabangg makers thought that the movie would appeal only to the masses, but much to their surprise, the movie even tapped the class audience.

    Dabangg created history in Indian cinema collecting 106.24 crore in the 1st 10 days – that’s mind boggling. And not surprising if these numbers are for Salman Khan.

    Till recently, Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan extremely busy promoting Dabangg and now they’re starting to celebrate the success of Dabangg

    Arbaaz Khan said, “We’ve going to celebrate and party soon for Dabangg success. It’s still unplanned and we would invite all out friends and colleagues to share our happiness”.

    Wonder who would be in the guest list! But will SRK get an invitation? I doubt!


  195. ‘Dabangg’ collects Rs. 3.15 cr. on Monday, total: Rs. 107.65 cr. nett

    By Taran Adarsh, September 21, 2010 – 14:19 IST

    DABANGG continues to perform well on weekdays as well. The film collected approx. Rs. 3.15 cr. on Monday, taking the 10-day total to approx. Rs. 107.65 cr. nett. With ANJAANA ANJAANI getting pushed ahead by one week, the DABANGG wave is expected to spill over to the third weekend as well.

    DABANGG should stand at a total of Rs. 115 cr. to Rs. 117 cr. nett at the end of Week 2, if it continues the momentum on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  196. Dabangg Week one: 115 shows. Week two: 125 shows.

    Calcutta just can’t have enough of Chulbul Pandey aka Robin Hood Pandey aka Salman Khan.

    After powering its way to box-office glory in the first seven days, Dabangg is set to roar even louder in the second week, courtesy more shows at multiplexes. “With the craze for Dabangg growing by the day and no major releases on Friday, it was but natural for us to increase shows in Week Two,” says Virendra Marya, the regional director of INOX.

    Dabangg (Fearless) took Rs 30 crore to make, has grossed Rs 80 crore net in week one — beating the 3 Idiots record by around Rs 3 crore — and become the “Zandu balm” for a Bollywood “badnaam” after a hattrick of flops, Kites, Raavan and We Are Family. Some are roaring at Salman’s shirt-ripping, rib-tickling act, others are dancing in the aisles to Munni badnaam hui’s Zandu balm belly shake. “Dabangg has surpassed all expectations and getting bigger with time,” says trade analyst Komal Nahta.

  197. guyz check dis


  198. naveed bro i m realy shockd to se boi 3.25 cr. ..i ws expectin more dan 4.5 cr. I m realy worried to wil it cros gajni dis week.

    • Tarzan bro I am also shocked but we shouldn’t all be 2 down. It should get 125 min lifetime so don’t worry bro.

  199. Features

    What made Dabangg an All Time Blockbusterfilm?

    September 21, 2010 12:07:05 PM IST
    Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade News Network

    Shah Rukh Khan may not see DABANGG but in heart of hearts he also would be hoping that his next film RA 1 attains the same success as DABANGG. As they say, it is very difficult to keep it simple, but if it is attained, then the success just kisses your feet and this is what has happened in DABANGG.

    How many of us have noticed that in DABANGG Salman Khan has conveyed the social message of administering the polio drops in his own imitable way without going to the country side talking about it.

    view DABANGG stills

    Now when one is talking of simplicity, DABANGG is studded with such nuances, though Arbaaz Khan could have toned down his florescent attire, and it all started with the casual manner in which Salman Khan is shown roaming around in a lungi and a vest. When was the last time we had seen a hero in such attire? Was it a decade or more than a decade ago? A hero was also not shown drinking water from a Municipality tap as Salman did, and Lal bahadur of WELL DONE ABBA was shown in its entire spender. This is how most of the India still lives and carries out its affairs on a daily basis, and such signs of identity that it could find studded in DABANGG and could relate to it in a big way, is what has made DABANGG surpass even the records of 3 IDIOTS.

    There was some doubt whether DABANGG would be able to sustain the momentum in the second week, but a random look at the bookings through various ticket booking sides across the country revealed that DABANGG was a sellout indeed. When was the last time that audience clapped and danced in a multiplex, DABANGG made people shed their inhibitions, their stiff upper nose attitude and coaxed them to enjoy the occasion.

    It is a film which has telltale signs of where the average India has stopped still seeped into a time warp while the India living in the metropolitan cities and other big towns has moved ahead. Even in the song Munni Badnam Hui, the lines “Main cinema hall Hui”, is affirmation of the role that cinema plays in the life of an average Indian.

    One thing is for sure, DABANGG has revived the cinema whose underlining motif is the role of a hero in the film and how it overpowers everything else. May more such DABANGG bloom?


  200. hey guys check out the link


  201. overeseas report of US in 62 theater

    1st weekend – $628,137

    1st week :- $771,360

    2nd weekend :- $297,229(around -52.7% fall)

    10 day total:- $1,068,589


  202. Calcutta just can’t have enough of Chulbul Pandey aka Robin Hood Pandey aka Salman Khan.

    kamal karte ho kolkata waalo.saju ur frm kolkata ryt dude

  203. dabangg lifetime will b 125-130 croe.
    verdict- 2nd highest grosser,all time blockbuster

  204. boxoffice trending for US is very good.

  205. @Sids. u r right dude . I am from Kolkata.

  206. Dabangg has turned Bollywood wisdom on its head’

    MUMBAI: How does one explain the stupendous success of a film like Dabangg, which is a cross between a Dharmendra and a Rajnikant movie? Why has the Salman starrer grossed more money than Aamir Khan’s `Three Idiots’ and Prakash Jha’s `Raajneeti’, which have far superior content? What has endeared it to the urban multiplex audience despite being aimed at small-town India?

    The answer lies in the fact that it is an unpretentious entertainer rooted in Indian reality, say directors Mahesh Bhatt and Sudhir Mishra. “ Dabangg (fearless) reclaimed the space that Hindi films had ceded to Bhojpuri films because of the metrocentric sensibility of Bollywood directors,” explained Bhatt.

    Mishra, known for acclaimed films such as `Dharavi’, `Chameli’ and `Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi’ said, “Our directors are living in their heads in America, they are ashamed of making Hindi films.” Big films, according to him, come from Indian reality “but of late, directors who come from Bollywood families have abdicated this space to small-town boys such as Vishal Bharadwaj, Raju Hirani and Anurag and Abhinav Kashyap.”

    Bhatt said, “Just as Indian cinema was patting itself on its back for having grown up, the whole thing has been turned upside down!”

    Explaining why the urban audience loved the film, Bhatt said, “The sophistication of our metro viewers is skin deep. Below the surface, we are all unabashed lovers of the `mela’, and this film has that carnival sensibility. It has met that elemental appetite.”

    Alankrita Srivastava, Prakash Jha’s assistant whose debut film, `Turning 30′, is under post-production, went to see `Dabangg’ with her friends expecting nothing more than the filmi equivalent of a `nautanki’ (folk theatre). “We went to be entertained by Salman Khan and he did not disappoint us,” she said.“Of course, there are gaps in the story and awkward moments in the film but no one was looking for the negatives.”

    “This is not my type of film but I made an exception for `Dabangg’ being a former Salman fan. His appeal lies in the fact that he retains that unaffected and unsophisticated character of a `tapori’ (streetside ruffian),” said Shrivastava.

    Director Madhur Bhandarkar, who saw the film at Bandra’s Gaiety theatre, said Salman has struck a chord with the masses as well as classes with his uninhibited performance. “Fans went hysterical, clapping and whistling at Salman’s lines. The last films I saw getting such reaction were `Gadar’ and `Lagaan’,” said the director who shot to fame with `Chandni bar’.

    Paying tribute to Salman’s prowess and as star, Bhatt said, “A weak character cannot carry a strong plot but a strong character can carry a weak plot.” Indeed, even those who panned the film agreed that Salman has played the role of a corrupt but lovable cop with abandon.

    The charm of the film was that it was an unapologetic and unabashed Salman starrer which went the whole hog, said Mishra. Bhatt admired the single mindedness and audacity of the filmmaker, Abhinav Kashyap.

    The pre-release publicity of the film and the fact that it delivered what it promised — a total Salman Khan experience — also played its part in Dabangg’s success, said Shrivastava.

    However, film critic Deepa Gahlot does not think much of `Dabangg’ and dismisses it “a jazzed-up B-grade Bollywood film which Mithun Chakaraborty did by the dozen”. “It is only that this generation has grown up without watching such films.”

    Bhatt and the other directors say the success of the film all over India shows that it has connected with the people. “It is very easy to fool the high-brow audience but difficult to entertain the masses,” said Bhatt.



    Tuesday 21st September 2010 16.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg is the 17th all time blockbuster in the history of Hindi cinema. The last three years have seen an all time blockbuster every year reminding one of the 1993-2001 period when there was an all timer nearly every year. Dabangg is likely to do a distributor share of 80 crore. Below are the seventeen all time blockbusters and Salman Khan has four films in the list.

    Kismet (1943)

    Rattan (1944)

    Mother India (1957)

    Mughal – E – Azam (1960)

    Jai Santoshi Maa (1975)

    Sholay (1975)

    Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985)

    Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989)

    Aankhen (1993)

    Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)

    Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

    Raja Hindustani (1996)

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

    Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001)

    Ghajini (2008)

    Three Idiots (2009)

    DABANGG (2010)


    Tuesday 21st September 2010 16.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg is the 17th all time blockbuster in the history of Hindi cinema. The last three years have seen an all time blockbuster every year reminding one of the 1993-2001 period when there was an all timer nearly every year. Dabangg is likely to do a distributor share of 80 crore. Below are the seventeen all time blockbusters and Salman Khan has four films in the list.

    Kismet (1943)

    Rattan (1944)

    Mother India (1957)

    Mughal – E – Azam (1960)

    Jai Santoshi Maa (1975)

    Sholay (1975)

    Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985)

    Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989)

    Aankhen (1993)

    Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)

    Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

    Raja Hindustani (1996)

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

    Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001)

    Ghajini (2008)

    Three Idiots (2009)

    DABANGG (2010)

  209. @Subhu , Kuch kuch hota hai is not ATBB brother . Karan Arjun is ATBB.

    BOI says wrong dude.Whats ur Reaction dude ?

    • no dude KKHH is a ATBB

    • Biggest ATBBs of the 3 Khans are:

      Top Tier : 3 Idiots, HAHK, DDLJ
      Mid Tier : MPK, Raja Hindustani, Dabangg
      Bottom Tier : KKHH, Ghajini

      Some ppl will call all this 9 movies ATBB, some will call top 3 ATBB, rest SuperBB or whatever. Names dont matter.

  210. Dabangg To Benefit From Anjaana Anjaani Postponement

    Tuesday 21st September 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg is likely to benefit from the postponement Of Anjaana Anjaani as long as there are not any security concerns in the wake of the Ram Janambhoomi – Babri Masjid land dispute decision which will be announced on Friday.

    After two weeks with no competition it will be another week for Dabangg to have complete domination of the box office.

    If Dabangg is the beneficiary of this scenario then there are also sufferers and they are likely to be Aakrosh and Crook. Aakrosh which was due on 1st October will now come on 8th October therefore clashing with Crook.

    Crook could move to another date but at the moment it looks like a clash between Aakrosh and Crook and both films are likely to generate lower openings as compared to what they would have coming solo as the major releases of there respective weeks

  211. @Saju bro what u r guess 4 today collection.

  212. @Subhu , 4th ATBB for Dabangg salman. Whats ur reaction ?No body can achieve that .Ur opinion ?

    • y bro it is a some kind of achievement, A real super star… but the way Aamir is preforming only he can match up with Salman bhai. Seems like Aamir will produce AABB in every year.

  213. @Subhu , todays Dabanggs collection will be around 3Cr.to 3.5Cr.

  214. @Prity. ki ID kaun shuaur use kar raha hai . Randy ki aulad samne toh aah.Chup kar kiyu bolta hai Prostitute ki aulad samne aah.Agar ek baap ki aulad hai toh samne aah.[/b]

  215. saju gussa insaan ka dushman hota hain.jis insaan ke kabu mein gussa nahin hota uske kaboo mein kuch nahin hota.dialogue frm MSK.so saju calm down bro

  216. direction of big boss all promos ,is very bad n irritating.

    director of big boss promos,is rediculous.

    salman bcom now worst tv anhor of big boss
    though he won the award of best tv anchor for DKD.

    director milan luthria direction is very bad n rediculous.
    big boss has no quality n standard now.

    salman will win the awrd of worst tv anchor for big boss

    DUS KA DUM direction was very good
    the whole team of DKD was fabulous.

  217. @Subhu , Dabangg ka success party main ja rahe ho na dude ?

  218. @Sids, sorry brother, thanks for ur sugession dude.

  219. dats cool saju.so salman has 1 more blockbuster.cheers.i hope his carrier frm here on just reaches d sky nd he shd now work nd promotes each movie like dabangg.if he does dat den only in 3 days his every movie will b hit.

  220. @Subhu , I agree with u dude that Aamir has potential to break the record of Salmans ATBB movie.

    Hats off to Aamir khan. really a genius.

  221. @Sids , I agree with u dude that 3days main hi salman ki film Hit ho jayega.Agar salman film ko promote like Dabangg.

  222. aamir has d potential 2 break dis weekend record,but salman has more potential to again break dat record coz his more popular den aamir among masses.u can see it clearly ghajini nd dabangg both hyped movied nd both action movies,but salman got more opening dat shows hes more popilar among masses.aamir is more of multiplex actor.

  223. salman must try hrd nxt yr…nxt yr he has 2 promosin movie nxt yr if he promote those and nt cum same time movie ll fire da boxoffice. He mst nt involve wid controversary nd also shud nt make trouble wid producer nd co-star.salman shud concious abt take future step. I m sure if he wants his future movie cn be better dn dabangg nd also attarct clases.

  224. @Sids, brother dont compare Salman & Aamir .Both equally gud yaar.

  225. ok saju bro.i will nt compare denm,but u also shd nt use abusive language as a salman fan bro.

  226. Dabangg’ – Why Did It Strike A Chord With Everyone?

    Success tastes good even more when praises come from fellow actors and film makers. While the critics like Deepa Gahlot might have found quite a lot of flaws in ‘Dabangg’ and have termed it as a “jazzed up B-Grade” film. Directors like Sudhir Mishra, Mahes Bhatt and even ace actor Aamir Khan found the film very entertaining.

    It’s true the film’s plot or script is not as impressive as Prakash Jha’s ‘Rajneeti’ and Aamit Khan starrer ‘3 Idiots’, but still ‘Dabangg’ managed to outdo them in box office collection. Why? In spite of ‘Dabangg’ being a cross between Dharmendra and a Rajnikant film the film struck a chord with the masses because of its unpretentious approach. The film was rooted in the rural and sub-urban Indian reality.

    Sudhir Mishra tells that the directors who herald from the film families are busy thinking how to impress the NRIs and in their heads have “America”. On the other hand these directors have let the small town directors like Vishal VBharadwaj, Raju Hirani, Abhinav and Anurag Kashyap to tell stories that are based on Indian roots.

    Mahesh Bhatt goes on to add that in the attempt to ape the West the actual Hindi film story telling genre was left to the Bhojpuri and South Indian film industries. In spite of people living in the metros the urban sophistication of the viewers is “skin deep”.

    So when a film like ‘Dabangg’ comes along which brings in the high voltage thing that is quintessentially hindi filmi ‘nautanki’ (folk theatre) it strikes a chord. That’s exactly what Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey and director Abhinav Kashyap gave the audience. (ENSNN)


  227. @Sids , sorry brother , I will not be abusive in future brother.Dabangg salman ke barein main koi agar galat bolta hai toh main apna temper kho deta hoon dude kya karu?

  228. Hansika Motwani Enjoys Salman Khan Starrer Dabangg[/b]

    Hansika Motwani who is currently acting in Tamil film ‘Engeyum Kadhal’, directed by Prabhu Deva, regrets her absence at South Scope Cine Awards event. Inspite of her busy schedule she watched the Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha starrer Dabangg recently. She praised a lot about the film. Hansika Motwani said, “Oh my God! Film Dabangg is absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed the film. Salman Khan did an excellent job in the film. He’s simply superb. I was entertained a lot through the film.” Right now Hansika is acting in three films. She is quite confident of playing any sort of role with ease.

    CineGoer.com On Facebook


  229. Sallu to be Bebo’s Bodyguard!

    Kareena Kapoor is elated. She had one more reason to celebrate her birthday, yesterday. Salman Khan’s sister Alvira and her husband Atul Agnihotri have signed her as the female lead opposite the Dabangg phenomenon in their film Bodyguard.

    The film will be directed by Siddique from Kerala who directed the original version.

    Bodyguard will mount the floors in December. Trade sources say that though the film is Salman-centric (now all his films will be that way), the female lead needed a very performance-oriented actor. Atul says, “When we saw the original version done by Nayantara, we were convinced that only Bebo could do the Hindi version.”

    Atul also sets the record straight on Katrina Kaif being chosen for the lead: “When a film is being launched, producers go through the thought-process of which of the top three actresses can one cast. We also thought about who was best suited to Salman bhai in this film. But we hadn’t approached anyone. As I said, we were convinced from the start that Bebo would be the best choice.”

    Atul says that since Bodyguard is a remake, the prep-work on the project is being approached in a very scientific way.
    The film is being adapted for a Hindi-speaking audience. Pritam is working on the music and Atul and Alvira will be hands-on producers involved in the creative process as well, because Siddique is new to the Bollywood scene.

    Read more: Sallu to be Bebo’s Bodyguard! – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/Sallu-to-be-Bebos-Bodyguard/articleshow/6599389.cms#ixzz10C3c3HDd

  230. boi update dabangg 1st week 80.87cr

  231. Dabangg Emerges HIT Overseas

    Tuesday 21st September 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabanng has emerged a hit overseas with around $4.20 million in ten days and the film should cross the $5 million mark. The film should emerge the biggest Salman Khan grosser overseas if we discount Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Below are first second weekend numbers from major markets with first weekend in brackets.

    United Kingdom – £125,086 (£332,673)

    TOTAL – £570,566

    North America – $297,229 ($628,317)

    TOTAL $1,068,589

    UAE – $315,000 ($790,000)

    TOTAL – $1,550,000

    Australia – Aus $66,610 (Aus $123,500)

    TOTAL – Aus $272,909

  232. Dabangg’ dominates

    – By Taran Adarsh, September 22, 2010 – 07:50 IST

    DABANGG continues to dominate international box-office. The film is faring very well in U.K., America and Australia, the key markets. The 10-day total from these three markets alone is approx. Rs. 10.12 crores. Considering the genre of the film [action], the business is excellent.

    Weekend: September 17 – 19, 2010.


    * DABANGG [last weekend: No. 12, this weekend: No. 18]: In its second weekend, the film has collected £ 1,25,086 on 40 screens, with the per screen average working out to £ 3,127. Total: £ 5,70,566 [approx. Rs. 4.06 crores].


    * DABANGG [last weekend: No. 23, this weekend: No. 25]: In its second weekend, the film has collected $ 2,97,229 on 68 screens, with the per screen average working out to $ 4,371. Total: $ 10,68,589 [approx. Rs. 4.88 crores].


    * DABANGG [last weekend: No. -, this weekend: No. 13]: In its second weekend, the film has collected Aus. $ 66,610 on 14 screens, with the per screen average working out to Aus. $ 4,758. Total: Aus. $ 2,72,909 [approx. Rs. 1.18 crores].


  233. Dabangg 12 Day Rajasthan UPDATE

    Wednesday 22nd September 2010 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg continues to do very well in Rajsthan. The second week numbers are better than the first week numbers of most films. Below are the figures for first 12 days.

    Week One

    Friday – 80 lakhs

    Saturday – 88 lakhs

    Sunday – 96 lakhs

    First Weekend – 2.64 crore

    Monday – 65 lakhs

    Tuesday – 45 lakhs

    Wednesday – 36 lakhs

    Thursday – 30 lakhs

    First Week – 4.40 crore

    Week Two

    Friday – 33 lakhs

    Saturday – 35 lakhs

    Sunday – 54 lakhs

    Second Weekend – 1.22 crore

    Monday – 16 lakhs

    Tuesday – 14 lakhs

    Second Week (5 Days) – 1.52 crore

  234. dabangg update 2.95cr tuesday

  235. salman khan prove that award r not factor in popularity….am i right ?? @ saju..sids..ninja..naved..prity..sabhu…@ am i right ???????????? pls ans to me

  236. rajib u r right.

    but salman should win the award for dabangg this time.

    he won the award of best tv anchor for DUS KA DUM.

  237. ninja bro dis is gud new bt wher u got? Do u hv any idea abt upcumin weeknd?

  238. 2.95 crs ,not bad ninja but where did u got dat frm.is it is correct den expect 2.50crs today nd 2crs tomorrow 34-35 crs week 2.

  239. awards r personal landmarks.it has nothing 2 do wid popularity,ajay devgan,anil kapoor have won national awards but dey r nt so popular.salman deserved it in tere naam ,but didnt get it,i hope he gets dis tym.

  240. Dabangg scores in overseas – 4.2 million (20 crore) in 10 days

  241. Dabangg’s best performing circuit – UAE – 1.55 million $ (Blockbuster)

  242. common guys another success for Dabangg,so enjoy.

  243. One DABANGG Changes All Equations

    Wednesday 21st September 2010 15.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    A few weeks back many in the industry looked at Salman Khan as a single screen star as his films like Wanted and Veer had opened well at single screens but not multiplexes. Most in the industry thought that it is Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan films likely to put up the big opening numbers as these stars have had big openers at multiplexes but one Dabangg changes all equations.

    Now many in the trade see Salman Khan as the top star as others may put up Dabangg numbers in multiplexes but can anyone challenge the Dabangg numbers at single screens. Dabangg put up a 18 crore share just from single screens over its first weekend which is more than the lifetime single screen share for most big films.

    The difference between Three Idiots opening and Dabangg is mainly single screens, the multiplex business of both films is similar. The two films in the next 6-9 months expected to challenge the Dabangg opening are Tees Maar Khan and Ra1 and with big superstars at the helm and likely huge hype and promotion the multiplex numbers are going to be extraordinary for both films but it will be the single screen business which will determine if they can get close or surpass the Dabangg opening.

    Salman Khan next few starrers like Ready, Bodyguard and Kick will be extremely hot in the market as the movies cater to Salman’s huge mass following. The prices of these films are likely to be humungous as distributors of various territories will pay huge premium for a Salman starrer after Dabangg.

  244. @Rajib, u r absolutely right brother.

  245. Salman Khan is back on twitter!
    Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 15:49
    [IST]By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri

    Few days ago Actor Salman Khan was trapped in a controversy over his comment on the 26/11 terror attack. After the incident Salman took back his words and apologized for hurting the sentiments of people. Salman after this incident decided to quit twitter. But now we can see Salman Khan back on twitter.

    Buzz up!He had to resume tweeting after so may days. Well! All thanks goes to his fans who bombarded him with tweets and messages to come back to twitter. Salman tweeted back after so many days, “Kamaal karte ho yaar ! Thank u fr wanting me to cm bak n sorry to leave but do understand that I tweet any thing n me frnds n family panic.”

    Salman tried to neutralize the effect of his earlier statement by tweeting, “hindu muslim sikh isahi sab hai bhai bhai. Na ladna na jhagadna bus ek doosare se pyaar karna. Hum sab saath saath hai 🙂 “

    Whatever be it we are happy to get Salman’s crisp and fancy tweets again

  246. Breaking News: Abhinav Kashyab has just us in the Dabangg FB group that the collections for Dabangg could’ve been underreported.

    First Post – This says Dabangg 80.87cr from 1379 cinemas. But we gave out 1713 prints overall in all formats for india distribution and 220 overseas. what about the collections from them.?? 334 screen collections are missing? Makes me believe that Prakash Jaju is right afterall.(Dabangg 92 cr in week one)

    Second Post – 613 hard prints, 1100 digital prints. + 70% of our business is from single screens. Market sources tell me that Dabangg distributor share from India will be almost equal or more than 3 Idiots @ 102Cr

    Man if this is true, then Dabangg first week numbers and first week distribution share is alot higher than one could’ve expected

  247. @Randy u r absolutely right dude .

  248. @Abhinav kashyap , absolutely right yaar. Dabangg 1st week will be 92Cr.

    Prakash Jaju is also right.

  249. @Dabanggs, collection has been under reported . Dabangg 1st week will be 92Cr.

  250. Haa,,, Saju pehle to Prakash ko mad bol raha tha ..

  251. Hey guys any news about tuesdays collection of Dabangg

  252. @Jhon, sorry for that dude.

  253. Salman actually made a goof-up in Dabangg
    Submitted by Sangeeta Thapar on Wed, 09/22/2010 – 09:45
    There is no denying the fact that the Salman Khan starer Dabangg has been an instant hit on the box office but few readers have hooked on to some goof-ups which are made in the Hindi films.

    In fact, Salman also did a minor mistake in his movie as in the initial fight sequence between Salman Khan and the local goons, Salman started dancing to the tune of the mobile phone of a goon after which he says to him ‘Caller tune acchi hai, mujhe forward karna.’

    While the sequence added a lot of humor into the act but Salman bhai forgot that it is not a caller tune, it is a ring tone.

    There is actually a very basic difference as caller tune is one which you hear when you call someone and ring tone is one which the person who is being called hears.

    In fact, caller tune cannot be forwarded and ringtone can be forwarded with ease. So, if the dialogue would have been ‘ring tone acchi hai mujhe forward karna; there was no issue in the act then.


  254. he did a goof up but it went with the charcter of u.p inspector as it is very nrml a charcter living in rural area of uttar pradesh dng such goof up.hn koi urban character aisa kare to it cn b cld a mistake but the character salman plyd was frm rural area of utar pradesh so its like nrml may b audince&evryone who wtchd the film tuk in it same way thts y no one pointed out ths tl nw

  255. dis is wat i said earlier yesterday

    i hope 2.jaju is saying 4 cr ,i hope hes wrong dis tym.u know i somehow feel dat collections r underreported.u know dat guy ghulam also told dat.

    sids said this on September 20, 2010 at 5:36 pm | Reply

  256. prakash jaju says 11 days dabaang total 121 cr 19 lacks….wow…….if it is true so we salman fan like to danceing with munni……

  257. Dabangg update 2.60cr thrusday

  258. sry wednesday 2.60

  259. hey guys salman khan ready release date has been postponed..its nt cumin in june…

  260. Hey Yakuza Bro, when u r coming 4m holiday ?

    guys Prakash Jaju tweeted the collection for Tues & Wed.

    Tues:- 2.75
    Wed :- 2.53

    total 2nd week is 32.53 (Till Wednesday)

    Grand total:- 113.4 (Till Today)

    So Dabangg is still going strong.So 3rd weekend will be expected around 10cr.

    What u say guysss??????????????

  261. Dabangg Misses Out On Big Satellite Revenue

    Thursday 23rd September 2010 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg missed out on big satellite revenue as the rights were sold well prior to release. The satellite rights were sold for around 10 crore while now after the stupendous success of the film the rights would probably have been worth 30-35 crore.

    There is always a case to sell the satellite rights if you are making a film for a limited audience but with a film which has universal all India appeal then it is best to wait as if a film works all over the potential returns jump manifold.

    Earlier this year the satellite deal of Raajneeti was linked to its box office collections which meant the film got a much better then it would have otherwise.

  262. @Saju… Kal randy aur aaj rajib ek comment lekha.. Tumko keya lagta hai, 2no ki baat me kitna dum hai?

  263. no update about dabangg frm boi or taran adarsh/so gaye hain sab ke sab

  264. Guys please any1 can tell me wat is d criteria of a film to be called as “All Time BlockBustor” ?? and how dabangg distributor share would be 80cr as mentioned in boxofficeindia ?
    koi mujhe samjao plzzzz

  265. #nauman,,,,salleh pakistani nachgana.com mai toh sallu”’bhai ko abused karta hai,,,,
    N make fun of dabangg n bhai,,,n when u come here u dnt say anything abt sallu”’bhai,,,
    N u too yakuja”’bastard u also abused bhai”on nachgana.com web site,,,,u motherfukkkr,,,gay,,slut,,eunuch,,,
    East or west sallu”’bhai is the best,,,

    • Subh – fuck the haters. There are all losers. I kept quiet even though DABANGG smashed records but bhai fucked every1 over with this film. Salman is the best.

  266. #hey saju tell me hw can i make an id in nachgana.com site,,,,,,
    In this site all the akki”’n srgay”’fans make fun of sallu”bhai n his movies,,,,,soooo plzzzz tell me hw can i make an id in nachgana.com,,,,,

  267. ny update abt todays collection.

  268. @subh you have to register on the site first by sign up but warning it is a pay site you have to donate some amount to register in the site

  269. @sida dabangg has dropped subsequently maybe so they r not reporting as regular as they r doing earlier but friday maybe they will update

  270. @jhan bhai koi dum nahi hain all r fake news director to bolegahi that it underreported jitna bhi kamalo phir bhi man nahi bharta u know salman kabhi bola tht boi r underreporting?????? he is veteran only believe on his words and boi,komal,taran,yakuza all r underreporting?????? it is not possible only prakash is right yeh baat kuch hazam nahi hui

  271. DABAANG – official first week figures released – Mumbai – 27.82 cr, Delhi/UP – 19.12 cr,East Punjab – 7.04 cr…West Bengal – 3.89 cr, Bihar – 1.96 cr, CP Berar – 4.83 cr, CI – 3.33 cr, Rajasthan – 4.40 cr,Nizam/Andhra – 3.51 cr,Mysore – 2.88 cr,Other (Assam, Orissa,Tamil Nadu/Kerala) – 2.09 crn TOTAL 80,87 crore from 1379 cinemas (but where are the collections of balance 334 cinemas because 1713 prints (all format) was given) …. Figure given by me was 91.88 cr for first week
    prakashjaju via UberTwitter

  272. http://tmi.me/1DYIC original figures of dabangg

  273. prity good nyt .,.ab jayo ap bhi so jayo nahi to big boss ka promo dikha dunga 😀

  274. ninja ur collection sexpert dude.tell me where do u come to know abt collections so early.

  275. dabangg update 2nd week…weekend 23.71…mon.320.tues.285.wed.260..total 32.36 till wednesday

  276. Yarr kuch bhi samaz me nehi aaraha hai !!!! Keya Prakash jaju ki baat sach hai ???

  277. yaar mujhe pehle se hi doubt tha, i saw house full on monday yaar.how come collection is jst 3 crs.impossible kuch to gadbadh hain

  278. @Subhu brother, pahele tum MEMBER LOGIN section par jao . Phir tum apna PROFILE create karo dude.

  279. Munni’ Malaika to endorse Zandu Balm

    Arbaaz Khan, who is enjoying the super-success of ‘Dabangg’, had to face a minor roadblock last week when the makers of Zandu Balm decided to file a case against him for the usage of the term ‘Zandu Balm’ in the chartbuster song ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’. However, all that seems to be sorted in a rather amicable way and now ‘Munni’ Malaika would even be seen promoting the brand Zandu Balm.

    Confirming the same, Arbaaz said, “Yes…we’ve arrived at a mutual understanding with the makers of Zandu Balm. With the song gaining such huge popularity, we’ve now decided to come up with a special ad featuring Malaika promoting both our film Dabangg and their brand Zandu Balm. In addition, Malaika would also be endorsing the brand Zandu Balm individually in the future. Both parties didn’t want to get into any sort of unnecessary legal hassles and felt that an out-of-court settlement was the best option.”


  280. Aamir praises Salman for ‘Dabangg’

    Mumbai: Aamir Khan is one actor who has penchant for movies with a difference. After delivering a blockbuster like 3 Idiots in 2009, Aamir Khan decided to produce Peepli Live.

    A small budget film with no big stars, yet Peepli Live managed to recover its cost even before its release. The actor spoke to CNN-IBN on why he chose to take up Peepli Live.
    The actor said, “Yes most people were expecting me to sign a big film after 3 Idiots instead I am releasing Peepli Live, which is bizarre. But all my decisions have been bizarre. They don’t make sense to anyone. Often they don’t make sense to me.”
    Directed by debutant Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live is a political and social satire, which was screened at the Berlin Film Festival. It was also declared the best feature film at the Durban International Film Festival. Not only that, it’s first Indian production to compete at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Commenting on the amazing success of Peepli Live, Aamir said, “The world is going through a financial crisis. A lot of small and marginal businesses have shut down because the people could not repay their loans. So they could identify with Natha and Budhya, the farmers in the film.”

    On a lighter note, the actor said after watching the film, a lot of women said mothers-in law are the same all over, referring to Amma in the film.

    As for Salman Khan’s Dabangg beating 3 idiots’ record at the box office, Aamir is all praise for the other Khan.

    He said, “ First of all I would like to congratulate Salman and the entire team of the film for the thundering success that Dabangg has got. It is an extremely enjoyable film. I really loved it. I thought Salman is excellent in the film. He has really worked hard on the film. He has brought out the character really well. He has played it really consistently right through. He is never out of character.”

    Aamir also was all praise for Sonakshi Sinha, the female lead of Dabangg. “She is a great find,” he said.

    Maybe those who often commented on Khan wars, would now have to change their statement after listening to the words of praise Aamir showers on Salman

  281. @Sids , how r u brother ?

  282. im gud saju kahan they aaj.tumne suna dabangg ke collections kam report hue hain.

  283. @Jhon,how r u brother ?

  284. @Sids , I know that brother . Kya karu yaar ? all r liers.

  285. all r jealous of salman except aamir nd akshay.dey congratulated him on dabangss succes.good spirit.aamir is a very genuine man.

  286. @Sids, NachGana par ajao brother

  287. wahan per salman ke fans bahut kam hain dude.ya samjhlo koi hain hi nahin.wahan per sirf naach aur gaana hota hia doosrey actors ka

  288. Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha: Twitter sketches!’
    Posted by newspostraj in Entertainment
    0 Comments Salman Khan, the Dabangg star, has come back on twitter as most tabloids reported, and he also posted sketches of himself which were sketched down by the Dabangg debutant beauty Sonakshi Sinha.

    As Sonakshi had been saying all along, that it was Salman who had been the inspiration behind her going in for her hidden talent to come out, the sketches posted on Salman’s twitter surely account for the fact that Sonakshi is indeed a very talented budding artist!

    The sketch has Salman’s thin mustached look from the flick, captured quite well by the actress, and it does seem as if she has actually made an effort on the detailing too!

    Well, Sonakshi surely seems to have found a great friend, philosopher and guide in Salman Khan, after all, it is this golden hearted stud who has been the cause of her to foray into the world of films.

    Salman Khan, who has now on his part come back on to twitter, on the insistence of his fans, surely has everyone eating out of his hands, as all eyes are on what the hunk has to say and post on his twitter page! Just wait for his next tweet!(ENSNN)


  289. @Sids , ajao brother woha par bhi dabangg salman ki fans ka bol bala hoga I promise u dude.Pls join karo . yaha par se fan woha par le jaunga dude . haar taraf sirf Dabangg salman ka jalwa hoga dude I promise u.

  290. ok i will join it for u dude
    saju i hv a funny pic i dun know how to upload it can u upload dat for me.

  291. Dabangg ki 2nd weeks box office update hai kya kisi ke paas ?

  292. @Sids ,Mujhe bhi upload karna nahi ata hai dude .

  293. @Sids , main Guzarish Pictures section par hoon.

  294. http://twitpic.com/2pd0cq.
    see dis pic saju .

  295. #saju n sids,,,nw i too join this anti bhai”site n fulkkkkk anti sallu”fans,,
    Unki pungi baja denge,,,,,yeh nauman”’or even yakuja”’bhi bhai ka or unki filmo ka vaha majak udatha hai””,,,,they all r mthrfukkkr,,eunuch,,gays,,,,
    Bt bhaio mere frnds mujhe bol rahe they ki u.p mai toh dabangg ki tickets nahi mil rahe,,,,,
    Boi,,,n taran y r they nt updating collection of dabangg???
    I dnt know y y????i think they all r jealous,,,,,
    Ak u motherfukkkr,,slut,,eunuch,,,dnt say anything abt sallu”’bhai

  296. Saju u r in naachgaana!!!!!!!!!!! good i am also coming there shortly…..Milke Salman haters ka band bajayenge.

  297. kisiko dabangg ka succes digest nahin ho raha hain.collections ko tabhi kam report kar rahe ho.i still belive monday was 4.5crs to 5 crs.3 crs impossible.

  298. Please Justice for Dabangg

    DABAANG – official first week figures released – Mumbai – 27.82 cr, Delhi/UP – 19.12 cr,East Punjab – 7.04 cr…West Bengal – 3.89 cr, Bihar – 1.96 cr, CP Berar – 4.83 cr, CI – 3.33 cr, Rajasthan – 4.40 cr,Nizam/Andhra – 3.51 cr,Mysore – 2.88 cr,Other (Assam, Orissa,Tamil Nadu/Kerala) – 2.09 crn TOTAL 80,87 crore from 1379 cinemas (but where are the collections of balance 334 cinemas because 1713 prints (all format) was given) …. Figure given by me was 91.88 cr for first week
    prakashjaju via UberTwitter

    • @ saju bro, prakashjaju Starching the issue only. Dabangg had release the movie around 1713 print world wide. In india it is around 1500 odd prints.

      yes some of the prints collection are missing but it is next 2 impossible 2 collect all the collection. It happens 4 every movie.

  299. @Subhu , I am in NachGana now brother . Woha aao aur sabka band bajaenge.Hum sab Dabangg salmans fan.

    • one request saju bro, Dont put irrelevant post there. Because they will make fun Of salu bhai only. And there is possibility that they will ban u.

      so bro we will break there face when ever they will make fun of our Dabangg sallu bhai.

  300. @Subhu brother, pahele tum NG pe MEMBER LOGIN section par jao . Phir tum apna PROFILE create karo dude.

  301. @Guys jaldi ajao Dabangg salman haters ki band bajana hai Nachgana par.Main Guzarish Pictures section par hoon.

  302. Tum log kaha ho yaar ?

  303. Subhu : One thing I am die hard Salman Bhai fan and I am Pakistani. Ignore losers like Nauman they are gud 4 nothing.

  304. Subhu and Saju Nauman ka band bollystreet pe be bajyo he yesterday said that Salman bhai looks clown in Big boss promos.

  305. saju i hv made id for u dude in naachgaana.do u mange bollystreet hina,

  306. anyone here guys ?:

  307. @Hina , how r u ?

  308. yeah sids i manage bollystreet !

    i am fine saju how are u ?

  309. can u tell me wenevr i open comments section in it it dun open sometimes,nd also sometimes if i reresh comments page dere it returns to page1 rather den on dat page.why is it so hina

  310. @Sids , brother I cant manage Hina. She is a very gud girl. also she is very honest with her comment.I like her very much as a friend.

  311. Anyway, the gainer in all this is ” Dabangg”, which will now have a 3rd weekend without a major Bollywood release to compete with it for screens or audiences. Since “Dabangg” is believed to be having a significant proportion of repeat viewers, and hasn’t tapered off to irrelevance in its 2nd week, the 3rd unchallenged week’d add to its already humongous earnings which are believed to be about `117 crores in the first two weeks, as per industry watcher Taran Adarsh’s online estimates.

  312. @Hina , I am also fine . Hina Bollystreet bahut slow hai yaar.

  313. @Subhu , great news brother in 2 weeks Dabanggs collection 117Cr.

  314. Dabangg record breaker of Ghajini

    Dabangg – 117Cr.

    Ghajini – 115Cr.

  315. Saju : Bollystreet isn’t slow problem may be with ur net connection or browser.

    Sids : That is because few users when they put articles they make limitation that only registered users can view comments section. The other Page 1 problem I will get it resolved.

    Btw i feel itse better that u ppl discuss technical things on BB rather than BS.

  316. Sorry I meant discuss technical things on BS not on BB 🙂

  317. @Subhu , tumne NACHGANA par ID kiya hai yeah nahi ?

  318. @Hina , tum bhi ek ID karlo NACHGANA par .Pls do that for me.

  319. @Hina , tum mujhse kya help ke liye request kiye tha ?

  320. thx hina.btw hows dabangss fairing in pakistan.i feel people will like it more d 2nd time especially salman fans.i also enjoyed second time more.

  321. Saju u can email me about that !

  322. Hey hina nice to see u in this page. How Dabangg is doing in Pakistan ??

    I never mess up with unnecessary comments, but if any one will harsh on Salu bahi then i will definitely get back 2 him/her.

    I am also great fan of Dabangg Salman.

  323. @tum log kaha ho yaar ?

    • @saju Bro I will be there if any one will say any Bad thing Ab Sallu bhai..

      other wise i have hell lot of work bro…

  324. Yeah sida I have watched twice in the cinema. Its doing well in Lahore but problem is that due to pirated dvds majority had watched movie on EID and 24 hrs its dabanggg on cable tv . This may hurt dabangg in Pak similar thing happened to 3 idiots as it was also released late in PAK.

  325. @Hina , sorry for that .I will email u later .

  326. Thankyou Subhu ! You can read my comment above about Dabangg’s collections in Pak.

    • ya

      I had already said this in my previous post that it will not do good business in Pakistan due 2 pirated DVD.

      Any way Dabangg is BB. we should Happy 4 that.

  327. @Hina, Indicine team koi bhi salman ki article post kiyu nahi karta hai ?

  328. Saju Indicine is dead I guess. They are not updating the site !

  329. so it wont collect dat much as it shd hsve.thx for informing hina.

  330. @Subhu brother, tumne NACHGANA par ID kiya hai yeah nahi ?

    • @saju Bro I will be there if any one will say any Bad thing Ab Sallu bhai..

      other wise i have hell lot of work bro…

  331. @Hina , indicine ke saath aisa kiyu hua bolo na ? Indicine toh pahele sabse popular tha . Whats their downfall ?

  332. Sids u r welcome 🙂 But as AA has delayed by one week and Dabangg has enough screen space this week as well it will help Dabangg and due to huge fan following in PAK Salman’s movies always do well in PAK.

  333. Lol Saju I feel they had some internal problems I hope so they will be back one day really miss Indicine!

  334. @ Hina , tum bhi ek ID karlo NACHGANA par .Pls do that for me. reply plss

  335. @Hina, I miss very much Indicine Team.Sabse achche site tha for me .

  336. Saju I dun visit NG that often. I will consider this in future dun worry !

  337. i also miss indicine.infact saju i got 2 know abt u frm dere.i used 2 comment dere rarely but i used 2 read all d comments.my username in indicine was Anmol.

  338. @Sids , kaha ho tum yaar ?

  339. leave naachgaana yaar.be here dude.im here dude

  340. Yeah I me u guys there . Ic u r ANMOL I was wondering about u nice to know u r still with us 🙂

  341. @Sids , brother thanks for ur information . U r Anmol brother wow………wow……….

  342. how can i leave salman fans nd salman.wen u guyz specially u hina used 2 defend salman,i often aplauded u at d time of veer.btw i loved veer 2.i rembr ur comments on veer where u wrote peoples reaction while watching veer.hats off to you nd saju to hamari jaaan hain kyon saju.

  343. @Sids & Hina , Indicine team ke liye mujhe bahut dil main dard hota hai yaar.Unke saat aisa kiyu hua aur woh log new version kiyu launch kiya tha ? its their downfall ?

  344. Ha ha ha yeah sids first of all Thanks alot 4 that. I connect to Salman with my heart thats why whteva I say about him comes straight from my heart. But I respect other actors as well all SRK,Akki, Aamir and Duggu, Ajay etc.. are doing great job.

  345. @Sids & Hina & other salman fans Mujhe & Salman ko chodkar kabhi maat jana. World ki kisi bhi part main raho lekin Mujhe aur salman ko maat bhulna yaaro ,doston & bhaio . yeh mera guzarish hai tum logo se.

  346. Saju tumhien Indicine ke tension kha jayege. Ok friends gtg nice chating with u here on BB. I hope so Yakuza will update Dabangg collections 2mrw !

  347. Saju dun worry jab tak Salman is alive we are always here to support u tc!

  348. so Old friend r meeting in Bolly business. but i also know u guys 4m indicine only at time of Veer.

    Sanju and hina, u guys r great defender of Sallu Heater.

  349. saju plz tumhara dil bada nazook hain zyada dard mat liya karo lol.u hv promised me 2 nvr abuse ny1.i hope u live upto dat.i respect every actor coz dey r wat coz of dere hardwork,but i dun like sharukh.salman has helped him so much wen he was in a crisis,look wat reward he gave him at Kats bash by talkin abt ash nd makin him hurt.dats selfish

  350. @Hina , tum Nachgana join karo main yahi chata hoon . Pls do it as soon as possible.

  351. @Sids , u r right dude. SRK is very selfish. SRK jab Delhi se Mumbai naya aaya tha tab SRK ko Salman ne sahara diya tha. Ab SRK salman se panga lene chala tha.SRK other actors ki success ko bardsht nahi kar pata hai.Early of 90’s salman ne sRK ko industry main kaam dene ke liye help kiya karta tha . Like bazigar , karan arjun etc . SrK ab Dabangg salman se panga lene chala tha. what a selfish guy .

  352. @subhu , u r right dude . We r old friends.

  353. any guys there?

  354. @Sids , u r right dude. SRK is very selfish. SRK jab Delhi se Mumbai naya aaya tha tab SRK ko Salman ne sahara diya tha. Ab SRK salman se panga lene chala .SRK other actors ki success ko bardsht nahi kar pata hai.Early of 90′s salman ne sRK ko industry main kaam dene ke liye help kiya karta tha . Like bazigar , karan arjun etc . SrK ab Dabangg salman se panga lene chala tha. what a selfish guy .

  355. Dabangg update Thursday 2.70cr better den Wednesday

  356. Dabangg- 2nd wk – fri 5.76 cr, sat 8.06 cr, sun 12.24 cr, mon 3.25 cr, tue 2.75 cr, wed 2.53 cr, thur 2.64 cr – 2nd wk -37.23 cr

    On twitter

  357. Lol sids I remember u as anmol on indicine. And it’s nice to know u were there also subhu. You lot along with saju dey and hina rock.

    On dabangg kamal karte weekend page this guy called Samir (akki fan) keeps posting nasty things against bhai. I just destroyed him. Sala kuta he comes every now and there on that page to post crap thinking I don’t know. Lekin mei to uska baap ho lol.

    Check out the page bhai fans

    Ninja – that’s great news buddy

  358. Dabangg Has 35-36 Crore Nett Second Week

    Friday 24th September 2010 12.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg grossed a huge 35-36 crore nett in week two taking its two week business to over 116 crore nett and becoming the second biggest nett grosser in the history of Hindi cinema. The two week distributor share of the film is around 67-68 crore which is also second highest total ever.

    The second week total is also the second highest ever but well short of the 56 crore nett record of Three Idiots.

    The third week will be interesting as like the first two weeks there is no competition for the film and weekday business in week two was steady. It is possible that the third weekend can do business in the 10-14 crore nett range.

  359. Great news guys Dabangg 2 weeks collection 117Cr.

  360. Reason for all salman fans to rejoice, great come back from salman.

  361. Rajesh how r u dude ?

  362. Well said Rajesh.

    Guyz can u believe there is a akki fan that believes akki is bigger than SK-SRK-Amir lmao

  363. I am fine, saju dey, thanks.
    I saw you on NG also.

  364. Charity Screening of Dabangg at cinemax Versova

    The event had more than 350 plus kids from the orphanage & showcased their performances & sung few prayers in front of the cast.

    Cinemax hosted the charity screening of “Dabangg” yesterday for a social cause at its versova property. To support this cause came in Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arora Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Abhinav Kashyap & Sonu Sood.

    The event had more than 350 plus kids from the orphanage & showcased their performances & sung few prayers in front of the cast.

    Please find the attached press release for detailed information.

    I hereby request you to kindly carry this in your esteemed publications…. Cheers.

  365. salman khan is real sper star
    bcoz salman has no support,freindship of media like srk,aamir n akki

    media is biggest enemy,anti-salman n abuses him always
    media salman ko roj gaali deti hai,always try to down him

    inspite of this salman got success lik dabangg

    this is the real power

    srk,aamir to media k sahare chaltey hain.

    • prtity u shud shut up…u r anti salman

      u kept posting anti comments on salman’s bigg boss promos which was wrong by pposting anti comments on bhai show
      guys we shud ban prity

  366. @Hey guys all fans NACHGANA par ajao SRK & AKKI & Hrithik fans ki band bajayenge milkar.

  367. I request to all fans that please join NACHGANA yaha par Dabangg salman ki bahut insult ho raha hai yaaro . Kuch karo brothers pls join NACHGANA for support our Dabangg salman.

  368. All salman fans maine NACHGANA par hungama macha diya hai yaaro.Pls join NACHGANA.Ek main 100 ke upar bhari par raha hoon.

  369. Salman posts Sonakshi’s ‘Dabangg’ sketch
    Press Trust of India
    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 (Mumbai)
    Print | A+ A-

    After a brief hiatus, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has returned to the micro-blogging site Twitter today and posted a sketch of himself made by actress Sonakshi Sinha.

    On September 13, after drawing flak for his comments on 26/11 comments in an interview given to a Pakistan TV channel , the Dabangg star had hinted at quitting Twitter. He had later apologised for his comments.

    However, one of the most controversial actors of Bollywood today returned much to the relief of his more than four lakh followers on the site.

    “Kamaal karte ho yaar! Thank u fr wanting me to cm bak n sorry to leave but do understand that I tweet any thing n me frnds n family panic (sic),” was Salman’s first comeback tweet.

    He then embarked on a photo-uploading spree, which included a painting by his Dabangg co-star Sonakshi.

    The painting is similar to the film’s poster depicting Salman wearing glares with glittering heart-shaped reflections on it.

    The painting also attracted comments, with actor Neil Nitin Mukesh saying, “Its awesome! Love it already.”

    Soon after Salman returned to Twitter he was flooded with comments from his fans. The 44-year-old actor posted funny pics of some fingers and palm .

    In another tweet today Salman wrote, “hindu muslim sikh isahi sab hai bhai bhai. Na ladna na jhagadna bus ek doosare se pyaar karna. Hum sab saath saath hai (Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are all brothers… they must not fight and instead love each other. We are all together)”.

    Interestingly, Salman follows only three people on Twitter – his sister Arpita, brother Arbaaz and Sonakshi.

    Read more at: http://movies.ndtv.com/movie_story.aspx?section=Movies&Id=ENTEN20100154125&keyword=bollywood&subcatg=MOVIESINDIA&nid=54112&cp

  370. Dabangg Two Week Day CI UPDATE

    Friday 24th September 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg scores extremely well in CI in week 2. The collections on the weekdays of week two were very steady. The drop is 60% but even this is excellent as collections of Dabangg were at extremely high levels in week one.

    Week One

    Friday – 62 lakhs

    Saturday – 64.40 lakhs

    Sunday – 71.75 lakhs

    First Weekend – 1,98,15,000

    Monday – 42.20 lakhs

    Tuesday – 33.30 lakhs

    Wednesday – 29.42 lakhs

    Thursday – 29.37 lakhs

    First Week – 3,32,44,000

    Week Two

    Friday – 23.80 lakhs

    Saturday – 25.90 lakhs

    Sunday – 38.60 lakhs

    Second Weekend – 88,30,000

    Monday – 13.30 lakhs

    Tuesday – 11.60 lakhs

    Wednesday – 10 lakhs

    Thursday – 10.56 lakhs

    Second Week – 1,33,76,000

  371. Heavy Release Schedule In October

    Friday 24th September 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The one week postponement of Anjaana Anjaani has led to heavy release schedule in October to cash in before Diwali festivities begin.

    Anjaana Anjaani coming on 1st October meant the film previously scheduled on that date Aakrosh was pushed a week ahead as Anjaani Anjaani is a big much awaited film with Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.

    Aakrosh now has been pushed further to October 15th, this could be due to the fact Crook also due on 8th has hit music or that Aakrosh is having some censor problem as it has not been passed by the censors.

    This will lead to a huge clash on 15th October with as many as three major releases coming on the same day with Aakrosh, Jhootha Hi Sahi and Knock Out though it is quite possible that one of Jhootha Hi Sahi or Knock Out will move to 22nd October.

  372. #saju bhai,,n subhu bhai,,sids,,,really u r there,,,bt i dnt know hw to join nachgana???””i m very confused bhaio”’plllzzz help me,,,,
    Saju””i m also hard core fan of bhai,,,main bhi mar jaunga par bhai or tumhara sath ni chodunga,,,,,
    Just wait jab main waha ka member banunga toh dekhna unki kaiseh maa”or behen”ek karta hu,,,,
    Tum bas dekhna,,,,
    Nw m hppy that bhai movie collected more than 117crore,,even in its second week,,,,hippppeee,,,,huhuuuuu,,,,

  373. #saju tum bhi mere tarah hi ho,,,,main bhi bhai k khilaf agar koi kuch bolta hai toh unse bhid jata hu,,,or unki maa”behen ekk kar deta hu,,,,bhai tum pehle indicine”’mai thai na,,,mai tumhe dekhta tha par id nahi bana pata tha,,,,,dnt wrry”when i will join nachgana then u will see who i m n hw big i m fan of bhai””plllzz help,,,i dnt know hw to be member of nachgana,,,,vaha bhi nauman”’kutteh,,,,yakuja eunuch”ki band baja denge,,,,
    Dabangggg hoooo

  374. salman khan is real superstar
    he is most popular n most searched bollywood acton on internet

    he is most poweful actor
    bcoz,biggest enemy media who is anti-salman n always abuses him
    media k roj salman ko gaali dene k baad bhi
    salman is most lovable n respectable actor by his all fans n audience.

    this is the real power.
    no media hype,support or fake comments like
    king khan or mr.perfectionnist.

    salman khan is king khan n perfect actor by his fans n audience
    not by corrupted,fake,paisaakhaau n bad guys like media

  375. hi guyz.great news dabangg beat ghajini in jst 2 weeks.subh i thought u nd subho were same.nywayz saju tum kahan ho

  376. @saju yes indicine was great par kya hua us site ko???????????//

  377. #sids bhai no we r nt same person,,,.
    #prity,,,,u r right bhai is a real superstar of india,,,,,,

  378. prity to koi ladka lagta heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

  379. #saju bhai mujhe 10:00 baje isi site peh milna,,,i saw ur comment on ng”site,,,,bro .abhi tum ush site par kisi seh mat ladoh,,,,nahi toh voh tumeh ban kar denge,,,,,merko bhi ush site par aney do,,,,then we will make biryani of them,,,,,,pllllzzz abhi kisi seh mat lado vaha par,,,bash mera wait karo,,,mujhse toh id nahi ban ri ng mai,,,kya karu,,,bata yaar,,,,
    Tu mujhe aaj 10:00 baje issi site peh mil,,,,ya tu khud time likh deh yaha par ki mujhse kitne baje milega,,,iss site par,,,tujhe kuch batana hai kaise planning karenge uss site par or kaise uneh beat karenge,,,,,abhi uneh abused mat kar,,,plllzzz wait for me,,,,,,

  380. ninja,

    y r u calling me boy????????/

    i am real fan of salman

  381. kuch kuch hota hai is all time blockbuster n salman won the award of supporting actor of filmfare.

    baaghbaan ,was blockbuster film n salman nominated for supporting actor of filmfare.

    salman was in poster between amitabh n hema ji n bcoz of salman,s fan baaghban was blockbuster

    KKHH was likely to blockbuster but bcoz of salman,s huge fan following n awrd winning performance thats y KKHH was all time blockbuster.

  382. @SUBHU Brother, process of MEMBER of NACHGANA hone ke liye

    1) At 1st tum NACHGANA open karo .

    2) 2nd tum above section par jao aur MEMBER LOGIN section click karo.

    3) 3rd woha par ek form hai . woh form tum FILL up karo . uske baad tum MEMBER ho jaoge NACHGANA ke.

  383. hi saju.dabangg 2nd week 35 crs ur prediction was correct dude.

  384. @Hey guys & all salman fans u can check out on NACHGANA. NachGana par sirf mera charcha ho raha hai yaaro. Dabangg salman fans ki jalwa.

  385. @Sids , thanks brother I know that . Nachgana par ajao dude.

  386. im on naachgaana dude.see my comment under salman dancing thread.

  387. anyone here

  388. ok

  389. hey saju i was also given a comment on Dabangg 2nd week collection.

    BTW if any one will say any bad think ab sallu bhai then we all be there. so dont worry……

  390. Hey guys any news about todays collection of Dabangg

  391. #saju i saw ur comment,,,awesoum bro,,,,nw m trying to make my id,,,,
    Par abhi thoda abuse kam karo nahi toh voh terko ban kar denge,,,woh srk”’k fans keh rahe they ki saju”’irritate karta hai isko ban karo,,..tu bas mera wait kar,,maa kasham unki maa or behen ekk kar dunga,,,,
    Kal chat karneh kab ayega yaha par time likh deh yaha par,
    Saju m nt subhu bro,,,m subh from new delhi”’,,

  392. #saju,,,i saw ur comment,,,its awesoum,,,bt dnt abused them ,,,they will ban u,,.,esp. Srk”’fans were telling that ban this saju”’he’s soo irritated,,,,jab tak mai vaha naa ahuu,,,tu kisiko abused mat kar,,,,nw m going to make id on ng”’
    Mera wait kar phir dekh mai unki maa or behen kaiseh ekk karta hu,,,,
    M like u ,,,m hard core fan of sallu”’bhai n i cnt see anything bad n abusive words against him,,..
    Bhai is like god to me,,,,
    Saju ,,,subhu n me r nt same person,,,.!!!!m subh from new delhi””
    Tu bas mera wait kar!!!

  393. subh is ryt saju.dun abuse dere.u can still give dem answer by not abusing ny actor.btw saju u alrdy created dhoom dere lol.

  394. saju dey,

    how i can comment on naachgaana
    i tried but didnt succed

    plzz tell me saju,day


    plz comment that salman dancing has also style n perfection
    n salman some dancing steps r soo popular

    in dabangg he does desi style of dance according to character,song,lyrics.
    there is not possibility of style or perfection
    salman has to do dancing acording to caracter

    if u wanted style n perfection in his dancing than
    u should see wanted jalwa n love me-love me dance
    u see towel dance,salaame-ishk film k 2 dances,tenu leke main jaaunga n tere aankhon k kajrarey n soni de nakhre n u wana partner etc dances

    plzz write my coment.

  395. Salman’s dancing in Dabangg
    September 24, 2010 at 7:30

    People talk of Hritik’s dancing. And yes he is a very good dancer. But i find it not too interesting after a point. What I find much more engaging is Salman’s dancing in Dabangg. Be it Tere Mast Mast do Nain, or Mujhe Peeni Hai Peni Hai, or Dabanng Dabang or Munni Badnam,his dance moves are a PART OF HIS DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE and not just stand-alone dance moves. In fact his dancing to the crazy caller tune is in itself capable of bringing the house down. Now that’s what I call using dancing to outline your character and to make it a part of the narrative. I thought Salman has really outdone himself in this film. I did npt think he was capable of such a well-thought out, intelligent and thoroughly consistent performance without lapse of concentration. I mean a I am a big fan of his performances i HAHK, Andaz Apna Apna, KKHH and Saajan. But in all these he was more instinctive. He did not really have to stretch himself. But Dabangg is really a class act. An Amar Akbar Anthony level of comedic performance of our times and desrves a Filmfare Award in my opinion.

    Related Posts

  396. salman,s dancing in dabangg is totaly desi acording to character which is based on up-bihar small town, n who is police cop

    so he did according to character.

    salman dancing has style n perfection.
    his some dancing steps r very popular.
    like wanted film song mera hi jalwa,love me-love me

    like towel dance,o o jane jana,tenu leke main jaunga,teri aankhon k matwaaley kajal ko mera salaam,soni de nakhre sone lag de,etc.

    dabangg film is up-bihar based film n according to script,songs,character,salman had to do desi style of dancing,not like hip-hop.

  397. best dancers,
    1) govinda/prabhu deva

  398. for doga n citicize,

    salman 4 songs moves r awesome in dabangg lik
    tere mast-mast nain
    humka peeni hai
    munni badnaam
    hudh-hudh dabangg dabangg

    n salman dances with full of energy,thumkas n latkey/jhatkey.
    his dancing in 4 songs r lovely,this is citics also said

    dont compare wid dharmendra/sunny paji,bcoz they didnt dances,they couldnt dances,they r non-dancers,they didnt know abt dancing.inko kamar matkana,thumkey/latkey,jhatkey aatey nahi ththey

    they couldnt do thumkas,latkey,jhatkey.

    n salman is thumka king.usne kya kamaal k thumkey,latkey,jhatkey lagaaye hain dabangg main in desi style

    so plz u sm guys dnt say foolish things.

  399. salman 4 songs dancing moves r superb
    salman is 44 year ld n ritik is 37 year old.there is no comaprison
    according to age also

    salman,s wanted dance is superb in
    mera hi jalwa,love me love me r awesome.

    soni de nakhre, tan-tana tan-tan-tan tara,so many uncountable dances r brilliant.

    ritik roshan is very unique dancer.this type of dance can do only by technicaly trained dancers.

  400. boi update dabangg 35.25cr……so meri di gyi sabi collection sahi thi jo maine monday to thursday….di thi…..pr mera total 35.16 he 2nd week

    • Ninja – I don’t know which source to follow. All I know is according to what I’ve read and understood that GHAJINI collections have been surpassed.

  401. Dabangg Has 2-2.25 Crore Third Friday

    Friday 24th September 2010 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg remained steady on its third Friday with approx 2-2.25 crore nett business. This probably means that the third weekend will be around the 11 crore nett mark as Saturday and Sunday will show jumps as happens with most big hits.

    The record for the third weekend is the 19 crore nett business by Three Idiots followed by Ghajini at around 9.50 crore nett.

    Next week is likely to see the first major drop for Dabangg as it will face competition for the first time with the release of Anjaana Anjaan

  402. naveed i+know yr….dabangg+ 2 week total 116.03cr….i m happy…..3rd+fri 2.30Cr

  403. US box office update

    overeseas report of US in 62 theater

    1st weekend – $628,137

    1st week :- $771,360

    2nd weekend :- $297,229(around -52.7% fall)

    2nd week total:- $1,124,908

  404. Other country’s collection

    Malaysia :- $40,933
    New Zealand and Fiji :-$47,440
    South Africa (Entire Region) :-$39,285

    these are very good collection 4 smaller theatrical Venus.

  405. Dabangg – 3rd week – India – fri 2.61 cr


  406. Akshay, Saif, Salman fight over same film
    25 Sep, 2010 11:47 am ISTlMauli Singh /MUMBAI MIRROR[/b]

    The success of Wanted and Ghajini has started a brand new trend. Both were remakes of South Indian films and many Bollywood actors have now taken a liking for similar upcoming projects.

    Unexpectedly however, three of our biggest Bollywood A-listers, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan, are now fighting for the rights of the Telugu film Don Seenu.

    The film, directed by the Gopichand Malineni, stars Ravi Teja, Anjana Sukhani and Mahesh Manjrekar, and is apparently the biggest hit of the year in the South film industry. The Tamil remake of the film is already being considered.

    Don Seenu is a comical story of a young man who is hugely inspired by Amitabh Bachchan’s film Don and dreams of becoming world’s number one don. The plot revolves around his attempts to realise this dream.

    The 27-year-old debutant director from Hyderabad is obviously elated and says, “Yes, Bollywood has shown a lot of interest in my film. AR Murugadoss (director of Ghajini), who happened to watch my film, is responsible for it. He has been discussing it in Bollywood.

    My producer told me that Sohail Khan called and asked for the DVD copy of the film because Salman wanted to watch it. I am told that even Akshay Kumar has shown interest in the film. The dialogue writer of my film, Kona Venkat, is in Mumbai for the past one week. He told me that even Saif Ali khan is keen on buying the rights of the film.”

    The debutant director will not be making the Bollywood remake. We wonder if Murugadoss will take on the job.

    When asked who among the three Bollywood stars fits the role of the protagonist the best, Malineni says, “Both Salman and Akshay are great entertainers. I think both can play the role very well.” Sorry Saif.

    As a footnote, the director is quick to add, “The hero of my film, Ravi Teja, is known as the South Indian Akshay Kumar.” Sorry Sallu.


  407. Dabangg was totally Arbaaz’s brainchild: Salman Khan Saturday, September 25, 2010, 12:32 [IST]By: Sampurn Wire

    The blue blooded temperamental and hottest star Salman Khan’s journey, from ‘Biwi ho Toh Aisi’ to ‘Dabangg’, of two decades and two years has been quite a checkered one; quite eventful and at times, quite painful. Yet, he braved it all with a smile on his face, sometimes withdrawing in his own well protected cocoon, sometimes by getting angry and venting out his frustration on one and all, incurring the wrath of the media and the public on many occasions. Currently, Salman Khan, who is riding high on the wave of success with Dabangg, has proven that his magic on the people is long from over. Happy and content with the genuine success of the movie, as stated and proven by the entire trade media, Salman Khan talks to Oneindia about the journey ‘Dabangg’ and more.

    Buzz up!Are you overwhelmed by the super success of ‘Dabangg’?
    You bet. To say that we were not sure about its runaway success would not be correct. But you never know what lies in store. On our part, we had tried to put everything straight; the script, the theme bordering on the rustic milieu, the treatment, the huge production value in lieu with new debut making heroine Sonakshi Sinha and a new director Abhinav Kashyap to hold the entire directorial reigns. I’m making a reference as ‘We’ because it may sound clichéd but yes it was our entire team’s kadi mehnat.

    After the unexpected debacle of ‘Veer’, it is Arbaaz Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ which has brought you back into the limelight, given you a new lease of life. Comment.
    Yeah! You are right, you can say that. In fact, everyone can say that and I totally agree with them that Arbaaz with his ‘Dabangg’ has once again done wonders for me. But to say that it has brought me back into reckoning or given me a second lease of life is wrong. I totally disagree with you on this count as I had not gone anywhere or disappeared into oblivion. But of course it has given me one more most wanted ‘Hit’ after my last ‘Hit’ Boney Kapoor’s ‘Wanted’ and of course after the debacle, mind you not declared by me but all you media guys, of my most ambitious and very, very close to my heart film ‘Veer’.

    Is it right to give all the credit to Arbaaz Khan, don’t you think it’s the other way round that your star value has added to the success of ‘Dabangg’?
    For once, I’m thankful to you and the entire media for still thinking that I’m a star. I’m honoured. But still frankly and honestly speaking ‘Dabangg’ was totally Arbaaz’s brainchild and he had the guts to go ahead with it and repose his complete faith in me to carry on and live up to his and the director’s and the complete team’s expectation.

    But did the debut making director Abhinav Kashyap live up to everyone’s expectation?
    Oh! Come on. Don’t you think that the unexpected success of ‘Dabangg’ itself proves the fact that Abhinav Kashyap has done full justice to ‘Dabangg’ and in spite of this being his debut directorial effort? For me he has given off his 100% to ‘Dabangg’ and turned it into a blockbuster that it truly deserves to be. I think he has a natural flair for direction just as we untrained actors have a natural flair for acting. So much so that we are already planning ‘Dabangg’s sequels. And why not if just ‘Dabangg’ can be such a huge hit at the box office cash counters then I am sure that ‘Dabangg 2’ and its following sequels will also repeat history. No doubt ‘Dabangg’ itself is creating quite a nightmarish frenzy wherever I go especially amongst my female fans the likes of which was never seen or heard before.

    So what according to you is the USP of ‘Dabangg’?
    The USP of ‘Dabangg’ I think everything. But let me be modest enough to claim that it was my role of a corrupt police officer Chulbul (Robin Hood) Pandey’s, with shades and tinge of comic interludes, characterization that has done the trick. Aur thodasa credit main apni moochon ko bhi dena chahoonga (I would like to give a little bit of credit to the moustache..) which I have sported in the movie. But I don’t remember it if I have done it for the first time or after a long, long time. Then of course the other USP of ‘Dabangg’ is the Bindaas direction of Abhinav Kashyap, the high voltage foot tapping music and songs scored by Sajid – Wajid whom I always consider as my lucky mascots since ‘Muhjse Shaadi Karogi?’ days. I don’t think the audiences will forget Malaika’s item song ‘Munni Badnaam Hui Darling Tere Liye!’ in a hurry. Not to forget my darling heroine Sonakshi Sinha who came across as such a natural and ‘Dabangg’, this literally means a powerful – hardcore – rough – tagda – majboot, performer. She has literally lived up to my film’s title ‘Dabangg’ with very few dialogues and just the expression conveyed through her badi badi jheel si aankhen.

    To what else would you attribute the huge success of ‘Dabangg’?
    Surprisingly it was Arbaaz who pointed this out to me that for the first time it has happened on an Eid festival that our film ‘Dabangg’ was a solo release. Otherwise there is always a cluster of films released during every Indian festival. Maybe this helped it to be such an unexpected huge hit.

    Moving away from ‘Dabangg’ to something a little more… shall we say… spicy? Why do you think you have this love and hate relationship with the media?
    Main kahoonga ki iske liye bhi aap log hi zimmedaar hai! Sach bataoon toh… (I’d say that you guys are responsible for this too! To tell you the truth…) I hate the media only when they sometimes or rather always put me on the wrong footing. But I also love the media because they always help me to promote my upcoming films so well that sometimes they become blockbusters and here I am not talking about my films like ‘Veer’ but my films like ‘Dabangg’.

    Fair enough. So is it that controversies follow you wherever you go or you fall into controversies by being at the wrong place at the wrong time?
    Don’t you think you media guys are responsible for this part of my life too? The media always labels me, tags me with varied epithets like destiny’s favorite controversial child, temperamental star et al and the height of atrocity is that they also have the guts to call me media’s favorite whipping boy! But never mind that. First of all let me clear a few myths that have been nonchalantly attributed to me. For i.e. my temperamental mood swings or my so called aversion to interact with the media. To the first I would say that regardless of any consequences, every creatively involved person is moody and so am I. But that certainly does not mean that I am a typical ‘Khadoos’, a colloquial word for ‘arrogant’ in a typical Bambaiyya language. It’s just that I am very reserved and fail to open up very fast. But my near and dear ones, my co-stars and my friends will vouch for the fact that I am the biggest prankster, a jovial person, a cool dude, yet very reluctant to share even breathing space with strangers, and yes, sometimes even my fans become the victims of my aloofness. To the second I would say that I never hated the media and neither do they hate me. In fact, I am highly indebted to them, as whenever I have highly deserved it, I have unfailingly got my overdue share of their critical appreciation too. But, of course, we are always at loggerheads as far as my personal life is concerned. In this regard I would say that I have been manipulated and even duped. Whenever I have bared my heart and my soul in good faith I have always ended up getting misquoted with facts distorted beyond redemption. So what’s the point? I feel as at the end of the day they write what they want. And this allegation is strictly towards the tribe who unabashedly resort to the hitting below the belt kind of yellow journalism. Even off late, I feel like clarifying so many uncalled for controversies, which I don’t have to spell out for one and all. But will they allow me to speak the truth once and for all and represent the ad verbatim facts in complete faith? I am practical I guess. So the best way out is that I refrain from talking to the media, especially the journos whom I have never met.”

    Recently Ahmed Khan, the choreographer, narrated a very humorous incident regarding the Filmfare Awards, which made me believe that quite like Aamir Khan, even you have an allergy as far as Award Ceremonies are concerned?
    I not only have an aversion towards awards but also towards stage shows. I am not very comfortable strutting around my wares on stage or even dancing away to my topless glory in all those award functions where they never gave me an award, not even a consolation trophy even once. Just kidding! But I still do perform in award ceremonies. And when they try to offer me a trophy now as part of a performing act, I refuse point blank to do so as I believe and I have more interest in charging them for a performance. In fact I threaten them mockingly with dire consequences if they offer me a trophy ever again by adding that if they have spare ones please send me half a dozen so that I can change all the door knobs of my house.

    Do you miss the people who have gone out of your life or with whom you have had a fall out with?
    I don’t want to talk about people who have gone out of my life. I have had a major fall out only with Shah Rukh Khan with whom I am never going to reconcile. Yes! The twain shall never meet… Besides, he was not my girlfriend so why should I ever miss him?

    Are you aware that a Tamil film producer B. K. Krishnan is in the process of making an autobiographical Tamil film tentatively titled ‘Anna Salman’ based on the life and times of Salman Khan?
    All the best to him.

    Which are the ten most favorite films that you consider as the milestone of your career?
    They are ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’, ‘Tere Naam’, ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’, ‘Garv’, ‘God Tussi Great Ho’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Veer’ and ‘Dabangg’.

    Would you care to throw some light on your forthcoming films?
    They are, in alphabetical order, ‘Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai’, ‘Faltu’, ‘My Love Story’, ‘ ’ and ‘Tom And Jerry’ which is a sequel of ‘Partner’. Arre haan yaad aaya! There will be ‘Most Wanted’ a sequel of ‘Wanted’ besides sequels of ‘Dabangg’.


  408. saju n subhu,

    plz wrte my comment on salman dancing in dabangg article,

    this is not fair to compare dabangg dancing with kites dancing

    dabangg is based on character chulbul pandey,who is police cop,based on small town of up-bihar.

    according to all this script n character,salman dances lovely

    vo jo kamar matkaata hai,uskey thumka,s,latkey,jhatkey n
    dancing moves of dabangg,dabangg song,humka peeni hai,tere mast-mast,munni badnaam,r totaly superb

    according to the character chulbul pandey,salman ne jis masti n latkey/jhtakey/thumkas k saath nach kiya hai

    i think no one can do like this.

    ritik dancing is only break-dance.

    SAJU N SUBHU, plz post my this comment on dancing article.

    if u r real fans of salman,u do this

  409. u can compare ritik,s kites dancing with wanted film dancing
    of 2 songs-mera hi jalwa n love me-love me.

    in these latest two saongs salman dancing has style n perfection too

    ritik is not best dancer,govinda is best dancer.


    plz post my comment on naachgaana dabangg dancing article.

  411. SAJU


    post my coment on nachgaana article of dabang dancing.

    salman kya kamar matkaata hai,his thumkas,latkas,jhatkas r mindblowing,energetic n fully desi in dabangg.

    hudh-hudh dabangg,munni,humka peeni hai,mast-mast nain
    these all 4 songs dancing moves r bcome popular in masses now.

  412. Hi evryone im aryan frm gndhidam gujarat im very happy to see ”’subh saju sid etc&evryone”’ who r loyal fans of salman khan trust me guys by any means im not lesser fan of salman khan thn u all im fan of salman since 15yrs ie frm when i was 6yrs nw im 21 i hve also been to mumbai quite a few times to meet salman khan & i ve succeded also in it rly very good to c ths site & u all.SALMAN OBVSLY RULEZ ROCKS.again rly veru hpy to see all u hardcore salman fans love u all &wld love to join u all……..,,,

  413. cmmon yakuza bhai plz come fast. the first teaser standee and backlit of KHJJS will be unveiled on 1st oct.promo will follow later

  414. @Prity , mujhe NACHGANA se ban kar diya hai. So sorry I can’t post ur comment.

  415. yeh kab hua saju.nywayz naachgaana waise bhi boring hain.tumhare jalwe dekh kar dar gaye sabhi wahan. lol

  416. Dabangg Continues Dream Run

    Saturday 25th September 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    There were no new releases this week due to the postponement of Anjaana Anjaani which will release next week.

    Dabangg continues to dominate the box office as it grossed 35.25 crore nett approx in its second week taking its two week business to 116 crore nett. The third week opened very well with single screens super strong across the country. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER

    The last quarter will a big release practically every week and with huge hits like Dabangg and Raajneeti already it may turn out to be a very good year for the industry.

  417. @Saju Dey dont worry this is our side. we will promote this site only.

  418. subhu i read ur comment about saju om ng.well said bro appreciated.

  419. “Salman Khan Has To Agree To Dabangg 2″: Abhinav Kashyap
    Koimoi.com Team

    Abhinav Kashyap doesn’t come across as the quintessential debut making director. He doesn’t gush about his lead actor and producer, and though he looks a bit out of place, he exudes a quiet confidence, “I knew Dabangg would be a hit, but didn’t think it would be such a big hit,” he shrugs.

    Read more: Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’: Ruling Hearts Across India

    Abhinav Kashyap may be the current favourite in Bollywood now, with his film ‘Dabangg’
    (Read Review) raking in the moolah at the box-office, but the journey to this stardom hasn’t been easy for this director. “Everybody loved my script; gave me good feedback and enthusiasm. But no one gave me the money,” he says in his typical matter-of-fact manner. “The problem with the corporate is that everything goes to their Board (Board of directors). They spend so much time wondering which star is signing the film, that months fly by and nothing happens. Things are much easier and faster once you have a star on board.”

    So how did ‘Dabangg’ come along? After the struggle that seemed endless, ‘Dabangg’ materialized in almost no time! “I actually went to Arbaaz (Khan) for the role of Makhanchand. He wanted to hear the entire script, instead of just his character and asked me about the producer. When I told him that I hadn’t found a producer yet, he expressed his interest in producing the film. He gave me the signing amount on the second meeting itself and told me to dream big.”

    “Arbaaz gave me the signing amount on our second meeting!”

    Getting Salman Khan on board must have been a cinch then. “Arbaaz asked me about the lead actor but I hadn’t thought of anyone then. I was supposed to narrate the script to Salman the following day but Arbaaz couldn’t contain his excitement and narrated the story to Salman before me. At around 3 a.m. I received a message saying, ‘Done. Salman Khan.” Wow!

    But Abhinav is no newbie to the world of glitz and glamour. He has done a lot of work in television before assisting Mani Ratnam in Yuva. Doesn’t that experience count? “No,” says Kashyap, “they think television directors are too small. But what they forget is that Anurag Basu, Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sriram Raghavan, Shivam Nair are all from television!”.

    “We will work on the script. Then we’ll pitch it to Salman Khan”

    There’s a lot of talk going on about a sequel to ‘Dabangg’ even though the movie has barely completed a few weeks at the theatres. Kashyap doesn’t deny it, “A sequel to ‘Dabangg’ is on the papers, but only talks are going on. The character of Chulbul Pandey is so famous that it’s logical to monetize this brand. Look at James Bond, Mad Max, Rambo. But we are not about to start it any time soon be because Salman has committed to doing some films. So there’s nothing for one year. We’ll just work on the script & ideate, then we’ll pitch it to Salman. If it’s good enough for him…”

    Abhinav looks more intent on taking it easy for the time being. We wonder what it would be like if the movie didn’t have the super-hit songs Munni badnaam hui and Tere mast mast do nain…“There would have been some other good songs in their place. ‘Dabangg’ would have been a hit anyway!” With such confidence, we’re going to watch out for this talented director!

    Read more: “Munni Badnaam Hui” But How?

    – By Koimoi.com Team

    Tags: Abhinav Kashyap, Anurag Basu, Anurag Kashyap, Arbaaz, Arbaaz Khan, Best Director, Dabangg, Imtiaz Ali, James Bond, Mad Max, Mani Ratnam, Munni Badnaam Hui, Rambo, salman khan, Shivam Nair, Sriram Raghavan, Television, Tere mast mast do nain, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Yuva

    Read more: “Salman Khan Has To Agree To Dabangg 2″: Abhinav Kashyap | Koimoi.com

  420. @Subhu & Sids , brother mujhe ban kiyu kar diya hai pata nahi dude. Maine toh bura zyada bhi kuch nahi bola.

  421. saju yaar dun b upset.tumne apna kaam kar diya wahan per.dat site is boring yaar.it is useful for information abt movies,.other den dat its boring.so its fine dude.

    • @saju u are life of the bollybusiness. so don’t take it seriously

      @sids thanks 4 appreciation but what ever i posted there 4m my heart only. They have no right to make fun of any one.

      they may be senior person over there but that Site don’t belong to them. Every one has right 2 put there view.

      I respects there thoughts and also they have 2 respect our thoughts.

      BTW I am thinking of opening a bollywood site. But i dont have the knowledge of this bollywood fundas. so u guys have 2 help me .

  422. Amitabh, Sallu, Kats come together for Akki

    Akshay Kumar, who is campaigning to ban the word ‘retard’ used for mentally challenged individuals, has found support in prominent names from the film fraternity. In fact so touching was the response that Kumar was overwhelmed by their support.

    Our source said, “Akshay found the word retard very demeaning and humiliating. He even shot a campaign to ban the R word. What moved Akshay most was when his friends from the film industry supported him in his endeavour.” Amitabh, Salman, Katrina, Sajid and Farah Khan have pledged their support backing Akshay’s cause.


  423. @Subhu brother, tum kaha ho ?

    @Subhu & Sids , brother Salman ke barein main agar koi woha par bura bolta hai toh tum sab sabki band baza dena dude.

  424. @saju u are life of the bollybusiness. so don’t take it seriously

    @sids thanks 4 appreciation but what ever i posted there 4m my heart only. They have no right to make fun of any one.

    they may be senior person over there but that Site don’t belong to them. Every one has right 2 put there view.

    I respects there thoughts and also they have 2 respect our thoughts.

    BTW I am thinking of opening a bollywood site. But i dont have the knowledge of this bollywood fundas. so u guys have 2 help me .

  425. @Subhu , thanks brother for appreciating me.

  426. @Subhu , brother tum ek bollywood site open kar sakte ho . Is main tumhe 15000 thousnad se 20000 thousand rupees kharcha karna padega.

  427. @Saju Dey bro, i am software engineer. so i can design the site thats no probs at all, only there required little money for buying space 4m server.

    i will try 2 make one shortly.

    • another think u need some money 4 registering the domain name. the total cost will be around 6-7 thousand only.

  428. any one here

  429. @Subhu , I dont know very much brother. Thanks for give me the knowledge of software . I am an electrical Engineer dude.

  430. @Subhu brother, tum apna site ka naam BOLLYGLAM rakhna dude.

  431. @Subhu , tumhe site create karne ke liye joh bhi help chahiye tum mujhse mang sakte ho dude . Site create karne se pahele tum mujhe bolna phir main tumhe ek LIST banakar dunga as a friends suggestions.

  432. Dabangg 3rd week Saturday collection is:- 3.30cr

  433. it was true wat abhinav kashyap was telling guys that box office india is playing trick with all of us the weekend of dabangg is 56 cr much hihger tha 3i 39 cr as reported by IBOS

    it means it is possible that the first week collection was 92 cr as reported by abhinav kashyap all sallu fans protest against BOI they are downplaying the movie badly the first day of dabangg was 18cr and not 14.5-15cr as reported by other agencies guys raise your voice

  434. subhu+nahi+bro+tum+galt+ho+boss

  435. Yakuza bro, today is 25. kab ayoge bro????????????

  436. Party time for Dabangg

    Salman and the Khans’ party to celebrate the success of ” Dabangg” is taking place tonight in Juhu, Mumbai.

    The guest list, which was threatening to run into 1,500 people, has now been divided into two halves, for two parties to be held one after another. Says producer Arbaaz Khan, “It was impossible to invite everyone all at once. So we’ll have two separate parties. The first get-together tonight is for all the people who are associated with “Dabangg” in one way or another. We are inviting about 650 people for the first party.” The second will be for the entire industry. Says Arbaaz, “I’ve left the job of sending out invitations to my team.I just didn’t have time to make sure we don’t miss out on any invitee.”

    Read more: Party time for Dabangg – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/Party-time-for-Dabangg/articleshow/6626380.cms#ixzz10cc0BmPr

  437. Dabangg – Salman Khan Celebrates
    Updated on: 26 Sep 2010

    Dabangg movie took the Bollywood by storm and Salman Khan is all happy for the Dabangg collections. The movie netted more than 100 crores in the first 10 days and has all the previous Bollywood movies record tumbling.

    And the aftermath – Salman Khan is partying hard tonight at his Juhu residence, Mumbai. It seems that the guest list was so big that brother Arbaaz Khan was compelled to break the list into two divisions for on back to back nights.

    Tonight, first division guest list comprise of people who are directly or indirectly associated to Dabangg movie. The second list has people from the Bollywood industry.

    Says Arbaaz Khan, “Since the guest list as big, we’ve decided to split into two halves. My team is on the job of inviting all the guests”.

    Also, Sallu Bhai is back on Twitter after making his remarks on the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai. But he’s back with Dabangg (The Bang) and started updating about his and Dabangg developments.

    Also, Emami has reached an out-of-court settlement with Arbaaz Khan Production for the use of words Zandu Balm over Munni badnaam hui song. And now, it looks like Emami is planning cast Malaika Arora Khan as brand ambassador for Zandu Balm to cash in.

    So all’s going great for Salman – No wonder he’s partying hard!


  438. any one here ?

  439. Twitter sucks, Salman rules. @Saju: I am here 😛

  440. Hi evryone im aryan frm gndhidam gujarat im very happy to se”’subh saju sid etc&evryone who r loyal fans of salman khan”” trust me guys by any means im not lesser fan of salman khan thn u all im fan of salman since 15yrs ie frm when i was 6yrs nw im 21 i hve also been to mumbai quite a few times to meet salman khan & i ve succeded also in it rly very good to c ths site & u all.SALMAN OBVSLY RULEZ ROCKS.again rly veru hpy to see all u hardcore salman fans love u all &wld love to join u all………………..

  441. i wtcd dabangg 4TIMES TL NOW wl wtch 5thtime very soon aur””””” @saju dey&@subh im in cmplte support with u both on tht naachgaana or koi b aisi bt ho obvsly salman khan rulez rockz salman khan is truly the original supersstar of bollywood. spcly ””””’saju dey bht bht maza aa gya yar wht u did at naachgaana wo b akele sbki laga di.by seing tht i remembered 1 dialogue tht ”’Suar(tht sb in naachgna site) Hmsha Group Mein Shikar Krta Hai Aur Sher(saju dey) Akela”’

  442. Actually i Saw Ths Blog Bfre 2weeks SO Mein To Kab Ka wnted to join u subh saju dey&all such true hardcore fans Of SALMAN KHAN as im also same.im trying to join u all for the last two weeks but ths YOUR COMMENT AWITING MODERATION meri har cmnt har try was stpd by ths modertion.i tried evrythng to cme through it but i cld nt do so.but i did nt stpd tryig evryday thnkfully today nw my evry cmnt is nt kept for medertn

  443. aur naachgaana @saju dey aap airf blo mein vaise he krnga aapko ban kar dia to kya mein hoon na mein vaise he krnga wht u did phr bhle mje b ban kar de thn mein apne bht aur doston ko blnga

  444. aur @preity i cn put ur dance cmnts on tht naachgaana website if u stil wnt to

  445. besides bgst salman khan fan i lOve plyng musical instrumets spcly guitar one day i want to launch my own album own songs but before tht i need to cmplete c.a whch is very difficult so all u slman khan fans i wl nw reply tmrw afternun after my c.a tutn clses &after few guitar sesns as well & obvsly SALMAN RUULEZ HE IHE ORIGINAL SUPERSTAR OF BOLLYWOOD


  447. ..

  448. @saju”’bhai m totally freak nw coz m failed to make id in ng’ site,,,,bt anyways everybody know that
    Salman bhai is the best,,,,
    Srgay go to hell”’

  449. he sid or aryaan,
    where is saju????/

    hey all sallu gans u should go to farhakhan twitter page
    n see sallu-kat-akki item song in twitter
    n write coment to all fans tht they shouldnt go to watch movie only for sallu song,bcoz sallu is doing only guest role
    not leading actor or supporting actor.

    so credit will not go to sallu
    they shouldnt go

    plz tweet on farahkhan twitter account pics of sallu.

  450. @prity sids where r u cntct me on 09016346484 &09067011543

  451. 09016346484 09067011543

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