Dabangg : 800 Millions in first week

Cheers Guys !! This is nothing less than miracle. There was several factor contributed three idiots biggest box-office success : Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani, Vidhu vinod chopra, Christmas week, Brilliant product. But record breaking week of Dabangg is mystery. A team of new comers, most of first time [producer, director, heroine], very average product, not so multiplex friendly genre. So which force worked single handedly for movie ? One and only Chulbul pandey !!  Along with almighty luck !! Chulbul is force now, never seen before !! there is no sign of drop at single screens [Multiplexes has dropped though]. Second weekend should be 22-25 Crore range. This is hard to predict final legs of movie[Though multiplexes business is predictable now, on decline] , It seems movie will run for several weeks at single screens, after long time audience from villages loaded in trucks are coming to theater, reminds the 70’s and 80’s era or HAHK/DDLJ wave in 90’s. 

Time for three cheers guys !! Humka Peeni Hai .. 🙂

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~ by Yakuza on September 17, 2010.

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  1. jashn hain jeet ka.

    • Good 1. Sitara ek hi hai or ek hiko milne chahiye hamare Salman bhai ko

      Yaha bhi hoga waha bhi hogo kya…………
      Salman bhai ka jalwa.

      Kamal karte ho

  2. wats d distribution share for week1 yakuza

  3. Oye hoye humka pini he pini he humka pini he oye balle balle sava sava

  4. Yakuza bhai what was the business of Dabbang on thursday and it cross 3 idiots 1st week business or not?

  5. Well it woz 7.5 crore. if we calculate it according to yakuza…nd if we add 7 crore to BOI ND TARAN ADARSH FIGURES…ITZ 82 CROREEEE

  6. i dont think so 7.5 cr because yakuza says it drops on thursday so lets wait for exact figures

  7. Yakuza, so is Dabangg a guaranteed All-Time Blockbuster? How does this effect Salman Khan in his standing in the top 5?

    • Salman khan has jumped many steps in one shot !! he is definitely in top 2 now !!

      All time earner is almost certain (If able to cross 125 Crore).

      • I disagree with no 2 thing..bt definately he is back in top trio ..aamir followed by srk then salman / ranbir..if salman had nt given some below avg films he wld definately come at no 2..ranbir clashes with salman at 2 because he has had 2 bb successes rajneeti and apkgk

        • I have no interest in number/ranking games.

          1. APKGK was not a blockbuster
          2. Ranbir no way is ahead of Hrithik or Akki. I maybe wrong and look like a fool but watch AA not do well. APKGK here in Eng worked mainly coz of music and Kat. RAJNEETI I havnt seen yet but look at the star cast. 1 person can’t take all the credit.

          • u r absolutely ryt naved bhai , Ranbir is no way ahead of HR/AKKI , he hasnt give continous success Ranbir has 2 clean hits in APKGK and Rajneeti being hit . in no ways its a blockbuster , when verdicts are given the cost has to be considered and if we consider cost Rajneeti is no blockbuster. he has plain 2 hits in APKGK and Rajneeti

          • APKGK and Raajneeti both are big grossers, But Ranbir is not responsible for these success. APKGK was Super hit because of Katrina Kaif. And Raajneeti was having bunch of stars. Ranbir has zero contribution for Raajniti success. Even his performance was not appreciated in Raajniti (Except Taran).

            Anjana Anjani will prove if Ranbir has any boxoffice pull (here also Priyanka is big, KKK opened to huge reponse).

        • ranbeer+arjun+ajay=nana+manoj+katrina+prakash jha < salman alone in dabangg. wat kind of a media stooge and feudal slave of the clannish bollywood would put ranbeer at par with salman with the former having just one single hero clear hit and the latter an impeccable record.

      • top 2 nahi yakuza, no 1 today and no 3 in the entire history f bollywood. count hits, count top hits, count biggest hit of the year ( 7 including two extended special aapearnces, one two hero film and four solo hero film – maine pyaar kiya, saajan, hum aapke hain kaun, kuchh kuchh hota hai biwi no 1, no entry, dabangg) 3 biggest hit of the decade (maine pyaar kiya, hum aapke hain kaun and even if dabangg doent generate more revenue than 3 idiots, at least footfall wise its the biggest hit of the decade 2001-2010. which by the way is the correct way to define a decade rather than 2000 to 2009 as there must have been no such thing as zero year, could there.

    • abbey randy, fourth idiot, salman top 5 mien nahin he is the top most star of bollywood right now and in the history of cinema only two stars. dilip kumar and amitabh bachchan come anywhere close to him. as far as NRI icons like shahrukh and middleclass’s heroes like aamir, their regin is over# as it was mainly due to the fact that multiplexes were there in only cities and NRIs bought tickets in dollars/euros. now that hundreds of single screens are being renovated and ticket rates being slighly comparable if not at par with urban/ foregin plexes, be ready for the revenge of thr masses. and if u want a proof, cut and passted below is my response to saurabh’s claim that “sallu is finished at multiplexes” on 31st august 2010, ten days before the release of dabangg, the words that proved to be prophetic. and i m no sanjay jumani.

      sallu is finished at multiplexes just like how sunny,govinda got finished with arrival of plexes

      saurabh said this on August 30, 2010 at 2:07 pm


      today 200 plexes cater to 10% urban population. think of the day wen interiors have close to 5000 plexes will come up in inetriors even with the ticket rates of 100 rs the game will be changed. and its going to happen in this decade. as u must have noticed one elite domination method, the NRI market is already drying up and the next the urban metro will be whooped. and i guess the beginning will be dabang

      danish said this on August 31, 2010 at 4:51 pm

  8. i am sure Salman is back in khans trio and i dont belive how strong he is on single screens but he is YES,no one has such strong fan following on single screens in bollywood

  9. Yakuza it’s all Salman Khan. Yes there is luck but come on. What this film (average) has done is marvellous. For me 3I was a masterpiece and for DABANGG to beat it is just unbelievable. (first week collections).

  10. Humka peeni hai ..peeni hai …humka peeni hai.

  11. Chulbul Robimhood Pandey kuch toh record choda karo yaar . Baki o ke liya.

  12. @yakuza , thanks brother for ur information.

  13. Sam and Randy – Salman has not delivered recently but I really believe he was always there. He is and I mean really is one star that no matter of failures will affect his success. He has thankfully a very loyal fan base. I like him more as a person than an actor. But let’s enjoy guyz. And I said on a previous post that weekend should be 25 .

  14. I meant popularity not success lol

  15. salman vai is real n true hero of indian film industry….he evrey time stragole n back so strongly….thats why I like one n only sallu vai

  16. no more denmands.salman has given us enough reason to rejoice now dun care wat happns frm hre on.b4 d movie released,if ny1 would hv said dabnng gonne end up at 85 -90 crs ,we would hv accepted it nd now its 80crs week1.now no more worries abt its future ,dabangg has written history in .lalch buri baat lol

  17. I like to thank every Dabangg salman khan fan for make this film history of indian cinema. Congratulations to all .Culbul Robinhood pandey ki jai ho .Haters ki FACE kala ho

  18. @Sids , u r right dude .lalch buri baat hai. dabangg salman bhai ki jai ho .

  19. sids badnaam hua salman tere liye lol

  20. so at last History is written by Chulbul pande. so to celebrate this moment i am again going to watch Dabangg on this Sunday. i just booked 4 ticket in Cinemax,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and i surprised to know that all gold sheets are already sold out 4 all the show. and arround 40-50% sheets of Exicutive class are also booked.

    So i guess another historic Day is coming on this Sunday.

  21. For me Dababgg salmans best Performence in

    1) Maine Pyar kiya

    2) London Dreams

    3) Janemaan

    • saju dey yaar, u forgot tere naam, hum dil de chuke sanam, khamoshi, veergati, karan arjun. srk/aamir’s fake wetrenized hamming can never come anywhere close to these performance by sallu which touch the heart rather than try to act like tom cruise in jerry maguire or de nero

      • Whenever some hater says Salman can’t act. I tell them go watch TERE NAAM then come back and talk. Salman was flawless in that movie.

  22. Saju yr pr mainu ta tere naam te dabangg .,

  23. @Sids , I am also going to watch Dabangg for the 4th time on this Sunday.

  24. @Ninja, thats ok dude koi baat nahi .Apna apna choice hai yaar .I also love Tere Naam dude.

  25. I’ve finally done something for Salman, says Arbaaz

    Arbaaz Khan is happy that by producing Dabangg he has done something for brother Salman Khan and not just vice versa. He feels the movie has been great for the whole family.

    “Let’s be practical and honest – his (Salman’s) last big hit was Wanted and the way things are going this one can be twice or thrice bigger than that. So it’s a great feeling to know that not only has he worked for me, helped in establishing myself, but the film has worked for him also. It’s great for the whole family,” said Arbaz in an interview.

    “The best compliment till now was when someone told me ‘initially it looked like Salman was doing a film for you and ultimately it turned out to be something you have done for Salman’. There couldn’t be any better compliment than this,” he added.

    Set in rustic and rugged Uttar Pradesh, Abhinav Kashyap’s directorial debut has set cash registers ringing by earning Rs.48.25 crore (gross) at the opening weekend. People loved Salman Khan as corrupt cop Chulbul ‘Robinhood’ Pandey in the movie, which also features Arbaaz’s wife Malaika in an item number.

    Arbaaz said: “I was confident that we had a good film in hand, which would do very well. The film’s success has not come as a shock, probably it’s a surprise that it has done so well.”

    Arbaaz contained his excitement until Monday as experience has taught him not to be too optimistic.

    “We were of course very happy. But sometimes people jump the gun talking too big too fast. Fortunately for us it has not only maintained the hype but lived up to everyone’s expectation.

    “People really loved the film and they are going again and again to see it.

    That’s the only way a film can become very big – when it starts getting a repeat audience,” said Arbaaz, who also features in the movie.

    The film has earned over Rs.65 crore in the first five days and Arbaaz admits one cannot make a film like Dabangg without a big star, but says the film’s success is the cumulative effort of the whole team, including newcomer Sonakshi Sinha.

    “Salman’s magic in this film has definitely worked, but we should not undermine the effort of other people. The film has a very beautiful young girl (Sonakshi) and she was very impressive; so had been the performance of the other cast.

    “Salman is a kind of engine that has driven it and given the opportunity to take the film to another level, but it has become complete with a lot of other people’s contribution,” said Arbaaz.

    Asked if he would like to work with Kashyap again, he said: “I have kept myself open to work with anybody, any fresh talent with new ideas. Of course, we have established a mutual working relationship, but at the same time I would like to work with established directors and other new bunch of people.”

    Arbaaz is not in a hurry to start his second project.

    “I am still not done with Dabangg. There is even bigger work to make it sustain for four to five weeks. After that I would probably take some time off and chill with my family, think of some ideas and hear some script.

    “If something excites me then only I will start my next production. I won’t start a film only because I am capable of starting a film,” he said.

    Read more at: http://movies.ndtv.com/movie_story.aspx?ID=ENTEN20100153516&keyword=bollywood&subcatg=MOVIESINDIA&cp

    Read more at: http://movies.ndtv.com/movie_story.aspx?ID=ENTEN20100153516&keyword=bollywood&subcatg=MOVIESINDIA&cp

  26. im also goin on sunday.for me salman was best in
    1.Tere Naam
    2.Maine pyar kiya

    apne apne fundey hain

  27. LD & Janemaan Dabangg salman ke bad promotions ki bajah se flop hua hai. Dono films ki kaoi promotion hi nahi hua .This two films are best films of Dabangg salamn.Yeh do film ki result sunkar mujhe bahut dil main dard hota hai yaar. Kitne achche films tha yeh dono.

    • I’m the same bro. When I watch both films I can’t understand how both failed. Salman delivered great performances in both and overshadowed both his co stars in my humble opinion. BUT JANEMAAN should never have released with DON. it was Diwali yaar and all promos of the former were depressing. DON was always going to win and that was the case.

      LD yaar I was annoyed with Vipul Shah. He did not promote the film at all. It was Salmans 2nd film in 6 weeks. (including MAMK thats 3). WANTED fever was still around. Plus Ajay home production ATB was doing very well and he also couldnt promote. They should reallg have released that months after. Well thats in the past and like I said before good films of bhai is all i ask.

      Let’s look forward now. Salman rocks.

      • london dreams ke sath aisa hi hona tha kyunki music was nt good..then 2nd half crashed ….and jaaneman was baseless movie..agar dates change hojati it might hve done well..

        • Agreed bout 2nd half of LD but some scenes especially by Salman were heart touching.

          Disagree that JANEMAAN was a baseless movie. But each to his own.

      • I dont agree that Salman Overshadowed Akki in Jaaneman infact it was other way round. Jaaneman is remembered for being a good movie and also for Akshay’s geek look with eccentric smile that was evrybody’s favourite. It doesnt mean SAlman was bad, infact he was good as a rockstar .
        Salman so far has failed to overshadow AKKi in movies they came together , even in MSK, ppl remember wicked sunny
        with the above para i dont want reduce the importance of any character that salman played with AKKi becaues without Salman’s character Akki wd not have performed so well but i strongly feel that salman never overshadowed Akki.

        last but not least Wanted was small dhamaka before salman give abig bang with Dabangg 🙂 loved him in dabangg

    • Infact jaaneman was very good movie , it still hurts to knw that it bombed at BO

  28. Mujhe bhi. 😦

  29. Katrina, Salman back together

    One of Bollywood’s most legendary romances could well be rekindling. Katrina Kaif, they say, has gone back to Salman Khan.

    Not so long ago, both Katrina and Salman were shouting from the rooptops that they were single. “But not anymore. They have reconciled their differences and are back together as a couple,” says a source.

    One good indication of this patch-up is Bodyguard, Salman’s sister Alvira’s directorial debut, slated for Eid 2011, now a pretty auspicious date for the Khans given the stupendous success of Dabangg. Sources confirm that Katrina is slated to play the female lead.

    Alvira always wanted Katrina for Bodyguard, but Sallu and Kat parted ways. In the interim, she approached Asin but it didn’t work out. Salman, despite his ‘split’ with Katrina, has green-lit his sister’s foray into direction, with Kat opposite him.

    Alvira’s husband, Atul Agnihotri, said, “To be frank, there’s no one we’d like to see more in this film than Katrina. The truth is that neither Salman nor her has any inhibitions about working with each other. In fact they are already doing a song for Farah Khan’s film. This goes to show how thoroughly professional they both are.

    We should be ready to make an official announcement about the casting in a couple of days. The only hitch may be Katrina’s dates, which are still being worked out. We have already decided on an Eid release so everything is being worked backwards from this proposed release date. We’re trying to sort things out and are hoping for the best.”

    Is it love again for these two then? Surely it’s been a difficult time for Katrina; despite her alleged dalliances with some co-stars, she cuts a lonely figure in the corridors of tinsel town. Salman, after all, has truly nurtured her talent from her struggling days; it is a gratitude Kat can’t seem to ignore.

    Likewise, the split was never acrimonious, even by Sallu’s turbulent standards: neither badmouthed the other. So much so, that Katrina even recently broke down when her broken relationship with Salman was probed into at a recently-held press conference.

    From what we hear, Salman is equally happy to have Katrina back in his arms. In fact, he now wants to settle down with Kat as the buzz goes. Says a source, “Salman’s ego might not have allowed him to say so publicly, but he has invested nearly seven years in Katrina now. He may have had his share of flings, but he wants to marry Katrina eventually.”

    Jab miya-biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi? Bodyguard is scheduled to go on the floors in December. It’s also the wedding season incidentally…


  30. koi baat nahin saju.woh movies nahin chali to kya hua,hamare liye to woh great hain na.dat matters.tumne kabhi toofan ke aane se pehle sannata mehsoos kiya hain.dabangg toofan tha aur use aana hi tha.

  31. Sallu, Sangeeta in Bigg Boss 4

    All kinds of rumours are doing the rounds about who will be in the Bigg Boss house. Now the latest is that Sangeeta Bijlani has been approached.

    The channel is looking for controversial people and even if Sangeeta hasn’t been controversy’s child herself, the men in her life surely have — whether it’s husband Mohammed Azharuddin, who was recently linked to badminton player Jwala Gutta, or ex-boyfriend and show host Salman Khan. Will Sangeeta agree to be part of the show is the big question.

    “It seems unlikely. But what does it take for the channel to approach her… at least it creates some sort of a buzz,” says an insider. The channel’s also in talks with actor Ashmit Patel because of a past MMS controversy and his family feud. Veena Malik and Neetu Chandra are also on their wish list and so is Jackie Shroff (what’s the controversy here?). Some of the other celebs likely to be in the house are Manoj Tiwari, Chunky Pandey and Sneha Ullal among others.

    Dimpy Mahajan, who married Rahul Mahajan on a reality show, walked out of the house after he assaulted her, and then patched up with him again, has been confirmed too. And guess what? Former superstar Rajesh Khanna may be in the house too! So we just might get to hear his ‘I hate tears’ line if a contestant ‘breaks down’ which often is the case on this show!


  32. @Sids, thanks dude for ur encouragement.

  33. Miya – Biwi razi toh kya karega kazi?

    Miya is Dabangg salman

    Biwi is princes katrina

  34. its ok saju dude,big boss 4 is lookin very intersting.

  35. Thursday, September 16, 2010
    Salman Khan to release all his films on Eid now

    Now that Salman Khan has discovered that the festive Eid week rocks for him and his films, he has decided to release all his biggies on Eid every year.

    Salman has already announced the release date of his next film My Love Story — directed by brother- in- law Atul Agnihotri — even though they haven’t started shooting yet. The film is the remake of the Malayalam hit Bodyguard . However, Salman’s other film, Anees Bazmee’s Ready with co- star Asin, will release in mid 2011.

    With Dabangg doing unprecedented business, producer Arbaaz Khan has announced the sequel to the film, too. He had a brief chat with Salman and director Abhinav Kashyap on the day of Eid and they all agreed about the sequel.

    The new film will be set in a metro and the main characters will be played by Salman and Sonu Sood! Other details will soon be worked out. In the meanwhile, Arbaaz will be busy negotiating the sale of the remaking rights of Dabangg as many Tamil and Telugu producers have approached him for the same.

    With Aamir Khan hogging the Christmas weekend for his releases and Salman Khan sticking to Eid, Shah Rukh only has Diwali left for himself. But unfortunately, Diwali seems to be Ajay Devgn’s favourite since the last four years.


  36. @Sids , Bigg Boss will be very interesting this time. Salman & Amitabh both clashing on 11th october on same day .

    Big Boss vs Kbc-4

    Wishingg all the best to both. Hopefully best will win.

  37. ‘Dabangg’ Couple gets ready for ‘KICK’
    Written by Admin
    Thursday, 16 September 2010 20:38
    News Desk: Breaking News! After the huge success of ‘Dabangg’ at the Box Office, Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha are gearing up for the Hindi remake of Telugu blockbuster, ‘Kick’. Shooting for this movie will begin this winter.

    ‘Kick’ has made a bigg buzz in the Telugu film industry. The Hindi remake will be directed by Shirish Kunder and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

    Sajid Nadiadwala was upbeat about the remake of ‘Khaki’. He is also excited to have the ‘Dabangg’ couple Salman and Sonakshi in the movie. Salman will play Ravi Teja’s role, while Sonakshi will be playing the role of Ileana.


  38. today is friday but still not confirm that dabangg collection is how much in a week if any body confirmed report have share here c i circuit record confirm dabangg beat three idiot dabangg total first week and 3 i here
    Dabangg sets a new first week
    circuit record in CI with collection of 3.32 crore. Below are the daily
    figures in CI for Dabangg and Three Idiots.

    paid preview Dabangg – N/A
    … Three Idiots – 8,75,000
    friday Dabangg – 62,00,000
    Three Idiots – 47,89,000

    saturday Dabangg – 64,40,000
    Three Idiots – 39,60,000

    sunday Dabangg – 71,25,000
    Three Idiots – 48,27,000

    monday Dabangg – 42,20,000
    Three Idiots – 44,17,000

    tuesday Dabangg – 33,30,000
    Three Idiots – 33,74,000

    wednesday Dabangg – 29,42,000
    Three Idiots – 30,74,000

    thursday Dabangg – 29,37,000
    Three Idiots – 34,75,000

    first week total Dabangg – 3,31,94,000
    Three Idiots – 2,87,91,000

  39. hey guys,plz tweet to arbaaj khan and sonakshi sinha for doing post-promotion like aamir n 3 idiots team did post-promotion till 3rd week.

    if salman and dabangg team will do post-promotion.than dabangg can b 55 crore in 2nd week.

  40. CI First Week Dabangg v Three Idiots DABANGG NEW RECORD

    Friday 17th September 2010 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg sets a new first week circuit record in CI with collection of 3.32 crore. Below are the daily figures in CI for Dabangg and Three Idiots.

    Paid Previews

    Dabangg – N/A

    Three Idiots – 8,75,000


    Dabangg – 62,00,000

    Three Idiots – 47,89,000


    Dabangg – 64,40,000

    Three Idiots – 39,60,000


    Dabangg – 71,25,000

    Three Idiots – 48,27,000


    Dabangg – 42,20,000

    Three Idiots – 44,17,000


    Dabangg – 33,30,000

    Three Idiots – 33,74,000


    Dabangg – 29,42,000

    Three Idiots – 30,74,000


    Dabangg – 29,37,000

    Three Idiots – 34,75,000

    First Week Total

    Dabangg – 3,31,94,000

    Three Idiots – 2,87,91,000

  41. overseas hold looks strong as well.. australia weekend $126k.. 7 day total now $206k. plus pak opening today.. 2nd weekend overseas collections should be bountiful.

  42. shirish kunder is boring n flop director.he is not good director.
    jaaneman ka bakwaas direction kiya thatha,

    so kick will b flop surely.

    • Don’t worry KICK has a good plot. Salman will take care of matters. It’s not like Abhinav Kashap did great in DABANGG. plus JANEMAAN (according to me was a good film and Salman performed well in that film).

    • really what do u mean by direction ????? Jaaneman was very well presented movie, just that promotion was not upto mark to match Don-which has huge hype due to being remake of legendary Big B movie-Don , I hope Shirish Kunder proves ppl like u wrong with joker and kick

      • Manish – lol sorry if u misunderstood me. I meant to say that Abhinav was nothing great (it was his story etc) but JANEMAAN I loved I’ve watched it atleast 10 times. I thought everything about the film was good. I have huge expectations from KICK. I have full faith in Shrish Kunder. Any1 that can get bhai to perform like that deserves credit. So hum to khush hai lol

  43. I might be way off with this but DABANGG tickets were not even hiked so that makes these collections even more remarkable.

  44. Ok let’s analyse sensibly.

    Weekend 23-25 second week 18-20 second week hopefully will give around 38 . Taking it past GHAJINI. anything after that is a bonus really. I’m hoping for minimum 140 lifetime collections. What do others think?

    • well i think 1st week 80 + second week 50 + third week 40 + 4th week 30 + 5th week 20 + fifth week 15 + 6th week 10 total 240 crores. dont forget that like the middle class babus in metros, ppl in the interiors watch films through the week and if 4 lakh people watch the film daily across the country a gross of 2 crores and a net of 1.3 crores daily is very possible

  45. I hope Salman gets some kind of award for his breathtaking performance.

    But am happy for Salman. He has rewritten history for the 3rd time (MPK, HAHK, DABANGG). Kamal karte ho Salman bhai.

  46. salman is BIG BOSS of bollywood From Now !!!!!!!

  47. for me Salman’s best performances

    MPK -stands tall
    Dabangg- he rocked
    Jaaneman- i liked almost evrything abt the movie from cast to presentation almost evrything

    • In terms of best performances there are many for me.

      1. MPK – will always remain
      2. PKTDK – am being slightly biased here. This was my first Salman film and the rest is history
      3. JANEMAAN – he was damn good in this. Sau dard says it all.

      TERE NAAM, JUDWAA, LD DABANGG and many many more. But I hope from now we don’t get anymore bad products. And plz no special appearances in CRAP products.

      • Naved bhai even i though about PKTDK, Tere naam and judwa , but i found these 3 better
        MPK – jitna kam kahu utna achcha hai – one of my favourite movie and salman’s most romantic movie
        Dabangg – without Salmna’s charsma it wd have been dud but slman was good
        Jaaneman- Salman’s character has variety as rockstar , arrogant , caring , mean and then loving and emotional almost evrything

    • tere naammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  48. yakuza bhai plz tell me the name of the distributors for WAF for all parts of india

  49. also yakuza bhai you are saying that it is a flop but there are reports that the music and satellite rights have alone fetched 20 crores so how is the movie flop considering it required just around 12 more crore to recover its distribution cost fot the utv .

  50. yakuza any predictions for second week dabangg how much will it collect at the box office will it be 140 life time ?
    plz reply


    I always try to watch Salman bhai’s interviews. For me he easily gets bored plus 70% question are either retarded or personal. Salman prior to WANTED used to say that I don’t believe in going out and promoting. I make the film etc. Audience likes it then hit if not fail. Since his closeness with Mr Amir Khan Salman has changed for the better. He has learned from the best in terms of promotion etc. Amir we are grateful to you. Lol



    • Lol yes Atif it has. But that’s it no more records of 3I will fall. But let’s see where DABANGG goes from here.

  54. i thank salman for making fans 2 rejoice.salman has exploded wid dabangg. now akshay,sharukh,imran,neil,ranbir,hritik hmmm JUST BRING IT.

    • Sids- yeah I also thank Salman. But only SRK, HR, Akki and ofcourse Amir can break this record. But question is can they do it in the way bhai did it. I DON’T THINK ANY 1 CAN. thank u Yakuza coz I echo the same opinions as u as to why DABANGG worked.

      • and ranbir is also in the hunt..yaar kaun kehta hai record nhi toot sakta 3i ke baare mein bhi sab ne yeh socha tha toot gya na ek saale ke andar..wht i think is tees maar khan has a great chance..

        • Yes Ranbir is also in the hunt. I agree this record can be broken. Records are there to be broken so one day this will most probably go. But saying it will happen and it happening are 2 completely different things. Like Mr Yakuza said this film had nothing really but 1 man. ENOUGH SAID

  55. Naveed in my opinion no actor can break dis record coz dey dun hv mass apeeal like bhai nd dey r nt crowd puller.but dis record can b broken if ticket prices r hiked by 2 or 3 times for dere movies.but in terms of distribution share forget ny1 touching dis record.salman bhai will break it himself next action comedy movie wid hiked ticket prces in SS as well as multiplexes.

  56. @Prity, Shirish Kunder is a fantastic director. I prefer him a better director than Farah Khan. Shirish is a very talented guy. farah khans films are crap.

  57. @Sids , I am 200% agree with u dude. No body can touch this record Except Aamir khan. Bhai ki jai ho.

  58. saju jst becoz farah directs srk thts why she is crap..cmon man grow up..shrish kunder ko kch nhi aata..

    • That’s a bit of a baseless comment. Yes, Farah is talented (choreographer) and now film maker. I enjoyed MHN but OSO was poor. But hey both worked very well especially the latter.

      Shrish has talent. I saw some of it in JANEMAAN. plus if he was bad (or according to u kuch nahi ata) then he would never have got KICK and JOKER.

  59. In terms of SS I think you maybe right sids. Give Salman the right role and the masses will flood the theatres to see him. What do u think for lifetime collections? I firmly believe 140 is very possible

  60. @Prity, Shirish Kunder proves himself as a director in Janemaan . Unfortunately the was flop bcoz of bad promotion.

  61. Naveed salmn is full of surprises,dun know wat will happen wid dabangg.but acc to trending i think it will b 150 crs to 160 cr wid huge distrbibution share may b more den 3idiots who knows.nyway im happy wid watever.

  62. @Ashkaran , idiot Farah is crap director OSO is boring & bakwas film . No proper story just punarjanam ka history & unsituational crap comedies in everywhere. Shirish Kunder is far more talented than her.

    • agreed..bt oso again was for masses..it was weak in 2nd half ..bt it did set a record as highest grosser in 2007 though it had poor plot..

    • agreed..bt oso again was for masses..it was weak in 2nd half ..bt it did set a record as highest grosser in 2008 though it had poor plot..

  63. @Sids , 3-idiots ka DS kya hai ?

  64. guys just see this incredible interview by salman


  65. @Naveed, Dabangg lifetime will be 150Cr.

  66. i think 101 crs.dabngg is now 52crs.

  67. Dabangg 2nd weekend will be 25Cr. +

  68. Dabangg 2nd week will be 38Cr +

  69. Dabangg First Week Circuit Numbers

    Friday 17th September 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg first week numbers are in from some circuits and they are just phenomenal. Below are some figures compared with Three Idiots. The Three Idiots numbers include paid previews.

    East Punjab

    Dabangg – 7.05 crore (RECORD)

    Three Idiots – 6.57 crore

    West Bengal

    Dabangg – 3.89 crore

    Three Idiots – 4.13 crore


    Dabangg – 3.32 crore (RECORD)

    Three Idiots – 2.88 crore


    Dabangg – 4.40 crore (RECORD)

    Three Idiots – 4.21 crore


  71. Dabangg ka Friday ka response kaisa hai guys ?

  72. it is not a big deal.generally masala movies do good business.there is nothing new.also dabangg released in the holidays of Eid.it helped to get huge starting.

    salman delivered about 20 flops in his last 10 years.so none should shout after giving one successful movie.btw thnx to munni to present salman a hit movie

    Salman fans the above comment has been written by a loser called Dhruboo. Lol I’m laughing my arse off

  73. Great achievement for Salman, he really deserved it.

  74. 81.5 net till thursday….6 cr for thursday

  75. The film has smashed the first week record of Three Idiots even if we include the paid previews of that film.

  76. The film has set new first week circuit records in Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Bihar, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Assam and Orissa while in Mumbai, West Bengal, Nizam/Andhra, Mysore and Tamil Nadu/Kerala the records of Three Idiots have held up. The collections over the second weekend should also be very good.

    boxofficeindia news

  77. fans jee smile plzzzzzzzz

  78. 81.50 Crore Nett Week One For Dabangg

    Friday 17th September 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg grossed 81.50 crore nett approx as per early estimates over its first week after its Thursday looks to be coming in around the 6 crore nett mark.

    The film has smashed the first week record of Three Idiots even if we include the paid previews of that film.

    The film has set new first week circuit records in Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Bihar, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Assam and Orissa while in Mumbai, West Bengal, Nizam/Andhra, Mysore and Tamil Nadu/Kerala the records of Three Idiots have held up. The collections over the second weekend should also be very good.

    So, yakuza is giving lesser number than BOI this time.

  79. this time BOI r telling the real truth.
    taran adarsh is best freind of karan johar n srk.

    2nd weekend should b 38-39 crore.
    n if salman n all dabangg team will do post-promotion frm 2day thn it will b sure 55 crore 2nd week.

    bcoz aamir n 3idiots team did post promotion till 3rd weekend superbly.

    • dabang second week will be 50 crores as people in smaller towns watch dfilms through the week. as u must have noticed the collections have steadies at 6 crores daily so 20 crores weekend and 6x% days = 30 crores for weekdays makes it 50 crores. after the 2nd week i see a fall of 25% per week as the target audience of dabangg doesnt watch films on the net/DVDS. THE ONLY THREAT IS THE VIDEO/CABLE CHANNELS. otherwise the threat of video pracy and internet eating into the revenue is minimal.

  80. DABANGG HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. guys any news on dabangg pak release??? i mean in business point of view? how it opned n all?

  82. @prity dnt expect soo much…we will be happii if we have 40 crore week…dan it will be 120 crore…wer targeting a 150 crore (nett) lifetime nd aa 90 crore (distribution share )

  83. let d news b spread dat it has beaten 3 idiots week1 collection on media.dats more den promotion for dabangg.as dose who havent still watched will certainly flock to watch it

  84. ‘Dabangg’ has set new records in every circuit. The Week 1 share of ‘Dabangg’ works out to approx. Rs. 50 cr. Unprecedented! Unheard of!
    taran twittd

  85. Dabangg emerges the biggest opener ever of Hindi cinema. Collected approx Rs 81 cr. nett in Week 1, overtaking the Week 1 total of 3 Idiots
    taran adarsh twitted

  86. u all guys gona mad
    if dabangg can b 81.5 cr in 1st week
    than it could b 55 cr in 2nd week
    but aamir n 3idiots team did fantastic post-promotion for 2nd week n 3rd weekend.ye log 3rd weekend tak tv par promote karte rahey n dikhtey rahey

    but dabangg team to gaayab ho gayi
    they should come again n promote it till 3rd weekend like aamir.

    media wont hype this news.bcoz they r getting jealous to salman,s record breaking success.
    abhi aamir ya srk hota to media 24 hours yahi chillati n hungama macha deti.

  87. there other jalwa of bhi ranbir is nt agree to releasd anjana anjani on 24 sept. If dnt i must say 3rd week bhi is alone haha ha

  88. prity zeenews alrdy showed programme called Salman ka 81crores ka punch nd dey said hes no.1 now.

  89. hello prity jee media only cries for srk bullshit woh chahy koi bi stupid srk movie hoo…..amir ka liye to media ko na chahte hovee be bolna u know because Gajjni and 3 idiots smash box office records at that time…otherwise we all know karan johar and srk pay every price to media and they start barking

  90. Diz prity duznt seem to noe much bwt diz…she wont understand..

  91. Dabangg today collection 5-5.5cr,2nd weekend look like 20cr.

  92. Am celebrating by drinking ale in Salman’s name. Cheers to the one-man blockbuster!

  93. Dabangg 1st week 82Cr.Chulbul Pandey yeh kya karte ho ? Sabhi records tod diya .Ab yeh record kaun tod payega .Except aamir.

  94. @Saju Dey
    One and only Akshay Kumar

    • @sajju dey – amir has half as many hits as salman so i dont know why u prop him up.

      @ dishant – akshay has 5 films in the top hits list in which salman has 20. go count on box office india. akshay ki creepgiri ka zamaana gaya.

  95. @Dishant Reloaded ,

    Jab todega tab bolna abhi bakwas maat karo .He is flop star now.

  96. Before Dabangg Salman was also a flopstar,hehehe
    @Saju bhai, idon’t want to say anything bad about Sallu bhai,but u too shouldn’t say it about Akshay 🙂

    • I like very few films on Akshay… he acted well in Yeh Dillagi and Namaste London…and even Main Khiladi Tu Anari was fun to watch. Even Khiladiyon Ka Khiladiwas good timepass. But apart from all these movies, he hasn’t done anything great, I feel. Khatta Meetha was just rubbish… I walked out before the interval.

    • I like very few films of Akshay… he acted well in Yeh Dillagi and Namaste London…and even Main Khiladi Tu Anari was fun to watch. Even Khiladiyon Ka Khiladiwas good timepass. But apart from all these movies, he hasn’t done anything great, I feel. Khatta Meetha was just rubbish… I walked out before the interval.

  97. Chhedi Singh’s Twin Brother To Face Chulbul Pandey In Dabangg 2
    September 17th, 2010

    September 17, 2010: Salman Khan starrer Dabangg has been a blockbuster hit and all the characters of the movie are now enjoying immense popularaity among the audience. Starting from Chulbul Pandey to Chhedi Singh, viewers loved the characters and applauded them with the much deserved praises.

    At the climax of Dabangg, Chhedi Singh was shown dead but when the sequel of the movie is concerned, the makers cannot afford to do without him. So, it is heard that in the much talked sequel of the movie, Sonu Sood will return as the twin brother of Chhedi Singh thus justifying the continuity of the storyline.

    Actor and producer of the movie Arbaaz Khan, was planning for the sequel of Dabangg much before its release. Now, it is almost confirm that Chulbul aka Robinhood Pandey will be back and now the story will move to Mumbai. The first story was based on some place in Uttar Pradesh.

    A source revealed that the lead cast will remain the same with Salman, Sonu and Sonakshi. Now, as the story moves to Mumbai, what will be the probable name of Chhedi’s twin brother? Sonu was quoted saying that it should be ‘Ganpat Singh’.

    Well, whatever be the name of the character if they cannot match up to their performance in the first movie, all the charm will be lost. The expectation of the viewers has increased a lot especially from Salman and Sonu so they need to come up with some extraordinary performance in the sequel.

    – Sampurn Wire



    nd if anajaani anjaani doesn relase on 24th den dere r more chances 2 break its lifetime collections.dis record will b be break by salman himself

    • I agree. SRK and Aamir may make better quality stuff but nothing can beat Salman’s box-office power.

      Sids, I think Salman will break his own record next year itself 😀

  99. @Dishant , idiot dabangg salman ke saath Joker ko compare maat kar. Kaha dabangg Salman aur kaha Flop Kumar. Dabangg salman ki success dekhega toh tera pant gila ho jayega .

  100. Saju bhai,u r d biggest fool on internet,have i used any foul language,go to hell u moron

  101. ya i agree aditya aamir makes quality movies but srk no way look at rab ne d most crap movie where a women doest identify his husband by liitle change in him.u can hv little flaws in movie but if ur whole movie is based on flaw dats unbearable.

    • if u luk for a reason then wht abt superman it had same criteria…u agree tht salman fighting alone against 100 ppl can b possible bt identifying srk wont be in rnbdj..it was a bb

  102. @Dishant , Dabangg salman ki successfull career dekhega toh Akki & tumhara khud ki pant gila ho jayega . Aur tum jaise bahrupia salman fans hamein jarurat nahi hai. Humein sirf Dabangg salman ki Die hard fans ki jarurat hai understand.

  103. Now I will open another beer in the name of Salman Khan. Cheers to the one and only Dabangg actor in Bollywood!

  104. Dabangg: Why Sonakshi better than Bhagyashree and Nagma for Salman
    Salman Khan’s latest ‘Dabbang’ with Sonakshi is a big hit. Early reviews of Dabangg are very positive. In the latest Dabangg, Sonakshi Sinha makes her debut as an actress. Sonakshi is daughter of famed actor of yesteryears Shatrughan Sinha. Salman for the first time gets the role of a small time corrupt cop. This is quite different from the role that he played in ‘Baaghi’ 20 years back with then fresh Nagma, liberating her from corrupt system and cops.

    Appearing as a fresh year college student, Baaghi established Salman as an out-of-box, fiery hero. His debut movie ‘Mainey Pyar Kiya’ with fresh but already married Bhagyashree has already established him as a sober, romantic hero. There has been no stopping since then.

    Salman Khan plays the role of Chulbul Pandey, who is a corrupt police officer. After his mother’s (Dimple Kapadia) death, Chulbul parted his step-father (Vinod Khanna) and step-brother (Aarbaz Khan) because he was unable to adjust with them It is then when Rajo (Sonakshi) enters his life and he starts to look things more positively. Salman’s moustache gives him a new changed look. Going forward, this may be the standard identity of this 44-year-old star.

    The chemistry between Salman and Sonakshi is superb. While Bhagyashree and Nagma were felt ‘heavy’ for then 24-year-old Salman, you have little to complain this time for Sonakshi. (ENSNN)


  105. @Dishant, main Dabangg salman ke liye fool kya , idiot bhi ban sakta hoon .Dabangg salman ko kisi ke agar compare kiye toh uska khair nahi . Except Aamir khan.He is a genius.

  106. Hey Aditya,I visited your blog,it’s nice,
    Don’t Click Here,LOL

  107. Since 1989 to 2010 Dabangg salman is a brightest superstar of Indian cinema. No one can tuoch him except Aamir khan.

  108. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif: The eternal ‘Body Guard!’
    Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are perhaps made for each other! Every time those rumors about the two having split did the rounds; there have been some incidents, where the two have been thrown together by chance or by their friends and relatives! Ever since Kat stepped into the film industry, she has been protected by her eternal Body Guard Bollywood superstar Salman Khan!

    Just after the controversial statements that Salman Khan was giving in the media, about their break up, during his promotional tours of the recently released ‘Dabangg’, there were counter reports about the star couple going out together, having dinners and talking to each other, as if nothing had happened.

    The total confusion created by none other than the stud Salman Khan, has now somewhat scared the media into leaking news about the couple, until something concrete is proved about the real situation.

    However, now, news about the star couple to be paired opposite each other in Salman’s brother in law’s home production titled ‘Body Guard’ is being floating around, and reportedly, the only hitch is confirming Katrina’s dates, this has again made the media go into a frenzy.

    But, the confusing question is, are the two of them still a dating couple? Well, when will these stars stop confusing the media and the world at large? (ENSNN


  109. @Sids,

    My Love Story film ka director kaun hoga Alvira khan yeah Siddiqui.I am very confused now dude. Pls confirm me.

  110. 2007 main superstar bankar Dabangg salman se compare karne chala tha . Koi historical hits bhi nahi hai. dabangg salman se panga lene chala tha.

  111. saju alvira is producer .director will b sidddiqui.after succes of dabangg whole family wants 2 producer.lol nyways cheers for salman

  112. fri 6.5, sat 9, sun 13 = 28.5 cr prakashjaju tweeted this.

  113. Now a Tamil film inspired by Salman Khan
    Indiantelevision.com Team
    (17 September 2010 4:40 pm)

    MUMBAI: Producer BR Krishnan of BRK Films has decided to make a Tamil film titled Anna Salman (Brother Salman) inspired by the ups and downs in the life and relationships of the actor.

    While the film will have model turned actress Rittu Sachdev essaying a double role , search is on for the actor who will play Salman in the film.

    Says Krishnan in a statement,”I am still looking for a hero to play Salman’s role. We all love Salman Khan and his movies. When I read the script, I immediately decided to do the film.”

    The film will incorporate certain sequences that will show the protagonist’s various run-ins with the law. The hero will also spend some time behind bars. But on the whole, the script paints the protagonist as a golden hearted person whose willy-nilly gets him into wrong situations.


  114. Yakeen nehi hota hay, priti. Is it possible?

  115. @Sids , thanks dude for ur information.

  116. Dabangg 2nd Friday will be 7Cr.

  117. hey be4 dabangg releasd aivira wanted produced bodygurd. They were confusd who ll b oposite salman khan…any cn b oposite salman . for me nt sonaski .she is doin many movie wid salman like kick dabang 2 etc. Todays zing news said kat goin to opo…

  118. @Sids , Dabangg ka agar lifetime collection 150Cr. hota hai toh Distribution Share kya hoga ?

  119. saju dat answer can b given by yakuza onnly.hes a master

  120. saju dey how u knw dat its 7 core 2dy?any reliable source?

    If 2day 7cr sat nd sun mst huge.

  121. Arbaaz on a roll

    September 17, 2010 02:23:42 PM IST
    Bollywood Trade News Network

    After his debut production DABANGG managed to break records at the box office, Arbaaz Khan cannot stop praising his crew and his director for their brilliant efforts.


    Now, reportedly Arbaaz has gifted his crew members Blackberry phones and has also brought a Chelsea tractor for his director.

    Arbaaz is on a roll at the moment. After all his film has ended the lean season at the box office by becoming one of the biggest hits ever, making him one of the celebrated producers in town.


  122. @Tarzan ,thats my guess dude.

  123. Hey guys now it is confirm that My Love Story will starring Dabangg salman & Princes Katrina .It’s slated to release next Eid 2011.

    Miya biwi razi toh kya karega kazi.

  124. Katrina to get a tattoo for next film
    Wednesday, September 15, 2010 (New Delhi)
    Print | A+ A-

    Katrina Kaif is all set to get a tattoo for her Yash Raj films’ next project.

    Starring opposite I hate Luv Storys actor Imran Khan, this actress is aiming at a wild look.

    Though Katrina may be braving the needle, she is against keeping this piece of art for life. The leading lady, keeping in character of a rebel, is looking for an abstract tattoo only for the duration of the film and nothing more.

    According to reports, the director of the film, Ali Abbas Zafar, has shortlisted around 20 designs for this body art project that Katrina has taken on.

    Read more at: http://movies.ndtv.com/movie_story.aspx?section=Movies&Id=ENTEN20100153286&keyword=bollywood&subcatg=MOVIESINDIA&nid=52207&cp

  125. naveed bhi nd saju dey after wanted salman also get huge kid fans. Like sajid (producer)son is a gr8 fan of salman.he already watchd dabang 3times.

    • Tarzan – yeah bro. Kids love bhai coz bhai has a heart like a kid. Nadiadwala son Subhaan and Arbaaz son Aryaan both danced with bhai on DKD 2 this year.

  126. @Tarzan, Sajid Nadiadwala also great friend & fan of dabangg salman.Father agar Dabangg salman ka fan ban sakta hai toh beta kiyu nahi ?

  127. My prediction for Dabangg 2nd weekend

    Friday – 7Cr.

    Saturday – 8Cr.

    Sunday – 10 cr.

    Weekend will be 25cr +

  128. Arrey kamaal karte ho yaar thakka diya

    …tumhe maarne thodi naa aaye the…tumne bank loot liya humne tumhe loot liya…..phone uthaye kiska phone hai…..maa ka….pranaaam kehna……

    dabangg ho

  129. Hey guys any prediction for todays collection of Dabangg.

  130. @sids, gud dialouge dude.

  131. thx saju i hope 7 crs today

  132. dabangg friday will b 8 cr
    sat will b 11.5 cr
    sunday wiil b 14.5 cr nett
    2nd weekend will b 34-35 cr nett in india

  133. Dabangg: Sheer Star Power of Salman!
    Dabangg is sheer star power! The frenzy with which Dabangg opened was unprecedented but not unexpected. The promos rightly cashed in on Salman’s star power and portrayed him in a way which was hitherto hidden, and the producers’, hit the jack pot.

    Salman Khan plays Chulbul Pandey, a rustic and fearless UP cop, whose methods border on corruption. But, with his uncanny sense in prevailing political scenario coupled with his penchant for playing Robinhood, he is both popular and feared in the area under his jurisdiction.

    Da-Bangg! brings back the genre, slowly becoming extinct in Bollywood. An out and out masala movie, bringing out the age old, tried and tested formula of some good songs, a few emotional scenes and loads of rustic action creamed up with sheer star power. The song, `Munni Badnaam’, plays to the gallery, bringing out the primal instincts of everyone, without differentiation of gender, class or mass! Voila! we have a hit that is racing at breakneck speed to bang up all the previous records of Hindi Cinema.

    Dabangg is about sheer star power of Salman ably supported by a veritable cast of old and new. Sonakshi Sinha, in her debut, looked both beautiful and confident. Vinod Khanna in grey shades bordering on negative with Dimple Kapadia, Arbaaz Khan and Mahi Gill and Sonu Sood who impressed with his portrayal of Chhedi Singh, the villain of the story.


  134. Salman Khan Katrina patch up?
    Submitted by Surbhi Garg on Fri, 09/17/2010 – 12:26
    The legendary romances of Bollywood’s most might well be rejuvenating. The sources expresses that Katrina Kaif, has gone back to Salman Khan.

    But not so long before, both Katrina and Salman were up roaring from the rooftops that they were single. But not any longer as they have resigned their disparity and are back together as a couple as per the anonymous source. One superior signal of this repair is Bodyguard, Salman’s sister Alvira’s directorial debut, line up for Eid 2011, now a appealing promising date for the Khans provided the astonishing success of Dabangg. Sources corroborates that Katrina is all scheduled to play the female lead.

    Alvira for all time wished Katrina for Bodyguard, but Sallu and Kat separated ways. In the intervening, she move toward Asin but it didn’t work that way. Salman, in spite his break up with Katrina, has green-lit his sister’s venture into direction, with Kat conflicting him.

    Alvira’s husband, Atul Agnihotri, expressed that to be frank, there’s no one they would like to notice more in this film than Katrina. The fact is that neither Salman nor Katrina has any hang-up regarding working with each other. Actually they are by now doing a song for Farah Khan’s film.


  135. @Prity, hopefully ur prediction will be right.

  136. komal nahata told that dabangg screens r similar in 2nd week
    singlesceens r same n multiplex also same,only little bit multiplex 42new films

  137. it can b also possible
    fri, 7.5 cr
    sat 11.5 cr
    sun 16 cr
    2nd weekend will b 35 cr nett in india

  138. #saju,,,,i think ur pred. Is correct..n prity”’prakash jaju”is a mad dnt beliv. In his inform.
    Dishant””u idiot,,jerk,,bastard,,.go to hell with ur srgay”’hehehe,,,yippppeee
    here in delhi the response of dabangg”is mindblowing”’n tickets nt available in most of the theaters,…soooooo cheers guys

  139. sunday ,,,i m again going to watch dabangg”’on n only 4 bhai,,,,
    He’s a hero of poor”n common man”’n he’s a man of golden heart”
    Love u bhai n u will always stay in my heart forever,,,,
    Srgay”’is a looser n king of gay”community,,,,
    Indian media always anti sallu”’n pro srgay”’
    All indian media suck””
    A man of golden heart,,,who always helps poors n needy”’ones,,,,
    Love u bhai,,,

  140. as salman fan i wann se salman to do critical acclaimed movie .he shud do movie wid directors like ashotosh,hirani,farhan aktar.r balki etc.now dis da time after ready nd mls hit dn he shud try diffrent.with medium budget .

  141. komal nahata told that dabangg screens r similar in 2nd week
    singlesceens r same n multiplex also same,only very little bit multiplex hold for 2 new films.but most of the multiplexes n all singlesceens have same shows.

  142. dabangg 2nd week wiil b 50 crore nett in india.

  143. Salman Khan can’t delete Twitter account

    Published: Thursday, Sep 16, 2010, 11:10 IST
    By Soumyadipta Banerjee | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

    Salman Khan
    Salman Khan might not get off Twitter as has been widely reported. Sources close to the star say that, “Salman has just stopped tweeting for the time being.”

    “Bhai (as he’s called fondly by family and close friends) does not want to tweet now, and has made no mention of deleting his account. He’s extremely upset with what has happened recently. He’s not able to enjoy the success of his film as the controversy (on his alleged comments regarding the 26/11 attacks on a Pakistani channel) has ruinedit for him!”says a family member of the star.

    Ever since, Salman has stopped tweeting, his mail-box and account is filled with messages from his fans urging him not to stop tweeting. His close aides say that Salman might not go off but become irregular now with his tweets.

    “We are not in a favour of him deleting his account because that would mean rolling down a red carpet for the impostors. We have told Bhai that Twitter is a great tool to interact with his fans directly, and he should not think of deleting his account. He can think of not tweeting for the time being, but we have told him not to delete his account at any cost,” adds the family member.

    Salman’s mother, Salma, admitted that Salman was in a foul mood for the past three days that he didn’t want talk to anybody.

    “Abhi who theek hai (He’s alright now). He was not in the best of moods. I’ve not discussed the issue with him, I just let it be. He’s just stepped out of the home now after all these days,” said Salma. “But we’ve received so many calls. Everybody’s concerned about him. I just want this to pass.”

  144. hey do u know for last 3days sallu”bhai is nt talking with his family members??coz he is soooo upset with the 26/11 controversy.
    Hey guys this 26/11 controversy started by headlines today”’or aaj tak”channel,,,soooo boycot these two channels,,,nw i will never watch these two bastard channels…
    Coz they make my sallu”bhai cry n emotional.
    Sallu”’bhai lve u,,,

    • Subh mere bhai let’s be like our Salman bhai. Let’s not call other star names plz. Salman has a big heart so let’s do the same. (this is a request to all plz no1 mind).

      These morons who intentionally tried to bring bhai down again are the biggest losers in the world. Salman was creating history and this goes and happens. I don’t understand the Indian meadi. How can you treat and behave like this with the darling of the masses. Shameful behaviour by the media and they do it all the time with bhai. Salman was just starting to be friendly and open with the media and they go and stab him in the back.

      Bhai don’t worry we are with you always.

  145. i read ur article naveed on bollystreet,it was very nice,i also want dem 2 only concentrate on salmn bhai.doosro se kya lena dena,we shdnt abuse othr actors as dat will make no difference between salman fans nd othr fans.boxoffice is speaking for itself.

  146. dear yakuza bhai,new article plz wid modified top week1 wid distibuters share in bollywood.i wan see dabanggs name lol

  147. ‘Dabangg’ 2nd week Friday: Rs. 6.1 cr, Saturday: Rs. 7.5 cr. 9 days total: Rs. 94 cr. nett.

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