Recent Releases Caught Red

Movie Sample Collections BSSI (%) Suspected deviation
3 Idiots 4448.07 8.30 Fine
Kites 1070.26 8.16 Fine
De Dana Dan 1012.52 7.99 Fine
Khatta Meetha 1039.05 7.41 Fine
All the Best 1074.35 5.58 Fine
Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani 1556.89 4.05 Fine
Housefull 1998.05 1.86 Fine
Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 1737.92 -0.49 Error
Raajneeti 2750.01 -0.56 Error
Peepli Live 1002.51 -3.42 Error
My Name is Khan 2604.69 -5.68 Error
I Hate Luv Storys 1574.37 -5.78 Error
Wake Up SID 1092.55 -7.67 Error
Badmaash Company 1096.73 -7.82 Error
Raavan 1150.46 -8.35 Error

Few days back, a methodology was applied at recent releases to track the deviation of All India estimated Nett , based on sample size of Data recorded for ETIG(which is 100% correct), Movies marked as Error (Flag as Red Color) detected as significantly deviated from its actual collections, and movies marked as Fine (Green color) are in tolerance limit. Though i can’t reveal the methodology here,  But BSSI coming as -ve are movies whose all India reported collections by trade is simply rejected by trackers.   

 — Bollybusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 16, 2010.

20 Responses to “Recent Releases Caught Red”

  1. What does this mean ❓ Ididn’t get the post,Plz explain ❗

  2. I can’t understand this

  3. Yakuza bhai , i also failed to understand it completely and BSSI negative means the collection floating in Media are exagerrated ????

  4. What is this rubbish post?

  5. Saju bhai,it’s not rubbish,plz mind ur language.

  6. Well guys, BSSI is a new software to track the Synchronization of sample data and Floated all India Nett based on certain parameters like sample size (which should be 100% authentic), Floated adjustments (All India), Cinema counts, Print counts, Previous history. If output of any movie comes as -ve, It means something is wrong on overall tracking. The movies marked as “Error” got negative response and rejected by this tracker.

    In simple words, All India Nett collections doesn’t match with sample size and rejected by ETIG trackers. Inflated OR underrated , is another thing.

    ETIntelligence group is on verge to provide 100% authentic data and this technology has been constructed for their upcoming 100 million project where ETIG will provide news letter @20000/- annual suscriptions(proposal price) and will provide details of boxoffice for every penny invested and earned.

  7. error even with MNIK,so it did even less than 70 cr

  8. so all karan johar movies are inflated/deflated

  9. awsoem yakuza bhaiyaaaaaaaaa

  10. Ab Karan johar, SRGAY & yash chopra ki chori pakri jayegi. MNIK do business around 65Cr. nett from India. Flop in India .Taran Adarsh idiot says that 75cr.. Duniya ki sabse bade lier.

  11. MNIK films collection BOI & Taran Adarsh says 73Cr. & 75Cr. respectively. But other critics & sites saying that MNIK Average & below average.What is this ? Chor saale sab SRGAy, Kjo & yash raj.

  12. @Yakuza, Was there a post about Dabangg Sunday collections that is missing/deleted? I was searching for some comments and cant seem to find them on any of the existing posts.

  13. Yakuza bhai raajneeti and once upon a time in mumbi is hit and what about paa raajneeti is superhit and I hate love story is also hit

    • All these movies were hits/Super hits. But this post is not about verdicts. Its more technical stuff on numbers !!

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