Bheja Fry : Top Openers Of 2010 ?

Q : Which movie opened best at ticket window in 2010 ? 

A : Opening generally calculated as average collections per cinema. Inception(English) opened best this year with average collections of 5 lakhs per cinema. Below are top 10 openers of of this year so far (Excluding Dabangg) : 

Sr. No. Movie Cinemas First Week Collections (Crore) Average Per Cinema(Lakhs)
1 Inception 125 6.24 4.99
2 I Hate Luv Storys 780 32 4.10
3 Raajneeti 1350 54 4.00
4 My Name Is Khan 1100 42.15 3.83
5 Housefull 1250 46 3.68
6 Day & Knight 125 4.25 3.40
7 Peepli [Live] 640 21.5 3.36
8 Raavan 749 24 3.20
9 Iron Man 125 4 3.20
10 Kites 1327 40 3.01

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 15, 2010.

84 Responses to “Bheja Fry : Top Openers Of 2010 ?”

  1. although u hv excluded dabangg but why hv y excluded veer.

    • Veer comes at 18th position with following stats :

      Movie : Veer (Hindi)
      Cinemas : 1225
      Collections : 31
      Average Per Cinema : 2.53

  2. Yakuza bro any Wednesday report of dabangg.,.pls pls rply

  3. ny updates abt todays dabangg collection.

  4. 3idiots ka Tutna fir to Muskil he?????kya yr muje unmeed thi dabangg 80cr collect kregi

  5. Yakuza bhai,i think u should also have a chat box here at bollybusiness.

    • WordPress don’t permit Cbox, there is option of meebo chatbox, but i found it weird. But yeah for one liner discussions chat box is most appropriate rather than comments. I will see if any other option exists. Thanks for suggestion.

  6. hey guys not to worry at all, Even if it drops 30% on thusday collection still it will earn arround 5.70cr and the total will be arround 73-74cr.

  7. cn any 1 tell me total ds of 3i?

  8. today collection will between 7 to 8 crore.yesterday prakash jaju told 8 it is true he told at 6 p.m tht collection wil b 7-8 cr.

  9. Dabangg wednesday will around 7Cr. – 8Cr.

    • DABANG is dropping now i guess may be wld fall just of 3I.3I no record has been broken from monday onwards as 3I was rock steady and didn’t drop

  10. Dabangg 2nd weekend will be around 25Cr.+

  11. Dabangg 2nd week will be around 40Cr.+

  12. Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha:’ Lucky Duo ‘in ‘Sajid Nadiawala’s Next!’
    Salman ‘Dabangg’ Khan has really set records straight for himself with his record breaking flick ‘Dabangg’, doing wonders to pull the crowd to theatres in the first week of release itself!

    After having seen this success, many a producer and directors are pleased with what they have seen in the flick, and not to speak of the Salman, Sonakshi amazing chemistry, which is just the talk of the nation! They are ‘the lucky duo ‘,so to speak!!

    Reports are that ace producer Sajid Nadiawala, who has just completed shooting of the Ranbir Kapoor Priyanka Chopra starrer ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, had gone to Shatrughan Sinha’s bungalow, where he signed Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter, for his next flick, titled ‘Kick!’

    Even though Salman and Sonakshi are to appear in the sequel of ‘Dabangg’, too, the shooting of the flick might start a bit later than was thought. Thus, this Sajid Nadiadwala’s flick, which is a remake of the Tamil flick, might start its shooting schedule much before that suggests reports!

    Reports are that Salman Khan had suggested to Sajid Nadiawala to cast Sonakshi opposite him in the flick, where she will be playing the character played by actress Ileana, in the Telegu original.

    Well, now that Sonakshi has the Golden hearted Salman by her side; can anyone stop her from succeeding to the top position?? Lucky girl, isn’t she??(ENSNN)

  13. By the end of 2nd week,Dabangg will cross Ghajini. 🙂 :mrgreen:

  14. Fearless Salman’s roller-coaster ride

    He is 44 but he has the energy of a 20-year-old. His passion for films seems to grow stronger as he grows older. Age doesn’t stop him from flashing his six pack abs. In fact, he even influenced his counterparts like Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan to go macho. His journey in films so far has been a sort of roller-coaster ride yet he keeps throwing up surprises at regular intervals. Guess who I’m talking about? He is the fearless Salman Khan.

    Buzz up!Looking at Salman’s film career in the last five years is like watching a roller-coaster ride. 2006 was a bad year for the actor with all his films Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar, Jaan-E-Mann and Baabul failing at the box office. He started 2007 with a bad note with the much-hyped film Salaam-e-Ishq failing to meet the expectations of the people. However, he surprised everyone by coming up with a comedy flick in Partner. Marring the success of Partner was Marigold, which failed terribly.

    2008 was another bad year for Salman. All his films God Tussi Great Ho, Heroes and Yuvvraaj didn’t live up to the expectations. However, he bounced back in the following year with a bang. Main Aur Mrs Khanna and London Dreams failed but the stupendous success of Wanted made him hot again.

    He is perhaps the most unpredictable actor in Bollywood. He bounces back stronger and wisher everytime the critics write him off. He seems to see good things even in bad times and keep working hard. That’s his strength. And when his detractors are busy writing him off again after the debacle of Veer and Prem Kaa Game this year, he fearlessly offered Dabangg for all to see. As expected, it had a wonderful opening and even broke the record set by Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

    With good word of mouth spreading far and wide, Dabangg is expected to pull in more crowd to the theatres in the days to come. Now, the big question is whether it will break 3 Idiots’ total income. With Salman you never know. He is a dabangg man.

  15. East Punjab Dabangg v Three Idiots

    Wenesday 15th September 2010 16.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    East Punjab is the barometer for multiplex business as circuit is dominated by multiplexes. The first five days comparison between Dabangg and Three Idiots is as follows.


    Dabangg – 1.39 crore

    Three Idiots – 1.11 crore


    Dabangg – 1.49 crore

    Three Idiots – 99 lakhs


    Dabangg – 1.55 crore

    Three Idiots – 1.11 crore


    Dabangg – 84 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 82 lakhs


    Dabangg – 71 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 77 lakhs

    Five Day Total

    Dabangg – 5.98 crore

    Three Idiots – 4.80 crore

  16. The Big Da Bangg Theory

    As a cursory glance at the box office will tell you, we all watched Dabangg this weekend. The film has been unanimously toasted, and a big bravo to Salman Khan for flexing his megastardom and tearing the shirt off the industry’s pretentions.

    With a sneering invincibility invoking Lord Rajnikanth himself, Khan swaggers and struts his way through the film, that thin line of hair above his lip acting like Superman’s spit-curl and endowing him with whistle-provoking screen presence.

    It’s the kind of thing our Bollywood men haven’t experienced in decades, and Khan pulls it off like only he can, unencumbered by the need to act.

    Abhinav Singh Kashyap, not so much. Dabangg is unashamed, unapologetic, unpretentious – all laudable assets – but did it also have to be so goddamned unintelligent? The film had such magnificent potential, a throwback to the cheesy cinema of the 80s riding on the shoulders of a superstar who’d guarantee it an audience.

    There was room for irony, wit, awesomeness, in-jokes, but the debutant director seems careful not to have anything to do with the word clever – save perhaps a nod to Mohammed Hanif’s fantastic first novel – laying out a story so bloody plotless and coming up with a film that is nothing but background for Salman to trample on.

    And that’s just pathetic. A tribute to a lost era of cinema is all very well, but you absolutely have to bring something new to the table. Om Shanti Om did it with elan, heading into the seventies and borrowing framework and plotpoints from the era, but also giving us a bona fide romantic comedy with heart and very distinct identity.

    Tashan is as 80s as cinema gets, with some brilliant moments as a Ramayana narrative is threaded through a bizarre action movie. This film, on the other hand, falls on the side of movies like Wanted: there may as well have been no script, with everything being superstar indulgence.

    But, you might counter, it works. The film is a blast, people are having fun in theatres, and it’s full-on paisa vasool entertainment that delivers exactly what it promises. True that, but it had the promise of more. It isn’t a take on 80s cheese, it ‘is’ 80s cheese. Except there’s one critical difference: there is no plot.

    A still from Dabangg, which is doing very well in the Box Office

    Our worst films from two decades ago were hammy, melodramatic, over-the-top, blatantly manipulative – but you couldn’t fault them for a lack of storyline. From revenge to reincarnated siblings to evil thakurs to family feuds to impostors to amnesia, the films of the 80s, if anything, were immensely, claustrophobically plot-heavy.

    In Dabangg, even a dying mother doesn’t really matter. The Aviator sunglasses, on the other hand, do. Anurag Kashyap, who recently tweeted a picture of himself with Quentin Tarantino, has praised his brother’s film highly, and said it’s the kind of film Tarantino would have made in India.

    Well, he might know Quentin better than us mere mortals, and while the worst of Tarantino’s frames can be criticised for too much self-indulgence, show me one shot that’s predictable. Dabangg could have been an iconic, subversive classic.

    It ended up a poor joke, one that had no business being longer than a 20-minute YouTube shot. This isn’t a throwback, it’s a throw-behind, a film that celebrates the very worst of our cinema and revels in its awfulness. The star works without question, but the film is a monstrosity.

    And yet we celebrate it, because people are dancing in the aisles and throwing coins on multiplex screens. First Ghajini, then Wanted, and now this. This film has guaranteed that twice a year for the foreseeable future, a megastar will be foisted upon us in a shameless and harebrained assault on the senses. And this just when we thought we had left that cinema behind. Groan.

  17. Shahid-Priyanka’s night out
    Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, September 15, 2010First Published: 17:49 IST(15/9/2010)
    Last Updated: 20:55 IST(15/9/2010)Share more…0 Comments Email print

    Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were spotted watching a film together at a suburban multiplex in Mumbai on Monday night.

    The actors arrived in separate cars for the late night show of Dabangg and looked visibly excited to see each other. Two weeks ago, the two were spotted together at a nightclub in Mumbai, and Shahid had also dropped Priyanka to the airport when she left for Brazil last month.

  18. are yr saju priyanka ko bhul ja.,.,aur bhagwan se wish karo dabangg 2din me 12.5cr kama le hmmm

  19. dabangg wil definately break 3 idiots week 1 record.kamal karte ho yaar waise record se yaad aaya,ab to salman bhai fitness setter ke saath record setter bhi honge.

  20. sids record se yaad aaya aj dabangg ko 7cr ki collection to krni hi padegi

  21. ninja collection se yaad aaya 3 idiots ki 2nd week collections kya thi

  22. 55 corer 2nd week collection of 3i

  23. 54cr thi sids.,.,dabangg bhi 2week to 40,45cr ki collection kregi.,,.,waise 2nd week se yaad aaya saturday ka holiday he shayad

  24. 54 hmm difficlut to break.but yaar im still glad for watever dabangg achieves frm hre on.atleast salmans hater hv vanished.u know as salman said “woh wahan enjoy karenge aur mein yahaan”im jst waitin for week1 to end den its party time guyz.ase moments baar baar anhin lets enjoy

  25. In kolkata friday will be a holiday of Bishwa karma puja.

  26. @Sids, Dabangg 2nd week will be 40cr.+ . But we dont know waht will be happen. But hopefully it will do gud business in 2nd week

  27. Saju dey ur a great bhai fan yaar.just enjoy d moment yaar.dabangg has created history.saju ek baar woh dialoggue suna do “haters ka face kaal ho” vaala.

  28. Dabangg salman ki jai ho . Haters ki face kala ho.

    @Sids , thanks for ur appreciation dude.Yeah enjoj the success of Dabangg.

  29. Dabangg 6 days total ????? Plzzz tell me anyone !!

  30. Dabangg salmans

    All Time Blockbuster film

    1)Maine Pyar Kiya
    2)Hum Apke Hain Kaun
    3)Karan Arjun

  31. today dabang collections will b 7 to 8 crore. n dabangg 2nd weel will b also lik 3I approx 55-56 crore.u see it bcoz in 2nd week there is no gud/big film.

  32. todays figure r still not out.but as komal nahta tweeted 7-8 crs ,it means 73-74 crs nd add 6 tomorrow for thursday,80crs week1.

  33. Dabangg salmans

    Blockbuster films

    2)No Entry

  34. Dabangg salmans

    Super Hit films

    3)Biwi no. 1
    5)Jab Pyar kisi se Hota hai
    7)Tere Naam
    8)Mujhse Shadi karoge
    9)Andaz Apna Apna

  35. Dabangg salmans

    Hit films

    2)Pyar Kiya toh darna kya
    5)Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
    6)Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    7)Har Dil jo Pyar Karega
    8)Dulhan Hum le jayenge

  36. Hain kisike paas dum 25 hits ka. Dabangg salman is un touchable .Only Aamir can touch him .aur kisi main dum nahi.

  37. saju dey leave past movie..bhi have vry strong future lineup movie.most of wil compet wil each n other.sum movie has vry strong promising like kick,p2 which my cn break dabangg records.

  38. Dabangg 6 days collection 74Cr.Including wednesdays 7Cr. nett.

  39. Are yaar jitna bolna hai bol lo 24 dec tak uske baad na to dabangg aur na to three idiots ka record rahega.tees maar khan will break all the record and set benchmark in history of indian cinema

  40. Saju Dey bro , please stop faking .

  41. Are yr kisi ne koi tweet nahi kiya Mai to aise hi khush ho geya SIDS tu bhi yr

  42. Akshay has given 35 hits films in his carrer more than salman shah rukh and aamir check biggest b.o contributor fourth actor in history of indian cinema to give four back to back hits in one year

  43. saju dey frm upcomimg movie of salman whic movie cn business like dabangg u fink? Still dabangg have to make huge cause no movie

  44. nxt weak no big movie

  45. Ready,Kick,My love story & Mr. india 2 looks very promising

  46. saju dey if kick or mfs wil relesd in eid wich cn be other dabangg i fink.what do u fink?

  47. Nexy week field is wide open for Dabangg .There is no release .3rd week will be releasing anjana anjani .There is no buzz around film .It will be sure shot flop.Also there is no promotion for Anjana Anjani .Also this film looking very dull . Sure shot flop for Priyanka.

  48. I think KICK will be better for Eid. Also READY is very promising

  49. My love story will be next Eid. Starring Salman & Katrina.It will be another Dabangg.

  50. Dabangg is trouble yet again!

    I am going to sue the makers of Dabangg,” says 45-year-old Om Prakash Jakhar, who has had a harrowing time ever since the publicity for the Salman Khan-starrer began.

    In the background of the hit film’s posters are four phone numbers, belonging to Jakhar’s family and the school that related stories
    Dabangg’s ‘Munni’ in legal soup!
    Dabangg bangs it at the national BO
    he runs in Rajasthan’s Fatehpur Shekhawati. 20 days ago, when life size posters of the film were put up across the country, Jakhar began receiving calls from people asking to speak with Chulbul Pandey and Munni — Salman Khan and Malaika Arora’s characters from Dabangg. However, ever since the film released, all hell broke loose.

    “The film has made my life hell! I get around 500 calls a day. I am unable to concentrate on my work. People call and when I tell them it’s a wrong number, they abuse me. I even get calls from Japan, Saudi Arabia, China and Switzerland,” says Jakhar. “I want them to remove the posters or change the numbers. But all attempts to contact the film-makers have failed. I have now decided to take the film-makers to court, as a last resort.” Jakhar, who has no intention of watching Dabangg, reasons that since he’s had the numbers for a long time, it is not feasible for him to change all of them.

    Producer-actor Arbaaz Khan defends, “I am amazed people spotted the number… we didn’t even notice it. I apologise for the inconvenience it has caused him.” The film’s art director, Rahul Nanda, who designed the poster, adds, “We took several newspaper clippings to prepare the art work. This just happened to be one of them. We didn’t notice any phone numbers while finalising the poster.”

    In the past, phone numbers accidentally highlighted in Ghajini, Milenge Milenge and Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein have also caused distress to people who owned the numbers.

  51. saju dey is it confim dat kat in mfs?i knw dat stil its nt finalized.

  52. so guys so much worry for today’s collection. i think it will not cross 7cr mark, rather it will be near about 6cr=+. so it will be around 73+- for today.

    in the worst case it will definitely collects 5+ in Thursday because generally we dont see large deviation in collection with comparison to Wednesday collection.

    So total will be around 78+ in worst case and 79 looks possible if (+) in my calculation will in higher side i.e 6.8 or 5.7

    • hey guys i am worrying , i posted this because here is too much discussion about today’s collection.

      For me Dabangg is already a winner all the way.

  53. Hey guys any news about wednesdays collection of Dabangg

  54. @Katrina is not yet finalised dude for MLS.But it is heavy rumour that Katrina will be the part of the film.

  55. does any 1 se salmans ready pic?bhi looks different ther.vry interestin

  56. @Subhu , subh subh bolo yaar .Dont be depress .Be positive yaar .Be positive se yaad aaya yeh mera blood group hai yaar. Bhaiya ji smile plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  57. Tarzan – where can I see the READY poster. And subh and saju dey don’t worry guyz.

  58. Ready is a very masala movie dude.Romance, action , comedy & family drama in it. Also it is a musical film .Ready is a south indian film which also remake as a Ready .In south it was a huge successful film.

  59. dabangg 5 days total is 67.75 cr+ wed is 7 cr = 74.75 cr
    than thurs may b 6 cr total will b 80.75-81 cr nett in india.n 3 idiot was 79 cr nett including 3 cr nett preview

  60. naveed bhi its nt poster .some of pic frm da set. U cn find sarch in facebook. the fans are open a acount movies name.

  61. @Naveed ,I am not worried about Dabangg . Mr.Subhu worried about Dabangg collection.

  62. Dabangg Has A Fantastic Tuesday

    Wenesday 15th September 2010 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg continued its dream run on Tuesday with collections around the 8 crore nett mark as per early estimates. There were new circuit records in Delhi/UP, Bihar, CP Berar, Assam and Orissa. Infact Delhi/UP is on the sort of run never witnessed before with the Delhi/UP total being more than 15.75 crore nett in five days which is more than the 14.75 crore nett of Three Idiots in seven days plus paid previews.

    The five day total is now around the 67.75 crore nett mark as it chases the record 79 crore nett total of Three Idiots over seven days. The Three Idiots seven day plus paid previews total of 79 crore nett should be crossed as Dabangg finishes the week with 80 crore nett plus collections.

    Dabangg Has A Fantastic Tuesday

    Wenesday 15th September 2010 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg continued its dream run on Tuesday with collections around the 8 crore nett mark as per early estimates. There were new circuit records in Delhi/UP, Bihar, CP Berar, Assam and Orissa. Infact Delhi/UP is on the sort of run never witnessed before with the Delhi/UP total being more than 15.75 crore nett in five days which is more than the 14.75 crore nett of Three Idiots in seven days plus paid previews.

    The five day total is now around the 67.75 crore nett mark as it chases the record 79 crore nett total of Three Idiots over seven days. The Three Idiots seven day plus paid previews total of 79 crore nett should be crossed as Dabangg finishes the week with 80 crore nett plus collections.

  63. Hey guys any information about wednesdays collection of Dabangg.

  64. I think Dabbang will be income 2nd week 57 crore nett.Thus as Friday 12 crore Saturday 11 crore Sunday 14 crore Monday 6crore Tuesday 5crore Wedensday 4crore Thursday 3crore Insaallah.

  65. Any one here.

  66. Dabangg’s poster puts Rajasthan School in Trouble
    Written by Admin
    Wednesday, 15 September 2010 13:15
    News Desk: Breaking News! Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ has become a super hit and broke the records of ‘3 Idiots’ during the opening weekend collections. However, a school in Rajasthan is not excited. ‘Dabangg’ has put them in trouble.

    Can I talk to Munni??? Can I meet Salman Khan??? Can I talk to Chulbul Pandey??? Yes, these are the questions asked over telephone to the authorities of New Rajasthan Secondary School located at Fatehpur Shekhawati in Sikar district, Rajasthan.

    The school is getting calls from all over India because its landline number and mobile number are accidentally printed on the posters of Dabangg.

    Om Prakash Jakhar, owner of the school said “I don’t know how it happened and what to do, the phone numbers on movie posters are that of my school”.

    A caller from Ambala informed him that he got his mobile and telephone numbers from the posters of the Dabangg movie. Om Prakash Jakhar himself went to the theater to check and was shocked to see the poster.

    He said he has been receiving calls since the movie was released and is causing inconvenience to the school. He confirmed that they are getting more than 400 calls a day.

  67. Dabang is “biggest-ever hit”: Shatru
    PTI | 11:09 PM,Sep 15,2010
    Patna, Sep 15 (PTI) Dabang is the biggest-ever hit in India and abroad, cine star-turned BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha claimed today. “People say that Dabang is hit of 2010… But it is the biggest-ever hit film in India and abroad” , Sinha said when asked for his comment about the film starring Salman Khan and his daughter Sonakshi Sinha. “Not only the audience in India but also from abroad have acknowledged the film as a Bollywood potboiler”, he said.PTI AJK MM 09151939


  69. Wed collections any1.

  70. Dabangg will be ATTB for sure …. Kamal karte ho salman….

  71. abangg Certain To Smash First Week Record Of Three Idiots

    Thursday 16th September 2010 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg is certain to smash the first week record of Three Idiots. The first seven day business of Dabanng will be more than the first week plus paid preview business of Three Idiots.

    The first week distributor share is likely to come in at least 52 crore which is a huge 5.50 crore higher than the first week share of Three Idiots. The share of Dabanng could go even a bit higher and it is amazingly just 1 crore short of the lifetime share of Salman Khan’s biggest hit ever Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

    The film is holding up very well on weekdays and a huge second weekend is on the cards. Single screens are phenomenal with just 0-10% daily drops on the weekdays.

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