Praz Gold : AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY (Hindi, 1977)

It’s hard for me to call any movieperfect, sure I have ton’s of favourites however very few come close to the utmost standard of perfection and if there’s one movie after Yash Chopra’s DEEWAR which deserves the Gold Standard it’s none other than Manmohan Desai’s AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY.

Manmohan Desai was rightly called the “showman” for decades as the man truly earnt this status. His films had complex stories which were simple in execution yet filled with subtle political messages of national integrity and Gandhian values. In the garb of a masala film one would also get a film which incorporated a number of the realities facing India at that time. Like the former Showman Raj Kapoor, Desai through his masala entertainers captured the heart of the Nation and cemented his place in FIlmi history with AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY.

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~ by prazzero00000 on September 12, 2010.

16 Responses to “Praz Gold : AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY (Hindi, 1977)”

  1. yakuza still no replies from ur side on sholay,AAA circuitwise collns and verdicts,AAA AND 3i ALL TIME POSITION IN MUMBAI CIRCUIT.rh all time position in bihar circuit.look at this unbelievable i don’t know wether it’s true,updated BOi is claiming sholay did 4.25 cr NETt in WB circuit.WITH DS-3 cr

    • Circuit wise collections of movies from 70’s and 80’s is not easy to track, Annual issue of film information do have final collections. But only way to get circuit wise breakup is to track all weekly issues of trade magazine. And to do this practice for every movie is hard job [It would have been easy if data was in soft form, but picking every number from hard copy is time consuming]. I am doing this practice regularly for old movies in box-office operation section. Will do box-office operation of AAA very soon.

  2. Which is bigger hit AAA or cooley yakuza sir?

  3. yakuza bhai is WAF an average at the box office as stated by boi or is it a flop?

  4. yakuza bhai plz reply on this.and yakuza bhai one more thing i was recently going through 2010 verdicts by boi which is nothin more than a big joke .first they were claiming mnik is a superhit and now they have changed it to a hit.wus was a semi hit now it is above average.and they have given do not disturb an average status but it was a flop yakuza bhai wasnt it ?

  5. yakuza bhai plz respond to this as quickly as possible

  6. thanx a lot yakuza bhai for responding so far as boi is concerned they should close down their site as it has become a laughing stock with every lies of them gettin nailed down by themselves only first mnik then do not disturb and now waf.what say yakuza bhai?

  7. Please give boxoffice of deewar,don,trisul they are the favourite movie of bigB for me.

  8. Please provide box office collections of Pukar/Bemisal/mahaan.

  9. Dear Yakuza,
    Please bring one big on Amitabh,Manmohan combination.I think the best ever combination in bollywood history.

  10. Dear Yakuza,
    Please bring one big artical on Amitabh,Manmohan combination.I think the best ever combination in bollywood history.

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