Bheja Fry : What about verdicts purely based on theatrical returns regardless of investment ?

Q : You have given average ticket price 16/- in 1994, But BOI put it as Rs. 35/-. What was actual average ticket rate ?

A : Average ticket price of Rs. 35/- in 1994 is pure bullshit by Sardar Harminder Singh of BOI. Ticket prices was as low as Rs 8/- (Balcony) in most of interiors and Rs. 35/- was at metro’s esteemed single screens. There is no way average ticket price come out at 35/- by any calculation (Mean, median, mode). There was hike in prices in 1995 and average ticket price then was Rs. 20/- and remained same until 1998 when further hike took place and average became 24/-.

Q : What about verdicts purely based on theatrical returns regardless of investment (As suggested by BOI) ?

A : This is biggest blunder one can prevail in his lifetime. This is like only five star hotels are doing HIT business (regardless of their huge investment) and all DHABAs should be closed because their returns are negligible comparatively. It will be difficult to get even HIT status for small releases if one apply this standard. Small releases (Like Udaan/Tere bin Laden released on merely 150+ prints) business will always be way below the set standard mark (even if occupancy is 100%) and can never achieve Hit status based on this verdict system.

Verdicts of movie can never be given regardless of distribution price, A corporate may buy the movie @some astonished prices. But age old sub-distributors never bought the movie to unrealistic price and prices are based on star market potential. Shahenshah in 1988 was underperformer (though profit maker for all distributors) only because distribution price was sky high, otherwise based on theatrical return, it was second highest grosser and undisputed blockbuster. But was given HIT tag only because ROI was low. Many big grosser in 80’s were suffered on verdict only because of price factor (Shaan, Ram Balram etc) and many low grosser in recent past are given blockbuster tag only because of price factor by same portal (for eg Vivah). 

At the end, once should be consistent in his ratings whatever he applies. In case BOI want to stick with his standards, its good , but need to apply similar verdicts system for every movie of past also, based on which Shahenshah/Shaan likes of hundreds of movies should be given minimum Blockbuster and movie like Vivah verdict should be changed to Semi hit ( similar business to Ta Ra Rum Pum) , Bheja fry will be flop applying this system.

Komal Nahta is respected because of his consistent classifications whatever his standards are. But BOI till date even after 8 years is in dilemma and make mess of everything. There are hundreds movies, and hundred different classification system they have applied at different point of time. Now everything is mess.

Q : We are surprised looking at business of Dabangg. What is actual market potential if 100% occupied?

A : With 1500 prints (inclusive of 500 single screen prints, 4 shows per screen in multiplexes), Capacity is 20 Crore plus at the moment.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 12, 2010.

16 Responses to “Bheja Fry : What about verdicts purely based on theatrical returns regardless of investment ?”

  1. good reply . when Boi changed the look and came out with some explanation , i got that it was pointed towrads u and good reply yakuza bhai and ait and watch iam sure the way u r working u’ll stand neck to neck even ahead of BOI for box office numbers . love u bro 🙂

    • Thanks Manish, I got mails from harminder (BOI) with thanks that he is taking inputs from this blog to improve BOI. Star rankings and adjustment based on ticket price was idea he took from bollybusiness. But their star rankig system is pure shit. As per their system, Abhay deol will get -ve ranking with every release (No matter how many small hits he give, his ranking will be lowered down with every release). This is ocmplete bullshit system where ranking of every big star will go upward with every release (No matter how many flops) and ranking of every small but significant star will go down (No matter how many Hits).

      • i saw that posted on NG and was laughing over it 🙂 . i generally dont go to Boi nowadsy . prefer to visit this place for figures, only if the figures are not updated here i just check out Boi

  2. BOI has further upped their manipulations i can see bit degrading of aamir by BOI,BOI ko itni jillat sehni padhi hai jab unka expose par expose hus


  4. Mr.yakuza critcise BOI az much az yu can…buh rememba dey r most trusted along wiv taran adarsh 4 everywun….yur also gudd..buh not popular at all..

    • Yup BOI is most popular. But thats 8 years old site and still struggling for good and authentic content. And biggest victory of bollybusiness is that BOI forced to change many things looking at this blog. In last 8 years BOI failed to convince about their OLD movies numbers and verdicts, they keep on changing numbers every time. And BOI failed to create any consistant verdict system. And even today BOI brings the verdict method which is most weired.

      Mr. yakuza, you are doing good job at leats better than BOI.

    • wait and watch buddy , he will be pouplar , Boi took some time before it became popular and it has no competitor . Ibos is out of question . but now BOI will have a competitor for sure

  5. shut up fuad he is morepopular for us than other websites and the lesser you talk of boi the better it would be

  6. and the recent case is of don movie of ab

  7. Rohit behave….dnt geh high on cyberworld…ii just sed da truth..tym will tell huz more popular

  8. Debang is hit.BOI is fake site.

  9. boi is a fraud pro srk site

  10. Buh BOI were promoting dabangg 4rm da day promo released…dey were superexcited azwell

  11. Congratulation yakuza for your work which made establsihed portals like BOI stand up and took notice.My request to you,please update atleast once in every two days

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