Dabangg : Kamaal Karte Ho Bhai, Broke Every Record ?

It was first informed at bollybusiness (and only informed here) that how big grosser like Rajneeti/Houseful/My Name Is Khan etc utilized only 40-50% of overall available capacity. After long time (its ages now) a movie arrived which grabs the maximum occupancy available (overall 70-80%), A true earth shattering response. First day business is nothing less than 15 Crore and unbelievably crossed the Three idiots record first day collections  (12.5 Crore) with god margin of 2.5 Crore. Though most of circuits are ahead of three idiots, biggest surprise came from high end multiplexes of metros, specially Mumbai and Delhi (where salman’s previous blockbuster “Wanted” performed average). Audience reaction of movie is very much mixed and unlikely to sustain on similar pattern beyond first week. Still a smashing first weekend (should be 45+) will ensure minimum blockbuster at hands.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 11, 2010.

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  1. what do you mean the audience response is mixed yakuza?every website,every tv channel is saying the audience response is mindblowing,everyone loved the film,no one said anything bad about the film

    • No malik, not everyone is Ga Ga over movie. Even some bhai fans are disappointed. though personally i enjoyed movie, but that was for different reason all together. It was gang bang.

    • But still, its one time watch. Doesn’t carry the repeat value.

    • But now, Salman’s next releases will be HOT among distributors.

    • I have seen some Salman fans disappointed too .. Shetti bhai, some ppl in the fb group and my own bro too .. all are big Salman fans. I have yet to see it.

      • Dabangg took advantage of GOODWILL earned by Wanted. Wanted was blockbuster in single screens and Hit in plexes. And now blockbuster business of Dabangg is actually because everyone was expecting another Wanted.

        • The hype is because of Wanted no doubt.

          Rgding some Salman fans disappointed .. perhaps too high expectations? Most fans are happy. Most non-fans are also happy.

          No movie has 100% good reviews .. I’ll say WOM till now is 80% good .. that mite fall as more non-fans see the movie, but I think it will be more than 50% good overall

  2. confuse ho jaoge lekin 3 idiot ka total 270 cr (india) ka record nahi tod paoge salman bhai

  3. MUMBAI: While Dabangg has managed to smash 3 Idiots’ opening day box office collections record in India, in the overseas too, the movie is unstoppable.

    In the UK, Dabangg’s Friday collections stand at GBP 100,000, which is one of the highest collections for a solo Salman Khan film.

    Stay tuned for updates…

  4. Dabangg is overrated like mnik.

  5. I don’t agree to mixed response … In Chandigarh .. I have never seen claps and whistles since Gadar .. . Then there were single screens only. But after the arrival of multiplezes , I have not seen such euphoria before. You wont believe people sitting in GOLD and PLATINUM seats were hooting and dancing. Security was called around 5-6 times. And this is the story of DT multiplex not a single screen.

  6. Film is ordinary but salman super hops big drops from monday yakuza sir.

  7. i agree with ab.. fri 14.5 sat 15 sun 15 ….mon10.
    toal 4 day 55 cr.i will take that drop anyday………raavan toyal collection 20 cr.

  8. Excellent news , congrats to salman bhai and bhai’s fans
    I saw the movie last night and I also fill little disappointed. Because the reviews are extraordinary and I expected a lot, but never the less on time must watch movie
    +ve point I fill
    The action sequence are excellent. After this movie it is clrear that only one action star is there in the industry i.e salman bhai
    And salman bhai is never before, He is all the way is this movie.
    The story doesn’t have any feel, neither a full2 comedy nor emotional movie. The director try to mix both the thing where he falls.
    So much good actor with out no use.
    But at the end if what 2 see a massala action movie u will not disappointed.

  9. i am 4m Hyderabad, here this movie is carrying enough buzz to make this movie a success(probably the height earner in Hyderabad in the history of Bollywood)

  10. ab it is not a shahrukh khan movie its salman khan

  11. Weekend 42cr,1st week60cr,total 90cr maximum

  12. Dabangg

    Friday – 15 Cr.

    Saturday – 17 Cr.

    Sunday – 16 Cr.

    Weekend – 48 Cr.

    • stop dreaming plz… I watched the movie and it has only what it showed in promos and nothing much to offer. They promoted it as a fun filled movie showing corruption but it turned out to be a cocktail. Disappointed by Salman again

  13. Maybe weekend will be biggest ever but it wont sustain like 3 Idiots. Mostlikely it will cross ghajini which will be bug achievment. But dont forget 2010 is closing with Akki and he still hv 2 aces in his sleav.

  14. This is the first place where I find response shown as mixed, even BOI is saying good WOM.
    Although, I have not seen the movie but I have talked to many person and none of atleast whom I interacted say bad about movie. The worst thing I heard about movie is “this is just one time watch”

    • Unless you lowered down your expectations, you will not come out satisfactory. But movie is one time watch for sheer magic of Salman, And he simply rocks.

  15. Tmk break debangg opening record,AR flop.

  16. @Dabangg Kamaal karte ho chulbul Pandey ji koi toh record bacha kar rakkho.History banakar chodege kya ?

  17. TMK will be Flop.

  18. I have a few observations.

    – Too many people couldn’t digest Dabangg opening this big and are trying to badmouth the film. First people said 30 cr weekend now anything between 45-50 cr is possible. Lets wait and see how much it makes in the opening week and then we can talk about life time business.

    – Overrated – what is that? Salman can sell crap. He is the only one who can do that. He has done is with Garv, Wanted, Lucky and many other films. India is not known to produce Gems. They only have 10-12 stories which are recycled and reproduced over and over again. If Dabangg is overrated, so was Sholay, AAA, and all other Masalla movies. They are all larger than life movies and stupid to an extent. But thats what we like.

    – The opening has shown who has got the most fan following. Aamir / Salman lead the way by miles. Even the film flops from here Salman has once again proved how huge crowd puller he is.

    – Salman fans can celebrate despite whatever Yakuza or ab or anyone else says. As they say the Success of one exposes the haters. Do Salman fans really care? 😉

  19. Chulbul Pandey jki jai ho

  20. Robinhood Pandey ki jai ho.

  21. Chedi singh ki jai ho

  22. @ab…u are a jealous ardent fan of SRgay….even AKI’s ACTION REPLAY will be super flop….and GOLMAAL 3 will rock…
    Salman is a huge mega star now…kafi awards to pakke hain…

  23. Razzo ki jai ho

  24. Munni ki jai ho

  25. Makhanchand ki jai ho

  26. Sajid Wajid & Lalit Pandit ki jai ho

  27. Abhinav Kasyap ki jai ho

  28. S.Vijayan ki jai ho

  29. @SJ, u r absolutely right dude.Salman haters bhag gaye collection dekh kar.


    • aamir pehle MPK uar HAHK ka to record tod le. do saal tak uski koi film nahin aane waali. 48 pe hero sirf salman khan lag sakta hai koi aamir waamir nahin.

  31. Dabangg opens huge because of Salmans looks,smart marketing,hit music.



    • beta
      Tees Maar Khan will piss of Dabangg’s record.
      Keep this in your mind and wait for christmas.
      Akshay’s jhatkes and Katrina’s matkes will give it huge opening.
      (if a slapstick film like Housefull can get 31.5 crore opening why not TMK get 40 + crore opening) ?
      btw Salman has history of flops (this is just his 3rd hit since 2006).

      • Baabul – Flop
        Shaadi Karke Phaas Gaya Yaar – Disaster
        Jaan-E-Mann – Flop
        Salaam-E-Ishq – Flop
        Partner – Blockbuster
        Marigold – Disaster
        God Tussi Great Ho – Flop (Huge Loser in Metros)
        Yuvraaj – Disaster
        Wanted – Super-Hit
        London Dreams – Flop
        Main Aur Mrs Khanna – Disaster
        Veer – Flop (Most hyped movie of Salman)
        Dabangg – Blockbuster
        Salman Khan gives huge hits after witnessing mega-flops

        • Among Akshay Kumar’s flops since 2007 Only CC2C,Tasveer and Blue are outright flops.
          Tashan (Coverage to Commission Earner) – Hit in Bihar,Semi-Hit in Rajasthan (no multiplex problem – film wud hv been semi-hit)
          Kambakkht Ishq – Commission Earner – Hit in East Punjab and Rajasthan
          De Dana Dan – Overflow
          Khatta Meetha – Commission Earner.

          • LOL, is you look into one or 2 circuts than even Chunkey Pandey is a super star cus all his movies did well in Bangladesh and also Not a big fan of Salman either, but seems to me that Akshay is lossing his charm, cus most of the people think that akshay movies are just brainless comedies

          • This explanation is totally biased.Then I can say Baabul as added special appearance,Shaadi Karke Phas Gaye and God Tussi Great HO as long in the making and Yuvraaj to an extent is also the same.Main Aur Mrs Khanna super hit in home videos and Veer hit in many circuits and above average in many

      • akshay kumar has 5 hits in the top hits list (only 2 solo, 3 with sunile shetty n the main lead role (mohra where sunil played the title role, dhadkan where he played heathcliff the protagonist from ‘wuthering hights while akshay played the weaker smaller character, and hera pheri where the heroine tabu was paired with sunil not akshay) in the same list salman has 23 films, most of them solo hits. comparing akshay with salman is blasphemous.

  34. Actually,WOM is good….At bad,it is just one time watch and at good,its awesome

  35. Jay huoi na baat bhai ke Da-Bangg ke baad saju ka dhamaal 🙂

  36. Saju dey why are you talking abt Akshay the superstar??? You don’t need to. This has happened for the first time with Salman so for Akki fans it’s not new…pity on you.Akshay kya saare actors will break this record and i will remind you. But IT WILL START WITH AKSHAY THE SUPERSTAR. It will be good to see you that time getting jealous. Top Ten highest grossers me uski ek bhi film nahi he yeh first he..jyaad a kud mat.

    • akshay has a market as he plays ‘scum of the earth’ film after film, the kind of guy who will do anything for money, sex or any benefits. obviously there are such characters who identify with him. but salman represents the traditional good boy, sincere, sweet, honest and most people identify with a character like him not some scumbag.

      • good joke traditional sweet good ..doesn’t suit this words with salman…never…you should ask aishwarya and katrina for they are better person to answer… not us…

  37. Joker to salman he…non talented…film me joker to he.Akshay talented joker he jo ki sabke liye easy nahi he…

  38. kamal karte ho AMIT ji……..agreed TMZ will work but u know why??????……coz salman is doing an item number in it……with akshay and katrina…….and if u talk about who is a bigger star in between akshay kumar and salman khan……bring it on dude…..i have nothing gainst akshay infact i like him…….but salman is way way ahead of him in terms of mass appeal…..i think deep down u also know that…..wait and watch…..dabangg is surely going to touch 100 crores……

    • muh dho ke aa apna…akshay is the BEST in the Industry…Dabang is the only one thing to smile for you but not a single person will digest salman ahead of akshay…forget it…loser

  39. @amit…tum satiya gaye ho…lol..tashan hit….hahahahhaha…what a pathetic joke….all bimbos…and all hippies dancingg..lol…u are a DESPERATE fan od Aki..i guess….hahahha..lol..LMOA…TASHN HIT…

    • satiya ho tu gaya jo garv aur lucky jaise flops ko hits bolte ho
      Brij bhaiyaa (Salman ki zaroorat nahin akshay kumar ki film mein)
      Heyy Babyy mein SRK that phir bhi hit lekin Housefull mein koi tha phir bhi utna hi hit.
      They are just added attractions.

      • hey amit I cant target akki coz i like him too.but the kind of mass appeal salman is having is huge.Even with his action hero back ground akki can’t do a dabaang .Infact Salman stood over ajay in LD.He was the only saving grace of the film and the music let that film down too.THE BOTTOM LINE IS GIVEN A RIGHT ROLE SALMAN TOWERS ALL

      • jackelyn fenandes the na housefull mein doobte ko tinke ka sahar dene ke liye. if u have a scientific temperament then u must know that mathematics is the only perfect science. so look at it like this equation.

        1. akshay+ arjun+ritesh+lara+ deepika+monkey+jackelyn < salman in dabang

        2. shahrukh+kajol+karan johar+70 crores < salman in dabang

        3. ranbeer+arjun+nana+ajay+manoj+katrina+praash jha< salman in dabang

        4. hrithik+papa roshan+barbara mori+75 crores< salman in dabang

        5. abhishek+papa bachchan+aishwarya rai bachchan+mani ratnam+ all the english media < salman in dabangg

        and finally
        6. aamir+raju hirani+vinod chopra+kareena+all the pseudp IITins perhaps < salman in dabangg.

        ab isse bada kya ho sakta hai.

  40. @Amit, lol lol lol……..I can’t stop myself laughing, Tashan hit ? KI hit ? De Dana Dan overflow ? Well, I think u r a great Joker…..if u consider in dis way, den none of Salman movies are flops, infact Veer will be a single screen blockbuster…….lolz…..Doze Akki movies din’t even got their money back

    • http://www.boxofficeindia.com/manage_stars.php?c=star_ranking_india
      Where is Salman Khan ?
      Dabanng ke baad zyaada se zyaada se 8th position.
      Itne directors ko dubaakar ek hit diya hai Salman ne.
      London Dreams ke distributors abhi bhi uske nuksaan ke jhatke jhel rahe hai.

      • SHUT UP u loser. Why don’t u bring the graphs from BH where in the last 3 years in terms of popularity Salman is miles ahead. All u haters r losers. Keep barking amit keep barking.

      • pre danagg the 10 most sucessful heroes of bollywood in history as per hits/footfalls

        1. dilip kumar

        2.amitabh bachchan

        3. salman khan

        4. sharukh khan

        5. dev anand

        6. dharmendra

        7. rajendra kumar.

        8. jeetendra

        9. k l sehgal

        10. ashok kumar

        post dabang the list will be

        1. dilip kumar

        2.salman khan

        3. amitabh bachchan

        4. sharukh khan

        5. dev anand

        6. dharmendra

        7. rajendra kumar.

        8. jeetendra

        9. k l sehgal

        10. ashok kumar

        hits gin lo (including below average, average, semi hits, hits, super hits, biggest hit of the year, biggest hit of the deacde) footfall calculate kar lo, aur agar itni ginti aati hai to fans gin lo. by the way yesterday there was death in commotion at a theatre screening dabangg. europian football mein to ye suna tha but in bollywood, however morbid and sad, its a record.

        • Lol, Ek movie kya chal gayi, Salman Amitabh se bhi upar ho gaya ???? HA HA

          Most of bigB movies in his hey days used to see this kind of hysteria. he was ONE MAN INDUSTRY. No other actor is near him in terms of mass hysteria, not even Dilip kumar, Salman to Bahut DOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ki baat hai …… Lolzzzzzz

          BTW congrats for Dabangg ….. 3rd Clean hit of Salman in last 11 Years.

          • ek hit nahin hain chhoti badi mila ke 45 hits hain last 22 years mein. jismein se 20 to top five hits of the year hain aur 7 baar biggest hit of the year (MPK, SAAJAN, HAHK, BIWI NO 1, NO ENTRY, KUCHH KUCHH HOTA HAI EXTENDED SPECIAL APPEARENCE, AUR DABANGG) 3 BAAR BIGGEST HIT OF THE DECADE MPK, HAHK, AND MOST LIKELY DABANGG

          • Agree with you…and the TRUTH!

        • ha ha ha…can’t stop laughing..good carry on…salman top 10 me?????????????????and dilip kumar is ahead of Big B really funny…good list for you to be fake satisfied salman fans…kitne question mark rakhu??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????but a very good joke….

    • numbers speak better than your ugly mouth…you have become joker here…read well before commenting we know from last many years teri akki ki bajah se jali hui he…

  41. Another thing z watever u guyz like AB, Amit, Nauman say really doesn’t matter……..what matters is da numbers, nd dey r record breaking, to all Akki fans who think dat Akki will break dis records, plz start talking after he really breaks it, nd keep the performance of his last movie “Khatta Mitha” in mind…..lolz….I dont understand, y do certain ppl alz get jealous of Salman’s success ?

  42. TMK main sirf Salman & Katrina ka item number hit hoga. Akki toh flop kumar hai.

    • @saju ab bata kon bada star he…


      count out who’s better here… now don’t speak much you will be proved fool…

      Rank Last Week Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
      1 – Aamir Khan 2 370.10 –
      2 – Shahrukh Khan 3 239.70 –
      3 – Akshay Kumar 11 164.90 –
      4 – Ranbir Kapoor 4 140.50 –
      5 – Hrithik Roshan 2 53.10 –
      6 – Saif Ali Khan 5 -16.90 –
      7 – John Abraham 3 -36.90 –
      8 – Imran Khan 3 -170.00 –
      9 – Abhishek Bachchan 5 -207.10 –
      10 – Ajay Devgan 9 -259.70 –

      BoxOfficeIndia.Com Star Power Ranking WORLDWIDE 09/09/10
      Rank Last Week Star Release Count India Points Overseas Points Worldwide Points Weekly Points Change
      1 – Aamir Khan 2 370.10 114.00 484.10 –
      2 – Shahrukh Khan 3 239.70 205.12 444.82 –
      3 – Akshay Kumar 9 164.90 -34.60 130.30 –
      4 – Ranbir Kapoor 4 140.50 -44.10 96.40 –
      5 – Hrithik Roshan 2 53.10 22.12 75.22 –
      6 – Saif Ali Khan 5 -16.90 7.50 -9.40 –
      7 – John Abraham 3 -36.90 -2.40 -39.30 –
      8 – Abhishek Bachchan 4 -207.10 -71.20 -278.30 –
      9 – Imran Khan 3 -170.00 -110.40 -280.40 –
      10 – Shahid Kapoor 4 -314.40 -109.20 -423.60 –

      • kisi ko bolna mat imran khan john abraham , abhishek bachchan ranbir kapoor, saif khan salman se bade star hain aapke saath saath boxofficeindia ke owners ko bhi pakad ke paagal khaan emein daal denge.

    • side role for salman in TMK like item song…but i fear if salman is in the film film wil be a bit flop nikalo sale takle ko

  43. Hahahahahaha all u haters here need to get a life. It really makes you all sound pathetic. Salman has simply rocked the nation. ENJOY

  44. TMK agar hit hui toh salman & katrina ki bajah se hoga.akki toh flop kumar hai

  45. Why is TMK being discussed. There are months left for that to come. Yes the film has massive potential but you also have Kat and Farah. DABANGG is a 1 man show. Bhai just rocked man.

  46. @Samir, Akshay is a flop kumar.Not superstar he is a flop star.

  47. @Samir , Sirf aamir hi yeh Dabangg ki record break kar sakta hai. Akki flop kumar ki yeh bas ki baat nahi.Agar break kar sakta hai toh 1 year main karke dikhaye .Phir main Akki ko flop star nahi bolaunga. I also remind u.

  48. @Amit, flop kumar ke fan

    Wanted – Blockbuster with 75 Cr.

    Dabangg – All time Blockbuster

    Veer – Average with 50 Cr.

  49. @Amit, main agar flop kumar ki flop film ka list nikala toh tum pagal ho jaoge.Aur is duniya se bhag jaoge.Bakwas batein maat karo aur su su karke soh jao.

    Box office par sirf Dabangg salman aur Aamir ka jalwa chalega flop kumar ki nahi.

  50. @Amit , idiot 40 Cr. ka business karke kya karega TMK .Dabangg ka weekend collection will be 46cr – 47 Cr. Phir toh 3 idiots ki record bhi nahi break kar payega 41 Cr.ki. Amit tujhe toh math ka khowledge bhi nahi hai.Flop kumar ki flop fan kya Dabangg ka kya record break karega.Fana ko toh numbers bhi count karna nahi ata hai.I feel very bad for khiladi Akki.

  51. Hahahahahaha even akki(cartoon) fell insecured for khans read hhis twitt…. loser

  52. feel*

  53. read is ur akki-fakii movie did anytig lik tis :

    The impossible has happened! Dabangg has opened to unprecedented houses in several parts of the country today. The initial is, by far, the best this year so far. It could also turn out to be the best or, at least, one of the best ever!

    Sample these:

    The Salman Khan starrer was released in 11 cinemas of Allahabad, which, in itself, is a record. What’s more, it drew the first shows at all the 11 cinemas full!
    In Jodhpur, Abhinav Kashyap’s maiden directorial venture opened to thunderous response at not three but five cinemas. And the opening figures are historic. Ever since Salman got into legal trouble in the black buck hunting case in Jodhpur, his fan following in the city has grown manifold. Strange but true! Even then, the first day’s collections there are unbelievable. The only multiplex of Jodhpur – Bioscope – has drawn all shows full for the day. At Anand cinema of Jodhpur, which has, for years, screened films only after their run at the good cinemas of Jodhpur is completed, that is, only after two, three or four weeks of the release of films, Dabangg opened today itself. And believe it or go to Jodhpur to check it out, all the five shows of today are house full.

    Read Dabangg Review by Komal Nahta Here

    At a small station like Wardha in C.P. berar, the film opened at two cinemas, which is not unusual. But what indeed is unusual is that it collected Rs. 1,01,000 at one cinema (Durga), which is a record for Wardha. In other words, no film to-date has netted a lakh of rupees on the opening day.

    In Nagpur, an ‘A’ class centre of C.P. Berar, the film opened in all the four multiplexes and five single-screen cinemas. The first two shows at each of the five single-screen cinemas were full, again an unparalleled feat. The last two shows of the day may also be full, but the figures are yet to come in. The opening day’s collections in the multiplexes of Nagpur are also phenomenal.

    The story is the same whether it is Bombay, Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur, or smaller centres like Raipur, Ajmer, Aurangabad or anywhere else. Clearly, the Dabangg epidemic had the nation in its grip; and the patients seem to have found their cure in Dabangg the film.

    The response in the theatres is to be seen to be believed. People are going wild with excitement, applauding Salman’s dialogues and action scenes, dancing in the aisles or even on their seats on the Munni badnaam huyi song. Crowds of hundreds of people without tickets, well after the show has begun, is a common sight at many cinemas screening the film. And today is not even Eid. Imagine what the position will be tomorrow when the devout Muslims, who may not have gone to the cinemas today, clamour for tickets to see their favourite Salmanbhai.

    | Koimoi.com

    | Koimoi.com

  54. i dont understand wat Yakuza try to say. he gives 4 star and said its one time watch !!!! crap

    anywaz UAE Update: ‘Dabangg’ 1 million Dirhams. Creates history.
    by taran adarsh frm twitter

    http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/slideshow/2010/09/10/718/index.html (Most Searched Bollywood Actors on internet) SALMAN KhAN.
    he is rajni khan

  55. In England it’s been recieeved very well. And it’s not even Christmas time. Am going again tomorrow. Btw I read it’s opening in pak on 17th sep. I think WANTED record there will be smashed by a distance. Hopefully

  56. Last 11yrs only 2nd sole hit by salman.

  57. #ab,,,,,gand mara randi k,,,srgay”’se apni maa ki marva,,,,
    In delhi where i live,, tickets nt available till tuesday,,,,,n reponse n wom is mindblowing

  58. Subh – on the comic thread page 3 days ago he said film won’t get 35 crore weekend. Then he said 45 now 42. He’s very annoying along with many haters. Why can’t people just be happy and accept the film is smashing records.

  59. Salman is side role in partner,no entry,msk.

  60. Srgay is match with karan and subhgay.

  61. Ab – shut up now. Yakuza this guy keeps posting nonsense. Salman side roles in PARTNER, MSK. An idiot would write such a thing.

  62. Gobinda and aki is lead actor in partner,msk.

  63. Ab – you are laughing joke. Keep it up I could do with the entertainment.


    • ab saju
      MSK akshay kumar ki comedy ki vajaah se chali hai.
      jaake poocho sab se – Mujhse Shaadi Karogi mein fake swagger wala Salman achcha laga ya comic timing ka baadshah Akshay Kumar ?
      Partner bhi Govinda ki wajah se chali hai.
      Ab bolenge Baghban Salman ki wajaah se chali hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Salman ki vajah se chali hai.

      • amit analysisi chhod ke salman ki hits gin lo, top hits gin lo (salman 23, srgay19, aamir 16, akki 5,) biggest hits of the year gin lo (6 includng maine pyaar kiya, Hahk, sajan, biwi no 1, no entry aur now dabangg, srgay 4 – DDLJ, KKHH, VEER ZAARA, OSO, aamir 4 – dil, raja hindustani, ghajini, 3idiots, akshay none) biggest hits of the deacde gin lo salman 2 MPK nad HAHK, amitabh 1. dilip kumar 1, sunny deol 1, srgay 0, aamir 0 akshay -r u joking?

    • salman kya akki to pehle sunil shetty ka side kick tha (mohra, dhadkan and many) aur suhaag mein ajay devgan ka. salman s e kya muqabla karega.

      • abey tu pagal he kya aaj sunil,salman,ajay abko piche chod diya he …ye kis jamaane ki baat karta he??? Tu dikhega bhi nahi jab Akshay aayega…salman can’t run like akki, can’t do stunts like akki, can’t be a good human like akki, can’t be humle like akki and amitabh, can’t be perfect at all. he can be a psycho drunkard only.Nobody styed with him all left him coz he’s not a good person…


  66. Tmk boxoffice prediction,friday 15cr,satarday 18cr,sunday19cr,weekend52cr,1st week100cr+.

  67. I just read ur comments sameer. PATHETIC can’t digest that Salman has rocked the nation.

  68. Just wait for 24dec.

  69. @ab…get a life looser….tumhari puri tarah se jal chuki hain….

  70. Salman ki fan ka liya 24dec buhun bura din hai.

  71. We will be happy if it is broken by tmk but dabangg has fucked all which was no1 expecting. So cheers we know salman ka dum

  72. ab is completely a gone case…if akki tsk runs well what sallu has to do…

  73. agrred,TMK is yet to prove it,Dabangg has done it.

  74. @sajy dey jaaneman is flop because of akshay he had less importance so think abt it…akshay deserve to be in lead wen it comes to co-staring with any bloody khan or else film floppp. Salman has no talent…Akshay is the BEST…He is more popular than salman sirf dabangg ke baad sab log ko bolna aa gaya…all were quiet and silent till now….lagta he Akshay ko phir se sabki bolti bandh karni padegi..He is the king of action ..nobody can do action better than him and same to comedy….

    • In recent times Akshay Kumar had 5 or 6 flops since 2007.
      But what abt Salman ? he has hurricane of flops.
      Wanted was huge hit in single screens ?
      It did 40 crore business which is equal to Roshan’s Krrish.So this mega gross in single screens is nothing but stupid attempt to potray him as messiah.

  75. Akshay is behind salman now after dabangg at boxoffice but salman will always be ahead him in terms of masses . Ask yakuza salman has gone through bad phase now thats past ,next year u will witness ready, kick n my love story i assure u all gone rock at box office . Salman is back

  76. Akki has his position but salman is now gone take his position which he deserve that is no1 in coming days all these john ,ranbir ,shahid etc r his baccha

    • ek film kya hit ho gayi ?
      aasmaan mein hi chada diya salman ko.
      Akshay Kumar ki ek saath 5 film lagaatar hit hui thi humne to use kabhi aisa nahin chadaya.

  77. India Boxoffice: SATURDAY – ‘Dabangg’ Rs. 15.75 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ Rs. 11.65 cr. ‘Dabangg’ Fri + Sat = Rs. 30.25 cr. Biggest opening.

  78. Australia Update:- ‘Dabangg’ Fri + Sat total $ 80,000 on 14 prints. Excellent.

  79. U.K. Update:- ‘Dabangg’ Saturday £ 1,21,480 on 40 screens. Fri + Sat = £ 2,21,458. ‘Wanted’ Lifetime Business in U.K. was £ 2,20,000.

  80. Box Office: Dabangg breaks another record for Day 2 collections

    MUMBAI: The Salman Khan starrer Dabanng is all poised to break the opening weekend box office collections of 3 Idiots – the highest grossing film so far.

    While the first day net collections of Dabangg stood at Rs 145 million (Rs 14.50 crore), which is the highest ever now, the second day collections have been even better.

    As per information available with Businessofcinema.com, on Saturday, the movie did net collections of a whopping Rs 157.5 million (Rs 15.75 crore) and has set yet another record for the second day collections. 3 Idiots’ second day net collections stood at Rs 116.50 million (Rs 11.65 crore).

    With this, the two days’ net collections of Dabangg now stand at Rs 302.50 million (Rs 30.25 crore).


  81. Amit sorry got excited too much whatever may be position u tell is dis not a big achievement for salman khan

  82. tum logo demag toh thik hai na???u r comparing with SALMAN and Akki!!!!!SALMAN IS ONE OF D BIGGEST STAR IN THE COUNTRY.yeh baat akki bhi jante hai……uska flop film bhi itna kamata hai ki achi achi hit film bhi nahi kamata……….atleast popularity ka mamle me akki ke saath compare mat kia karo yaar……sab jante hai salman ka popularity ka dum…….noone can beat him in his mass appeal.

  83. Bappa – well said. Why the hell are other actors being discussed. This is DABANGG and SALMAN KHAN time.

  84. Well said bappa, Slamn bhai rocks!!

  85. hey guys i think amit’ n ab’ both r totaly stupid n mad man,,,,honestly speaking ,sallu”’bhai is a biggest megastar of india,,,,n u r comparing joker kumar”’with king of comman man sallu”bhai,,,
    Akki”’is nothing in front of the sallu”’bhai

  86. Well said subh these akki fans are funny. It’s DABANGG fever which they can’t digest.

  87. Hi,
    Akshay kumar beame a Star only few years back.. But Salman is a big Star from debut.. Dont forget all time record hits like Maine payar kia & Hum apke hain kon(this movie went on for years)..
    Anyways DABANGG is big 🙂 its bigger than any movie as on date.. Lets see 🙂

  88. I thinki salman fans have reason to cheer about dabangg coz they have never seen such success from their not so great star….anyways all depends on how big HIT the film is not on 1st 2nd day collection and all…

  89. KIssi Main Itna Dum Hai Kai yeh Record Tod Kay dikhay with New Heroine, New Villain, New Producer and New Director……, KYON SUB KI PANT GILI HO GAYI…. YEH record ab sirf Salman Khan hi Tod Sakta Hai…………

  90. Guys…i think there is something to cheer for salman fans becoz they will enjoy weekend record for atleast 1 year…i thought, in fact i was very sure that Tees Maar Khan would break the record of dabangg but it’s all over now…Yamla Pagala Deewana is releasing on 24th Dec…I think there is lot of struggle for Akshay…anyways I still think some other movie of Akki will break…need to be patient now. Many Akshay haters in the industry and wat can i say they try to spoil the party. Dabangg has no competition at all even in it’s second week too.

  91. @samir chalo akhir maan hi liya nobody can break salman’s record……SALMAN ROCKSSSS!!!

  92. Danish – superb comments. Shut all these haters up. Samir ur comment bout DABANGG weekend record staying for a year is pathetic.

  93. salman rocks but without competition..and yes don’t dream like nobody can break record…it will be a shameful day for you…

    • Haha Samir don’t make me laugh. That Salman rocks without competition. That is the joke of the day. Keep the entertainment coming. Some akki fans here r funny. I have never considered Akki. It’s always been the 3 khans. Then hrithik and post 07 akki. This is Salman time so haters piss off.

      • Again this collection is not so appreciated because three weeks without any big release…now you know wat is the fact…if there was competition half box office colle bhi nahi hota…

  94. Naveed Just like khans you too are jealous of Akshay sabka baap…of box-office..if it was joke ,u don’t need to reply…its the TRUTH that only without competition it’s possible like dabangg…just imagine if there was another big film in second week…and yes i said one year but i think earlier than that its possible..aur konsa record ki baat karta he…highest box-office record todne me salman ka dum nahi he..sirf weekend aur maximum week and this has happened for the first time in his life funny you guys…any kid will break the record…and khans are gone now Akshay, Hrithik, Ranbir, are going to throw them out and even in old times the king was Amitabh Bachhan and others like Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Dev Anand, Jeetendra etc…tere biased comments apne paas rakh..this is India.

    • Samir u loser. All of us are laughing at u. Akki hoga tera baap mujhe kya. Lol


    • samir beta bhool gaye salman ki MPK ne sholay ka record toda tha, phir HAHK ne 200 crore ka record 1994 mein banaaya. 2 baar wo biggest hit of the decade de chuka hai (MPK, HAHK) aur shayad dabang 3rd time hogi. 6 baar wo biggest hit of the year de chuka hai 1989 MPK, 1991 – saajan, 1994 HAHK, 1999 biwi no 1, 2005 no entry and 2010 dabangg. chaar baar wo saal mein 3-4 hits de chuka hai, 1991 – sajan, baghi, sanam bewaffa, 1998 – pyaar kiya to darna kya, jab pyaar ksisi se hota hai, bandhan, aur special appearence in kuchh kuchh hota hai, 1999 – biwi no 1, hum saath saath hain, hum dil de chuke sanam, 2005 no entry, maine pyaar kyun kiya, lucky. 1993, 2006 aur 2008 ke alaawa koi aisa saal nahin gaya jab salman ne kam se kam ek average hit na di ho. 22 saal mein 50 hits de chuka hai, baaqi log 22 saal mein retrire ho gaye the, including bachchan. wo din door nahin jab dilip kumar aur amitabh bachchan bhi uske saamne halke pad jaaenge, wo north ka rajnikant banega 67 years pe romantic hero bange aur blockbuster hits dega.

      • Denish bachha Akshay ka record better he…aur sholay ka insult mat kar…and 50 films tere ghar me hit huyi hogi.MPK kisiko yaad nahi he lekin sholay he.and btw hero of HAHK was madhuri dixit not salman…ask any film critic there was no value for salman in those days it started only after PKTDK…and then Judwaa…But in all obsevation Akshay is the bigger and better. Jalta ho tum log..you guys think that there is no better than salman which sucks! Naveed is i loser coz he thinks ther’s only khans but i remind you again AMITABH, AKSHAY, HRITHIK, RANBIR are here to stay..bade aaye salman …salman is a psycho who can answer better than Aishwarya,katrina and other who in real means know him..he can never be bigger than Amitabh, Akshay, Hrithik, Ranbir…

        • Haha no 1 remembers MPK. 1 of the best films ever to come out of Bwood. U idiot ur becoming a laughing stock. Were all laughing at you. Plz save urself from more embarrassment. I respect all actors so I won’t say anything. Any1 who brings in some1s personal issues is a loser aka you Samir. Were here to watch and discuss films.

  95. Samir – 1 other thing. Those who know me know I only comment on Salman. I have no interest in any1 else. But I always appreciate other actors (something which u should start doing). Ur comment bout akki and other actors being humble and Salman being not but a bad person says a lot about you. Plz remove the hatred. And if u have nothing positive to say bout Salman or DABANGG then just don’t say anything.

  96. @naveed very good saying….. pata nahi in sabko salman se kya problem hai??

  97. @danish very good saying man!!!sabka bolti bandh kar diya yaar……

  98. wel said all u fans salman khan -d real suprstar f indian cinema…i must tel u dat all dese people r jealous…lets leave them & enjoy coz its “dabangg festival” time

  99. Remember, Sholay was the biggest grosser of the Seventies.

    Maine Pyar Kiya was the biggest grosser of the Eighties.
    Hum Aaapke Hain Koun was the biggest grosser of the Nineties.
    Dabangg is the biggest opener of the Noughts. It is likely to beat 3 idiots lifetime as well in the next fortnight due to good word of mouth.

    Clearly, Salman Khan is the most consistent superstar of our generation since Amitabh Bachan.

    • Yes Salman has again given a monster hit but unfortunately this will not get close to 3I. I would love for that to happen but it simply won’t.

  100. Samir – u retard. You lonely loser. Why do u keep posting on Salman if u don’t like him. Says a lot about you. Hehe

  101. Akshay Kumar is the Superstar and BAAP of khans..khans are shattered with his popularity…

    • Shut the fuck up Samir u arsehole. Your probably 1 ugly lonely fucker hiding behind a computer typing crap. What has Salman done that you keep posting crap. Concentrate on ur ar and tmk

      Yakuza – you know I love this site. It’s the best since Indicine but losers like Samir are ruining it (check earlier comments he started the abuse and has carried on).

      • Naveed I can understand the place you brought up and the kind of mentality you people have..biased and third class…I know many people like you…Bollywood will always remember AKKI & KAT pair forever.They have given almost all hits like Rajesh khanna mumtaz, sharmila tagore…but I am very happy that salman and kat couldn’t make it as Its not a good jodi at all.By God’s grace they are apart…Now katrina has a very good life ahead…without bloody psycho drunkard…you are enjoying his first hit which is like this for the first time to cheer for you thirsty fans of salman…but mind it,can’t be ahead of AKSHAY THE BEST EVER. He will always be ahead of salman…This kind of language only salman fans can speak…even i refuse to comment now…and whose this yakuza…your baap or wat?I am Akshay fan so i don’t want to speak those words…so teri gaaliya tuje hi mubaarak ho …Akshay Kumar Zindabad…Akki is the best…He is the most talented Actor in the film industry…Salman is nothing before him…I am proud to be his fan…CLOSING you loser))))))))))

        • Haha u ugly fuck. Ur the 1 who last week called me a bastard. I didn’t use foul language first u did. Go sleep with Akki it sounds like u want lol

          And best jodi lmao. They don’t even come close to SRK – Kajol. U really r a retard lol

          Oh yeah were happy Salman smashed records. Something which akki has never done except 07. FACT

          Now I’ll close this debate. GO FUCK YOURSELF

          • Your are fucked nowwww ab dekh le dum he to teri jal jaayegi…teri aur salman ki aukaat ye he dekh le …iski bolte he STARPOWER….


            BoxOfficeIndia.Com Star Power Rankings INDIA 23/09/10
            Rank Last Week Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
            1 1 Aamir Khan 2 370.10 –
            2 2 Shahrukh Khan 3 225.80 –
            3 3 Akshay Kumar 11 164.30 -0.10
            4 4 Ranbir Kapoor 4 142.80 –
            5 11 Salman Khan 5 55.00 +333.60
            6 5 Hrithik Roshan 2 54.10 –
            7 6 Saif Ali Khan 5 -21.50 -4.60
            8 7 John Abraham 3 -32.30 +4.80
            9 8 Imran Khan 3 -170.00 –
            10 9 Abhishek Bachchan 5 -203.60 +1.9

            You fuck your relatives and yourself…Salman bastard, idiot, CBM, aur tu bhi…you yourself is FOUL like salman…kyu tu salman ka leke thak gaya…ya phir salman ka he hi nahi, may be all left him because of this…i think all khans are gay even they look like gay…SINGH IS KINGGGGGGGGG!!!! SHUT the fuck up bloody naveed chakke….sale kamine log….AKSHAY ROCKS!!!!!Loser naveed looooooser…..loooser…..

            • Now look u ugly fucker don’t go to my family. I was talking to u so don’t bring family into ok. Ok akki is the best. Happy now. Now you can go sleep with akki am sure twinkle won’t mind lmfao

  102. And that was the greatest joke I’ve ever read. The most funniest. Akki has shattered Khans popularity lmfao. Hilarious absolutely hilarious. Unlike u Samir I don’t hate so don’t wish to comment on Akki but bigger than Khans in ur dreams lmao

  103. KHANS are the 3idiots!!! Cunning all the time..planning something bad for other stars…lack humleness and almost fake infront of media…one day everything will be paid off…Justice is always there…so Akshay Amitabh,and Hrithik will be praised for everything…let’s see next five years…who stands where??? I AM CONFIDENT!

  104. Akshay Kumar ROCKS!!!! He is the BESTEST!!!Forever…

  105. Amir kya record todega Rajnikant is even bigger star than Salman…kamal karte ho broke all record…WELL DONE ROBOT. Dabangg is thrashed by ROBOT….Now Akshay will break it again..I told you guys salman is nothing before akshay and other stars..Very happy to know dabangg is nothing…

  106. Dabangg Worst Movie of all time Seriously i Myself Like Sallu But very bad No Plot & How it got national award dats another ??????????/

    Seriously Lucky Sallu Bhai Luck Saved Him

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