Dabangg : Friday Circuit Breakup

Sr No. Name of Distributor Territory Collections
1 . M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors Delhi & UP 3.15 Crore
2 . M/s. Mukta R LTD East Punjab 1.45 Crore
3 . M/s. Shreerang Films C. P. 90 Lacs
4 . M/s. Run Sun Entertainment Rajasthan 80 Lacs
5 . M/s. Maa Sona Films BIHAR 40 Lacs
6 . M/s. Hemraj Films Orissa 10 Lacs
7 . M/s. Aditya Enterprises CI 70 Lacs
8 . M/s. Rajvi Trade Link MUMBAI 5.10 Crore
9 . M/s. Ankit Movies NIZAM  & ANDHRA 80 Lacs
10 . M/s Bahar Enterprises MYSORE 50 Lacs
11 . M/s.Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt.Ltd. WEST BENGAL 70 lacs
12 . M/s. Azaan Films ASSAM 10 Lacs
    Total 14.70 Crore

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 11, 2010.

78 Responses to “Dabangg : Friday Circuit Breakup”

  1. there comes the first proper breakdown and we get to see the real thing!! gr8 job!!
    First week should be 60 cr+ and life time should be 120cr+.. it won’t cross 3idiots life time as the difference lies in the repeat watching crowd..while in case if 3I, the entire family was going for repeat watch, here it will be mainly youngsters who’ll probably go for a repeat.. But nevertheless it’s an awesome thing for an action flick!! Moreover the good overseas numbers(courtesy Taran Adarsh) are really encouraging!!

  2. Except mumbai, Every circuit record has been Broken. Only Salman and aamir can do this .. Wowwwwwww

  3. Audience Response to Salman Entry Scene

  4. Actually,WOM is good….At bad,it is just one time watch and at good,its awesome

  5. Yr kya baat kr rahe ho shahrukh khan ki rnbdj ko bhi very mix responce mila tab film bb the bcus of first week.,.,aur ab to dabangg 1st week me 65 se 70cr collection kr ja rahi he to yeh atbb kaise nahi ho skti

  6. Great Yakuza bhai , food daala bhai ne sabko . sau sunaar ki ek lauhar ki 🙂

  7. yakuza what is expected collection for today of dabangg?

  8. thanks yakuza..

  9. no. are too massive, but it would fall short of the first week no. of three idiots as it doesn’t have repeat value of the former.

    • It will be impossible to beat 3 Idiots week total .. firstly 3i was during holiday season .. so weekdays were like weekends. Second, 3i WOM was must see for all, Dabangg WOM is fun entertainer. Third, 3i core audience were families and youth, Dabangg is only youth (perhaps only guys).

      If Dabangg beats Ghajini week total and final figures, thats good enough since both are same genre also.

  10. SATURday has opened bumper also including mumbai

    As per early figures and reports opening day collection record of 3 Idiots (thought to be untouchable for many upcoming years) may already have crossed after just 8 months with an incredible Rs. 25 crore gross mark from India alone on Friday for Dabangg despite having a less than favorable start in Bombay, as ticket rates were hiked in single screens across North India cutting existing collection gap between Hindi belt single screens and multiplexes and figures went up in evening substantially

    at the multiplexes in rest of India as well. Saturday has opened bumper again including Mumbai.

    The film is a hit. The only question will be how big.

  11. how can they show under theatre scene.this is crime.we should complain to salman abt this media saajish against dabangg.how can they shoot important scenes secretley.

  12. source ?

  13. ibos is the source

  14. if it does 45 crore in weekend then it would need another 32 crore plus in weekdays(i.e average 8 crores per day till thursday) to beat 3 idiots records, which is not impossible but highly unachievable, cus single will be strong on weekdays but multiplex will drop down, lets wait and watch

  15. 3I is 79 cr week1

  16. Except Mumbai (where MNIK was released in 70 % of cinemas) I will analyse MNIK and Dabangg in circuits:
    Delhi/UP – 2.10 crore (67 % of Dabangg)
    East Punjab – 85 lakhs (59 % of Dabangg)
    West Bengal – 52 lakhs (74 % of Dabangg)
    Bihar – 12 lakhs (30 % of Dabangg)
    CP Berar – 37 lakhs (41 % of Dabangg)
    CI – 28 lakhs (40 % of Dabangg)
    Rajasthan – 43 lakhs (54 % of Dabangg)
    Nizam – 48 Lakhs (60 % of Dabangg)
    Mysore – 70 Lakhs (140 % of Dabangg)
    Assam/Orissa – 12 Lakhs (60 % of Dabangg)

  17. didnt know that NRI khan is so unpopular in CP and Bihar and @saurabh thanks for correcting my 3I figures.

    • Surprised by Dabangg’s relative under-performance in Mysore .. anyone can throw any reasons why it is like that?

      • i can,mysore is india’s intellectual territory,mysore was always aamir’s stronghol,all classy films,intellectual films tend to overperform there,RDB,TZP were record breaker ALL TIME BB there,infact 4 of last 5 aamir films r ATBB’there,reason intellect factors,dabang lacks all this ,i hope this clears ur doubt

    • even his biggest hits r dud in bihar,in ci and cp berar also his movies tend to underperform compared to relstive perf in other circuits

  18. i guess with the number of prints the new movies are being released, the ticket prices and the way the stars going all out to promote a movie, 3 idiots figures are not going to hold on for too long.

  19. I don’t think dabangg was released on wid more print n its price was not increased as 3i. U know aamir comes once in year wid quality but wid salman it was not expected it really shows that salman has extra support of rural masses than other star bcoz of his personality. Salman ki jai ho.

    • Single screen prices has been hiked and this factor worked big time to cross 3I collections (Apart from fact that Dabangg rocked at mutiplexes too).

      • True that .. Veer would have been a semi hit if the price hikes in SS were done before .. ppl bought the tickets at high prices through black which was bad for all parties.

        Looking forward to happier days now 😀

        Hrithik and SRK created Multiplex phenomenon, Salman revolutionizes Single Screens and pulls everything back together.

  20. Randy -these r excuses u can’t deny that salman has really rocked the nation wid dabangg. Im right r wrong tell me yakuza plz

    • This are not the excuse but the facts that has been witness in the recent times, Public ko picture samaj mein aaye uske pehle paise banalo.. i am not talking about dabangg., but with most the recent releases like MNIK, Housefull, Kites marketing and promotion have prevailed over quality of the product

  21. Yakuza -tell me truth do u expected dis from dabangg . Its extraordinary bcoz multiplex audience were not wid salman but they r back wid dabangg so everything changed.

    • Till Thursday, everything was ambiguous as advance was good but not great. But on Friday till 12:00 PM, everything was crystal clear. Dabangg was gonna cross 12 Crore was 100% sure, and as figures start pouring in from single screens, hike in ticket prices factor comes in picture, so it was obvious, Dabangg is going to break every previous record(for weekend at least).

  22. Wat abt advance bookings of weekday yakuza

  23. Dabangg will be All Time Blockbuster.

  24. OMG some people just want to be negative and hate on Salman. The film promised entertainment and gives that in abundance. Just enjoy Salman Khan simply rocks.

  25. I agree it wld be ATBB..kaash christmas or atleast diwali hoti yeh..toh 3idiots ki band baj jaati… Guyz is it has repeatition value..i will watch it again..My prediction has never been wrong..for anyfilm xcept kurbaan..main trailer dekh kr hi verdict dedeta hoon..seriously..

  26. hey i hve all the details abt hindi belt,,,,,in delhi,,noida,,bareli,,jammu,,patiala,, all the tickets sold out n nt available till thursday”’i was shocked to see the housefull board till thursday in multiplexes,,,,,,my frnds told me ,,.
    Soooooo dabangg””hooooo

  27. #mak,,,whatever i gave inf. Abt dabangg” is100 percent correct,,,,
    Trust me guys craze of dabangg”’in delhi,,u.p,,c.i,,berar,,rajastan,,jammu,,patiala is mindblowing,,,,

  28. grt news subh.all salman haters who used 2 say dat salman is only searched on google.in news polls or other things but at box office he is a losser.dis is the answer salman has for u.

    so sunaar ki ek lohaar ki

  29. Can anybody plz tell me what is today’s collection ? I hope it will be around 15-16 crore mark. Does anybody have any info ? Yakuza, plz let us know……..

  30. Todays collection around 17cr- 18 Cr.

  31. i heard in znews da collection of dabangg (sat day) near 17 corer.

  32. Now note plz. The way Amir has made christams his own our Salman bhai has made Eid his own. May the film become a massive monster.

  33. Satarday Report plz ???

  34. masand from CNNN IBN HAS “NEGATIVE” reviews and the same goes for HINDUSTAN TIMES mayank shankar too…only taran praised it like hell…might have got extra cash from the khans as the film is nothing great but just hype and is just an “ok” movie as far as content is concerned!!

  35. Dear chengez, taran gave 1 star to veer if khan paid for dabangg why they have not paid for veer earlier…he also gave 4 star to london dreams but it collects 4 crore on friday..why dabangg collects 15 crore on friday…

  36. I think 10% fall in satarday.

  37. Weekend is not more then 42cr.

    • Lol sun hasn’t even happened and your coming out with figures. Beta go lay down, have a drink of water. In fact go to sleep lol

  38. dabangg has got 90% positive reviews n ppl r liking it . Don’t worry its a monster atbb yaaro.just celebrate

  39. Mak – I really hope so. People here are liking it, but what were sat collections. Plz can some1 tell me

  40. taran adarash on twitter

    # ‘Dabangg’ Update II [official figures]: Rajasthan territory Saturday Rs. 88 lacs, Friday Rs. 80.15 lacs. New Record. 7 minutes ago via Power Twitter

    # ‘Dabangg’ Update [official figures]: C.I. territory Saturday Rs. 64.40 lacs, Friday Rs. 62 lacs. New Record.

  41. Kamal karte ho

    Sab haters badnam hua. Sir jee smile lol

    I wonder what Sun will bring. Thanks mangral

  42. Dabangg craze continued on Saturday with unbelievable unheard of collections. The all India Saturday record is likely to be broken by an unimaginable margin. The film is simply unstoppable. Three Idiots had a 11.50 crore nett Saturday but Dabangg will go well past it. The figures from CI and Rajasthan are below.

    Friday – 62 lakhs
    Saturday – 64.50 lakhs

    Friday – 81 lakhs
    Saturday – 88 lakhs

    The first day figures are unbelievable but second day has even surpassed first day and it is very rare in circuits like CI and Rajasthan that collections jump on Saturday when a film records an unimaginable bumper opening on Friday.

  43. If dabangg doing 50cr+ business after 1st weekend then BB, if 100cr+then ATBB forget it.

  44. Iam from nepal…dabang is unstoppable here….never seen before

  45. Dabangg biggest ever collection for Saturday .. 15.75 cr. 3 Idiots 11.65 cr .. 4 cr more than 3i

    Redefining box office trends .. after record breaking friday, sat is usually lower

  46. Rosh yaar ,, Hame bhi bolo konsi web site se mila news ,,, plz ..

  47. U.K. Update:- ‘Dabangg’ Saturday £ 1,21,480 on 40 screens. Fri + Sat = £ 2,21,458. ‘Wanted’ Lifetime Business in U.K. was £ 2,20,000.

  48. http://boxofficeindia.com/showProd.php?itemCat=113&catName=V0VTVCBCRU5HQUw=

    look at this guys sholay did 4.5 cr in WB circuit acc to updated BOI

  49. India Boxoffice: SATURDAY – ‘Dabangg’ Rs. 15.75 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ Rs. 11.65 cr. ‘Dabangg’ Fri + Sat = Rs. 30.25 cr. Biggest opening

    posted on twitter

  50. India Boxoffice: SATURDAY – ‘Dabangg’ Rs. 15.75 cr. ’3 Idiots’ Rs. 11.65 cr. ‘Dabangg’ Fri + Sat = Rs. 30.25 cr. Biggest opening

    posted on twitter
    by taran_adarsh

  51. Australia Update:- ‘Dabangg’ Fri + Sat total $ 80,000 on 14 prints. Excellent.

    U.K. Update:- ‘Dabangg’ Saturday £ 1,21,480 on 40 screens. Fri + Sat = £ 2,21,458. ‘Wanted’ Lifetime Business in U.K. was £ 2,20,000.

    posted on twitter
    by taran_adarsh

  52. nice blog..
    visit me..

  53. Hi everyone,I’m Ayush,1 of the biggest fan of sallu bhai(atleast in my view).I’m so happy to watch ur views guys.I was in a blog tht was abt veer.N I single handly managed all the people who were talking rubbish abt salman bhai.its gr8 2 watch u r a lot here.Jai Salman!

  54. There is a trand in bollywood tht aftr any hit frm Aamir or Srk,critics n trade pandits start calculating the fact tht who is the no.1.B4 the release of Kites,everybody was saying tht Hritik will take over both these khans.Aftr 5 back to back hits,many were saying tht Akki is the king n no.1 in bollwood bt aftr 4 flops,they all calmed down.Ranbir n Shahid r in the race.Bt the only man,who was never in this race is Salman bhai.He was never behind no.1 or 2..He is the king of hearts of his fans n tht is the biggest crown for him.If his movie become flop,it doesn’t effect his image,n if his movie does well,his fan following n kingdom keep on growing.Thts the real power of a star.N nw sony tv will beg salman to do Dus ka dum-3 at any cost.Jai Salman!

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