Fearless crowd all over for Dabangg

Dabangg storms the country from north to south, east to west, single screens to multiplexes. Dabangg will be huge at single screens was foregone conclusion, but never ever multiplexes were expected to be 100% from first show. Single screens (from Wherever I got information) at few places are overcapacity (110-120% at places). High end multiplexes at metros picked up big time since afternoon (though opening was 70-80%). Looking at packed houses all over, first day numbers should be anywhere between 11-12 Crore. Weekend will be nothing less than 36 Crore and chances are to cross 38-39 Crore mark.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 10, 2010.

89 Responses to “Fearless crowd all over for Dabangg”

  1. yakuja will it beat 3 idiot

  2. great news

  3. Yeah yeah! I’m a huge fan of Sallu, and this is extraordinary. Definitely it should touch the 100 crore mark. Hopefully, the film becomes a All-Time Blockbuster

  4. first day will be closer to 31

    12+13+12- 37-38( Weekend Expected)

  5. This is totally beyond belief .. of course I have been hearing all the talk of the hype and everything but still find it hard to believe, just in case I am disappointed .. but wow, Salman is No. 1 contender if this beats 3 Idiots, but Dabangg puts Salman in top 3 square.

  6. awesomeeeeee………at last Salman z getting what he deserves

  7. Dabang 1st day 11cr

  8. Dabangg has taken a thunderous bumper opening all over India and it is pretty clear that it is going to be the first or second biggest first day in the history Hindi cinema. Dabanng to be number one will have to cross the Three Idiots day one figures. The day one territorial numbers of Three Idiots that Dabangg chases are below.

    Mumbai – 5.22 crore

    Delhi/UP – 2.39 crore

    East Punjab – 1.10 crore

    West Bengal – 72 lakhs

    Bihar – 18 lakhs

    CP Berar – 53 lakhs

    CI – 48 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 68 lakhs

    Nizam – 70 lakhs

    Mysore – 60 lakhs

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 20 lakhs

    Assam – 13 lakhs

    Orissa – 7 lakhs

    TOTAL – 13 crore

    As per early indications many of these day one circuit records of Three idiots are going to fall but it will be Mumbai collections that will determine whether Dabangg crosses Three Idiots. Three Idiots was just out of this world in the Mumbai circuit especially in Mumbai city and Pune and if Dabanng can get to within 10% of Three Idiots Mumbai figure of 5.22 crore it is likely to become the biggest opener ever.

  9. Boi said that dabangg clear winner .,first day ya to 3idiots se jyada hogs nahi to dusra no. Pakka he waooooooooooooooo

  10. Boi highly paid by salman

  11. Salman always 2nd after amir

  12. if salman always second to amir,then ok,but he is alwyas ahead of srgay

  13. If d2,oso release today they should get40cr opening.

    • Hrithik’s Kites came 2 months ago, SRK’s MNIK came 8 months ago .. why didnt they get 30 or 40 cr openings?

      And dont talk of Ifs cos that way IF HAHK had opened today it would have gotten a 50 cr opening, if Shloay had opened today it would have gotten a 100 cr opening

  14. Tmk,ra1 also get 40cr opening

  15. B.O. update: ‘Dabangg’ is unstoppable, opens to biggest response of 2010
    – By Taran Adarsh, September 10, 2010 – 19:11 IST
    As expected and predicted by this writer time and again, DABANGG opened to an earth-shattering and record-breaking response across the country. The film drew full houses from its first show onwards everywhere. Even at multiplexes, where ceetees and taalis are a rarity, the response to DABANGG was overwhelming, with fans clapping and whsitling at Salman’s intro, Salman’s dialogue [at several places] and of course, the climax fight.

    DABANGG has opened in 1,584 screens in India and in terms of numbers, the film is expected to have a bigger Friday than RAAJNEETI [the biggest opener of 2010, which collected Rs. 10.5 cr. nett on Friday] and should be at par [or bigger] than 3 IDIOTS, which is the biggest opener ever [collected Rs. 13 cr. nett on Friday]. Eid will be celebrated on Saturday, so once can imagine the [grand] business on not just Saturday and Sunday, but also Monday. As per initial trends, DABANGG will be competing with just one film – 3 IDIOTS.


    3 IDIOTS Rs. 13 cr.
    RAAJNEETI Rs. 10.5 cr.
    KITES Rs. 10.5 cr.
    HOUSE FULL Rs. 10 cr.
    GHAJINI Rs. 9 cr.


    3 IDIOTS Rs. 41 cr. [incl. Thursday previews]
    RAAJNEETI Rs. 34 cr.
    MY NAME IS KHAN Rs. 33.2 cr.
    HOUSE FULL Rs. 32 cr.
    GHAJINI Rs. 30 cr. [4-day wknd. was Rs. 40 cr.]

  16. Kites diaster,mnik is not a commertial film completly

  17. If dabangg score 140cr then it bigger hit than ghajini,d2

  18. Dabangg shld…cross 3idiots weekend mrk..but 3idiots was released in christmas holidays so breaking week barrier is tough…it would be interesting to see..if srk does the same with ra one and don 2…i believe he can and he will..

  19. no chance

  20. If monday 8cr+ then there is a chance

  21. here chandgarh housefull

  22. I just saw the film and was dissapointed but is a one time watch..nothing great… “ok” !!

  23. Ab- plz stop this nouns of d2 and oso. This is DABANGG time let us Salman fans enjoy yaar

  24. I meant to say nonsense.

  25. Finally Dabangg equalled 3 idiots 1st day record..http://www.mycineworld.com/2010/09/dabangg-gross-13-crore-in-opening-day.html

  26. Faridoon_S twitter
    Jus got an sms 4m @taran_adarsh sir stating that Dabangg has beaten d Friday collection record of 3 Idiots…Wow!!

    • Its a very close figure if it did .. both are at around 13 cr now and the figure for Dabangg is only an estimate, so we’ll have to wait for a long for the figure to confirm.

      But tomorrow is going to be crazy .. 15 cr anyone?

      • tommorw being the beginning of Ganesh festival in Maharastra, the business might slow down in Mumbai and surrounding circuit, just my thouught

  27. im glad salman finally got wat he deserves.who could hv thought few months back dat salman will challenge aamir at boxoffice.im sure it will beat 3 idiots record for d weekend if not the lifetime. Salman is a true superstar.As someone said 3 idiots had aamir,raj kumar hirani.but dabangg had only nd only salman.

  28. Are dots kal to Ganesh Ji ka din to collection pr asr pad ga .,.wt u think?????

  29. I think Mr. Ninza, the collections will increase……….and AB, what nonsense u r talking about ? Dabangg z da best, Salman Rocks, He z da best superstar……proved

  30. yakuza bhi……….

    who is the actress of salman khan remake movie body gurd?wen dis movie goin to relese?

  31. Faridoon_S Jus got an sms 4m @taran_adarsh sir stating that Dabangg has beaten d Friday collection record of 3 Idiots :))

  32. Prakash Jaju on twitter said Dabangg collected 19 crores on Fri .. dont know if its true, but thats crazy

  33. I am confident ‘Dabangg’ will shatter old records and set new ones. ‘Dabangg’ opening numbers will be the new yardstick.@taran adarsh

  34. What I wanna know without offending any1. Isn’t DABANGG bigger than 3I in terms of first day collections, coz they didn’t hike the ticket prices.

    • first day collection doenst matter a lot, its the long run that counts… even kites had the first day collection of 10.5 crore and mnik had 12 crore which was better than Ghajini

    • Yes, that way it is .. plus Dabangg is bigger in Single Screens while 3 Idiots was bigger at costly multiplexes .. so Dabangg actual footfalls is way much more than 3 idiots

  35. whic movie ll salman khan next release?who is co star ?i mean actress. Sory to say dat i thk dis is a gud robot did nt release 2day.if do dan it cn down by dabangg fever

  36. Dabangg

    Friday – 13.5 Cr.
    Saturday- 16 Cr.
    Sunday – 15 Cr.

    Weekend will be 44.5 Cr.

    • Sunday will be bigger than Sat .. Sat Eid and Ganeshchathurthi means families will not go .. but it wont be any smaller either.. Today was Ramadan Friday and still it broke Christmas day records, its just unbelievable

  37. @RASH , u r absolutely right dude. SRGAY , Akki & Hrithik ki muh par tamacha mara. Dabangg ki jai ho.

  38. @Randy , MNIK flop in India & MNIK films ki 1st days collection 8 Cr. not 12 Cr.

  39. @Randy, KITES is a DISASTER.

  40. Dabangg broken all records Indian cinema on its 1st day.

  41. wow congraz salman u gave us another blockbuster………

  42. 12cr friday

  43. Mumbai,nijam,mysore,bengal,punjab,delhi

  44. Mumbai,nijam,mysore,bengal,punjab,delhi less than 3i

  45. Who is this ab joker?

  46. sanju dey..true mnik grossed 8cr..on day one baaki ke din bata de..Mnik is record holder for total worldwide gross on friday..25 cr..and its the third highest grosser .185 plus crores..it wasnt a flop..
    But dabangg is too good..its salman’s time nw..bahot Aamir hogya..the nxt yr..srk ki back to back blockbusters don2 and ra.one..dnt forget Ranbir kapoor’s anjaana anjaani..

  47. only ab is saying less than 3i and 12 cr,all trade analyst already said that it broke 3id 1st day record of 13 cr.

  48. ab is a ark fan..so he/she is feeling jealous coz his/her idol ll nvr b able to do that..only salman n aamir can brk each others record

  49. http://www.boxofficeindia.com/npages.php?page=shownews&articleid=1980&nCat=news…………AB , look at the link, BOI has declared dat Dabangg has collected 14 cr 1st day which is da best in the history of bollywood cinema…….I hope ur misconception will be cleared now

  50. BOI just reported .. 14 cr .. perhaps more!! Unbelievable!! Udd Dabangg!!

  51. 14cr for dabanggg from boi

  52. Dabang is on its way to break 3I weekend record. Ek break to banta hai boss!!! 🙂

  53. If 14cr is true then weekend 45cr+imposible

    • U use the word impossible too often and too often u r proved wrong. I get it, some ppl never learn

    • The first day business of Dabangg is looking to come in the 14 crore nett range as per early estimates. There is limited data from Mumbai city so if collections there are stronger than being estimated then the figure could even edge over the 14 crore nett mark.

      The film has simply rocked the country and the weekend business may beat the previous record of 38 crore by a big margin. Earlier most records were beaten either on Christmas or Diwali but with Dabangg its Eid week which is smashing all opening records by a margin.

      Last year Salman Khan had an Eid release in Wanted but that film had a Good/Average opening only to pick up and go on a run after Eid.

      So wats impossible fr u, nw became possible…. 🙂 nd as far as weekend goes we’ll c hw much it cn go… hopefully 45+

    • another happy news for AB

      The figures of Dabangg get better and better and the film may even go over 14.50 nett by the evening when most figures are in. The final totals from some circuits are below.

      East Punjab

      Dabangg – 1.38 crore

      Three Idiots – 1.10 crore

      West Bengal

      Dabangg – 60 lakhs

      Three Idiots – 72 lakhs

      CP Berar

      Dabangg – 91 lakhs

      Three Idiots – 53 lakhs


      Dabangg – 62 lakhs

      Three Idiots – 48 lakhs


      Dabangg – 81 lakhs

      Three Idiots – 68 lakhs


      Dabangg – 77 lakhs

      Three Idiots – 70 lakhs


      Dabangg – 50 lakhs

      Three Idiots – 60 lakhs

  54. Rocking salman khan.

  55. ab ko maths nahin aati kya.

  56. and ab one more thing………14cr is not if…..its confirmed 14+

  57. Rosh – shut this ab up plz

  58. Dabangg created history ,salman deserve it . Salman ka dum

  59. Saturday 11th September 2010 12.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The figures of Dabangg get better and better and the film may even go over 14.50 nett by the evening when most figures are in. The final totals from some circuits are below.

    East Punjab

    Dabangg – 1.38 crore

    Three Idiots – 1.10 crore

    West Bengal

    Dabangg – 60 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 72 lakhs

    CP Berar

    Dabangg – 91 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 53 lakhs


    Dabangg – 62 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 48 lakhs


    Dabangg – 81 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 68 lakhs


    Dabangg – 77 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 70 lakhs


    Dabangg – 50 lakhs

    Three Idiots – 60 lakhs

  60. He has done it alone n that also after bad 2-3 film wen everyone thought salman is over. Happy for salman its party time guys n go watch it again n again for whole week .i have a watched it twice already but still wanna catch it daily for whole week atleast 10 times. SaLmAn Da-BanG

  61. Mak – l watched it on thurs and was gonna go on mon again. A first for me coz I never watch a film in cinemas twice lol. But I’ve decided that am going tonight again. Btw Salman will always be near the top.

    Kamal karte ho

  62. taran_adarsh

    FRIDAY TOTAL: ‘Dabangg’ Rs. 14.5 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ Rs. 13 cr.

  63. Orissa circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 10 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 8 lacs.
    1 minute ago via Power Twitter
    Reply Retweet
    Assam circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 10 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 8 lacs.
    2 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Bihar circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 40 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 20 lacs.
    2 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    West Bengal circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 75 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 72 lacs.
    3 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Tamil Nadu-Kerala circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 25 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 20 lacs.
    3 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Mysore circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 50 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 60 lacs.
    4 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Nizam & Andhra circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 78 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 70 lacs.
    5 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Rajasthan circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 81 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 69 lacs.
    5 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    C.I. circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 62 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 48 lacs.
    6 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    C.P. Berar circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 82 lacs. ‘3 Idiots’ 53 lacs.
    7 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    East Punjab circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 1.39 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ 1.11 cr.
    8 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Delhi-U.P. circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 3.01 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ 2.36 cr.
    9 minutes ago via Power Twitter
    Mumbai circuit – Friday: ‘Dabangg’ 4.95 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ 5.22 cr.

  64. I am really very exited ….. Satarday ki news bolo koi ,, plzzzz

  65. Is it possible Today 14+ cr ???

  66. Heyy ,,, Rosh ,, is it true ?? Kiuki veer ke time bhi esa bohat banda ake bol raha tha ,, aur me yakeen karke dil bara karliya tha … Is time me paakka news chahta hoo .. so plz say ??

    • See, Sat is always better than fridays. Plus today is Eid so all Muslim localities will be huge. matching up to fri collection is a given, it will exceed that

  67. Taran Aadarsh on Twitter :

    FRIDAY TOTAL: ‘Dabangg’ Rs. 14.5 cr. ‘3 Idiots’ Rs. 13 cr.

    Dabangg should have 45 cr to 48 cr weekend. 3 Idiots was 41 cr [incl Thu previews], Raajneeti 34 cr, MNIK 33.2 cr, Ghajini 40 cr [4-dy].

    UAE Update: ‘Dabangg’ 1 million Dirhams. Creates history.

  68. Jhon yr veer ke time holiday nahi tha .,aur review bhi bekaar the

  69. Check the article on bollystreet.com its really awesome about dabang.

  70. Number 1 superstar in the world. Dabangg salman khan. Chulbul Pandey main 200% dum hai boss.

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