Dabangg – Movie Review

Formula and cluttered masala movies have been always appreciated by the audience in the past. If we see the history 80% of these type of movies have been the biggest grosser. Lets highlight this yonder of movies with Indian mirch masala.

Firstly just select a normal and attractive story. Don’t go for a master piece and different story. Then sign a super star (Salman Khan). Get a good looking heroine (Sunakshi Sinha). Put some good, memorable and funny dialogues. Now you need to put some action sequence and show the heroism of the hero. When movie is complete then put one item song as tadka and release that movie in festive season (as salad). A complete masala entertaining movie is ready.

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~ by Yakuza on September 9, 2010.

25 Responses to “Dabangg – Movie Review”

  1. I will put my views tonight !!

  2. Thx yakuza bhai. U r great. Yakuza paa jee ki jayyyy.
    Yakuza r u watching tonite?

  3. Yakuza bhai. I hv replied ur mail. Plz check n send me ur feedback

  4. Dabangg lifetime will be 135 Cr.

  5. Jay hui na baat Saju dey gayab that aur bhai ki movie kamaal macha rahi thi to mazaa nahi aa raha tha 🙂

  6. Saju dey ki jayyyy ho

  7. Hey tell me abt advance booking yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. The online ticket booking for the movie has already started on different movie booking websites and when we checked, few of the shows here in Bangalore were already sold out and the remaining were filling up pretty fast.,

  9. Huge Advance For Dabangg

    Thursday 9th September 2010 17.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg has recorded what can be called an extraordinary advance in the present box office scenario. The advance is the strongest of the year by far. Obviously due to the amount of shows and screens its not going to get 50 or 60% weekend sold out as used to happen a few years back.

    Due to the huge releases advance is not really important but when a film starring a mass hero like Salman Khan whose hordes of fans normally turn up on the Friday takes a huge advance it means something big is on the cards.

    In the industry Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are mainly regarded as the advance stars as their films tend to get big block bookings as they have big following amongst the classes. Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are

  10. Dabangg opened this morning to an earth shattering start all over despite bad weather in the North trying to play spoil sport. The first shows opened at around 9.00 am and as expected the response was simply mindboggling. Last year Three Idiots started shows as early as 6.30 am in the morning but this was not the case with Dabangg as very early morning shows have a limited turnout. The ticket rates of Dabangg have also not been hiked like for Three Idiots. Some collections from major theatres for first show are as follows.

    Cinemax Thane (9.30 am) – 15,500 (100%)

    Big Odeon Delhi (10.30 am) – 53,500 (100%)

    Wave Raja Garden Delhi (10.15 am) – 22,100 (100%)

    Wave Ludhiana (10.15am) – 38,500 (100%)

    Wave Ludhiana (10.45am) – 38,500 (100%)

    Wave Ludhiana is also house full for the 11.30am show. This is a very good sign as collections are huge in East Punjab which is a multiplex circuit and also a circuit where Salman Khan films tend to under perform. Wanted was weakest in Punjab compared to the rest of India. The single screen figures are likely to be like nothing seen before.

    Congratulations…….cheers……. nw waitin fr bollybusiness report……:)

  11. Saurabh – thank you buddy. Really appreciate it.

    • no big deal bro…. i jst copied from BOI nd pasted it.. we all knw dats gonna happen… bt wer is yakuja uptil nw.. really waitin fr his views..

  12. Saw dabangg last night, here’s my short views :

    Chulbul Pandey : Apna Dabangg Desi Super Hero

    He don’t need any VFX to fight, His one solid punch is enough to beat thousands of Ra-one at a time. He don’t fly, but can make others fly single handedly. He don’t wear western outfits to pretend himself Stylish, his DESI outfits are enough to beat any stylish DON. He don’t need to stammer for crude look, his “on the spot action” can mute others. He is nightmare for Ra-ones and dons, but divine for poor. He is contemporary Robin hood. He is apna dabangg desi hero – Chulbul Pandey, Baap of all super heroes.

    If, last year, Wanted was return of masala movies in bollywood, Dabangg is one more addition, but with more conviction, better action and humor. If Gadar was larger than life action bonanza in early year of last decade, Dabangg open this decade on similar note. A sure shot blockbuster !!

    Will update boxoffice status, I just wake up now after whole night blast … 🙂

  13. Dabangg has simply rocked the CP Berar and Rajasthan circuits. Some single screen theatres in CP Berar started shows at 6.00am and the response was an earth shattering 100%. Rajasthan has seen the biggest release ever for a film by a distance and practically every centre is 100% leaving the trade in Rajasthan in awe. Salman Khan films always open well in Rajasthan but this is something out of the ordinary.

    E Square in Pune has 6,300 tickets sold for Friday, 6,300 for Saturday and 6,300 for Sunday meaning weekend is already full and due to excessive demand from patrons who refuse to take no for an answer meaning the theatre will have to change its schedule this early into the week and add extra shows of Dabangg due to public demand.


  14. I also saw the film last night. There were two shows here and I along with friends caught the late night 1. I loved the film. Will post my views in a short while.

    Question to Yakuza or any1 else. Why didn’t they follow what 3 IDIOTS did and hike the prices? Sorry if it’s a stupid question.

  15. Taran Aadarsh on Twitter :
    Friday trends: 3 Idiots 13 cr. Raajneeti 10.5 cr. As per early tracking, Dabangg should be more than Raajneeti. At par with 3I or more. 🙂

  16. Taran Aadarsh on Twitter
    ‘Dabangg’ Update: Audience feedback excellent. Opening day numbers will be a record at most screens.

    Komal Nahata on Twitter
    Review Dabangg: It will be loved by the masses and classes. @BeingSalmanKhan is the life of the film. http://koimoi.c2w.com/2010/09/10/dabangg-review-salman-khan-by-komal-nahta/

    Rajeev Masand on Twitter :
    Never seen Salman Khan enjoying himself (on screen) as much as he seems to be, playing Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg. Detailed review tomorrow.

  17. 3 idiots had aamir after gajini.vidu vinod chopra and raju hirani after munna bhai series,top actress in form of kareena kapoor,Christmas week..

    dabangg has none of wat 3i had…it has only SALMAN KHAN AND SALMAN KHAN…

  18. Kareena had no role in the success of 3 Idiots. 3I was the only hit for Kareena after series of flops like Kurbaan, Kambakht Ishq etc. throughout the year. She is considered a top actress now because of 3 Idiots.

    I see fans, media all are excited, but don’t compare it to 3 Idiots right away!

    Chrismas week came to be considered big only after Ghajini and 3I hit the bulls eye. Otherwise earlier, Diwali week used to be considered the biggest one. So using Christmas as an excuse is futile.

  19. Yeahhhhhhh I hope this film smashes records.

  20. Salman’s DA-BANGG – by Manish

    Dabangg is a story based in Laalganj (Uttar Pradesh). The movie revolves around 3 basic characters- Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan)-a corrupt Police officer, Makhanchand Pandey (Arbaaz Khan)-Stupid step brother of Chulbul Pandey and Cheddi Singh (Sonu Sood)-an upcoming politician involved in criminal activities.

    Dabangg is family drama about Chulbul Pandey who shares a strained relationship with his stepfather (Vinod Khanna) and his stepbrother Makhanchand Pandey. Cheddi Singh’s goons rob a bank but Chulbul Pandey takes away all the money leaving Cheddi Singh red faced and from here on starts the conflict between the two. In between all this, there is a sweet and short love story between Chulbul Pandey and Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha) perfecting the masala. In the end, Chulbul ends the conflict by killing Cheddi Singh and during the course of this enemity Chulbul gets back his family (Step father and step brother) which was broken with the death of his mother

    In the first half the story doesn’t move much but when one gets witty one liner and good action scenes from Salman who cares about the story. In the last 45 minutes, tempo picks up and gives us a fitting end with a duel between Cheddi Singh and Chulbul Pandey.

    Read rest here


  21. I have no real interest coz except the first 1, the rest I found bad. How is RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE doing in India.

    And plz inform us of 1st day collections. Thanks

  22. are must must watching movie.jakass movie.in theater audience being mad .great movie salman roks

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