Dabangg : Following wanted path

Though advance booking of Dabangg is not up to mark so far (At the moment 10-15% at places, where opened), But even last year, despite all ho halla, wanted advance bookings were poor. But opening day at single screens was awesome. Dabangg will follow same path, will surely open to 100% response at single screens, Footfalls will be in bulks on verdict day, reports are extra ordinary and unlike wanted, Dabangg is creating ripples among classes too.  Keep your eyes at this space for regular updates.

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~ by Yakuza on September 8, 2010.

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  1. Dabangg review
    The fight between good and bad has been the fodder of many a Hindi film of 1970s and 1980s. In fact, it wouldn’t be erroneous to state that these films dominated the cinema of yore and a lot of us, who have grown up on masala films/wholesome entertainers, will vividly recall the serpentine queues outside cinema halls and a mad scramble to book the tickets of those films. Hardcore masala films were relished with glee by the audience then.
    However, for some inexplicable reason, masala films became extinct or should I say, disappeared from the face of Hindi cinema over a period of time. GHAJINI and WANTED revived this genre, bringing back memories of the bygone era. Now DABANGG takes this genre one step ahead.
    Write your own movie review of Dabangg
    Be forewarned. DABANGG is rustic, has loads of action, harps on the age-old mother-son and varied relationships [half-brother, step-father], eventually turns into a vendetta fare, has a number of songs placed smartly in the narrative [including an item number]… but the packaging is slick and polished. Sure, it’s old wine, but packed in a brand new bottle, with a new brand ambassador [Salman Khan] endorsing this masalathon.
    Most importantly, it has Salman like never before. Breathing fire and venom, Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood Pandey taps Salman’s star power like no film has and the result is sheer magic. In fact, DABANGG stands on three pillars – Salman’s star power, smashing stunts and super music.
    Final word? Salman fans, rejoice! You walk in DABANGG with 100% expectations and you exit with 200% gratification. Entertainment guaranteed. This film will create a pandemonium of sorts, a mass hysteria, crushing old records and setting new benchmarks at the box-office.
    Set in Uttar Pradesh, DABANGG is a story of Chulbul Pandey [Salman Khan], a totally fearless but corrupt police officer with unorthodox working methods. But even the most fearless at times face a tough fight with their innermost demons. Chulbul has had a bitter childhood. His father passed away when he was very young, after which his mother [Dimple Kapadia] married Prajapati Pandey [Vinod Khanna]. Together, they had a son Makhanchan [Arbaaz Khan].
    Prajapati favors Makhanchan, which does not go down well with Chulbul. He decides to take control of his destiny and detaches himself from his step-father and half-brother. His sole attachment is his mother. However, after his mother’s demise and an unsuccessful attempt to mend wounds, Chulbul snaps all ties with his step-father and half-brother.
    Rajo [Sonakshi Sinha], with her unique perspective of life, enters his world and turns life upside down. Chulbul starts to see life more positively and also gets sensitized to the value of a family. But his detractors, especially the dubious Cheddi Singh [Sonu Sood], have their own vested interests and emerge as spokes in the wheels, putting one brother against the other. Makhanchan ends up carrying out an act oblivious to the consequences.
    When Makhanchan realizes he has been used, he turns to Chulbul. Will Chulbul take his extended hand? Will the brothers be able to thwart their detractors?
    The job of a promo is to give a gist of the film and prepare the audience well in advance about what to expect when they saunter into an auditorium. The promos of DABANGG have sent the right signals to the audience about it being a paisa vasool entertainer. Let’s face it, DABANGG has nothing ground-breaking to offer as far as its plot is concerned. We’ve visited similar stories in the past, but what makes DABANGG shine, and shine brightly, is Salman’s star power, which camouflages the aberrations wonderfully. The darling of the masses has been cast in a role that his fans love to see him in, which explains why this film works from start to end.
    Like I pointed out earlier, DABANGG is special for two more reasons: S. Vijayan’s stunts and Sajid-Wajid’s music, with an additional song by Lalit Pandit. Talking of action scenes, Salman’s introduction at the start and the fight-to-finish in the climax will send the masses in frenzy. To state that the action scenes are outstanding, especially the fight in the finale, would be an understatement. In the finale fight, when Salman’s shirt tears apart and the rippling muscles and the bare-chest fight ensues, mark my words, it will lead to chaos at mass-dominated centres, especially at single screens. The climax will be one of the prime reasons for repeat viewing, for sure.
    It’s difficult to accommodate music in an action film, but Sajid-Wajid come up with a melodious score. The title track, ‘Tere Mast Mast Do Nain’ and ‘Munni’ [composed by Lalit Pandit] are the icing on the cake.
    Director Abhinay Singh Kashyap is in his element. He’s made an out and out entertainer with an eye at the masses and he succeeds in his endeavour. Doing justice to vintage formula is no cakewalk, let’s not forget. Besides, the director stays away from going overdramatic while handling the dramatic and emotional moments. This explains why you don’t exit the theatre with a spinning head. Mahesh Limaye’s cinematography is perfect. I’d like to make a note of the editing [Pranav V. Dhiwar], which is super-slick in action scenes. Dialogue, especially those delivered by Salman, will be greeted with claps and whistles. Especially the one ‘Itne chhed karunga’.
    Salman Khan is the boss, when it comes to playing to the masses. This film reaffirms this truth. The role provides him ample opportunity to prove his star power and he does it with remarkable ease. Let me put it on record. DABANGG is yet another landmark film in his career, besides MAINE PYAR KIYA, HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN, JUDWAA [tapping the funny side], TERE NAAM [tapping the emotional side] and WANTED.
    Sonakshi Sinha looks fresh, acts confidently and pairs off very well with Salman. Most importantly, she delivers the right expressions and is not overpowered by the galaxy of stars in the cast. Arbaaz Khan is efficient. He underplays his part well. Sonu Sood is electrifying, matching up to Salman at every step. In fact, the fight in the finale between Salman and Sonu is awe-inspiring.
    Vinod Khanna is excellent in a role that has grey shades. Dimple Kapadia is truly wonderful. Anupam Kher is, as always, good. Ditto for Om Puri. Mahesh Manjrekar doesn’t get ample scope. Mahi Gill is alright. Tinnu Anand is effective. Murli Sharma is nice. Malaika Arora Khan sizzles in the ‘Munni’ track.
    On the whole, DABANGG is a full on entertainer with three aces – Salman Khan like never before, stylish action and super music. It’s a foregone conclusion that DABANGG will open huge. As far as the business prospects are concerned, the film will set new benchmarks, so much so that DABANGG will be one of the yardsticks to gauge the level of business in times to come. Sure to fetch an earth-shattering opening, the film will create a pandemonium at the box-office, cementing the status of Salman Khan as the darling of the masses and making the distributors laugh all the way to the bank. It has Blockbuster written all over it!

    Final Rating: 4.5/5

  2. weekend 35 crore
    1st week 55 crore

  3. Give a update tomorrow on the advance booking of Dabangg?

  4. waha yakuza bhaiya …………….yes yes we keep our eyes here……nice innovative linesssssssssssss

  5. Why doest Taran Adarsh gives the rating of 4.5 to every movie he reviews before release ?

  6. waise multiplex responce kaisa he.,.?????????

  7. Dabangg gonna break some records 🙂

  8. Hope the film smashes a few records. Sooo excited for fri.

  9. so salman phirse multiplex me flop ho jayega

  10. Thats because Dabangg advance bookings just opened in some places bro .. no worries, this one is a blockbuster, now nothing can change that

    And I am back to BB with Dabangg 😀

  11. thanx rosh bro,.,.i hope yeh movie multiplex ke bhi record tode.,.,kyuki ab yahi movie aisa kr skti he

  12. The craze and hype of Dabangg has kept on growing over the last month is likely to be at an optimum when the film releases this Friday. The huge popularity of Salman Khan amongst the masses is an added advantage especially in the type of role the masses want to see him.

    Dabangg is likely to be the biggest release ever in the domestic market. The multiplex release will be on par with Three Idiots though ticket rates may not be increased as much as they were for Three Idiots while the single screen release will be the biggest ever. The print count on release day is likely to be 600-650 physical prints and 1100 plus digital prints.

    The first weekend is very likely to be the biggest of 2010 if the film lives up to the hype but the big question in the industry and trade is that will it beat the opening of Three Idiots and here some regard weekend as opening and others regard week as opening. The weekend is definitely a possibility but week is very tough as the weekdays in Christmas week perform better than any other week in the year and Three Idiots had immense appreciation which meant weekdays went much higher than normal.

    The first week single screen share of Ghajini (8 Days) and Three Idiots was around 23 crore and Wanted was around 16 crore. If Dabangg is liked by the audience then there is no doubt that Dabangg will have the highest first week share from single screens due to the release factor.

    • WOM and repeat value was an important factor for 3 idiots on weekdays, mainly in the multiplex sector. Dabangg has the craze that was never seen before for a movie in recent times(MNIK has the same craze, but for all the wrong reasons), now the big question is will the public like the movie immensly or they will say its a full time pass and a one time watch.

      • “hey will say its a full time pass and a one time watch.”

        Pretty much yes and most likely will be monster entertainer.

    • Yup after long time interiors will play a movie in multiple theaters and share prints [It used to happened in 90’s that a print in city was shared by two different theater, show time difference was used to be 1 hour, A dedicated person was employed to handover the reels after every 40 minutes.] Dabangg will see same euphoria again.

  13. Rosh – very nice to see you. I pray this film becomes a monster hit.

  14. Dabangg Friday 20 cr Sat 25 cr Sun 25 cr weekend 70 cr. First week 120 cr life time 500 cr.

  15. nauman are you joking? i agree keh Dabangg will be blockbuster but what u says seems like you are joking

  16. Arre bhai ki movie ka itna craze aur bhai ka biggest fan saju nahi hai to maza nhai aa raha 😦

  17. wats the advance booking status

  18. Sorry guys for being off topic. I just expose some BOI scams on bollywood hungama forums. This scam is one of them and need to spread across all forums.


  19. golmal 3 poster

  20. hey guys in bangalore all the advance tickets sold out for friday show,,,,

  21. Weekend35cr, 1st week55cr,total90cr,5th blogbluster of salman

  22. yakuza bhai seems like dabbang is a blockbuster for sure with al the positive reviews its geetin all over.

  23. Then sure 5cr 1st day net from bangalore

  24. advance booking has picked up significantly

  25. Dabangg will Break Ghajini Record.

  26. Ghajini – 130 Cr.

    Dabangg – 135 Cr.

  27. Every critics given 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 stars for Dabangg

  28. Dabangg’s weekend will be 40 Cr.

  29. hey guys in delhi where most of muslims brothers live ,,,there all the tickets sold out for1 week,,,.,,,hipppppppppeeeeeee,,,,,,,
    Dabangg””,,,,.hooooooooooo 10sep.

  30. AR sure shot flop,TMK average aki out of top5

  31. dabangg got huge advance@boi.com

  32. Dabangg weekend will be 40 Cr.

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