Classification : 1982

~ by Yakuza on September 7, 2010.

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  1. Angoor was just a semi hit 😦
    loved that movie 🙂

  2. I found some comments occasionally by my name, but not from me. Not sure how can i control these intruders. though i tried imposing control on comments by putting moderation on new entrants, but i guess before applying this model, there were few comments approved on similar IP address and now appear here without approval.

    • If u want help in that regard , i can ask my friend , wot say ??, he does take care of all this stuff and wd surely knw how to fix this . do u want me to connect u to him ??

      • Thanks, if i will not able to handle in few days, will tell you. I have deleted all old approvers, lets see.

  3. BOI 1982 classification is total opposite and they skipped some Hits movies like Angoor and Arth. All bachchan movies has been degraded …. Where are all danish, GBK and some liers who was crying from rooftop that vidhata was biggest hit of 1982 ?

    • though i never said vidhata was the biggest hit of 1982 i must say i would still beleive a tade site/magazine more than a filmfare/stardust as they just go by perception and in any case when they need data they go the same trade guide/BOI. I know very well there was a dispute between namak halaal and vidhaata umust notice two things. one, all the superhits have been clubbed together in this scan and not in order of collections/size of hit. two even khuddaar, a certfied below average whose collections picked up a little because of the news of bachchan’s accident on the sets of coolie has been included in the list. u must kno just like most magazines/editors are eating out of srk’s hands today, in the 80s it was the same with bachchan. and in your desperation to call SRK’s fraud u cant give in to another. in the 80s the only genuine bachchan hits were coolie, lawaris, and namahalaal and to a lesser extent sharabi, aakhiri raasta basically because of great initial. and initial in those days meant 1st two weeks. no1 can touch bachchan between 73-78, again but do u know between 79-84 he was directly or indirectly beaten by, hold ur breath, jeetnedra of all people. some of the films collided at box office (in those days a couple of week apart releases were also considered collision and affected each other’s collections) others had similar themes (jyoti bane jwala and lawaris abt an illegitimate child, shakti and farz aur kanoon about cop father criminal son) and each time jeetendra’s films did better than bachchan. then again in 1980 (asha), 1983 (himmatwala )and 1984 (tohfa) he had the biggest hits of the year as bachchan grappled with failure after failure. this is not to say that jeetendra is bigger than bachchan. just to say that bachchan has had his ups and down. if jani dushman beats suhaag (1979) asha beats dostana (1980) jyoti bane jwala beats lawaris (1980/1981) farz aur kanoon beats shakti (1982) himmatwala beats coolie despite all the hype ( 1983) and tohfa beats sharaabi(1984) it needs to be acknowledge. and by the way jeetendra is neither my favourite nor in any way contender or even pretender to the throne.

      • It seems you are completely dismissing Komal Nahta verdicts ?

        “in the 80s the only genuine bachchan hits were coolie, lawaris, and namahalaal and to a lesser extent sharabi, aakhiri raasta”

        What about Khuddar (Super hit) , Aaj Ka Arjun (Hit) , Mard (SuperHit), andha Kanoon (Super Hit) , Gireftaar (Super Hit) , Dostana(Super hit), Naseeb (Super Hit), Kaalia (Hit) ????

        You partial statement without proper analysis and your desperation to dismiss even biggest trade guy komal nahta verdicts celarly shows your agenda.

        • Dostana (Second biggest hit of 1980)
          Naseeb (Huge Hit)
          Kaalia and Yaarana (Another hits)
          Khud-Daar (Superhit)
          Andhaa kanoon (Huge hit – Amitabh’s presence in film made it hit
          Shaarabi (Good Hit)
          Mard (Big Hit)
          Geraftaar (Another Hit)
          Also Shahenshah (Good Hit).
          Aakhree Raasta (lesser hit but ran 100 % weeks in Mumbai for 4 weeks).

      • u r a real joke

        • Danish has gone mad.
          These Khan lovers is crossing every limits.
          Dismissing films like Khuddar and Naseeb as success is akin to dismissing films like Darr and Dil To Pagal Hai for SRK.

  4. Well in my classification, i put few coverage movies under flop, But i guess that should come under below average. Will correct my list.

  5. Two super hits, two semi hits and two Above average .. Clearly shows how dominating was amitabh during his hey days.

    • yakuza right has been exposed At IFM coz of this,i congrat u on this clear cut expose of big b’s degradation at BOI,u rock

  6. Excellent, I love these articles. Bro, you rock.

    Another fantastic year for Big B, the greatest ever!

  7. yakuza i know all these BOI lovers have gone insane and r finding no defence for this

  8. Amitabh was on top in 1980s like 1970s,
    In 1980s
    Ram Balram(semihit)
    Barsat Ki Ak Raat(hit)
    Naseeb(Mega hit)
    Namak Halal(Mega hit)
    Shakti(above average)
    Desh Premee(semihit)
    Bemesaal(above average)
    Cooile(Mega hit)
    Andha Kanoon(superhit)
    Sette Pe Setta(semihit)
    Mard(Mega hit)
    Akhree Rasta(hit)
    Bollywood will never a hero like Amitabh,he is the Shahenshah of bollywood.
    Amitabh won 4 National Awards
    Saat Hindustni
    Still rocking an age of 68.

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