Real All Time Blockbusters : An Analysis

Real All Time Blockbuster: In this section we will strictly include only those movies whose business was way above the highest grosser of past releases.

Sr. No Movie (year) Gross Nett Collections Average Ticket Rates In Respective Year of release Adjusted collection of previous record holder (if release at time of new record breaking movie) Adjusted collection of new record holder (With current average ticket price @ 80/-)
1 Kismet (1943) 1 Crore 45 NP NA 177 Crore
2 Aan (1952) 1.5 Crore 75 NP 1.66 Crore 160 Crore
3 Mother India (1957) 3.5 Crore Rs 1 2 Crore 280 Crore
4 Mughal E Azam (1960) 5 Crore Rs. 1 3.5 Crore 400 Crore
5 Sholay (1975) 29 Crore (15 Crore upto 1977, 14 Crore 1978-1993) Rs. 2.5 12.5 Crore 704 Crore (480 Crore for first 15 Crore and 224 Crore for next 14 Crore)
6 Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994) 67.5 Crore Rs. 16 140 Crore 337.5 Crore
7 Gadar (2001) 72 Crore Rs. 24 101.25 Crore 240 Crore
8 Dhoom-2 (2006) 82 Crore Rs. 60 180 Crore 109.3 Crore
9 Ghajini (2008) 115 Crore Rs. 70 95.6 Crore 131 Crore
10 Three Idiots (2009) 203.5 Crore Rs. 80 131 Crore 203.5 Crore

Rankings of movies based on adjusted figure:

Rank Movie Adjusted Collections(Crore)
1 Sholay (1975) 704
2 Mughal E Azam (1960) 400
3 Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994) 337.5
4 Mother India (1957) 280
5 Gadar (2001) 240
6 Three Idiots (2009) 203.5
7 Kismet (1943) 177
8 Aan (1952) 160
9 Ghajini (2008) 131
10 Dhoom-2 (2006) 109.3
  • Next Post will be about All Time earners (Whose business didn’t cross past highest grosser, but nonetheless were in boundries of big earners) which will include likes of  Amar Akbar Anthony, DDLJ, Awaara, Deewar  etc.

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~ by Yakuza on September 5, 2010.

70 Responses to “Real All Time Blockbusters : An Analysis”

  1. Yakuza bhai sahi me dhamaka kar diya 🙂 . No SRK movie SRK fans Chillayenge but good work , truth shd always prevail . BTW answered ur Mail . have to ask u few things not in regrad to that post but it wd be sort of assistance . wd ask u soon . Plz remain as interactive as u r today 4ever on this blog . gives good credibilty to the blog 🙂

    • manish .. 🙂 , But this is fact, no one can deny. None of SRK movie crossed past highest grosser. And in this post we are discussing those movies only.

    • And if you notice, Sholay was such a monster blockbuster that it took 20 years for any movie to cross its unadjusted Nett (forget adjusted). All big blockbusters of 70’s and 80’s just burried under one monster : sholay. Otherwise 6+ grossers in 70’s and 80’s was nothing less than a big blockbuster. And most of Amitabh movies were 6+ grossers, but unfortunately never achieved ATBB status due to a HUGE MONSTER called sholay.

    • see i m no srk fan. in fact an srk hater for his overacting and hamming. but i think there is some manipulation in in including ghajini but not having DDLJ in the list. i refuse to believe it. the other mistake is not including Jia santoshi ma which could be easily be in place of gadar. BUT WHAT MAKES THE WHOLE EXERCIZE A JOKE IS THE FACT THAT DHOOM 2 IS INCLUDED BUT MAINE PYAAR KIYA IS NOT. It definitely has an anti sharukh bias as two aamir film and even one hrithik film is included and these are the two actors frequently propped by anti srk media against sharukh. i m surprized akshay kumar’s singh is king or welcome is not included considering for a year (2007-2008) even he was apretender to the throne. in fact if the intention was to put the record straght then two salman khan films shud have been included as he is the only one to have given biggest hit of the decade twice, MPK in 1989 and hahk in 1994. if u were a conformist u wud have stuck to ‘bachchan is biggest’ stance and included muqaddar ka sikandar. and if u were a film historian u would have brought to notice dilip kumar’s incomparable record of 9 biggest hit of the year, 2 all time blockbusters/ biggest hit of the decade (mughle azam, ganga jamuna and a disputable claim that kranti was the biggest hit of the 80s. but yu are nothing but an aamir khan fan club member i guess. this i m saying despite the fact, and i repeat, that i cant stand sharukh khan on screen for a second. but i have to acknoledge that his DDLJ was a huge commercial sucess and had a cultural impact on atleast the middle class ( unlike the sweeping pan indian cultural impact of hum aapke hain kaun) both 3 idiots and ghajini have no culturala impact. soall in all a very dishonest excersize.

      • I guess Danish first you need to check what the post is all about. You wasted so much time in writing irrelevant comment. Neither post is about all time earners, nor about impact of movies. Just read first two lines of this post, your all objectivity will be clear.

        • yakuza its in the 1st two lines itself that the smart trick is contained. defining an all time blockbuster based on the collections of the previous blockbuster, knowing fully well that sharukhs biggest blockbuster DDLJ came within a year of HAHK, one of the 3 biggest blockbusters along with sholay and mughle azam. even jai santoshi ma’ without doubt one of the biggest blockbustrer in the history of bollywood suffers because of the faulty definition of ATBB, though the intention i m sure was to prop amir and put down sharukh, not jai santoshi ma. if you called the list a compilation of hits/blockbusters who came after a long gap, or revived the industry or sumthing i would have understood. but simply defining them as all time bbs is cheating. even on that front kismat, the 1st blockbuster that came after 35 years of bollywood’s beginning is not included. and this is the film that gave us the word all time blockbuster.

          secondly, however having finetuned the definition of blockbuster on a mere timing factor you still havent stuck two even your dishonest and intentioanlly biased definition. two examples. 1. the collections of ghajini(2008) were only marginally better than OSO (2007) still ghajini is in the list. secondly MPK (1989) was a huge hit of that level 9 years after kranti, still MPK is not there.

  2. wow yakuza bhai great work best of luck keep it up…..i hope to see soon other ATBB movies list e-g Raja Hindustani,DDDL,etc

  3. this site is a “monster” compared to BOI,IFM,IBOS ETC

  4. one of the best work from yakuza

  5. This is excellent work, never seen anywhere on internet. A very informative, unbiased, transparent and insightful peice.

  6. Yakuza Bhai, beleive me, I dont hv words how to appreciate you. Such a nice work. None of any other trade analyst can do it.
    Hats off.

  7. great work yakuza waiting anxiously for All time earners list

    • Saurabh, Expose everything at indiaFM forum. Yaar main abhi mobile se comment kar raha hun. thread nahi bana sakta abhi. Tu indiaFM ye wala thread aur 1984 classification ko expose kar de. I will join you in evening.

  8. i have done that at IFM,even i m leavinfg for job now after lunch break,wld discuss this in evening,yakuza please post 79 and 82 scans as well

  9. Yakuza bhai why dont you start a proper site?
    you will be Box office reported
    I will give reviews on Thursday
    I will write new articles and new movies
    You will show old figures and old verdicts of old movies ?

    • i am ready to go in a partership if you dont mind and is ready to spend any amount to make to truly international!

    • Nauman and chengez, Thanks you both. I am in process of one very ambitious plan, Trying to build one SOLID team. Can you please contact Manish for details, or give me your email id, Will send you details.

  10. yakuza real and genuine filmbuffs r with u,we want to uproot the corrupted and biased BO sites like BOI,whose sole purpose is to degrade big b and aamir and put up their poster boy srk

  11. Chengez I have already a site.
    you can visit and let me know what type of help you an do for me?
    tell me r u in perth?

  12. Great work Yakuza, thanks.
    And, please bring up all time earners list also.

  13. Wel done Yakuza… I’ve 1 more request… Also give the adjusted collection of MPK nd Karan Arjun

  14. Thank you for good information, if you don’t mind may I translate my mother language and posting this article? plz.

  15. ur sight lacks credibility so badly that not a single srk fan has even bothered to register a protest. thats not a sign of a good blog.

  16. no SRK movie crossed previous highest grosser,that’s the truth,his only All time earner DDLJ fell way short of HAHK,OSO though came close to D2

    • SRK movies dont even have the merit to lead the ATBB list… they were merely hits during its time.. none of his work can be classfied as a masterpiece.

  17. I have to join in and say that SRK is degraded by many here. In England many people only know him. I also don’t really like him but you have to give credit to the likes of SRK. Plz other users stop all this SRK bashing.

    Btw am sure Salman has 2 ATBB. if ur gonna include KKHH then that makes it 3.

    • As Yakuza written “In this section we will strictly include only those movies whose business was way above the highest grosser of past releases.”

      So can any SRK fan claim if any of his movie crossed previous highest grosser ?

  18. sorry for the repeat KKHH was never sn ATBB,it was a BB and that too non universal

  19. Another awesome article Yakuza. But, isn’t Barsaat, Awaara and Shree 420 part of the list as they broke the net grossers at that time?

    Wow, that’s amazing that Sholay adjusted is 700+. while MEA is 400 and HAHK is 300+!

    • Yeah, Barsaat in 40’s crossed 1 Crore mark, But margin was not big enough and it was after 9 years. It doesn’t qualify the “Way above past highest grosser” parameter of this post. Same thing applies for few 50’s movies. After 15-18 years, difference of even 1 Crore is not marginal enough.

      • But even if it crossed Kismet net collection, it did break the record. Awaara was a rage in India and managed to cross Barsaat nett collection record. But this is an outstanding piece of work. Since Maine Pyar Kiya did 14 crores+ at the BO, how much would that be adjusted?

  20. not only KKHH,even DDLJ was not a success in Bihar ,most of SRK big hits or groassers r flop in bihar aka MNIK,KANK,KHNH was a disaster there,Devdas

  21. Kaha gaya Dabangg salman ka Maine Pyar Kiya ATBB ?

  22. Karan Arjun & Raja hindustani kaha gaya ?

    • saju dey, This is not primary school counting post. Apki samazh mein nahi ayegi. Bollybusiness need some brainers to understand his posts … 🙂

  23. Manish n Yakuza bhai my email ids are
    i ll wait for your e mail n details.

  24. Though i am SRK biggest fan, but i don’t feel any disappointment not seeing any of his movies here. because logically this is truth, None of his movie crossed last highest grosser.

    And being an SRK fan, I can simply WOWWWWWW on this post. Great work yakuza. Very informative.

  25. Thx Yakuza bhai. I ll wait for ur e mail.
    Btw wht is ur prediction for Dababgg?

  26. frm Ayesha Takia in Twitter.
    Just watched
    IT!!!!super super
    super hit!!!ul
    willll loovvv it!
    Salman is
    mindblowing in
    the film as
    always!!all in all
    Daabang rocks!!

  27. yakuza i don’t agree with ur adjusted nett of gadar,let me tell u why,even in today selling equal tickets doessn’t mean same collns,we have to see wanted if it did 100 cr business cld have sold equal no. of tickets to 3I ,as gadar was more a massy movie it wld have done more prominantly at SS,U cld see only high class/middle class ppl go to watch in multiplex,though i do agree that even family audience went to see gadar,but it did hurricane business more so in interiors,so u can’t take average ticket price of 2001 and now and then give adjusted collns of today,u have to keep all these factors in mind espicially the type of movie massy or classy or mix,that’s y i believe for something like lagaanor dch adjusted collns wld more when compared with average price and lower for something like gadar,i hope u have understood what i want to say,so gadar’s adjusted collns can’t be what u have written.

  28. let me clarify it further yakuza bhai,take eg of LAK and wanted,lak sold abt half the no.of tickets of wanted As far as i know,if both wld have released in 2001,collns of wanted wld have been double of LAK,so even adjusted collns for 09/10 foer wanted wld have been almost double(if not exactly double),but it is not the case and infact LAK has done a bit more than wanted,so u shd add a further factor into this adjustment and it is very prominent as i have explained u,for massy movie this adjustment factor wld be lower than 1 and for classy more than 1,for mixed bag though it cld be taken as 1

    • No Saurabh, You get it wrong. Just couldn’t get the magic of adjusted colection based on average ticket price. Well i am in hurry for leaving somewhere now. Will explain you this magic after come back.

  29. please think of putting this adjustment factor,for wanted it is looking like 0.5. for sometging like gadar i wld put it like 0.7.

  30. Taran Adarsh on twitter says:

    Watched Dabangg. Salman is OUTSTANDING, like never before. Await a hurricane this Friday. Exclusive Review coming up on Bollywood Hungama.

  31. Neat post, Yakuza!




  34. lolzzzzzz BOI copy cats bollybusiness

    Yakuza, it seems BOI is truely impressed and under dominance of you.

  35. Well done Yakuza,
    I never saw this type of beautiful articles in other sites,superb work.really Sholay is Monster movie.
    Waiting for ur another this type of great article,
    and hope in other list Deewaar,RPAK(Manoj kumar),AAA,MKS,Namak Halal,Cooile,MPK,DDLJ and Dabangg.

  36. nice work man, others phoney persons should die seeing ur work. good job yaar.

  37. thank u for this kind information. Ithink after SHOLAY’GATHER , should be placed.

  38. I’m shocked by this list, I respect it and surely it is accurate but I”m amazed by it, I’m from Canada and always thought the KING of Bollywood was shahrukh khan, in fact I reallllly like him and his movies a lot, amazing that none of the actors in these movies mentioned here are known or some even are not heard of outside India! I however do respect your list

    • This just goes on to prove that SRK has a bigger fan following overseas than in India itself. In fact these days his movies like MNIK and Don-2 are grossing more money outside India than in India itself. Its a paradox where an international superstar is not the biggest in his own country.

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