Averages dominates box-office, Bombardments of small movies this week, sweeps under 3 Crore weekend

As good as seven new bollywood releases (AASHAYEIN, HELLO DARLING, ANTARDWAND, MADHOLAL-KEEP WALKING, GUMSHUDA, SOCH LO, GENG) met with hurricane like response never seen before, hold your breath, combined weekend business of seven movies is less than 3 Crore, Major contribution came from Hello Darling.

Lafangey Parindey joins the league of averages like Atithi and Badmash Company. Movie did OK business in first week (17 Crore). Collections dropped by 65% on second weekend, Ten days estimate is around 20.5 Crore. Movie did better business than new releases in second weekend, should get benefit from lack of prominent releases for next two weeks.

Peepli [Live] after bumper first week [21.5 Crore] , dropped heavily on second week[6.5 Crore] and third weekend registered stable collections under 2 Crore. Overall movie of this caliber, had released without brand Aamir, would have been collapsed under 5 Crore, Now enjoying 30 Crore status. Drill down the chain of investors and everyone made handsome money. Overall HIT.

OUATIM crossed 56 Crore mark. Movie just missed the Super Hit Status. But none the less is Hit+.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 30, 2010.

44 Responses to “Averages dominates box-office, Bombardments of small movies this week, sweeps under 3 Crore weekend”

  1. Antardwand is a very good film. Friends, you all can check out the review here: http://mehtakyakehta.wordpress.com/2010/08/28/aditya-mehtas-review-antardwand-will-leave-you-stunned/

  2. dabangg ki koi nayi news nahi he kya

    • Dabangg will be a superhit for sure 🙂

    • looking at the promo’s the film will be huge at single screens because of the street language dialogues. and if reviews are good it can cash on multiplexes too, though not a big fan of Salman, but still like him better than SRK and hope he gets the filmfare award for the best actor… dont want to see SRK walking away with the award for his mediocre performance in MNIK

  3. Hi Yakuza, What you think about “We are family” ? Can it click ?

  4. hi Yakuza bhai how are you and how is life well yakuza bhai Amir khan is my favourite actor i search alot on net about his movie “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak” boxoffice position i mean what was the budget of QSQT and how much it earn on boxoffice and also tell me QSQT is superhit or Blockbuster movie? plz reply me take care

    • QSQT was big city blockbuster. A very small movie, released on limited prints and went on to become Huge Hit with excellent WOM, but didn’t work in interiors.

  5. Oh yes, I second Sam. Would like to know about QSQT. Please do a box office operation type feature on QSQT and let us know about its standings in various categories.

  6. @ Yakuza. First you said Aayesha is a flop and now you said it is average. Why you claim things which you have to change afterwards.

    • No, Aayesha is certain Flop. well while documented this report, I was comparing first week business of Ayeshaa only. Sorry for this misleading information. I will edit right now. Ayeshaa is FLOP and that’s the fact !!

  7. dabaang will be like non sense comdey of salman as he is non actor like srk and will crash after 1 or 2 days will join big brother veer

  8. Thanks yakuza bhai and yah Ashu is right if u plz do a box office operation of QSQT it will be great

  9. @yakuza-plz give us details abt dabangg economics.budget,dist. Price,money to b required for hit,prints etc.waiting 4 ur reply

  10. hiiiiiiii sunne me aaya he ki “we r family” ko single screen theaters nahi mil rahe.,.cus f dabangg.,is it true???????????

  11. Sandip – you seem to always degrade Salman. Yaar let the film release first then comment. I hope it’s bigger and better than WANTED.

  12. Yakuza bhai. AR sold to PVR for 26 cr. Tell me p&p budget is also include or not and now how much it needs for Hit verdict.

  13. yakuza bhai is aisha a flop? nd how come lafangey parindey is an average even after such dismal collections.and one more thing yakuza bhai in todays time when satellite rights cover for more than 50% of a films cost how can one define a movie hit or flop on the basis of box office collections?

    • Yeah, Aisha is flop. LP set to join the laague of 25+ Crore grosser, it was a medium budget movie and distributed by YRF at most of centers, so can be considered as average performance.

      • Yazuza, u didnt answer d real question which Rohit asked u. He asked u: in todays time when satellite rights cover for more than 50% of a films cost how can one define a movie hit or flop on the basis of box office collections? Pls answer this Q.

        • Movie is Hit or Flop Based on theatrical business against money invested by distributors (Also need to check if producers made money). For example in case of Aisha, We need to check how many distributors made money :

          1 . PVR Pictures Ltd. Mumbai
          2 . PVR Pictures Ltd. Delhi UP
          3 . PVR Pictures Ltd. East Punjab
          4 . Marudhar Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Rajasthan
          5 . Sanman Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. CP Berar
          6 . PVR Pictures Ltd. CI
          7 . PVR Pictures Ltd. Andhra, Nizam
          8 . PVR Pictures Ltd. Mysore
          9 . PVR Pictures Ltd. Kerala / Tamilnadu
          10 . Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd. West Bengal, Assam, Orissa
          11 . Vijay Laxmi Movies Pvt. Ltd. Bihar
          12 . Vision Quest Pvt. Ltd. Nepal

          These distributors nothing to do with satellite rights or any other revenue. All these bought rights of distribution for Aisha at different prices for given territory, and we can easily check how many made profits.

          • Thx Yakuza, Srry another Q. how can u calculate d threatical business of d film which is sold compeletly to distributers. Means including dvd,satelite n dth. So what r u following to dertermine d thearitical hit n flop? pls elaborate…

  14. dabaang if accepted
    friday 10cr+
    saturday 11cr
    sunday 12cr
    if not
    friday 10cr+
    saturday 8cr
    sunday 9cr

  15. Amitabh Bachchan – the Actor, Hero, Star, Super Star, Legend, the Institution, The Voice, – What more can you say – For more than 40 years he stands tall as ever. I dont want to take names but all I want to say that all of the stars today can wait till they reach 67 and if they can maintain the same appeal. Salut to u big b!!!

  16. hey yakuza bhai , do u think that DFabanng can reach Ghazini. iam also looking forward to it but its more of a fun film and i think it wont be able to go beyond 75-80 at max if liked.

    Ghazini and 3 idiots have emotional connect while wanted lacked that and the promos til;l now inddicate that even dabangg lack that . what do u feel ????

  17. hey yakuza bhai itna sannatta kyu hai 🙂

  18. yaks ..can u start a topic on remakes in bollywood?

    • No changez, not possible. It require good amount of research. If you able to contribute such material, I will be more than happy to publish here.

  19. Avoid this (We are) Family

    Siddharth Malhotra took a Hollywood movie –’Step Mom’, which has ample scope for rona- dhona and, thus, can be made to suit the taste of Indian viewers easily. Then he met Mr Karan Johar – the king of melodramatic movies who gave him a free hand to work under his banner and this is how the viewers get this torturous movie.

    Mr Johar went the right way by legally acquiring the rights to remake “We are family”. Maya (Kajol) and Aman (Arum Rampal) are amicably separated with Maya taking care of their 3 children. Aman wants to marry his girlfriend Shreya (Kareena Kapoor) but at the same time he loves his children as well, so wants her to be accepted by them as well. This brings together a typical super mom – Maya and the contrasting career oriented Shreya. Maya doesn’t want to share her children and their love with Shreya. However the situation takes a turn when Maya is diagnosed with cancer (terminal illness) and the rest of the movie shows how Shreya tries to become a replacement super mom like Maya

    Read Rest here


    • Expected !! Was looking lame even since first teaser. Karan Johar was not need to pre-pone the release date of this movie. In case, had release with dabangg, At least it would have been a big excuse by Karan for disaster verdict … 🙂

      • hmm but yakuza bhai even if it falls it will still be profitable 😦 as non theaterical has almost covered up the cost i think . dabanngg isse kha jaati surely . Karan ne wise decision liye


    • previews collections were good, But movie didn’t open well today [Just like Kurbaan, whose preview collections were great, but weekend was dud]. At best movie can be break even at 25 Crore Nett.


  22. thanks for the update yakuza bhai

  23. if u can yakuza bhai plz put up the name of the distributors of LP and how many of them made money and how many lost coz even boi has declared it a below average/flop.

  24. Totally off-topic, but still posting it here for fans who might be interested:

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