Ajay Devgan : Successful Movies List

Sr. no. Movie Name Release Date Verdicts
1 Phool Aur Kaante Nov 22 1991 Super Hit
2 Apharan Dec 2 2005 Above Average
3 Bhoot May 30 2003 Semi Hit
4 Kachche Dhaage Feb 19 1999 Semi Hit
5 Company Apr 12 2002 Semi Hit
6 Diljale Sep 27 1996 Semi Hit
7 Suhaag Nov 4 1994 Semi Hit
8 Vijaypath Aug 5 1994 Semi Hit
9 Golmaal Returns Oct 29 2008 Hit
10 Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Jul 30 2010 Hit
11 Ishq Nov 28 1997 Hit
12 Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Jun 18 1999 Hit
13 Qayamat (2003) Jul 11 2003 Hit
14 Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha Jul 24 1998 Hit
15 Jigar Oct 23 1992 Hit
16 Dilwale Feb 4 1994 Hit
17 U Me Aur Hum Apr 11 2008 Average
18 Sunday Jan 25 2008 Average
19 Deewangee Oct 25 2002 Average
20 Zameen Sep 26 2003 Average
21 Naajayaz Mar 17 1995 Average
22 Divyashakti Feb 19 1993 Average
23 All The Best Oct 16 2009 Above Average
24 Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? Mar 5 2010 Above Average
25 Khakee Jan 23 2004 Above Average
26 Kaal Apr 29 2005 Above Average
27 Major Saab Jun 26 1998 Above Average
28 Gangaajal Aug 29 2003 Above Average
29 Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet May 7 1999 Above Average
30 Jaan May 17 1996 Above Average
31 Golmaal Oct 2006 Semi Hit
32 Raajneeti May, 2010 Blockbuster
33 Masti Friday, April 09, 2004 Hit

Apart from these movies which clicked at box-office, The “Legend of bhagat singh” and “Omkara” are two most critically acclaimed movies where his performance was appreciated much, but unfortunately movies didn’t clicked at box-office. These 33 successful movies are out of 70 odd releases.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 28, 2010.

50 Responses to “Ajay Devgan : Successful Movies List”

  1. Hey buddy, thanks for the list. Another great list!

    However, you forgot Raajneeti, Masti, Golmaal (first one), etc.

  2. It is suprising that Ajay Devna’s biggest solo hit is still Phool Aur Kaante – his debut film.

  3. Yakuga bhai your boxoffice of ajaya I can’t see in I phone plese give detail in reply I think bhoot was hit not semi hit and hum dil de chucke sanam was hit give me reply fast

    • Ok, here important thing is that both movies were very much successful. Trade wise their classification was semi hit (As both movies didn’t clicked in interiors). But nonetheless, both made money for producers and most of distributors.

  4. ajju roks……………….

  5. ajay devgan has molded himself as an actor over the years….considering that he entered the industry as an action star….but over the years he has proved that he is one of the most versatile actor in the film industry….at a time when action movies stopped working he re-invented himself by doing romantic movies like pyaar to hona hi tha and hum dil de chuke sanam….and when the industry was getting an overdose of romantic movies than he sprung into the best phase of his acting career with movies like company, legend of bhagat singh, gangajal, and now ouatim only to name a few….and what more he is even doing comedies now …AJAY DEVGAN has evolved as an actor over the years and he truly justifies the word ‘VERSATILE’ on his acting resume………………………………>

  6. nice list . never knew that Aparahan,Sunday ,najayaz , jaan and kaal sre succes , i thought these are flops

  7. Since sunday (2008) he has 7 successes in total … aunday,u me aur hum completed 50 days and were successes but were underrated .. these are followed by clean hits like gr,atb,atkj,rajneeti and ouatim .. also i think omkara completed 50 days and should not be considered as flop … I think even we should include Haqeqat(1995) it was average fare …

  8. not many people know that Phool aur kaante was a remake of the malayalam film “PARAMABARA’ STARRING MAMOOOTY…1989

  9. Nice list but some verdicts are not true…zameen-flop, sunday-below average, u me aur hum – below average, Najaayaz-below average,Deewangee-below average, Divyasakti-flop.
    Also, some if the semi-hit are above average and some of the above average are average but that doesn’t make any difference.

    • Anirban, I take care of things to ensure not to include any movie that made losses. Yes few movies in list made minimal losses at 1-2 territories like U me aur hum and zameen. But losses in 1-2 centers don’t make them flop by contemporary standards of boxoffice.

      BTW as you talked about 1993 release Divyashakti. You will be surprise to know that Komal Nahta key in journal entry of RKRCKR as coverage to commission earner … 🙂 , isn’t it shocking because rkrckr is loudly acclaimed disaster ever.

  10. Yakuza bhai, BOI gives Above Average verdict to Peepli Live. Are you agree with it ?
    If no then why they gave it?

    • Well nauman, these verdicts are very subjective thing unless one defines some standards and verdict comply those standards for all movies. One carefully need to check BOI classification of movies of similar scale and see if Peepli [Live] verdict is inline.

      As per my standards of classification Movie is HIT. Everyone from producers -> Distributors -> exhibitors made good money.

  11. Ajay Devgan is a great actor

  12. Nadiadwala to launch three big budget films

    Producer Sajid Nadiadwala is all set to announce three major projects and each will have big have names – Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan. The total budget for the three projects is R150 crore.

    After the box office success of Housefull and the positive buzz surrounding related stories
    My favourite scripts have been flops: Akshay Kumar
    his forthcoming Anjaana Anjaani, Nadiadwala has decided to make more films.

    One offing on the cards is a sequel to Housefull directed by Sajid Khan starring Akshay, then there is Kick with Salman and lastly an untitled film with Saif. All the three projects will be made under his banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

    “Sajid Nadiadwala has the knack to recognise out-of-the-ordinary storylines and talents and his belief that no opportunity is beyond reach ensures the cash registers ringing at the box office. He works with the best in the industry since he’s of the belief that the audiences deserve only the best,” said a source close to the filmmaker.

    For now, the producer looks forward to his forthcoming film Anjaana Anjaani. Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, the film will release Sep 24.


  13. Salman Khan fulfils female fan’s wish

    ‘Can I touch you, Salman?’ ‘Yes, you can’
    By ApunKaChoice
    Mon, Aug 30, 2010 11:02:50 GMT
    Comments (0)

    Download Wallpaper
    A female fan of Salman Khan managed to sneak into the press conference the actor held in New Delhi to promote his film Dabangg along with the film’s leading lady Sonakshi Sinha and co-star and producer Arbaaz Khan.

    Not to be content with just a glimpse of Salman, the fan, named Komal, wanted to ‘touch’ the 44-year-old star. She was with her husband at the event, when she requested Salman to allow her to touch him once. She said it was her lifelong wish.

    Salman was sporty and granted an excited Komal the wish. Not only did he allow her to touch him, he also chatted with her.

    “I am happy because he was really nice to me. He asked me my name and waved to my husband in the crowd. And he looks so much better in real life,” Komal told a news agency.

    After Salman granted Komal her wish, there were other fans as well who wanted to touch Salman. But security intervened to keep them at a distance.

    Not everyone’s lucky.

  14. thank u yakuga bhai woommmmmmmmmma.thank u for list .ajay devgan is gr8 actor .he can do finnaly act any kind role.now coming soon aakroosh and golmaal 3 also will go rock.my febrat actor in bollywood amir khan and ajay devgan bcz they are real actor

  15. thank u for yakuga .yes ofcorse ajay devgan 20yrs ago fighiting in bollywood.now ATTKJ ,RAAJNEETI AND OUATIM good rocking in 2010

  16. pyaar to ho nai hi tha super hit , hum dil de chuke sanam supar hit,isq super hit and kachhache dhage hit in the list

  17. ajay devagn every year rock in bollywood

  18. Good list

    anyways Yakuza i asked for Akki’s list of successes but no respons from u so far

    i will appreciate it dude if same type of article about Akki is posted by u soon

  19. But according to Komal Nahta Last Decade Ajay Devgan had Maximum Flops.

    • Yeah, boxoffice wise last decade was not too good for Ajay. But its fine as long as he give memorable movies (Khakee, TLOBS, gangajal).

  20. not same like akshay stil he can not take best actor award in one movie.don,t tell anybody ajay devgan flop hero .now ranning 20yrs.every years giving hit movies out of 2001 and 2007.akshay also many movie flops u can,t count.pls check.thanku yakuga and i love for the list

  21. now see this year 2010 biggest hit ajay devgan and golmaal3 big block buster in 2010

  22. Ajay is a great actor n i love to watch him in movies.Now he is a matured actor.
    I think he is the real superstar of bollywood.
    I’m always in wait for Ajay’s movies.
    All the best for him.

  23. Thanks for this list. Of course Ajay is one of the finest actor in bollywood specially when we are talking about intense role.

  24. Azay is a gr8 actor.among his films,diljale is my favorite.

  25. ajay is great actor,
    I think Jaan(HIT),Dilwale(SUPERHIT),Pyaar to hona hi ta(SUPERHIT).

  26. Wow. . Ajay is great . . His gangaajal , company are my favourite movies . . I wan ajay s movies should hit more

  27. Ajay devgan is my fav.actor .ajay movies in once upon time in mumbai,golmal 3,diljale,ishq,Quamat.thats are my fav.movies

  28. hi friends update the next suprhit movie like g-3 there is no doubt his performence is mind bloing in every movie

  29. ajay u r real star of bollywood u play different type of role in the film & this is the reason u r d best ever actor of mine.

  30. Thanx 4 d list my dear. Realy he is d born superstar in d industry, but i m always not happy with d bollywood wen he is not considered in top 2 actors list, i m jst crazy 4 him frm his very 1st film PAK nd now he is so matured that he can do any type of roles. Realy Ajay rocks.

  31. ajay devgan is best and best actor as compare the other actors.

  32. i know that ajay devgn is aest actor in bollywood. i hope and wish that HIS FORTHCOMING MOVIES LIKE DIL TO BACHCHA HAI JI, TAZZ ETC. BRING GREAT SUCCESS IN HIS LIFE

  33. he what is this, every one is writing from himself i dont know what they are writting, ajay devgan is the one of the greatist actors, you know ajay devgan super hit percentage is 20 and 59 is his success percentage so u can realize from it. got it.

  34. It’s remarkable thing that when biggest actor like could not give profit to Film Industry then It was Ajay Devgn who gave many hits in year 2010 and was announced as the most Profitable Actor of 2010 by NDTV.

  35. ajay is one of the great versatile superstar in bollywood no one can beat ajay in his acting skill i love his all movies and i always waiting to watch his movies in first day first show

  36. ajay devgan is my favorite actor. i think hogi pyar ki jeet{Super duper hit} and kachche dhage{super hit} i like ajay s all film

  37. main apka bahut bada fan hóön ,mujhe apka har movie akshi lagati hai ,main apse apne life main ak baar milna chahta hoon ,

  38. Ajay is my favorite actor.i think hogi pyar ki jeet is supar dupar.i like ajay s, all film

  39. ajay u r great actor of indian cinema i love your all movies

  40. Guy i m also big fan of ajay devgan i’ve purchased al of his movies vcd . i think dat most of ajay films r hit bt dey r under rated so its can’t able to b seen in open eye except his business being seen . so think n check his movies its being hit aur average mostly nt flop .

  41. He is Super Star even better than Amitabh Bacchan & Sharukh khan in any point of time.Salman khan is nothing in front of him.

    Good Luck


  43. Ajay is tha beast off bollywood

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