Upto 1984 : Total 13 All time earners , 9 Was Starring Amitabh

Below is snippet from 1984 India Today Magazine Article, listing only 13 movies which crossed 1 Crore mark in major territories till date. 9 movies out of these 13 movies were starring Amitabh Bachchan. And by the time this article was written, Mard was about to release which also joined the list later making it 10 Bachchan movies out of top 15 All time grossers.


And below scan is from Filmfare, 1985 , stating same in highlighted box in red.

This article was published in 1984 when Amitabh was to join politics and supposedly left movies. Mard was considered as his possibly last release.  Well purpose of this post is not to discuss about his million times written “End of career”. Only purpose of this post is to educate new generation who grew up watching Khans trilogy and unlucky enough not seen the euphoria of superstardom called one man industry. I came across one interesting comment from one member here stating “Amitabh don’t have any All time earner in lead and his only All time earner was Sholay in supporting role”. Well he was right based on his boundaries of knowledge. Most of guys here are educated about box-office from BOI and IBOS only (as these are only online portals that have online history of old movies beyond new millennium). But anyone who witnessed Bachchan era can easily guess how the star of millennium has been degraded in this portal. How the verdict and numbers has been degraded and to make even more dent, competitor’s movies of same era have been inflated.

This was well known fact that Amitabh was starred in maximum all time earners and he was miles ahead of his competitors. One man industry title was not given out of any air. Bachchan was living with status truly for entire 14 years (1975-1988). An article titles like “End of era” can only be written for a man whose legacy truly ruled over an era.

Few phrases which truly lived for 14+ years with this superstar was “One Man Industry” “Amitabh is from No 1 to 10, next comes thereafter” “His flops movies earn more than hits of others”.

BOI just chew, eat and flush all these claims and painted a total different picture of bachchan starrers which look like either smaller or equal success relative to other releases.If one look at BO’s classification of his movies, No one can get this idea of his dominance over such a huge period. BOI systematically degraded verdicts and numbers of Amitabh bachchan movies to such an extent that he looks no more than a usual superstar.

I do have number of magazine scans (Including trade pundits articles as well) which will bring such facts unknown by current generation. For example Deewar which was all time blockbuster (5.5 Crore Nett) movie [ As per definition its business was more than last biggest grosser like bobby, mughl-eazam etc] has been presented as super hit at BOI [ Earlier BOI uploaded approximately true information about bachchan releases in 2003, if you check archive, but with given agenda, has degraded every movie].

Can anyone guess, this magazine article is talking about which 9 All  time earner movies starring Amitabh released between 1973-1984? Post your list of these possible movies in comment section below. I will post the right answer along with magazine scan after few days.

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  1. i guess 9 wld be
    4.DON(Very likely)
    6.deewar(as u r suggesting it urself)
    7.roti kapda makaan(if u r including 74 as well)

    i think atleast 7 or 8 wld be correct in this list

    • Thanks Saurabh !!

    • to begin with all the biggest earners in a certain era (decade) cant be called a blockbuster. amitabh reign was between 73-82 zanjeer- namak hallla were all genuine hits) and not 75-88. and after that he was only basking in past glory. for instance collie was a hit because of accident hype, mard because of big budget extravaganza and shahenshah because of political hype around him. perhaps the underrated akhiri raasta was his only genuine hit after 1982 (post accident) rest was all media hype. not many know that agnipath, hum and khuda gawaah were not even hits (hum being semi hit) but for those 9 years there was no1 like amitabh and never before and after that anyone has had such a heady spell of success. khans success on the other hand has been sporadica but much longer (20 years and above) but they have all had their bad spells especxially aamir who has had his 1st ATBB after 21 yearsand many a times has had not big hit for five years (91-96)(96-2001)(2001-2006 just one flop release mangal panday) salman had a bad spell in 2000-2002 and shahrukh has been having bad years all along with no hits 94,96,99,2005,2006 2008(no release)

      • “collie was a hit because of accident hype, mard because of big budget extravaganza”

        In any case both were biggest Hit of their respective years and coolie was biggest Hit of 80’s till MPK broke MKS record whoch was second biggest Hit after Sholay. HUM was a good Hit. Agneepath and Khuda gawah ware flops and well known (don’t put yourself more intelligent by saying that no one knows).

        “amitabh reign was between 73-82 zanjeer- namak hallla were all genuine hits) and not 75-88.”

        How can the rign be ended in 1982 when he delivered Biggest of 1983 and 1985 along with other Hits like Sharaabi, Andha Kanoon and Gireftaar ? Even Akhree Rasta was Hit in 1986.

        • Sir you seem confused.RTGM was the biggest hit of 1985 and Kranti comes after MPK for the 80s decade….

          Amitabh’s reign started majorly from 1977 and lasted till 1986….and of cos from this pont on i.e 1986-1991, he was basking on “Past Glory”, not necessarily pure performance at the boxoffice…

          The same is also happening with SRK and Aamir, with the latter dishing out record breakers, but still a number 2 to the former (Majorly becos of SRK’s “so far, so good” inings…

          • aamir is no.2 in ur dreams not in reality,get a reality check before u blurt out ur non sense again and again

            • amir is no 3 to salman and srk in terms of number of hits, consitency, size/volume of hits, top 5 hits of the year, blockbusters, atbbs, infact on every other count except hit flop ratio as he does very few films

              • Size/volume of hits,no of ATBB’s he score over the other 2

                • HOW


                  • NO OF BIGGEST HITS IS not the word as sallu does way more films,also sallu from now on wouldn’t have any biggest hit of the year while AAMIR and srk can do it ,who told u KKHH is bigger than raja hindustani,thst’s a big joke as RH did s bit more even releasing 2 yrs before KKHH,also ROI wise there is no match bw RH and KKHH.Also i don’t agree on DDLJ being bigger than 3I.Even MPK being bigger than RH,i have my doubts on it,but ya kinda agree on hAHK bigger than 3i,sallu couldn’t do a punch now as he doesn’t have any plex base.,while aamir is going from strengh to strengh,cld u even imagine ammir movie or even srk movie doing 5-7 cr nett in these days like MAMK.

                    • sasurabh every one has had their fair shair of disiaters. usually the scientific mesaure of sucess would be anlyzing available data rather than predicting future that no1 knows. last year sallu allmost had the biggest hit of the year until 3 idiots came. wanted was the second biggest hit of 2009 with a gross of 75 plus crores followed by ajab gahazab and love aajkal. if 3 idiots released a week later wanted could be the biggest hit of 2009. also wanted’s 75 crore came from much larger number of tickets than each 75 crore of 3 idiots as wanted worked more in palces where tickets are sold at an average rate of 30 rs while some multiplexes sold 3idiots tickest at upto 800 rs for red lounge/sofa seats. main aur mrs khanna made 8 crores at the box office and 21 crores from dish as it released on the same friday on dish. plz be more rational and not a blind fan of amir. 3 idiots doesnt have the kind of cultural impact that HAHK and to a lesser extent DDLJ had. and money wise also both were much bigger after inflation adjustment. check any site.

          • all this fictitious things r created by BOI ,tHIS IS NOT REALITY.meri awaaz suno bigger than lawaaris,joke of all jokes

            • danish check ot even at SS 3I has done more than wanted,3I at SS-50-55 cr,wanted-40 cr,what ticket sales r u talking abt,3I has created a hysteria in every form u can create Tgeatres,dvd,satellite price,TV viewing,u name it 3I on top.plus wanted is not 75 cr,but 62-63 cr,y r u inflating wanted nos.

          • how could it be happening to srk and amir who r giving genuine blockbusters(OM sahnati om) and all time blockbusters 3 idiots. basking in past glory means a star past his prime gives average sucess based on hype and initial but filmz fizzle out after word of mouth spreads. that happened to mitabh all thru the 80s except colie which ppl went to c 4 curiosity of accident scene

            • its not the box office collcetion… it is the impact a star has on the box office and the generation of its time. i guess you are bought up in the multiplex era so you would never know what a star power is and what it took to get the movie ticket of the big stars

              • thats a very subjective opinion. ppl wear there naam belts in interiors but no1 wore coolie dresses or deewar dresses. so who has a bigger impact. half the nation started body building like salman aor dressing like shahrukh. in the 70s they followed amitabh and before that rajesh khanna deva nand raj akpoor dilip kumar. u cant judge all that

        • the biggest hit of 85 was RAM teri ganga maili not mard which just about manged a hit status, andha kanoon and geraftar were special appearences. and wat about all the big budget flps like nastik, mahaan , pukaar etc. by the way dont get personal. i said not many know’ not ‘no one knows’

          • Are you gone out of your senses ?? MARD was undisputed third biggest Hit of 80’s. And even SUPER HIT by anti-bachchan site BOI. MARD was undisputed Blockbuster and biggest overseas Hit of that time. As higlight by Yakuza, mard is only movie Ran for 2 years in Egypt. Longest run ever by any bollywood movie.

            • ya like mithun movies ran for months in russia and chunkey pandayes in bangladesh. mard has to be after maine pyaar kiya, kranti, ram teri ganga maili, nagina and coolie that makes it 6th biggest hit of the 60s not 3rd. and the same BOI refers to mard as second to ram teri ganga maili in 85. if u c by return on investment (ROI) even pyaar jhukta nahin would be bigger.

      • actually this blogger suffers from the same disease (myopia) that he accuses the khan fans of. only the stars of my era (my teens and youth) are big rest (before my childhood and after my middle age ) dont matter. otherwise box office wise the biggest star of india remains dilip kumar with highest number of all time blockbusters (biggest hit of the decade) 3 to be precise 50s mughle aazam, 60s ganga jamuna and 80s kranti at age 61, maximum blockbusters (biggest hit of the year) 9 to be precise ( 1947 jugnu, 1948 shaheed, 1950 baabul, 1958 madhumati, 1960 mughle azam, 1962 ganga jamuna, 1981 kranti, 1982 vidhata, 1986 karma at age 64. bachchan in his second innings has never featured in the biggest hit of the year (blockbuuster) forget an ATBB (biggest hit of the decade)

        • and khan’s second innings is yet to begin where they play character roles but in central parts. incidentally thats not been the case with all bachchan roles post khuda gawaah, he has had many peripheral roles and perhaps the only solo hero old man hit of his has been baghbaan. even in hit flop ratio no one compares to dilip kumar, not even that media manipulator amir khan who has created that kind of a buzz around him. surpisingly in number of hits too dilip kumar would be better or at par with the khans and bachchans though he was very selective and did half as many movies as bachchans and khans. by the way i m not from the 50s nor frm gen next i was born in the early 70s and that should make ne root for bachchan. but i believe in a scintific, unbiased analysis.

          • BRILLIANTLY SUMMARISED!!!!…???

          • u r talking as aamir has done 100 movies,sallu and srk have done way more no.of films

            • buzz off you this saurabh or “Sura ka Bacha”…Come up with fruitful views so that you can be engaged…If not, you are a “WASTE OF SPACE HERE”….

              • yakuza u can see the kind of language used by an idiot called gbk here.he is a worthless fellow contributing nothings and beating the trumpeths of a sixer star

            • so?

        • And you are ignoring the fact that Amitabh was featured in 9 All Time Earners out of Total 13 All time earners as clearly highlighted in this post. And this data is upto 1984.

          If you follow some frauds like BOI, then its ok, you can say whatsoever. But BOI is not as old as filminformation. Filminformation has history of more than 50 years. No one can beat filminformation, specially when BOI sites are dependent on that magazine for details of numbers.

          • Mr axaptaword, stop trying to bail yourself out of “Sheer Ignorance’ and “Unapologetic” opinions.. It could be termed as hopelessness????

            • abey tu apni bakwaas band kar,u seem to be a lollypop kid who needs lollypop each time to get quiet and stop his non sense

          • dude as i mentiones elsewhere, businesswise 70s was the best and safest because of population peaking before video/tv invasion. every one watched movies in halls and they ran for years. this method is as faulty as calling a movie biggest hit on the basis of revenue without inflation adjustment that the makesr of 3 idiots seem to be doing

        • I agree with you regarding the dilip kumar supremacy…

          But common Amitabh featured in the greatest overseas india film ATBB i.e KANK at 64 years of age…and no actor till date has enjoyed the kind of fan following he has had!!!….That is the truth and it must be admitted..

          • kank was a disaster. get ur facts right. wats an NRI hit how many ppl watch t. just becoz they pay 100 dollarrs a ticket doesnt mean their opinion value 10 times more

          • Ha Ha, Assmasala (GBK) is hyping KANK because it stars SRK. You forget that Baabul and Eklavya were also overseas hits which didn’t clicked in india.

        • Agreed you analysis on Dilip Kumar… but he had other stars like Raj kappor and Dev Anand who’s popularity was at par then in today’s time we have Khan’s and Kumar having big impact on box office but in Big B era it was only Amitabh. There were big star like Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor, Vinod khanna, Jetendra but the curosity among moviegoer was much much less than big B movies.

      • sorry sharukh’s last hitless ryear was 2009 not 2008. that was a typo.

      • are u in dreams or what,WHAT was Raja hindustani in 96,it’s sn All time earner acknowledged by everyone having 550% roi,it was a clear ATBB.21 Years my foot

      • @ dANISH….dont get it wrong..Aamir had an ATBB in 1996 (RI) as well as a hit in 2001 (Lagan)..

        in that case, he now has 3 ATBB along with Ghajini and 3IDIOTS…Please, let get our FACTS right

        • to be honest i don’t consider ghajiNI an ATBB,only RH and 3I ar ATBB’S of aamir

        • raja hindustani got much less than bothe ddlj and hahk. it cant be called a atbb. just a bb

          • Now this is called double standards at its best. For amitabh bachchan movies you were shouting like anything by quoting BOI verdicts. And for RAJA HINDUSTANI , You are making logical claims that movie is not ATBB. Put your feets in one boat only. otherwise you will sink soon.

            • i have every right to question the definition of ATBB. THere can only be two defintions. one the biggest hit of the year can be atbb (at best two biggest if the revenue difference is marginal) second is a film that makes substanitally more (at least 250%revenue than the previous 12 months biggest hit. even this method is faulty as a substantial jump in ticket prices in ayear can thrwo a claim for atbb like in the case of raja and ddlj. the return on investment method means that in a good decade there will be nummerous ATBBS which is not due to audience appreciation of the movie but larger socio economic and technical changes

              • sorry in definition one i meant biggest hit of the decade as an all time block buster and the biggest hit of the year as a blockbuster. that is the only way to compare different movies released in the same commericial and social environment. u cant compare a movie of the DVD piracy era to a movie of the all pervasive effect of cinema decade of the 70s

                • dont forget that Amitabh’s mard was released in VHS piracy era

                  • ya and mard did less business than ram teri ganga maili, not being able to be the biggest hit of the byear, forget decade. it was MAINE PYAAR KIYA at the peak of piracy that brough audiences back to cinema with out any other technological/socio-economic changes in its favour. mapk brough middle classes back to cinema. kranti was releaqsed pre VHS so can only be called 2nd biggest followed by rtgm which did more business in the same year as mard. now thats really unspectacular for the most expensive film of the year (3 crores in 85 compared to MPK’s 3 crores in 89.

                    • Mard was biggest Hit of 1985 (As per filminformation, Collections wise. verdict were same for both : Super Hit).

          • RH is a movie with 550% ROI,it is a very strong ATBB,A clear cut ATBB accepted by everyone

            • a 15 crore budget movie (minus prints and publicity) doing only 50 crores business cant be 500% by any calculation. only 3-4 films have that high ROI. MPK, HAHK, RAAZ, MURDER AND OFFCOURSE ABOVE ALL JAI SANTOSHI MA

              • who told u budget of 15 cr for RH,don’t make comments out of ur thinking,Budget of RH was mere 6 cr.

        • @gbk – raja hindustani did much less business than the previous 2 year’s hits ddlj and hahk so it cant be called an ATBB by any means. also ticket rates jumped substantially aftre hahk otherwise the revenue of ddlj and raja hind wud be even less. raja hindustani to lagaan 96-2001 is 5 years gap and which is exactly wat i said. just like lagaan to rdb 2001-2006)was 5 years and dil to raja was 6 years (90-96). ghajini again did marginally better than oso and partner and cant be called an atbb only 3 idiots can.

  2. one man industry hats off big B

  3. but yakuza 1 thing this article is referring to top 13 grossers,top grossers always doesn’t mean ATBB’s. rsjneeti no.3 is not an ATBB,NO.4 RNBDJ is not ATBB,no.5 d2 is not ATBB.
    ONLY 1 and 2 3I and ghajini r ATBB’S

    • No, its not referring top grossers, It is referring “All Time Earners”

    • exactly. and in the long run even ghajini wont be called an all time block buster. i think its high time we reached a scientific definition of ATBB. one suggestion is that the biggest hit of each year can be called a blockbuster while the biggest hit of each decade be called all time blockbuster. the second is a movie that does more than double the business compared to the second biggest hit in the previous twelve months (year wise classification dosnt work as ticket rates are increased around diwali/new year each year)

  4. Yakuza you forgot to mention his super blockbuster in small screens too called kaun banega corepati and Till year 2000 he was most popular person in India along with Sachin tendulkar, and all the SRk lovers he wasnt even among top 10 and Yakuza if you could bring any of the online articles or archive from ndtv or toi which said that he was from number 1 to 5 and rest followed later among bollywood stars. No wonder he was named the acotr of the millenium by BBC

    • Randy, I don’t care after 1988. He was certainly on decline post shahenshah, had few good performances (agneepath, Hum and khuda gawah) and 2 Hits (Hum, Aaj ka arjun). His career post 1988 was certainly nothing significant. But what he achieved between 1975-1988 should be accurately realized (Not only from boxoffice point of view and verdicts of movie but much more beyong that).

      Amitabh boycott media during all those years, or you can say media was totally against Amitabh during all his peak years, but it was only his superstardom and extra ordinary exemplary work which enforces media to write astonishing praises of actor and his achievements despite all those boycotts.

      And if you read above scan, In the highlighted paragraphs, It has been clearly written that how Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra was dependent on Amitabh. This article explains how Amitabh was far ahead of his contemporaries in terms of acting capabilities and boxoffice pull. I do have number of scan material where it has been clearly writen over and over that From number 1 to 10 its only Amitabh, next comes after that. These types of phrases can never come with boxoffice record what BOI has displayed in their pages. These legend phrases about bachchan require extra ordinary boxoffice track which BOI has totally changed and presented a very low profile (just like any other top star).

      Dharamveer was not close to AAA. But BOI portrayed a few lakhs difference only. This is impossible with fact that AAA is next after sholay who had highest number of jubilees across india. And AAA celebrated 11 silver jubilees in bombay city alone which is a record and still intact. There are atleast 12 movies whose jubilees were more than Dharamveer in 1977. While AAA was second after sholay. With such sort of difference this is impossible to have an difference of few lakhs only.
      Even reported centers collection in filminformation has difference of 2.5 Crore between two. BOI degraded AAA collections to few crore and inflated Dharamveer to few more lakhs and presented both as very close hits. While factt is AAA was >>>>>> Dharamveer. But those who follow BOI will never come to know about this fact. And most of guys from Khans generation will believe in fiction that Amitabh don’t have any ATBB. While the fact was he was starred in maximum All time earners of his time.

      Well i will post full article of this magazine (I do have this magazine with me) very soon. And also number of other articles from bachchan era to educate these guys. I don’t care his career post 90’s, everything post 90’s is almost clear to everyone and definitely there was not much at boxoffice.

      • 1. how can you say you dont care for after 88. an actors entire career has to be evaluated till his last film.

        2.salman khan not only boucotted the media longer than amitabh but even bashed up some mediamen once outside a court. if you give 5 extra marks to amitabh for media boycott, you must give 20 to salman khan.

        3. yashraj and karan johar have been working with shahrukh all along ( by the way there is no way to determine who is dependent upon whom) is that the strenght of an actor. aamir has been giving hits with all different actors. isnt that more star power. and what ablout salman khan who remains the person who has sold maximum number of tickets (highest footfall) in the history of indian cinema working with 1st time or less uscessful directors and never working with top directors. and many of them with new or unsucessful heroines (bhagyashree, naghma, chandni, bhumika chawla, ayesha takia, zarine, sonakshi sinha etc. what kind of star power is tha.

        4. dharamveer was ahit of the same scale though slighly less sucessfull than amar akbar anthony. as a 70s kid i clearly remember the dharamveer craze and o meri mehbooba and saat ajoobe rage. as we all know music plays a big rol in the sucess of bollywood movies and it was even truer in the 70s

        • “dharamveer was ahit of the same scale though slighly less sucessfull than amar akbar anthony. ”

          Not Agree. Amar Akbar Anthony was way bigger than Dharamveer. It celebrated 9 silver jubilees in bombay city alone and was next to sholay till MKS broke its record. Dharamveer was no doubt a big hit, but not close to AAA.

          Dharamveer was blockbuster, But AAA was All Time blockbuster with a rage. And if this was not true then how come a magazine from 1984 can rate AAA as all time earner, but not dharamveer ?? Obviously you and me are no proof then media outlets of 84.

          • how bloody damn well did you measure such silly “FACTS” of yours…

            Both AAA and Dharamveer were big blockbusters(Not ATBB) in that order and is rightly so as Danish opined above…wAKE UP From this fruitless dreams of yours…

            Dharamveer was vastly a hit of the same scale as AAA, with the latter slightly successful and that is a “FACT”…

            • what fact acc to FI,there is diff of 2.5 cr nett collections in both at reported centres to prove AAA was way ahead of dharam veer,one of the many crimes BOI commited

          • “Not Agree. Amar Akbar Anthony was way bigger than Dharamveer. It celebrated 9 silver jubilees in bombay city alone and was next to sholay till MKS broke its record. Dharamveer was no doubt a big hit, but not close to AAA.”

            just look at you sorry self..AAA celebrated a remarkable 12 golden jubilees in dehli and 11 golden jubilees in west bengal..and went on to achieve stupendous success in other major cities just like AAA..

            you can believe whatever yu want, atleast in your “Wildest” and “Fruitless” Dreams..

            AAA nd Dharamveer were both BBs… AAA Inched Dharamveer just by a whisker and that is a “FACT”…eVERYONE kNOWS THAT, EXCEPT OF COS, THE BLIND FANS OF THIS MYOPIC SITE!!

            HOW PATHETIC?

          • because in the 80 post amitabh’s patch up with press the media was eating out of the hands of bachchan especially the publication group the magazine (i guess ) belongs to. dharamveer also celeberatted jubiless though i dont have figures. and jubilees can be fake like ddlj case where a print is lying at maratha mandir and its paraded as arecord run though there arnt any audiences for many shows.

            • that DDLJ run thing is something very laughable and it is a very pathetic way of somehow trying to create a record,i think this kind of a thing takes out a certain sheen from DDLJ

        • “how can you say you dont care for after 88. an actors entire career has to be evaluated till his last film.”

          Certainly!! But again there are innings of actor. 1969-1985 was one inning of Amitabh. He took short term retirement and return in 1988. 1988-1991 was his second inning and he again disappears for 6 successive years. 1997-till date is his latest inning.

          When i say i don’t care, it never means i will not consider, I simply putting dotted line of his era of domination post 1988. so if we are considering in this thread about his career till 1984, there is no point to discuss about post 90’s.

          • but it clearly shows that though bachan’s 1st innings was the most spectacular that salman, srk and dilip kumar, his second was much less effective and third mediocre. so by average dilip kumar is no1, bachchan no 2 salman no3 and srk no 4 with either dev annad or dharmendar at no 5 in terms of simple box office sucess measured in footfalls rather than revenue, roi or any other faulty methods. the only way it can be made more scientific is to calculate the footfall to population ratio but that is a near impossible excercize. and if you do that you will have to bring in DVD sales and television TRPs.

        • DANISH. I sincerely hope you still a bit of “Sanity” to this blogg as most of them are wiring astray!!!…

          Thanks for such wonderful and pragmtic views of yours….They dont need FACTS to prove their points, rather copy and paste… What a bunch of disgusting “Comrades”…

        • “dharamveer was ahit of the same scale though slighly less sucessfull than amar akbar anthony. as a 70s kid i clearly remember the dharamveer craze and o meri mehbooba and saat ajoobe rage. as we all know music plays a big rol in the sucess of bollywood movies and it was even truer in the 70s”


          SPOT ON DANISH!!..

          • acc to FI,there is diff of 2.5 cr nett collections in both at reported centres to prove AAA was way ahead of dharam veer,one of the many crimes BOI commited

          • Buddy you say true words have never been said then you should have also mention MY name is Anthony Gonsalves, parda hai parda and the title song…


              • My Name Is Anthony Gonsalvis … 😛 , Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar .. , Anhonee Ko Honee … 🙂 Apart from tyab Ali pyaar ka dishman and Parda Hai …

                AAA music and dialogue audio sales was second to sholay. Dharamveer dialogue audio never released.

    • dude all such surveys are done with faulty sampling methods. crorepati despite all the money, promotion etc remained on the charts only for three months. the second season was a flop and the third with sharukh a disaster. even a saans did better for star plus not to mention ekta’s serials that remained on top of the charts for years

  5. SO U mean adjusted nett grossers.so then i wld have to rethink abt my list.ok if don is in there then that means there is a clear cut agenda agnst DON coz it is being mentioned as a mere a very less adjusted nett,ok yakuza what abt ATBB thread rating we were talking few days ago from strongest to weakest.yakuza i think atleast 7 of my 9 wld be correct,i m doubtful over suhaag

    • No, don’t think of adjustments. Just guess about which can all time earners from 1973-1983. Well most of your guessses are right. Thanks !!

      And yes, you are right. Mother India, Mughl-e-Azam and Bobby comes under all time earners.

      • Yakuza, was surfing around and came through a very interested article…” Not many know that Bollywood’s first blockbuster was ‘Kismat’ made in 1942 with Gyan Mukherjee directing Ashok Kumar for the first time in a role in which he had gray shades. Ashok Kumar played a con man. He was running away from the police and that trend was revived in Amitabh Bachchan’s film again in the 70’s and 80’s.If you could bring up some light on this

    • don wasnt a family film and it is possilble that because of its sucess is being overhyped by today than being undermined by BOI.

  6. which were the other 4 my guess is MOTHER INDIA,MUGHAL-E-AZAM,BOBBY,SANGAM

  7. Even kranti is there as well,so wld be 2 out of kranti,BOBBY AND SANGAM apart from sureshot MI and MEA

  8. Good that u brought up this issue abt the changed verdicts of movies by BOI , i have few archives saved which has totally different verdicts than the one’s that are present today .

    I dont knw the movie but will check the list of movies released and then will try to give those 9 blockbusters 🙂

    • Thanks Manish. Check my response to Randy above. This was much required. And you will see in future more scans related to bachchan stories and trade talk about bachchans. I realized that scans of magazines are more like proof rather than i translate and put in my words. because everyone can question my objectivity, but no can be objective about old published articles as these were not out of any bubble.

      Will put scan of filminformation verdicts of 82 and 79 too [But really i am quite lazy to do scan … 😦 ].

      • People will wait for ur articles or scan even if u take some time but mind u some time not long time 😉
        will be waiting for those

        I think these are the blockbusters u r talking abt

        Mughale azam
        Mother india
        Jia santoshi maa
        Roti Kapda aur makaan

        • Thanks Manish. I am preparing all time earner list at the moment. Will not have to wait for long … 🙂

      • How can the magazines scans which are subjective perception of one individual, the writer/journalist be a greater proof than numbers that boxoffice india displays. the only greater proof can be more authentic box office report from some other source

        • These magazine scans are better proof than BOI. BOI is a regular box-office site in existent since 2003. We can believe their numbers for current movies, but not old one. What is source of BOI for old movies ?? They don’t give any declaration of proof on their website. And even IBOS has very good Data base of Old movies. Why don’t you pick them ? because BOI suits your sensibilities doesn’t mean that BOI is right and authentic.

          This magazine scan is any day better proof than BOI and IBOS. because no magazine writer or publisher (specially of magazine is of international caliber like this one) can put false claims. Can you show me any one media article that SRK has maximum all time earners ??? NO , because no one is folish to write such a false claims. If this magazine is claiming such things about bachhcan, definitely it can’t be out of any air.

          • becoz the moment u go to ibos and see there is no mughle azam, kismat, mother india, ganga jamuna and jai santoshi maa in top 10, you kno its an incomplete site.

  9. Lol!!!!.. Common, Yakuza bhai….Dont misconstrue me at all..

    Infact Amitabh Bachchan was one of the major reasons I started Watching films and that’s why, he is one of two of my favorite actors of all time (The other been Dharmendra)..Please flush off any issue of the Khan-Trilogy(Though greatly admired, but they are no Amitabh Bachchans)….We are talking of the most accomplished filmstar of hindicinema who even Off-peak was still an extra-ordinary force..You are making it sound as if am “Anti-Amitabh”.. Please, I beg you, don’t hurt my feelings… You see, am just trying to be fare on my judgements…I think maybe am just being guilty of total candor…

    Also in 1977, it was an exceptional year for one of the most decorated directors of Hindicinema, The Late Manmohan Desai, who delivered 4 phenomenal hits with “Dharmitabh”… They were Two (2) Blockbusters (AAA and Dharam veer in that order) as well as Two hits, which you might yet again want to refer to as “Superhits” (Parvarish and Chacha Bhatijah in that order)… It was a known fact that AAA was arguably the most successful film of the year followed “very” closely by Dharam Veer.. Being the only “BLOCKBUSTER” films of the year, they both shared a considerable amount of applause both from the audiences and media alike earning “Golden Jubilee” status and each of them had a preferential liking to masses of different tastes….So in that regard and with all due respect, I Find comments like “Dharamveer was not close to AAA” rather baseless and needless to say, no film came somewhat near (even though they tried vainfully) to the Critical and Commercial Success “Sholay” attained…You see like I have said before, being a “Fan” ought not to imply being fanatically so or being completely defensive if not blind about certain “Facts”..

    Now get this clear, from that article above, the all-time record earners does not necessarily mean ATBB….Its so logical sir…..What do I mean??!!..

    You see, All ATBB are “All-time record” earners, but not all “All-time record” earners are ATBB… The phrase “All-time record earners” signifies films whose business has more than tripled its investments taking sole consideration of its immense “Gross” takings so far till date (1984 in this case) and this ranges from “Superhits” and above..
    Or maybe, if the writer meant like you presume, Its so obvious that he is simply “Awed” by Amitabh’s Genius and often tends to get carried away thereby going out of context…Now the writer says “Of all the 13 All-time Record earners” (Which you are misconstruing to be ATBB)….and frankly from Amitabh’s context, it would be better to begin from the 60s decade (Barring Mother India of 1957) till 1984…In doing so, the following films are arguably regarded as the ATBBs from 60s to 1984, before a film like Maine Pyar Kiya emerged in 1989:
    Mughl-e-ilzaam (1960).
    …But now am confused, because in one of your postings above, you also said something like the “So-called” All-time earners of which Amitabh owns an admirable 9 should be mirrored down to his years from 1973 to 1983….Well that sounds more like you influencing the writer or in a more critical sense, “A foul Play”…

    On that note, From the above definition of “All-time” earners i.e “Superhits” and above while taking into consideration, your ‘Contextual’ view, after all ATBBs, films like Ganga Jamunna, Bobby, Kranti and Raj Kapoor’s Sargam (Which were all BBs) will come to the fore before or within 1973-1983..

    On that note, its so very obvious, that Amitabh’s 9 All-time earners (ATBB From your own point of view) at around this time will be the following:
    Zanjeer (Superhit)
    Deewar (Superhit)
    Roti Kapadan aur Makan (Blockbuster)
    Sholay (All-time Blockbuster)
    Amar Akbar Anthony (Blockbuster)
    Muqadar Ka Sikandar (Blockbuster)
    Trishul (Superhit) and not Suhaag (Hit)
    Lawaris (Superhit) and not Naseeb (Hit)
    Coolie (Superhit).

    That should rightly be Amitabh’s 9 All-time record earners within that span….any other thing should be regarded as a counterfeit IMO…

    But really yakuza, keep up the good work and more grease to your “Joints” cuz you doing a ‘Great’ job..However, lets try to be objective and Unbiased..It would do us a lot of good..


    • LOL gbk, Why are you pretending that you are AB fan ? I looked around all your comments since last 3-4 days and you sound very loudly anti Amitabh. Otherwise no FAN can write long essays to degrade his favorite star.

      Its not that i am agree on yakuza and disagree on you. Neither vice versa. Being a neutralist i can see great deal of fairness in Yakuza’s post. Writer clearly has written that

      “of the thirteen all time record earners of indian film industry, 9 have starred Amitabh”

      There is no confusion that writer is not talking about big grossers only. He is talking about all time record earners of film industry.

      Now you can say that all time record earners can’t be a ATBB. but can you define in that sense what is definition of ATBB ?? In another post “Top 3 hits of decades” Yakuza has given one nice definition of ATBB, which eventually exclude many all time earners from ATBB lists including DDLJ and MPK. I can see you object there too that these movies are ATBB.

      Now at this point my dear gbk, you conflict. Either you accept that MPK, DDLJ were not ATBB because their business was not higher than last biggest grosser. OR you accept that these 9 all time earner movies are starring Amitabh are ATBB as well. You can’t put you objectivity for both which are contradictory.

      And finally i prove that you are not Amitabh fan, because no FAN can debate on such a contradictory points at two different posts. MR. GBK, you have to settle on one of these two “Either accept that DDLJ and MPK were not ATBB” OR “Accept that all these 9 bachchan starrers were ATBB”

      Now ball is in your court .. 🙂

      • LOL!!!!….. There are no issues, Mr Shritu…and no doubt, your views make sense…

        I think what am guilty of here is “TOTAL CANDOR”…

      • good point but there is a laarger socio-ecomnomic reason behind that. before the invasion of home video with VHS and only one channel doordarshan that showed one movie on sunday evening, 70 was the decade that the population of india has peaked without any piracy/alternative source of movie viewing. obvioously even flops those days slowly made money from interiors as a limited number of prints could do the round ogf the country over 6 months to a year. so the most profitable and safe bollywood has ever been was in the 70s and its does not mean that amitabh bachchan , my second most fave star and actor was responsible for all of that.

        • But you are forgetting that in same era, other stars was failing to close him. he was considered as ONE MAN INDUSTRY. Why no other star was benefitted for piracy free environment ? And don’t count cons and pos of respective eras. because if 70’s and 80’s was having any advantage, then disadvantage too (too low ticket price, domination of poor population, No media hype, No wider release during 70’s) , so every era have their advantages and disadvantages, no point to argue on it. Big grossers like 3I still exists bas movie mein caliber hona chahiye. And AMITABH bring that caliber in 70’s. His persona and magical presence in movie made audience Nostalgic, No one was close to him.

          • But you see sir, despite this there was probably only one actor who was able to hold his own ground where he gracefully and admirably bore the “Amit-assault” and came out “Unscathed”… His name was Dharmendra…

            Even in 1987 when Amitabh had no releases, Dharmendra (in his 50s) delivered a record 8 successes as “Central Character” with 4 becoming Major hits at the boxoffice…That is PURE CLASS????…What do you make of that???

            • And you see sir, This question was put by BOI in 2004 :

              Q.Who was the biggest threat to Amitabh’s No1 position.Vinod Khanna or Anil kapoor?
              A.Jeetendra.It all started when a film solo Jeetendra starrer called Meri Awaaz Suno shocked the trade by taking a better initial than Amitabh’s Kaalia.Both films were released within a week of each other.Then call it by fate or coincidence Jeetendra superhits were releasing at roughly the same time as poor Amitabh starrers and taking bigger initials be it Himmatwala v Nastik or Mawaali v Mahaan.But Jeetendra was gracious enough to accept that Amitabh was No1 to 10 so no rivalry was built up.Vinod Khanna and Anil Kapoor were more media made threats they did not have the collections from their solo films to be a threat to Amitabh.Though Vinod Khanna did do well in films which co-starred Amitabh so that was the reason he was called a threat but at the box office there was a big gap.

              Your beloved site put reasoning on how Amitabh was way ahead of his competitors. GBK you really need some life. Better stay as assmasala in SRK Toilet.

          • at least three other stars, dharmendra, hema mailini and rajesh khanna had a miracle innings in some way or the other in the same decade. u know hema malini has all in all 50 hits (average to atbb) to her credit, most of them from the 70s. how come no other heroine cud match it. meena kumari who dragged villagersful of bullock carts to cinemas, especially women, comes a distant second with 25 hits. isnt that because of the 70s film economics that 4 such miracles happend in a year. not to forget the miracle of sholay, manmohan desai and jai santoshi maa.

    • Well GBK, let’s not make mess of things. We can debate on one single point which eventually resolve all conflicts :

      Can you logically justify how KKHH an ATBB and Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978) just a BlockBuster ??

      Let’s compare logically both movies.

      MKS collected around 11.5 Crore in 1978. While KKHH netted around 48 Crore in 1998. Average ticket price in 1978 was around Rs. 2.5/- as stated in my earlier comment. And average ticket price in 1998 was around Rs. 24/-. HAD KKHH released in 1978, its adjusted earnings would have been 5.2 Crore. OR had Muqaddar ka sikandar released in 1998, Its earnings would have been 110.4 Crore. This is very neat and clear comparison, where MKS earning is more than double of KKHH by any logical means [footfalls, numbers, jubilees].

      Apart from earnings, you can take any other parameter of your choice, MKS will lead. Can you please logically explained me by which standard KKHH become ATBB in your and BOI’s eyes ??? It doesn’t mean that I am not agree on KKHH being an all time hit. But on any day MKS was much bigger hit. And at this point BOI simply falls flat. This is just one example, practically it applied to every bachchan starrer in 70’s and 80’s.

      The point here is either you put your objectivity on KKHH/DDLJ/MPK as ATBB as well OR don’t put objectivity on these all time earner starring bachchan as ATBB, OR put your logical side on your stance.

      • Okay sir yakuza…Nicely said and well analysed!!!..

        Now will you please put up the “9” all-time earners of Big B or what do you think of my selection….Please reply???!!!..

        Also yakuza, “Inquilaab” is one of my favorite all-time films of Amitabh.. With your Astute and Indepth Knowledge of films, Could you please tell me the reason why this film was not successful at the BO in 1984 cuz sincerely I found it more Cringeworthy and Entertaining than “Sharaabi” which was his only Hit film hat released in 1984..????

        • Never dared to watch “Inquilaab” , specially with name like “T Rama Rao” as a director [though i enjoy some of his movies earlier, but his movies (and most of 80’s movies) didn’t age well]. But one thing i am sure “Sharaabi” was a class act and i can blindly put it over any bachchan act of 80’s.

          • Even over “Aakhre Raasta”… You must be kidding aren’t you???..

            But I Have always thought that a name like “Amitabh Bachchan” will work magic irrespective of the scripts,producers or directors (T.rama rao in dis case)whether flop or hit..He (AB) had such CLASS and that must be admitted…

        • Yeah, i will update list today.

        • because by the time inquilab came the angry young man had become jaded an people knew the problems of the country cant be solved by killing all politicians. even a very similar aaj ka mla ramavtar starring rajesh khanna flopped in the same year. and inquilab was very loud and boring with unbelievable cahratcets and their actions (a father in law trapping the husband of his only daughetr) a man named koya koya attacchi and wat not. we as teenagers love love story, hero and ek duje ke liye more anyday

  10. there are many kings (superstars) in the Indian film industry but there is only one emperor (supermegastar) who is undisputed and still rocking at 67..the one and only ORIGINAL DON of bollywood…Big B!!

    • just because you call urself chengiz dont act like chengiz khan. prove wat u say with data and logic

      • Danish, what would be more logical than 2 biggest stars of today’s generation Amir khan and Aksay Kumar claiming Big B to be the biggest superstar of all, that’s because they have lived in his legacy and know what superstar is all about.

        • no randy. amir and akshay said that in response to questions about who is bigger, they or shahrukh. obviously if they nemed themeselves it would be immodest, if they said sahrukh their egos will take a beating. even salman wen asked who is the biggest khan had said yusuf khan. so such statemenst cant be used in an arguemnt as logical proof

  11. seriously, i sometimes wonder why do we even have this debate about amitabh bachchan and whether his movies were all time blockbusters or not…i do understand that from business point of view it is important to put out the right numbers …but then given the fact that there so many trade sites and portals dishing out different financial point of views that it gets all the more complicated rather than getting simpler ,and the only person who gets defamed because of all these debates is the biggest superstar of indian cinema AMITABH BACHCHAN…his greatness can be measured from the fact that the very media that once boycotted amitabh bachchan are the ones who now dont get tired praising him…so i personally dont care about the numbers when it comes to amitabh bachchan because he is well above this petty game of financial numbers…dont make a mistake of putting price on amitabh bachchan because he is “PRICELESS”……


    • Wee see, I can see great point behind this post. Over the years BOI has become big site. They have made big number of followers and claverly executed their hidden agenda of degrading Amitabh bachchan. If someone wll not highlight Amitabh achievements, For next generation Amitabh will be nothing but a small superstar. SRK will be bigger star for next generation. Because BOI has portrayed the picture in such a manner where al big blockbuster of amitabh has been presented as regular hits. While the fact is that between 1973-1985, Majority of Amitabh movies were either ATBB or blockbusters. I admire Yakuza for bringing such facts online.

      Mr. Yakuza, A great Job you are doing. This was much needed and should be presented on bigger scale and platform rather than just blog. I appreciate if you able to give it a bigger platform [It doesn’t mean that your blog is any less. But from bigger i mean at least bollywoodhungama type platform]. If you able to do it, i will appreciate even more. Thanks a lot.

      • BOI is stupid site.
        Wonder it gives a regular hit like Nikaah ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ status and as for SRK, expect DDLJ and KKHH and some recent hits like OSO,RNBDJ and CDI his films were never a huge hits all across India.
        Even his 2006 hit KANK bombed in places like Bihar,CP Berar and Rajasthan.

        • as for SRK, expect DDLJ and KKHH and some recent hits like OSO,RNBDJ and CDI his films were never a huge hits all across India.
          My point gets explained here :
          In 90 crore state Bihar SRK’s huge HITS like OSO and MNIK did business of 1.3 crore and 1.1 crore (Compared Bobby Deol’s Soldier and Badal did busines of 1.6 crore and 1.5 crore and that too in 1998 and 2000).

          • Its either you are implying that SRK Is “Media Propagated” or better still, too “Overated”….

            Someone definitely does not like “King Khan”…

            • NO SRK is huge star but to put him above Amitabh is ridculous.Am

              • Eg :
                Performance of SRK’s 2003 hit Kal Ho Na Ho in Indian circuits:
                Mumbai – Superhit
                Delhi-UP – Hit
                Mysore – Superhit
                Bengal – Average (Suprise SRK is big Here)
                East Punjab – Semi-Hit
                Nizam – Above Average
                CI – Below Average
                CP Berar – Flop
                Rajasthan – Flop
                Bihar – Disaster
                Others (TN/Kerala – Hit,Assam/Orissa – Average)

        • Well who cares about a website like BOI which is full of trojan and malicious virus

        • But sir, you have to Admit that KANK was a great film and it is still the most successful hindi film of all-time in the overseas market…Needless to say, it featured Bollywood’s “Undisputed King” who stole the show with a scene stealing performance and deservedly got numerous filmawards nominations in the ‘Best Supporting Act’ Category…

          Amitabh is LEGEND!!!….

    • Well said Mr Wee….

    • spoken like a true middle class myopic


  13. well who loved BOI and believe that BOI is not anti-bachchan, Here’s proof of how BOI has degreaded Bachchan movies over the years :

    DON collection was 6 Crore in 2003 : http://web.archive.org/web/20030801213418/boxofficeindia.com/amitabh.htm

    DON collections has been degraded to 4.24 Crore in year 2005 :

    AND DON collections has been further degraded to all time low collections of 3.5 Crore before release of SRK DON :

    Can any one explain how a 33 years old movie collections has been fallen over years from 6 Crore to 3.5 Crore ???

    2003 : 6 Crore
    2005 : 4.24 Crore
    2006 : 3.5 Crore

    HA HA HA HA …….. Biggest JOKE ……… Same movie has been gone through various collections over the years at BOI …. 🙂


    Do any one have more doubts of BOI’s biasedness ? ANY ONE HAS ANY MORE DOUBTS ABOUT AGENDA OF BOI AGAINST AMITABH BACHCHAN ?

    Specially GBK and Anshul ??

    • I knew. Infact if you able to check initial archive uploaded in december 2002, DON collections was actually 7+ Crore. filminformation reported center collections of DON was 6+ crore. This is obvious that how overall collections of movie can can be less than reported center collections and not only less, but just les than half … 🙂

  14. wow bigfun bhai great expose ,they have tempered with each movie,i m sure.

  15. they are playing with bo bufs,keep up the great work bigfun

  16. Bollywood has ONLY one king: his name is Amitabh Bachchan.

  17. Bring on the list yakuza,KKHH was not an ATBB,but a mere BB and that non universal as it bombed in bihar circuit

  18. OK, this magazine listed these movies as all time earners (I guess order is release date here) :

    1. Kismat
    2. Mother India
    3. Mughl-E-Azam
    4. Bobby
    5. Roti kapda Aur Makaan
    6. Deewar
    7. Sholay
    8. Amar Akbar Anthony
    9. DON
    10. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar
    11. Naseeb
    12. Lawaaris
    13. Coolie

    Though i am not fully agree on this list. First Jai Santoshi Maa is missing. Lawaaris and Kranti collections was almost similar but i always rate Lawaaris a bit higher (based on reported centers collection of filminformation lawaaris around 8 crore and kranti was around 7.75 crore) and this list further firm my belief on it. Coolie was undisputed biggest hit of 80’s till 1984 (And even by end of decade it was second biggest hit after MPK).

    On the whole apart from jai santoshi maa , rest looks fine. I am preparing my own list of all time earners with logical reasoning. It should be ready by this weekend. This time even i am exciting to see the final outcome.

  19. so yakuza i was right on 8 out of 9,only suhaag is not there and i even said i m doubtful over it,plus i didn’t count kismet and went for sangam

  20. yakuza bring on the list before saturday,also what abt rating of ATBB’s from strongest to weakest,wld 3I find a place in top 10

  21. ok yakuza from bigfun page,i m also seeing RKM did 12.5 cr in 74,how is that not an ATBB, at that nett it must have been a sureshot ATBB.

    • RKM is in ATBB list of magazine. But 12.5 Crore is purely wrong figure. An impossible figure for any movie in 74. What i remember reported filmformation collections was anywhere around 5 Crore. So it should be 6.5 Crore grosser.

  22. YAKUZA Also that page shows Trishul doing 7 cr nett in comparison to 6 cr nett of DON .both r 1978 movies

    • Both were 7+ Grossers but Trishul was expensive movie. DON was very cheap (Infact it was financed from charity of crew members). Here’s some info on DON :

      Producer and cinematographer Nariman Irani was in a financial mess when his film Zindagi Zindagi (1972) starring Sunil Dutt flopped. He was in debt for Rs12 lakhs and couldn’t pay it off on a cinematographer’s salary. When he was doing the cinematography for Manoj Kumar’s major hit Roti Kapada Aur Makaan (1974), the film’s cast (Amitabh Bachchan, Zeenat Aman, Pran) and crew (assistant director Chandra Barot) decided to help him out. They all recommended that he produce another film and that they will participate in the film. They all approached scriptwriting duo Salim-Javed, who gave them an untitled script that had already been rejected by the entire industry. The script had a character named Don. Bachchan would play Don, and Barot would direct the film. Aman and Pran would play key roles in the film.The film took three-and-a-half years to complete.Before filming was completed, producer Irani had an accident on the set of another film he was working on, and died as a result. Barot faced budget restraints but he got help. Aman did not take any money for her work in the film. Barot showed it to his mentor Manoj Kumar, who felt that the film was too tight and needed a song in the midst of the action-filled film, and so “Khaike Paan Banaraswala” was recorded. The film was released without any promotion on May 12, 1978 and was declared a flop the first week. Within a week, the song “Khaike Paan Banaraswala” became a big hit, and word of mouth spread, so by the second week, the film was also declared a big hit. The profits from the film were given to Irani’s widow to settle her husband’s debts

      • Few factors made DON an all time earner :
        1. Minimal cost. Movie made with charity.
        2. The film was released without any promotion on May 12, 1978.
        3. Recovery as high as any big budget venture.
        4. Record audio sale after sholay.

      • khaike paan banaras waala wasnt composed for don. it was lying ready with kalyanji ananji who had created it for banarasi babu but the song was not included in the film as the stylish dev anand refused to dance in a dhoti as the director had planned.

  23. yakuza even i m doubting that as even bobby did 5.5 cr nett reported i think.12.5 cr nett just look obnoxiously high and mistyped

  24. wow yakuza this is really intresting story.i had heard before that DON was almost released without any publicity, but i think publicity didn’t mattered much during those days.plus i was reading ur 1 comment in which u said MKS wld have done 100+ cr nett in 1998,so that means u r saying it was even bigger than all time mega hit HAHK as it did abt 62-64 cr nett in 94/95

    • In 1994, Average ticket price was Rs. 16/-. So MKS would have done 73.6 Crore had released in 94. OR you can say HAHK business would have been 9.7 Crore, had it been released in 1978.

  25. yakuza u didn’t show the magazine scan listing these 13 movies

    • Yeah, Will upload on any working day. don’t have scanner at home , aur yaar personally speaking scanning is most irritating thing .. 😦

  26. But HAHK is widely regarded as a big all time hit,cld n’t imagine MKS doing more than that.HAHK is widely regarded as a movie which changed BO dynamics.though i sincerely believe MKS was an ATBB without a shade of doubt

    • Saurabh, who knows what would have been collections of MKS and HAHK if released in alternate era ? But we can only calculate the adjusted collections based on average ticket price in respective era. Well both were ATBB no doubts.

      But i will rate HAHK higher than MKS based on fact that HAHK brings back the audience to theater. Theater had lost family audience in late 80’s and early 90’s. HAHK bring them back. This was not the case in 1978.

      And let me tell you, Inflation adjustment based on ticket price is only authentic way for adjustments and most demanded by film industry. But neither BOI nor IBOS follows it. Both adjusted figures based on indian rupee value in respective year, ignoring the fact that there was minimal price hike in ticket rates during 60’s, 70’s and 80’s [ From 75 NP in 60’s to Rs. 2.5 in 70’s to Rs. 6/- in late 80’s]. rise in ticket price was continues after 1994. From 16/- in 1994 to 24/- in 1998 to 35/- in 2002 to Rs. 50/- in 2004 to 60/- in 2006 to 80/- in 2010.

  27. this is total misguiding by BOI,how can a loser like MNIK be a hit and a clear cut profit msker for all an sbove average,all srk fans beat the trumphet and few even claim legacy of actors wld be determined by BOI and srk is ahead than everyone else.they show me their top actors list and say aamir is no where,but they r absolutely blind folded that ppl wldn’t be remembering DON(06),OSO,and other mushy bubblegum movies of his and wld be preferring classics of aamir from sarfarosh onwards.legacy of aamir is in no way lesser than that of srk and if he continues this way,legacy of aamir wld exceed that of srk.yakuzxa u were even right abt sholay 30 cr nett,even that has been degraded to 15 cr(that of it’s initial run) by BOI,also i m seeing this 15 cr figure is becoming more of the norm for sholay collns almost everywhere i have read thisd,i believe BOI is trying their best to successfully implement their fraud

    • No amount of writing based on one’s own views, facts and figures can distort TRUE HISTORICAL FACT….If you have problems with BOI, bring out other web portals that suggest otherwise so that at least we can symphatise with you… Even filminformation and the “Crappy” ibosnetwork is no better as it degrades certain movies which were truly deserving….BOI is fairer and it coincides with majority of otherfilm websites available anywhere. Most of their verdicts on films were actually what they really where and what was perceived by people who lived through such eras of the film’s releases…

      So please, no use crying over spit milk…

      • how does BOI coincides with other sources when only FI is the only authentic source,i think IBOS also folloes FI for older movies.FI scans,verdicts and collns r constantly put on by yakuza ,all collns for big b nmovies have been degreaded also verdicts,srk ka BOI bura tarah se expose ho chuka hai

        • How did you measure that “FACT” regarding FI.. kOMAL nAHTA findings frankly are not objective enough and I was utterly disappointed in some of his ratings for films…Majority of them didn’t just make sense and even many viewers tend to disagree with him.. I would still pick BOI over FI anyday…

          and also regarding this phrase of yours “all collns for big b nmovies have been degreaded”….I find it rather baseless, becos this is the same site that craved our indulgence with the fact that AB is undoubtedly the most powerful “Supersta” that ever graced hindicinema maintaining a remarkable Number 1 spot from 1976-1991 (16 years)…Not before or after him has attained that feat.SRK is just trying, but only time will tell if he would meet up to that standard..
          Tell me of any other site that has done that in such ‘Pragmatic’ manner and what will they gain in trying to defame a well known and world class Icon like Amitabh bACHCHAN???..

          • Mr. gbk, BOI is such a site who knows how to intelligently degrade a super star. Amitabh is undisputed biggest star of bollywood. So BOI can’t change this fact. But they have certainly degraded the dominance of amitabh. And i have commented two times here as an example. You are not replying how you will justify the change of numbers and verdicts every year for Amiatbh movies. How DON degraded from 6 Crore in 2003 to 4.2 Crore in 2004 to 3.5 Crore in 2005 ( Just before the SRK DON was to release) . This example simply prove the bias nature of BOI. And i don’t find any reason to put my faith on BOI after seeing such a NAKED proof against them.

            • you see, i dont like creating a feud with my fellow “AB” Fans. They have never been biased about AB…It would be very stupid of them to do so, because in the eyes of everyone or beyond, Amitabh’s Popularity defies all norms..Am not dudging your querry sir..Like I explained to you, those “Archive” ones are utterly inconsiderate and is not worth relying by any movie buff…Compare that to the third one you posted…Even go to the top actors port which briliantly explained the reigns of “Superstardom” i.e Beginning with the Dilip-Raj-Dev anand Trinity to Rajesh Khanna’s Tsunami wave and of cos, to AB’s Phenomenal Avalanche, then to SRK’s Supremacy…

              Of the lot, it portrays Amitabh as the most glittering of all “Superstars” that ever existed with its numerous notes and creditings….and it is deservingly so..

              No mere sites whatsoever can put a doubt to Amitabh’s resounding GREATNESS!!…

              • gbk,we all know abt big b,but we want to kill this fraud called BOI,i think u r assmasala as assmasala is also big b fan and u r talking in the same tone as masala bhai

              • there was no dilip raj dev trinity except in filmfare madhuri pages. dilip kumar was clear no 1 with dev anand an a dsitant second and raj kapoor hade only 2 hits chhalia and anari as actor apart from the films he directed. amitabh bachchan remains the second most sucess ful star after dilip kumar as i have proved earlier. with salam at 3 srk at 4 and dev anand and dharmendra vying for the 5th position.

    • now dats very undemocratic. let ticket sales decide which movie will be remeberd rather than ur subjective views. that way the best film of the deace for me is hazaaron khwahishein aisi so should i say shiney ahuja’s legacy is gereater than the khans. when audiences repetedly go to watch the films of an actor year after year, in a way they are casting their vote in the endorsing the quality of his/her work. there can be one or two flukes but to be able to seriously decide which actor is the best number of tickets sold (footfall) as opposed to revenue/gross (even after inflation adjustment) is the best technique as revenues can be more for a much less popular film that works in big cities/ NRIs. and the least trustable is magazines articles where people parade there prejudiced oipinons

  28. keep up the good work YAKZ & go public as a .com website on bollywoodboxoffice…ur say?u already have a great following!!

  29. yakuza how can BOI be made to pay for all their frauds,there must be a way out.

  30. well 9 are sholey,don,aaa,mukadar ka sikander,roti kapdaa aur makan,mukkadar,coolie,deewar,

    • Are u tellimg me Don was a bigger earner than “Trishul” or even the mighty “Lawaaris”… WHAT A JOKE???

  31. u missed out on lawaaris and naseeb

  32. http://boxofficeindia.com/showProd.php?itemCat=125&catName=MTk4MC0xOTg5

    yakuza this is 80s list of BOI,they have shown 4 cr diff bw lawaaris and kranti,6 cr and 10 cr,infact what i m seeing they r doing is they have taken out 2 cr from lawaaris and added that to kranti,also naseeb has given just hit verdict.mard was undisputable highest grosser of 85 while this list shows RTGM did more,all major big B films have been given lesser nett than kranti,was naseeb 81 movie as well,also some unknown meri awaaz suno has been shown bigger grosser than lawaaris big joke,i believe namakhalAl has also done more than 6 cr.if u analyse this coolie is at no.4,then naseeb at 6,mard at 8,lawaaris at 9(9 has been made 11 wah wah),i believe coolie wld have been at no.2 after MPK,followed by may be naseeb,lawaaris,kranti and mard.this has been tempered in a uniform way so that ppl cld n’t gather what was the extent of big B’s domination.

    • Big B was the undisputed “SUPERSTAR” of the 80s and deservingly dominated all through..Its just that there were certain people (Directors so to say) that were able to ward off the Mehra and Desai assault intermittently and even though his films weren’t consistently the top grossers, it didnt matter…Amitabh was professional, conistent, a crowd puller anyday and definitely, the most admired hero around…I was also surprised that a not too entertaining RTGM(compared to PREMROG) was a bigger hit than Mard (The most popular and entertaining film of 1985), but you see that is the truth…Also common, Kranti was a very huge hit of its time and definitely did better business than any film released in 1981…

      Even Jeetu’s Meri Awaas suno did better than Amitabh’s lawaris simply becos of the former’s association with the padmalaya studios of the Filmaking family , The Raos who were southerners that understood ‘money making’ than anyone else… This even started in 1980 when Jeetu’s Aasha did better than Amitabh’s Dostana….and needless to say, even in 1984 when Topha scored over Sharabii…That was even why Jeetendra (along with Dharmendra) were extremely successful in a era dominated by Amitabh Bachchan.. No body tempered with Big B’s One-man treat, its just that others gave a run for their money

      Notwithstanding, if you want to prove your point, come up with other referal sites that go in sync with your findings and of cos, must be measurable enough with detailed insights and avoid resorting to your own “unprofessional analysis” with respect to figures…

      • gbk, Problem here is that you blindly follow BOI, turning blind eye towards their frauds.

        How can you justify this fraud by BOI??

        DON collection was 6 Crore in 2003 : http://web.archive.org/web/20030801213418/boxofficeindia.com/amitabh.htm

        DON collections has been degraded to 4.24 Crore in year 2005 :

        AND DON collections has been further degraded to all time low collections of 3.5 Crore before release of SRK DON :

        Can any one explain how a 33 years old movie collections has been fallen over years from 6 Crore to 3.5 Crore ???

        2003 : 6 Crore
        2005 : 4.24 Crore
        2006 : 3.5 Crore

        Biggest JOKE ……… Same movie has been gone through various collections over the years at BOI ….


        Mr GBK, first justify this fraud which is open in front of your eyes, then we will talk.

        • Thanks for taking the trouble to copy/paste..Okay I agree that I do follow BOI, But you see sir,Bring up any other well accredited site that suits your own views, opinions and justifications whatsoever, then we can talk??? If not, am sorry to say, you are a waste of space here???…

          • proof of fraud is there in front of u,i think u r blind as u r turning ur blind eye on this,padh aur justify kar fraud ko

          • This copy/paste was to bring in notice the NAKED truth about BOi whoch you was ignoring. And if you don’t find any other creditable site, it doesn’t mean you blindly follow BOI whose NAKED truth is in front of your eys. TRUTH HURTS.

            • make BOI naked in front of everyone,drag them to the courts for playing with sentiments of ignorant fans

              • dont worry, i would try my level best..But bring your own “Fruitless” proofs, before you throw any tantrums here???..

                • bigfun jaise kai proof dikhaye jaa chuke BOI ke against.IFM par bhi dikhaye hue hai

  33. @gbk,DON has been explained earlier in place of trishul,check the list lawaaris is there in the list,

    • That is according to Yakuza ji…There are other “Movie buffs” that exist and am sure, you are aware of that..

      Low budget or not….It will be utter crime to compare the success rate of an “Extremely” successful Trishul with a Don.. Amitabh’s Most Successful films in 1978 (His best Career year) were arguably, MKS,TRISHUL, DON, KASME VAADE & GANGA KI SANGAUND in that order…

  34. gbk tu kaha se chuta hai,tum jaise blind fans ne to BOI ko bible maan liya hai,yakuza FI ke scans bhi dikhata hai naa,and also magazine is lying abt all time eaRNERS HERE NAA,BCOZ KRANTI and meri awaaz suno r not there,also DON is there and trishul is not there,bigfun ka expose nahi padha tune upar,bigfun ne yahan par,maine aur jeevcy ne IFM par kai baAR archive ke through BOI ka GORAKH danda saamne laya hai.with all the proofs,padh Big b waali 2003 ki list aur original collns as per FI which were the only authentic source for old movies which was also accepted by BOI,but later to put up their undignified poster boy they maligned not only collns and verdicts but Also aamir and akki.

    • There is a tool called “Paragraph”…It would have helped us tremendously so as to be able to understand your comprehensions and justifications…I have already explained Big B’s case with respect to ThE Authentic BOI (Prefarably the 3rd one), not those first two craps that Shri Shotfun (oh sorry, Bigfun) carelessly put up which is very obvious becos apart from being solely to Amitabh, its credits are fruitless and baseless..Those two are archives and where clearly misinterpreted by a mere “being’ which renders it worthless.. The last BOI above goes in sync with anyother sites available…

      and lastly, it is sad that Aamir and Akki needed passionate fans like you..else they had be uNDISPUTED SUPERSTARS too like SRK!!!

      • “The last BOI above goes in sync with anyother sites available…’

        which other sites ? Old data information is available only on IBOS and BOI. And what was your stance about BOI in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and all those years when they have different figures for Amitabh movies ??

        And next year, when Amitabh movies will be degraded further and even nassiruddin shah starrer Jalwa would be bigger Hit than Lawaris at BOI, what will be your stance ? I am sure you will always believe latest version of BOI as you will find BOI new versions every year.

        “Aamir and Akki needed passionate fans like you..else they had be uNDISPUTED SUPERSTARS too like SRK!!!”

        And now you come out of your bill, Hidden SRK fan .. 🙂

        And MR. Gad Bad Khotala (Ohh sorry Mr GBK), The day is not far when Amitabh will be still there in top star rankings page of BOI, but his gross of movies will be lesser than Amol palekar starrer [the rate at which BOI degrading numbers of bachchan movies every year].

  35. GBK, You follow BOI na ? This list was put by BOI in 2003.


    And check their archive since 2003 every year. they ridiculously changed the numbers of amitabh movies every year.

    Now which BOI you believe ? Year 2003 ? Year 2004 … Year 2010 ?? Every year there is different BOI. Every year SRK is becoming stronger and Amitabh movies collections are getting weaker …

    If you follow BOI then you also have to follow the above list uploaded by BOI in 2003.

    • That is what I am telling you.. this particular crap you put above here is a mere “Trash” hypridised with misinformations and Fraudulence (am just seeing it for the first time in my life) and why do you think its solely to Amitabh..Maybe, its someone who is against this LEGEND coming up with wrong figures..Most of their verdicts if not all are completly not the case.. The authentic BOI tHAT goes in syc with well documented facts is the 3rd one you put above..Anything other than that is a Counterfeit…Okay???

      • OTHER 2 WERE OLDER LOOK OF CUrrent BOI which can be gathered from web.archive.org,

        type any site adress and u wld go back to site as date required,BOI waalo ne socha archive na mantain kare kyunki fraud karna hai lekin woh phas gaye.didn’t u used to visit BOI earlier say 4-5 years ago that’s y u r not aware of the earlier look

  36. @gbk,u r giving vague and off the point answers to these questions of bigfun like ur other blind srk fans and brothers aka right,assmasala etc .talk abt the fraud.which other sites coinciding with BOI u r talking abt,there is no such authentic site for old movies numbers apart from FI as no other site existed,talk abt fraud and explain ,no vague answers r required by us.
    plus aamir ka reign 3 saalo se chal raha hai from 2008-10,aage bhi chalta rahega don’t worry abt him,also from 2006-10 5 saalo mein se 4 baar aamir whooped srk badly at BO

    • Dont get me wrong sir…But you see, there is a thin line between BLIND DEVOTION and the truth….You tend to bore me attimes you know..How bloody damn well did you measure the fact that FI is worth relying upon. You must be a dreamer (But you see, dont loose hope. Dreams come true, without that possibility, nature would not incite it on us to have them..So happy dreaming)…No doubt Aamir scored above SRK with Fanaa in 2006 with respect to Don…But where was Aamir in 2007, when SRK single handedly delivered to succesive BBS with OSO and CDI…

      The point is SRK’s Consistency (coupled with his unbelievable run for almost every year) reigns supreme and that is why for now, Aamir remains number 2 to him..No doubt, the gap is closing Ghajini-3 Idiots as to RDBNJ-MNIK) with the order still in place, but who knows WHAT WILL HAPPEN by 2011 onwards.. So my friend, just hope…

      and please, dont you dare compare Akki with SRK and Aamir…That will be clear “Stupidity”

      • Wowwwwwww Mr. GBK now you are coming out of your pounce. If i caught you, You are assmasala of indiaFM (Why change identity ? ).

        Well , you being a SRK fanatic , i understand your indulgance in debate with such a baseless claims ( you are not providing any proof or logic, just you are crying that what you are saying is true like a KID).

        What ever i said, with valid proof of links. What you provide to support your debate ? NOTHING …. just you are debating like a KID ki main jo kah raha hun vo sahi hai.

        Well mr ASSMASALA. Now we know who are you. Its pointless to indulge in any sort of debate.

        • sorry sir, you are not worth the effort neither are you up to my expectations…

          Well if you talk of proofs, BOI like i have explained earlier is enough to establish your useless plea and I could do the honours again and again…

          But what am saying is, with all this your “Hopelessness” coupled with your disgusted instincts, come up with any web portal or valid proofs that could convince me with the fraudulence of BOI i.e figures or sites that do justice to the takings and credits of such films you are crying “Vainfully” on…Do that if you have the guts, Am sure, you would still be “BLANK” and continually resorting to soggy chips. But i dont blame you, you wont understand facts, All you do is cut & paste(lol)!!! SO DUMB!!!!…

          So sir, like I said before, come up with something more engaging to the above issues, if not you are a waste of space here or better still as your bigFUN Suggests, you could really be a bigFOOLISH UNSTABLE NUISACE!!!!…

  37. i m talking from 2005-09
    i have said 4 out of 5 years,that 1 year is obvious 2007,i think u r weak in understanding things,guess u wld be poor in studies too
    2005-MP whooped paheli
    2006-RDB,Fanna whooped KANK,DON
    2008 and 2009-u know urself i don’t need to repeat

    • Thanks for the complement….I would try to improve…

      But you know that, its such a pity that such gracious efforts of yours in trying to prove Aamir’s supremacy over SRK with such passions of yours could amount to beingn “Careless”….

      Get one thing straight,right from 1998-2005 (For now), Aamir was lost in the Dungeon and was no where near SRK (I dont need to delve further, since of cos, you have a “Strong insight” In your own righ compared to mine)…Even his Laagan came no where near the success of K3G..

      FYI,MP was his comeback film for 2005 and this film along with Paheli both Flopped. So this is rather baseless..No denyinng the fact that in 2006,what you said above was such (But sadly, he was still number 2 i.e not yet a force and worthy of the number 1 position).. Most of Aamir’s “Successful” releases to this time (2006) could not even measure up or achieve a fraction of what OSO’s takings….and till today, SRKs Superstardom is unmatched and he remains the worthy successor to Amitabh…But I dont blame your sorry self, you dont need facts to establish your baseless views, Adjectives are enough for you..Poor you!!..

      You are just a “Self-admitted” Geek resorting to soggy chips (Aamir and Akki).. Dont be blinded by your pathetic ignorance!!..

      • FYI,MP was his comeback film for 2005 and this film along with Paheli both Flopped
        when did i started calling no.1 from 06,i m saying no.1 from 08 aur geek hoga tu,i m a BE(Mechanical),don’t try to give me any information,i m much more knowledgable as far AS anything goes with movies,take rest and face this ,AAMIR is no.1 from 2008 and whooped srk 4 out of 5 times in last 5 years.2002-05,he was not doing movies,98-2001 i agree with u he was a smaLLER star than srk,i m not a blind fan and i absolutely agree with it.

        to ur comments”Most of Aamir’s “Successful” releases to this time (2006) could not even measure up or achieve a fraction of what OSO’s takings….”
        dear how much were the max takings by any srk movie uptill 2006.DDLJ-58 cr,aamir ‘s fanna-55 cr,i guess there is not much diff,do u know abt multiplex explosion,i guess u need to understand that as that is the thing which has pushed aamir to no.1 ,3i takings at plexes-153 cr,MNIK at multiplexes-53 cr,100 cr diff both r plex movies,now got it how aamir is no.1

        • Most fair assessment about Aamir and this 100 crore difference is such a huge which makes Aamir miles ahead of any other top star.

        • “DDLJ-58 cr,aamir ‘s fanna-55 cr,i guess there is not much diff”

          Lol!!!!…What an absolute state of stupidity.

          “i guess there is not much diff,do u know abt multiplex explosion,i guess u need to understand that as that is the thing which has pushed aamir to no.1 ,3i takings at plexes-153 cr,MNIK at multiplexes-53 cr,100 cr diff both r plex movies,now got it how aamir is no.1”..

          At least for you and you alone….lol

          Dont sound disgusting, 3IDIOTS didnt completely dominate MNIK like you carelessly misconstrue here.The film’s performance in India was quite good but still is generally regarded as “below expectations” due to the high price COMPAREto 3I, while the overseas performance of the film has been record breaking..The film was reported to have done very well in multiplexes, but comparatively on the lower side in single screens.. nO DOUBT, 3I became a major earner as far as India is concerned..

          Both worldwide i.e majorly overseas, MNIK was clearly above 3I… MNIK film grossed the biggest opening day overseas, taking an estimated INR 170 million, beating the overseas opening day collections of 3 Idiots. The film also grossed the biggest opening weekend overseas, taking an estimated INR 255 million, again beating the overseas opening weekend collections of 3 Idiots which grossed INR 185 million. In its first week, it grossed INR 393 million (US$ 8.5 million). As of August 2010, the film has grossed $4,018,771 in the United States and $37,001,087 elsewhere for a worldwide total of $41,019,858..

          In the UK, it made £123,000 on its opening day,[44] which was more than the combined total of 3 Idiots in its first two days (£121,000). By the end of the second week, MNIK became only the third Bollywood film to cross the £2 million mark in the UK, after Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Veer-Zaara, according to the exchange rates prevailing at their respective times of release…

          eVEN IN In Australia, the film earned an impressive AUS$ 39,000 (INR 16.1 lakhs) on its opening day, and was ranked #11 in the market. By the first weekend, the film earned US$ 437,687, defeating the previous record set by 3 Idiots (US$ 350,000). In New Zealand and Fiji, the film earned NZ$ 13,627 on its opening day, and earned NZ$ 144,831 (US$ 100,698) in its first week. By the second weekend, the film earned NZ$ 268,838 (US$ 184,933).

          yOU SE, this and many more just goes to explain the boundaries of Aamir’s height compared to SRK…Aamir stock is just india majorly and above average elsewhere round the world..Srk’s popularity is unmatched and defies all norms..Its cuts everywhere and its just beyond comprehension..The following he his enjoying today is similar to that of Amitabh Bachchan which makes him the worthy successor to lambubabu….

          And you see this,despite the recent strong flickers, Aamir will never officially assume the number 1 spot for as long as SRK is still in the business and will continue to be overshadowed by SRK’s Class…

          Srk is first amongst his equals and this must be accepted even tough it hurts..

          So please, tone down your “unwavering” Foolishness and accept the truth, even tho it hurts…

          • Dont sound disgusting, 3IDIOTS didnt completely dominate MNIK like you carelessly misconstrue here

            @gbk,from where did overseas came along,a non sense creature like u wld even claim after few years MNIK was close to 3I in india,but we all know what is the reality,

            get this thing in ur head once and for all
            MNIK-73 CR in india 53 cr at PLEXES,20 CR IN sINGLE SCREENS
            3i-203 CR IN india,153 cr in plexes,50 cr in single screens
            by what parameter both,
            MNIK is just above one third of 3I in india

    • and what about the years wen mela, jawani zindabad, love love love etc wree whooped

  38. i m not comparing akki with aamir and srk,i m just elobrating fraud has been done to him as well

    • Saurabh, leave this debate. GBK is assmasala. I caught him … 🙂

      • When you are “Blank” with answers, PROOFS and you become utterly confused, you dont need to resort to Foul and Abusive Languages…Its completely needless!!!…

        • Mr GBK, bigfun has given enough proof, But WHAT PROOF YOU HAVE GIVEN till now ? I don’t see you anything except crying like baby that BOI is good and SRK is best. What proof you have given in support of it ?

  39. gbk,kya aap sachmuch assmasala ya justice of the world hai,ur crying wld n’t help sorry,which dream world u r living in btw.srk reign ended in 2007 and aamir is ruling from 2008,this fact has been unanimously agreed upon by every trade guide,magazine,media whatever u want to name,get out of dreams and live in real world where aamir is ruling now

  40. Mr. GBK,

    Truth is that you are SRK blind fan and is clearly visible from your comments. You are debating without any proof. while i can see some guys here are providing links and proofs in support of their comment. As i earlier suspects on you, your comments don’t support your claim of bigB fan [ because no bigB fan can debate and support on degrading his movies]. and at last you finally can’t hide the ultimate Truth that you are SRK fan … 🙂

    • Apart from the fact that I find your posts rather Baseless and hybridised with all sorts of “Fooloishness”, you need to learn that Being a fan ought not to imply being “Fanatically” so or being completely defensive, if not blind about a star’s weakness..

      I never allow my partiality towards a particular star to cloud my judgements…Sorry, If i dont think like your “sorry self”..We were not made the same and definitely, am no “DOOFUS’!!!…Sorry!

      • Again you are talking Non sense.

        Mr. GBK, learn how to comment first. When i commented about you, there was logic [series of comment put by you]. This is not the case with you.

  41. “The point is SRK’s Consistency (coupled with his unbelievable run for almost every year) reigns supreme and that is why for now, Aamir remains number 2 to him..No doubt, the gap is closing Ghajini-3 Idiots as to RDBNJ-MNIK) with the order still in place”

    HA HA HA. Mr. GBK You are BOI part -2. How claverly you are trying to prove that Aamir is second to SRK at the moment.

    You and BOI both are blind SRK fan. BOI didn’t update TOP star list since 2008. From this act it is very much clear that how much they are obsessed with SRK. BOI is waiting for SRK to give one blockbuster so that they can formulate (just like you) SRK as number one even for 2009 and 2010.

    • both amir and srk are behind salman in terms of footfalls

      • sallu is finished at multiplexes just like how sunny,govinda got finished with arrival of plexes

        • today 200 plexes cater to 10% urban population. think of the day wen interiors have close to 5000 plexes will come up in inetriors even with the ticket rates of 100 rs the game will be changed. and its going to happen in this decade. as u must have noticed one elite domination method, the NRI market is already drying up and the next the urban metro will be whooped. and i guess the beginning will be dabang

      • yes thats why mr & mrs khanna was ATBB,VEER was Superhit??go get a life

        • u mean to say amir hasnt had a mangal panday (veer at least made 40 crores and got called above average by BOI. AND WAT ABOUT SHAHRUKHS ASOKAS AND PHIR BHI DIL AND MANY MORE.

        • u mean to say amir hasnt had a mangal panday (veer at least made 40 crores and got called above average by BOI. MANGAL PANDEY WAS A CLEAR DISASTER. AND WAT ABOUT SHAHRUKHS ASOKAS AND PHIR BHI DIL AND MANY MORE.

    • because shruti interms of hits amir has lesser.

  42. because no bigB fan can debate and support on degrading his movies

    absolutely shruti ,no real fan cld stop himself for revolting against this.we i mean me,bigfun,jeevcy have exposed BOI no.of times on Indiafm,they r big frauds i m telling u,all blind srk fans r in support of BOI and with keeping all their virtues and truth behind their back,they r turning blind eye on the fraudists BOI.It’s more than enough for genuine fans like us me being a fan of aamir and big b can’t accept this non sense

  43. You and BOI both are blind SRK fan. BOI didn’t update TOP star list since 2008. From this act it is very much clear that how much they are obsessed with SRK. BOI is waiting for SRK to give one blockbuster so that they can formulate (just like you) SRK as number one even for 2009 and 2010.

    @shruti i m absolutely in sync with u and i know this might happen,not only BOI also FF have stopped giving power award since the time aamir’s reign started

  44. GBK, You put a big question mark on your honesty after putting Aamir next to SRK. Even a non filmy person will agree on Aamir as undisputed number one. All your comments went futile after this nonsense remark (however i don’t see much sense in your earlier comments too).

    • Thanks for still looking through them sir…

      No doubt based on BO Collections for nw, Aamir is slightly ahead i.e Looking at it pragmatically not with the recent collections of 3IDIOTS Compared to MNIK..But you see as an overall performer, talentwise, consistency, Immaculate Star appeal and unparalleled “Popularity”, SRK is “far” ahead of Aamir Khan…Even Aamir Khan and the rest are aware of this FACT!!!.

      i do not know who is better as a BO puller,but one thing for sure shahrukh has tripple fan following than amir worlwide. also i would like to get this into your knowldge that shahrukh is rulling the world more than 20 years and amir is a new born baby who just starts flying…

      So my dear jeevan, use your brains and dont follow your mind, otherwise, you would be shook to reality!!!!…Gud day!!!..

  45. gbk ,i think u r baseless and without any logic,good bye

    • LOL!!!… Thats it, once they go “Blank” and Speechless, this is what happens…

      Get it bACHU, there is a Thine line between blind devotion/undying love and THE TRUTH!!!..

      So save yourself the trouble????

      • i think comment which u made suits u the most,beat the trumpeths of dishonestly like other blinds,but truth will prevail ultimateky

        • For how long, this are proofs that have not been distorted for so many years and just becos of sheer ignorance and unapologetic sentiments on your part, doesnt mean history can be re-written..Stop deceiving yourself..

          and when will truTH prevail???? Is it after you must have been covered in your “GRAVE”…

          Stop behaving like a “Non-entity” okay!!!…


          • Well said saurabh, History has been completely distorted by BOI and these guys want to believe BOI because it suits their sensibilities. But the day when BOI put down SRK movies [Obviously BOI agenda will be changed after few years], same guys will cry over this site.

          • @gbk:SRK in nothing but a glorified version of Rakhi Sawant, who wants publicity and goes to media with out any reason

  46. I am in 40’s, born in 1962. Witnessed the rise and fall of Amitabh Bachchan.

    I am following this thread since last 2 days. Interesting comments and debates. First I would like to CONGRATULATE TAKUZA for bringing facts.

    What i can recall from days i witness “Amitabh was biggest ever star of bollywood. He was considered as GOD even for northerns who hardly care about any star. He was widely accepted as ONE MAN INDUSTRY and was remain 1 to 10 for more than 15 years. He was a force never seen before. Even his special apearance movies were bumper hits and few of his flops were actually minor profit makers. he hardly had any loss making movie after zanzeer till 1988.

    As i can recall , Lawaaris was a RAGE. Movie was bumper Hit. I witness the huge rush and People coming in full loaded trucks to see the movie. Lawaaris was without any shred of doubt was biggest hit of 1981.

    GBK, the movies you are comparing with Lawaaris like Meri Awaaz suno is like comparing Bheja fry to Ghajini. Don’t be unfair.

    I checked BOI lists of old movies, And i can easily say this is bogus list. AAA was way ahead of dharamveer (Dharamveer was big hit, but AAA was miles ahead).

    MKS was biggest HIT after sholay and widely accepted bigegst Hit till MPK broke its record due to inflated ticket prices.

    Naseeb was very very big Hit and even Manmohan desai accepted in an interview once telecast at doordarshan that Naseeb is his biggest grosser and a little ahead of AAA. But Naseeb was costly and AAA was cheap.

    And i lodly applauded YAKUZA for bringing these facts. definetly the site like BOI whose not only numbers are fraud, but also verdicts are biggest questionable [ As very nicely analysed by yakuza how badly BOI put wrong verdicts like KKH as ATBB aand MKS as BB only].

    I can safely say, BOI is bundle site atleast as far as numbers and verdicts of OLD movies are concerned. We definitely require one wonderful and unbiased site who can represent true data of old movies.

    I wish if KOMAL NAHTA himself able to create a nice boxoffice site and uplaod the actual facts which is owned by his own publication filminformation only. No other have old data except filminformation and its pity that BOI even lowered down the filminformation numbers.

    • “And i lodly applauded YAKUZA for bringing these facts”

      What facts?????

      …they were merely “opinions”.

      And this is rather absurd for a “Being” like saurabh also… For someone who could not even distinguish and understand the relationship between the terms “opinions”, “facts”, “figures” and what “measurement” is…… is ridiculous

      • Isn’t 9 ATBB out of 13 till 1984 is a fact with proof ?? And i am happy that he brings it out because these facts generally fade out after certain decades if not pop out by some one.

        And not only Amitabh, yakuza highlight the facts about Rajesh Khanna of 17 consecutive success in 3 years. This was monster like achievement never seen before and after, but how many kids know this fact now unless highlight by some one ?? Its pity that in spite of expressing gratitude you are simply living in your fanatic land and not willing to accept these facts because your star reputation will come in danger if you accept it.

        • With all due respect sir, you seem to be lost in your “Infatuation”… I also have proofs that back up my own points, not just sites..That is why we have trade journals/guides, Old articles from Stardust/Filmfare (Reliable and unbiased ones) and so many more that could be used as point of reference, okay…

          Why is it that an article by Rakhesh Shreshta of the Filmfare 92 edition singles out Sholay as the only film of AB that achieved ATBB…If it was on my part to scan, I would greatly do so at least to stop all form of rantling on this case..

          Also, there are numerous magazines and available sites that underlines the Phenomenal success of Kranti in 1981 about how Manoj Kumar was able to ward of the Amitabh-Prakash Mehra Combo In lawaris giving kranti a blockbuster status as well as the most successful film of the 80s after MPK…??? tHERE ARE tHIS and many more.. You see even though, i respect yakuza views and i know you also do, that doesnt me that one should be blind to certain “Facts” That are very obvious…You just stick to whatever yakuza feeds you, with no research on your part.. It could really be sad!!!

          And again please, dont get it confused, Rajesh Khanna’s Phenomenal run was “15” consecutive hits from 1969-1971…

          and please, “Superstars” that had a really “Remarkable” and Monstrous achievements where Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan…I would put them above RK, anyday, anytime..Not necessarily a fact though, just an opinion..

          Rk came and faded suddenly, Meanwhile Amitabh took SUPERSTARDOM to another level..
          Thank you

          • “Why is it that an article by Rakhesh Shreshta of the Filmfare 92 edition singles out Sholay as the only film of AB that achieved ATBB”

            First this artile is from trade journlist (father of komal nahta), not any just a media person. Second, A better analysis of movie can be researched by articles from magazines of respective years, rather than from media after 25 years.

            “You just stick to whatever yakuza feeds you, with no research on your part.. ”

            And same i can say to you. You are stick to what BOI feeds to you, with no research on your part.

            “And again please, dont get it confused, Rajesh Khanna’s Phenomenal run was “15″ consecutive hits from 1969-1971…”

            Please read carefuly, i am not confused, you are confused. I talk about 17 success.

            • “Please read carefuly, i am not confused, you are confused. I talk about 17 success”.

              Well sir, the idea of “I7 successes” was never documented to the 15 mark…So the issue of such 17 successes was is rather “baseless” cus some of those 15 hits like Doli, The Train, Amar prem, etc were not “Clean” hits…Dont try to bail yourselfout of your confusion…

            • “A better analysis of movie can be researched by articles from magazines of respective years, rather than from media after 25 years”

              Nobody is doubting that…You seem to be CONFUSED here!!!…

              • poora comedy hain gbk,how is axaptaword sounding confused here? gbk is a non sense entertainer like his idol

      • And in that sense, your statement is more like a opinion rather than measurement.

    • you are in the 40s born in 1962, that explains the bachchan mania and you are from the middle class i assume and that explains the myopia

  47. thanks sir,this is the kind of truth and honesty we need to uproot this corrupt site called BOI,Every genuine and honest film buff wld gave known by now how big frasuds these BOI PPL are

    • “thanks sir,this is the kind of truth and honesty we need to uproot this corrupt site called BOI,Every genuine and honest film buff wld gave known by now how big frasuds these BOI PPL are”


      It would be fairer if you said “Every genuine and Honest AB fan” (Blinded by the FACTS!!!..) as well as an “Obsessive Minded” Aamir fan like you who is actually living in Vainful “Ecstacy”, but would be shook to REALITY soon…

      • Sorry GBK, You here looks to be biggest obsessed with SRK. This accusation better suits you.

        • No doubt, am a great fan of Rajesh khanna, Dharmendra, Shahrukh khan and Amitabh Bachchan ?(even Aamir Khan)…

          But you see sir, I never allow my Partiality towards a particular star to “Cloud” My judgements…

          You may call it obsession or whatever you deem fit, but believe me such issues that have been raised by me about SRK and Aamir are the Facts (Even though, i have a preferential likin for SRK Over Aamir, I wouldnt be that sentimental enough to be totally “Ignorant” Like a Clearless and Low-lfe being like Saurabh…

      • low life u r as u r supporting fraudists BOI inspite of their bubble of honesty being burst here by bigfun.u r a cunning and a manipulative person to put an undignified as a poster boy,shame on u and ppl like u

  48. Guys , i can see this thread getting non-directional. Request you guys to put only logical comments. I will come in night to see if this thread needs to close.

  49. One Man Industry : Amitabh Bachchan :


    Amitabh Bachchan’s Golden Run – 1973-88 1 CommentThere might be an never-ending debate on how perhaps the Movie business has changed in the last 30 odd years. Actors are doing increasingly lesser movies(though this trend started in the 2000′s only),increase in other mediums of entertainment, and so on.

    On the other hand there have been booms too for the industry with Music(in 90′s) , Sattellite/Cable(2000′s) providing a very good avenue for Movie Revenue thus helping a lot in the movie’s recovery.

    Also can be said that modes of promotions has also increased by leaps and bounds.

    But leaving the above behind, and going movie to movie, Amitabh Bachchan hit an extreme purple patch for almost 15-16 years between 1973-88.

    The Innings is interesting for the amount of movies done and the success rate achieved.

    Infact of the 63 movies Bachchan did in that period only 7 movies faced monetary losses of any kinds, thus a loss making movie used to an Event for Amitabh Bachchan.

    Also, Amitabh Bachchan had atleast 1 hit a year for 14 straight years(1973-86).

    Take a look. * Verdicts Based on Film Information Trade Journal, probably the most strict system of Verdict out there.

    Film Year Gross(where available) Classification

    1 Zanjeer 1973 5,00,00,000 AAA*
    2 Bandhe Haath 1973 – Flop
    3 Abhimaaan 1973 – A
    4 Namak Haraam 1973 – BB
    5 Kasauti 1974 – B
    6 Benaam 1974 – B
    7 Majboor 1974 – AA*
    8 Roti Kapada Aur Makaan 1974 12,50,00,000 AAA*
    9 Deewar 1975 6,50,00,000 A11*
    10 Zameer 1975 – Flop
    11 Mili 1975 – B
    12 Sholay 1975 30,00,00,000 A111*
    13 Faraar 1975 – Flop
    14 Chupke Chupke 1975 – AA
    15 Hera Pheri 1976 5,00,00,000 A1*
    16 Kabhi Kabhi 1976 – AA
    17 Adalat 1976 – AA*
    18 Do Anjaane 1976 – A
    19 Amar Akbar Abthony 1977 9,00,00,000 AAA*
    20 Khoon Pasina 1977 5,00,00,000 A1*
    21 Alaap 1977 – Flop
    22 Parvarish 1977 6,50,00,000 A11*
    23 Imaan Dharam 1977 – Flop
    24 Ganga Ki Saugandh 1978 – AA*
    25 Kasme Vaade 1978 5,00,00,000 A1*
    26 Besharam 1978 – BB
    27 Trishul 1978 7,00,00,000 A11*
    28 Don 1978 6,00,00,000 A1*
    29 Muqaddar Ka Sikander 1978 10,00,00,000 AAA*
    30 The Great Gambler 1979 – B
    31 Jurmana 1979 – Flop
    32 Mr Natwarlal 1979 7,00,00,000 A1*
    33 Kala Pathar 1979 – BB
    34 Manzil 1979 – B
    35 Suhaag 1979 7,00,00,000 A1*
    36 Do Aur Do Paanch 1980 – A
    37 Dostana 1980 7,00,00,000 A1*
    38 Ram Balraam 1980 7,00,00,000 AA*
    39 Shaan 1980 7,00,00,000 A*
    40 Naseeb 1981 10,00,00,000 A1*
    41 Barsaat Ki Ek Raat 1981 – AA*
    42 Lawaaris 1981 9,00,00,000 A11*
    43 Silsila 1981 – Flop
    44 Yaraana 1981 7,00,00,000 A1*
    45 Kaalia 1981 – AA*
    46 Satte Pe Satta 1982 – AA*
    47 Bemisaal 1982 – B
    48 Desh Premee 1982 – A
    49 Namak Halaal 1982 8,00,00,000 A11*
    50 Khudaar 1982 7,00,00,000 A1*
    51 Shakti 1982 – B
    52 Nastik 1983 BB
    53 Andha Kanoon 1983 9,00,00,000 A11*
    54 Mahaan 1983 – B
    55 Pukar 1983 – B
    56 Coolie 1983 11,00,00,000 A11*
    57 Inquilaab 1984 – B
    58 Sharaabi 1984 6,00,00,000 AA*
    59 Geraftaar 1985 – AA*
    60 Mard 1985 8,00,00,000 A1*
    61 Aakhree Raasta 1986 7,50,00,000 A1*
    62 Shahenshah 1988 7,00,00,000 AA*
    63 Ganga Jamuna Saraswati 1988 – B

    A111-All Time Blockbuster
    A11-Super Hit
    A1-Super Hit/Hit
    A-Semi Hit
    BB-Above Average
    *denotes equal universal success

    36 ALL INDIA HITS(From 1973-88)

    For Fairness purpose its important to highlight the not so successfull periods of Bachchan’s Career.


    This Period is the start of the Career of Big B, he mostly struggled around for few years before breaking big time in Zanjeer. The notable movies of this time are Saat Hindustani, Anand and Bombay to Goa.

    1 Saat Hindustani 1969 – Flop
    2 Anand 1970 – AA
    3 Reshma Aur Shera 1971 – Flop
    4 Pyar Ki Kahani 1971 – Flop
    5 Parwana 1971 – Flop
    6 Bombay To Goa 1971 – BB
    7 Bansi Birju 1972 – Flop
    8 Ek Nazar 1972 – Flop
    9 Sanjog 1972 – Flop
    10 Raaste Ka Pathar 1972 – Flop


    This Period Signifies the return of Big B from the political Arena back to movie business, again here he didnt find the same success as he did in this prime. Notable movies are Agneepath,Hum and Aaj Ka Arjun.

    1 Toofan 1989 – B
    2 Jaadugar 1989 – Flop
    3 Main Azaad Hoon 1989 – Flop
    4 Agneepath 1990 – B
    5 Aaj Ka Arjun 1990 7,00,00,000 AA*
    6 Hum 1991 8,00,00,000 AA*
    7 Ajooba 1991 – Flop
    8 Indrajeet 1991 – Flop
    9 Akayla 1991 – Flop
    10 Khuda Gawah 1992 – B
    11 Insaaniyat 1994 – B

    Since 1997 Amitabh Bachchan has starred and been successfull in uncountable number of movies, though most have been in character role capacity thus cant be counted(in this context that is), though he has again had Pivotal roles in movies like Paa,Black,Cheeni Kum and Khakee but such movies wont be 10% of his movies since 2000 and definitely dont echo back at the glorious run of 1973-88.


    • Now tell me the difference between the above and what BOI has given…For your information, what you put up here is 87% correct and despite your past “Foolishness”, am so happy you could come out so bravely with such relevant figures that has done justice to “Majority” of my “Facts” here and this also just explains why BOI has never been “Unfair” to anyone and in my own views, their analysis is still far more “Superior” Packaged and Genuine than FI……

      Now if you could do yourself a favour, go back to my earlier posts, especially concerning Lawaris, AAA, Coolie, etc and just appreciate how “Stupid” you have been all along!!!..

      Now if you are not blind, tell me where the other A111 is apart from Sholay?????? Or is it not the same FI that you claim is authentic or better still where are the so-calles “All-time earners?????Am waiting sir and please, can Yakuza throw some light on this???

      • GBK, I would like to answer your query here. This list (put by boxofficekings) is reported center collections from filminformation. And BOI has even degraded the numbers of bachchan movies from reported centers of filminformation. generally overall collections are 15-20% higher of reported center collections. But BOI make mockery of filminformation. They have degraded almost every bachchan movie.

        And how can you say these numbers are matched with current BOI ? can’t you see the difference of Crores for every movie ?? Why are you making nonsense and blind remarks ??

  51. this is the FI list ,great work bigfun ,these r the reAL figures and verdicts as per FI.

  52. NO site has old fig and verdicts,the only source av is FI only.

  53. Out of FOUR boxoffice site , BOI is odd one out.

    Rest IBOS, BollyBusiness and boxofficekings are on same page.

  54. every genuine source wld comply to FI,only fraudists will have their verdicts and collns acc to their liking,this negates all the claims of gbk,who was claiming a lie all BO sources r sync with BOI

  55. And apart from boxoffice, Its only Amitabh bachchan movies who inspired for remake in 2000’s millenium (Excpet one Dilip’d Devdas and Rishi’s karz)

    DON, Amar Akbar Anthony, Satte Pe Satta, Deewar, Agneepath and Sholay.

    Why only bachchan movies ? heck even a Parwana (pre-Zanjeer) where amitabh plays a cold-blooded negative role is relevant enough to be paid homage to in 2007’s Johnny Gaddar

    No one is thinking of remaking any Dharmendra Starrer (Dharamveer or any sort of). Does it indicate something ? Not only boxoffice, His movies are collection of GOLD MINE. If one is thinking of any remake 95% are chances that it would be bachchan movie.

    • parineeta was remade, mughle azam and naya daur were re released with mughle azam making plenty of money. how is remake a measure of everlasting popularity. all the remakes u mentioned, don, johny gaddar all flopped

      • No movie can make as much money on re release as sholay. Even after 35 years, this movie is on top list of re-release demand. Sholay has been officially re-relased 6 times in 35 years[Apart from random screenings] and every time made plenty of money. At the moment 10 OLD movies has been submitted to Reliance Digital Lab for digital processing out of which 8 are bachchan starrer (including AAA, Shaan, Hum, Agneepath, Satte Pe Satta, Muqaddar Ka sikandar, Namak Halaal and Naseeb. Non Bachchan Starrers are Jewel thief and Ganga Jamuna).

  56. AFTER all this non sense i have read here and also in sholay thread,gbk claims himself as big b fan,wah this shows what a big liar and fraud he is,if he is a big b fan,then i m a srk fan too

  57. “if he is a big b fan,then i m a srk fan too”

    Lolzzzzzzzz Saurabh …. Hilarious. Count me in. I am also SRK biggest fan … 🙂

  58. Insaniyat (1994 ) was classified as Average By Komal Nahta and BOI both.

    Under You Asked It Section A question was asked :


    A.The film was not liked by the public but tradewise it scraped through due to its initial.Mumbai City and Delhi City were both 30 lakhs+ in the first week which was quite an achievement in those days.

    Source : http://web.archive.org/web/20041215203735/boxofficeindia.com/questions3.htm


    Check — > http://www.boxofficeindia.com/showProd.php?itemCat=200&catName=MTk5NA==



  59. bigfun bhai clear cut expose,now their can’t be a bigger proof than this of a fraud and the crime BOI ppl have commited.

    • And HERE IS PROOF OF PRO SRK …. BOI Accepting that media is making Devdas HIT …. While it was average only ………

      Q.Do you think the media will make Lakshya a hit like Devdas and Dil Chahta Hai even when actual business is just average or semi hit.Also why does the media do this?

      A.At the moment the media is with Lakshya and wants to give it a hit tag.Infact the Mumbai press is desperate.But it may be harder than DCH and Devdas because DCH was a small budget affair while Devdas had big numbers outside India and these two factors are not with Lakshya.Instead of giving verdicts its best to see what story the collections tell.Basically the media thinks that certain films are good and if they support these films then other films of this type will be made but it does not work this way because the industry always knows how well a certain film has done irrespective of what the media says or even what the trade says.

      Source : http://web.archive.org/web/20040818103158/www.boxofficeindia.com/questions2.htm

      And Now BOI Has declared Devdas HIT ……….. All Bachchan movies are degraded …….. And All SRK movies has been Upgraded …..

      Any more proof wanted by any one ????

  60. It’s now even pain to see how this thread has been totally distorted. If i start reading comments from Top, Same things are repeating again and again for nothing less than Nth time.

    GBK, i thought of you as a sensible person initially, But what you have done today is something strange. You spent whole day and night in debates of proving that only you are god of boxoffice, and what you say should be believed by everyone. Unless you are SON of unmarried Komal Nahta, who will believe you ? Because i don’t see any document you present in support of your debates and arguments. You are just saying ON and ON and quite very irrelevant in response to every comment.

    Sorry to say GBK, i can’t afford such insanity at this blog. I am imposing BAN on you for free commenting. From now on every comment of you will be under radar and will appear here after approval. You forced me for this step.

    I don’t see others including Danish, Bigfun, Axaptaword and Saurabh any offensive here, certain hyper comments from saurabh is provoked by your nonsense comments.

    GBK, your BAN will be taken back if i found you sensible in future. I am editing some of offensive comments from you here.

    • Thanks Yakuza, You has taken good decision. This person was so dirty. Such a nonsense remarks without any reasoning. I am supporting his ban.


  61. so the bottom line is….there are many kings in bollywood but there is only one emperor who is undisputed and still rocking at 67…the ONE and ONLY ORIGINAL DON of bollywood…big b!!

  62. Yakuza,
    Although I agree that gbk behaved in quite an irritating way and could not produce any document in support of his views, still I am against banning any body unless he uses abuses in his comments. I normally comment less and it is your blog, you can decide whom you want to comment here or not, but being a regular visitor on your site, I could not refrain myself from commenting on this decision which seems a little harsh imo.
    Anyways, as I mentioned above also, this is your blog and it is up to you whom you want to comment but if you do not allow diverse views than perhaps this blog will become monotonous.
    These are just my views on banning of gbk and in no way I support his views regarding big B, for me he is the biggest star we have ever seen and no khan, no kumar, no roshan come close to him.
    But I believe in what famous philisopher Voltair said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. “

    • Rajesh, Only reason to BAN is provoked and out of synch comments. It was ok for if it goes on for few comments, but 200+ comments of repetitive nature. And BAN is not imposed because of counterviews. Danish and few others also put their counterviews. But GBK responses were out of proportion for every comment.

      • good even i found his comments tupid and he was a pure SRK fanatic who might have a SRK temple at home to worship him 🙂

        • GBK is biggest SRK fan ever.HE is “assmasala” of bollywoodhungama forum. every one knows him as biggest ever SRK fan, who pretends to be Amitabh fan here.

          • bigfun even shan aka digitaleyes is also there at IFM,he is also a big SRK fan.

          • so u unplugged his identity 🙂 great buddy . even Danish bhai is also big lol placing Salman after Dilip and Big B . he really has good sense of humour

  63. yakuza is AAA alltime biggest hit ever in mumbai circuit.also can u please tell circuitwise collns for SHOLAY if not for all ,atleast for 3 major Mumbai,delhi/up,east punjab,also for AAA if possible and verdicts of AAA in Available circuits,it wld be able to help to know abt universal appeal of big b as compared to say srk whose many big hits r flop in bihar circuits.,though i m sure sholay wld have been ATBB in all 10 circuits

  64. Yakuza, Was you working for BOI before ? What was your history there ?

  65. Amitabh Bachchan – the Actor, Hero, Star, Super Star, Legend, the Institution, The Voice, – What more can you say – For more than 20 years he stands tall as ever. I dont want to take names but all I want to say that all of the stars today can wait till they reach 65 and if they can maintain the same appeal. Salut to you Bachchan Sir!!!

  66. An HOUSEFULL board outside a theatre was a regular feature for Bachhan starrers. I don’t want to argue about figures, how much a film has earned matters to Producers/film team, todays fans are calculating figures rather than focussing on performances/content etc.

    Amitabh Bachchan performances are way ahead of any commercial/theatre/parallel cinema etc. He is like Sachin Tendulkar beyond comparison.

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