Bheja Fry : What was actual verdict of 2008 Diwali clash between Golmaal Returns and Fashion.

Q : What was actual verdict of 2008 Diwali clash between Golmaal Returns and Fashion.

A : Fashion was produced by UTV and largely distributed by UTV Software Communication Ltd, Rajshree Pictures Pvt. Ltd and Sahyog Films.Out of 7 Key distributors including UTV, 3 lost some money including Rajashre, Vision Quest and Goldie Films. Overall it was average fare where producers made money, 50% of distributors lost money. Golmaal Returns was produced by Studio 18 and distributed largely by Studio 18 themselves (To 3 Major Territories) along with 9 other key distributors. Movie did breakeven for few small distributors (Indra Films, Bahar Enterprises, Vijayalaxmi Movies Pvt Ltd) but did plus business for majority. Producers made money. Most of distributors (70%) made profits and few were just breakeven or bear very minor loss. Overall it was HIT movie. 

Q : What was distribution cost of My Name Is Khan in india ? How much it recovered ? What is final verdict ?

A :  My Name Is Khan was sold to 12 Key distributors across India. Total domestic distribution cost was 42.30 Crore. Recovery was around 35-36 Crore (DS). Sringar Films Ltd. (Mumbai) And Mukta Movies Distributors(East Punjab and Delhi/UP) lost majority of invested chunk. Out of 12 Key distributors 7 (60%) distributors lost some money. Movie was breakeven for rest of distributors. Overall despite high grosser it was losing proposition.

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 25, 2010.

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    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
    3 5,14,00,000

  2. bheja fry is a good post. keep them coming

  3. hmmm i think mnik was sold around 70 crores and evryone lost huge money…!!!…u shud have posted dis yakuza…lie with a margin..

    • These are sub distributors of movie with their contact numbers. Call and confirm yourself about losses. Though no one will give you any details on call, but keep trying, make relations and try to get details of each new release distributed by these guys. You will make my Job easy … 🙂

      1 . Shringar Films Ltd. Mumbai 09323614118
      2 . Mukta Movies Distributors Delhi UP 9810655661
      3 . Mukta Arts Limited East Punjab 09872298383
      4 . AA Films Rajasthan 09351548220
      5 . Rajshri Pictures Private Limited CP 09370153872
      6 . Sunil Enterprises CI 09827037931
      7 . Rajshri Productions Private Limited Marathwada 9821167404
      8 . Prasad Media Corporation Limited Andhra Ceeded 09849789837
      9 . Prasad Media Corporation Limited Nizam Telangana 09849789837
      10 . Sringar Films Ltd. Mysore 09342550526
      11 . Golden Eye Movies Kerala 9847032330
      12 . Shree Venkatesh Films Private Ltd. West Bengal 9831256505
      13 . Aum Moviez Assam 9435109827
      14 . Rajshri Productions Private Limited Orissa 0997256374
      15 . SPI Cinemas Private Ltd. Tamilnadu 09940155235
      16 . Kapurchand Private Ltd. Bihar 09830979769

      • Yakuza, you always mute others with blastic comments hehehe .. wonderfull … 🙂

      • wow man now nobdy can question ur verdicts . where have u been ??? i visited the blog 4-5 days back but didnt found new article and this tiem u didnt post it on Ng as well. I hope u get more info on its overseas business and khol do is Mu name is khan ki pol 🙂

        • Manish .. 🙂

          Yeah I don’t publish every BB article on NG, especially those who can create unnecessary controversies, uploaded only 35-40% posts there.

          • yup i knw ppl are still not over MNIK and are trying hard to prove it a hit which is not the case . will be giving overseas report as requested by me? 🙂 . yahin de do i love ur blog as well i visit it often but when it becomes inactive for 1-2 days i also become lazy as i have referred many times iam lazy ass 😦

          • i told abt u and ur blog to my friend (my partner in what i say), even he is impressed by ur BO reports 🙂 although he is not amovie freak like me

          • Manish about overseas, i don’t have any saperate source. I also follow Boxofficemojo for overseas and also we don’t have any other option as well [ Apart from this i don’t give my shit for overseas earnings, personally i give my middle fingers for such overseas reports, don’t care].

            btw you know which movie is longest running movie in overseas ? just do research and you will be surprise.

            Btw thanks for promoting this blog .. 🙂

            • Even i dont care much abt Overseas, what metters more is Domestic collection.But i think the scam shd be exposed ppl will always raise finger but atleast if we (rather u 🙂 ) knw the truth it shd be exposed so another request from me please give detailed box office performance of MNIk after it releases in turkey or some ther country maybe next month. so now 2 requests pendind ur analysis of stars from 1990-1999 and this one 🙂

              I tried finding but it isnt showing longest running in overseas movie , its only showing longest running movie in indian theatres -DDLJ 😦 i tried box office mojo but didnt find any option that will help me fimnd out this so pls let me knw 🙂

              good work always grow on wom , i knw many on Ng questions ur verdict but i always stand by u(but never enter in arguement as it is futile) because from what i have seen u r the most reliable source with no presuure to change the verdicts. i have seen how bad BOI are then Ibos ke to kya kehne and the one i used to trust Taran adarsh- proved with his MNik verdict thjat how good and unbiased he is > komal nahta is good but his verdicts are very strict and doesnt hold true for atleast recent times . So i find ur work good so will promote infact other here who find ur work good will also be promoting u .Infact i want to see u being trusted more than this scamster websites but lets see what happens

              Infact i will get a full on movie blog under the brand name of my current blog “what i” (though its not a big brand name 😦 ) . so for that i wd like to use ur verdicts ofcourse if u agreee . but then we have been trying to launch it for last 2 months so until we launch that wont have anything to say

              • Manish, unfortunately there is no online information about longest running bollywood movies anywhere. This is really pity [And i was not aware of it, as i never search online about it]. I am wondering that how sometime facts buried with time.

                Well “Mard” was longest running movie in Egypt. It ran for one continues year followed by one more year with gap of 1.5 month [But it doesn’t mean Mard is biggest earner overseas, it just that no Bollywood movie except Mard ran for years in overseas market). Even i was not aware about this fact till last year. Satyam give me hints about its long run in Egypt. And then i encountered an article from one magazine where this fact was documented. That magazine is not with me, but i have made request for scan of that article.

                Manish, you can certainly take any article from bollybusiness for any reference. And i must tell you i am more lazy than any one on this earth. I do have some plans for online portals (other than boxoffice), but my laziness is not allowing me for it .. 🙂

                • chalo u become the emperor of lazy guys i will be satisfied with king of lazies tag 😉
                  thanx bro for allowing me to use these as reference par pata nahi har hafte delay ho jata hai uss blog ko live karne ka plan 😦

                  Never knew Mard ran for such a long time . its great man a movie running in an overseas country for almost an year 🙂 Nice Info

                  What abt my 2 requests????? 🙂

                  • Yakuza , u there on FB or Twitter ???? wd like to be in ur network 🙂

                  • Your requests are granted sir and if you see i have just started. Recent Ajay devgan successful movies list is just a start. Next one will be Salman and Akshay. Manish what’s your email id? i do have one proposal for you.

                    And no. I just keep myself away from social networking sites.

      • i wasnt mute…just dint log in for a few days…dis list can be scrapped from many places …and i must tell u I know ppl buying movies from these sub distributors ..if u must be knowng dese distributors sell the movie to a person who rents a hall for 2 weeks or so and exhibits the movie dere…m talkng about general practice…and i knw ppl from delhi region only…everyone earned a hansome amount…so from ur point of view the sub distributors must have sold it at a loss by their own choice??

  4. The other day i read in the Mumbai mirror that BIG B HAD SAID SORRY TO SALIM KHAN???
    I mean both salim and javed made their bread and butter through Amitabh bachchan by writing scripts BUT Javed never cried like Salim khan and why they never “created” another Amitabh bachchan?it can be said that they have a small share in the early stage of big b’s carrer but SAlIM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR AMITABH BEING THE STAR OF THE MILLINIUEM..INFACT SALIM KHAN SHOULD THANK BIG B THAT ITS DUE TO HIS BARITONE VOICE THAT SALIMS DIALOGUES WERE NOTICED IN HIS FILMS and suppose if big b had failed in thoses films would salim would have taken responsibility??
    the bottom line is… greatness of the person can be seen, being such a big star he is still down to earth, saying sorry to salim khan.

  5. Chengez – yes it shows humility from Big B. But both Salim- Javed gave Big B the chance. One should especially him never forget that.

  6. u roks yakuza bahiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    hatsoff to u 🙂

  7. yakuza please give the list of 13 or 16 hits for rajesh khanna from 69-71 without fail with verdicts,i think that started with aradhana being a BB,followed by another BB do raaste,please give other movies name serieswise with verdicts,I THINK that streak ended with mehboob ki mehndi being a flop.RK was a true superstar,hats off to him

    • Doli (Success), Ittefaq (Success) , Bandhan (Hit), Aradhana(Super Hit), Sachcha Jhutha(Super hit), Kati Patang(Hit), Safar(Hit)
      Aan Milo Sajna(super Hit), The Train (Success), Anand (Success), Haathi Mere Saathi(Super Hit), Dushman(Super Hit), maryada(Hit)
      Amar Prem (Hit), Andaz(Hit)

      * You can go one level up for every movie if you take Super Hit as blockbuster (There was no blockbuster term before 90’s).

      These 17 movies were consecutive Success from 1969 to 1971. yes, mehboob Ki Mehandi was a minor break (only flop after 3 years). Rajesh Khann had great box-office run upto 1974, but suddenly collapsed after that.

  8. OK i was almost right i was not aware of bandhan,maryada but i think u missed out on Do raaste a real BB of it’s time i think it even broke few records,so that makes it 12 clean hits+4 successes in consecutive bandhan before aradhana was aLSO A HIT.Anand was not a clean hit that is surprising.what was verdict of guide(65) all time classic my all time fav movie,don’t u think guide is the greatest bollywood movie ever

    • yeah, I was counting 17 above but written only 15. Do Raaste and Khamoshi were another Hit movies.

      About Guide, Though movie was excellent, but if you read book by R. K. Narayan, that book will take you on another level altogether. But i wish if you have read book earlier before watching movie.

      • arre aisa kya hai book me ???? i love guide a lot , it is amongst my all time fav. though was happy that my fav actor wd be playing the lead in its remake but was still suspicious as remaking guid wd nt have been easy but finally get to knw it that it had been shelved

        • Even i loved guide, one of the masterpieces of the bollywood. The film is remarkable and memorable even today for so many reasons, beginning with its unconventional theme, its music and its actors. This is probably the first film where Dev Anand has shrugged off his nonchalant air and acted like a man driven by passion and compassion.

          Novel Guide had its english version too, directed by Ted Danielewski. But flopped badly. Hindi version will remain classic. But again original Novel is notch above all fo its various versions in different form (movies, plays, pictorial book) and can be experienced by read only.

  9. khamoshi was not a hit as far as i remember,so this streak was not started by aradhana as i thought,yakuza cinematic liberties guide is an unparalleled masterpiece

  10. My Name is Khan is flop in India & Super Hit at overseas.

  11. My Name is Flop Khan.

  12. absolutely MNIK is a flop in india

  13. Rajesh khanna is a graet legend

  14. Saurabh u r right dude.

  15. :

  16. Haha..I See The Owner Of A Blog Is Anti-Srk Type Man…
    I have researched a lot..dude on MNIK..and I have concluded that
    it was
    Above Avg – hit in India
    ATBB – Overseas
    So comibining yakhuza we get superhit – blockbuster buisness got that…or refer wikipedia atleast..

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