Boxoffice Classifications: Year 1982

* Reported Numbers (In Bracket) and Verdicts are from Filminformation

Rank Film Name Estimated Total Collections (Reported collections) Classification
1 Namak Halaal 7.25 Crore ( 62543187 ) SuperHit
2 Prem Rog 6.50 Crore ( 54009870 ) SuperHit
3 Khuddar 6.50 Crore ( 53987234 ) SuperHit
4 Vidhaata 4.75 Crore ( 31987651 ) SuperHit
5 Farz Aur Kanoon 4.75 Crore ( 30928870 ) SuperHit
6 Disco Dancer 3.00 Crore ( 19876589 ) SuperHit
7 Desh Premee 4.25 Crore ( 25901000 ) Semi-Hit
8 Nikaah 2.25 Crore ( 16800000 ) Hit
9 Hathkadi 2.25 Crore ( 16000000 ) Hit
10 Kaamchor 2.00 Crore ( 13300000 ) Hit
11 Nadiya Ke Paar 1.25 Crore ( 6500000 ) Hit ( Interiors)
12 Shakti 4.75 Crore ( 31785477 ) Average
13 Satte Pe Satta 4.00 Crore ( 24918000 ) Semi-Hit
14 Teri Kasam 3.00 Crore ( 18970980 ) Semi-Hit
15 Jeeo Aur Jeene Do 3.00 Crore ( 19360000 ) Semi-Hit
16 Daulat 2.25 Crore ( 15941000 ) Semi-Hit
17 Sanam Teri Kasam 2.25 Crore ( 16000000 ) Semi-Hit
18 Shriman Shrimati 1.75 Crore ( 11739000 ) Semi-Hit
19 Chorni 1.75 Crore ( 11900000 ) Semi-Hit
20 Angoor 1.75 Crore (12398000 ) Semi-Hit
21 Samraat 3.25 Crore ( 21000000 ) Above Average
22 Dharam Kanta 3.00 Crore ( 18609100 ) Above Average
23 Swami Dada 1.70 Crore (11000000 ) Above Average
24 Do Ustad 1.50 Crore ( 9000000 ) Above Average
25 Baghavat 2.25 Crore ( 16510000 ) Average
26 Bemisaal 2.00 Crore ( 13198000 ) Average
27 Rajput 2.50 Crore ( 17319780 ) Flop
28 Bezubaan 1.75 Crore ( 11020000 ) Flop
29 Raaj Mahal 1.75 Crore ( 10800000 ) Flop
30 Ghazab 1.50 Crore ( 9780000 ) Flop
31 Umrao Jaan 90 Lakhs  ( 5900000 ) Flop
32 Ustadi Ustad Se 90 Lakhs  ( 6300000 ) Flop
33 Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai 2.00 Crore ( 13500000 ) Disaster
34 Deedar E Yaar 1.00 Crore ( 5700000 ) Disaster
35 Aadat Se Majboor N/A Not Avialable
36 Ashanti N/A Not Avialable


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 24, 2010.

27 Responses to “Boxoffice Classifications: Year 1982”

  1. To be quite honest, Amitabh Bachchan is my favorite actor in Bollywood, however, I’ll have to disagree with the classification here.
    – Namak Halaal, in my opinion, isn’t the top grosser of 1982, nor was it the biggest hit of the year. It was Vidhaata. But no doubt, Namak Halaal and Khud-dhar are Super-Hits.
    – I don’t remember seeing or hearing that Desh Premee is a Hit, atmost, it was a Semi-Hit.
    – Shakti, was definitely, the much awaited release that year. But with its big price, Shakti didn’t do Semi-Hit business. At most, it was a Average to Above Average fare.

    • Thats the exact truth Randy bhai..I just wish Yakuzaji would understand!!!..

    • Randy, These numbers and classifications are from filminformation (Komal Nahta). No Pun here. I just do estimation based on reported collections in bracket.

      As i told many times in past, BOI old data is pure bullshit. They have even lowered down the classifications of Komal Nahta and played with numbers all over.

      I do have 1982 filminformaiton copy with me. Will put scan some time.

      • if that is the case, then surely, Filminformation is “Outright” Crap and total rubbish..

        And now, this is where a “Foul” Play has been created. On his bollywood business program, Komal Nahta was reviewed Shakti and metted out Clear cut reasons why the film did not become a boxoffice success earning “Below average” verdict despitr been critically acclaimed…and here, you put it as a Semi-hit.. Also Pratibha Advani, the anchor of “Yadeein” has once given detailed insights of Vidhatta’s boxoffice facts and figures which received “Blockbuster” Status in 1982, while interviewing Subash Ghai…So what are we talking about here,Yakuza. The plain truth is that Namak Halal was the 3rd biggest hit of 1982…and if you breeze through the 1984 article on Amitabh Bachchan’s career graph, you would find out that both Shakti and Desh Premee were well docmented boxoffice Flops….Most of todays sites are majorly crafted for ulterior motives giving unreliable facts and figures, and therefore should not necessarily be believed as such..You and I know that….Nice job anyway???

        • Well gbk, Any movie below Hit was considered as flop as per bachchan standard. That’s the reason Media perception about Shakti is flop. Even i consider it as flop, because semi hit was not standard of Amitabh those days. Amitabh + Dilip coming first time together under Sholay Sippy’s direction was never expected to be less than blockbuster. and eventually semihit business will never be considered as any significant and one will call it flop rather than semi-hit. But journal entry is something else. If we talk precisely in term of ROI, Shakti was semi hit as per Komal’s own calculations.

          This is just like who cares “Koyla” was commission earner, As per SRK standard it underperformed and considered as disaster. But if you check journal entry, surprisingly it was commission earner. This is clash of perception VS hard facts.

        • gbk, sorry yaar. You was right. Just check my comment below. Going to update the list in few minutes.

  2. 6 movies of Big B released in 1982 in which 2 movies Namak Halal and Khudaar were super hits,Desh Preme was Hit,Shakti and Satte pe Satta were semi hits and only Bemisaal was Flop wow zaberdast

    • Bemisal was an earner due to its low budget . Ab has taken minimum remuneration and he used to work mparralaly for Benmisal and Khuddar.

  3. Vidhaata has been grossly over-reported by BOI to show that Amitabh movie is not number one.
    Every one knows Vidhaata wasnt top grosser and so it is stupid to show anti-Amitabh site BOI’s verdicts.
    2 years back it showed Namaak Halaal as semi-hit (but since sensing mass boycott it changed it to Super-Hit.

  4. yakuza, what is the final vertdict of OUTIM is it still running?

  5. wow…For the first time yakuza, i am terribly disappointed in your unobjective and biased analysis here. I am also a die-hard fan of Amitabh Bachchan, but you see, i never allow my partiality to cloud my judgement.. Who did not know that the most successful film for the year 1982 was arguably, Subash Ghai’s Vidhata which received blockbuster status, followed closely by Superhits, Premrog and Big B’s Namak Halal…Amitabh’s other successful releases for the year were Khuddar (Hit) and Satte Pe Satt (Semi-hit)..Meanwhile his other releases did “Very” Mediocre Business. For Instance, Award Winning Shakti was a well documented Below Average earner, while desh premee was an “Outright” flop.. Even though a film grosses largely, it does not necessarily make it a Boxoffice success especially when it does not recover it costs.

    Meanwhile Rajput which starred Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna were “never” Outright flops like you made it to seem, rather it was an average success that was termed a disappointment at the boxoffice.. Dharmendra’s Ghazab and Bhagavat were outright “Semi-hits”. Ghazab started slowly at the time, but when on to pick up marvelously in the long run which made it become an outright boxoffice success. Bhagavat even earned Ramanand sagar his 6th successive “Silver Jubilee” film at the time..

    Disco Dancer was never a superhit, but a hit film of 1982…Many more relevant but minor cliches are found in your review above, but lets leave that for now..

    Please, lets cut out the “Sentiments” and be Fair and Objective in your Dealings. Thanks

    • gbk, These numbers and classifications are from filminformation (Komal Nahta). No Pun here. I just do estimation based on reported collections in bracket. I do have 1982 filminformaiton copy with me. Will put scan some time.

      • for your information, BOI Gives better analysis and reviews of film details as opposed to filminformation….It is very clear and their data comprising facts and figures are up to details and well standardised outrightly….and you see, my knowledge of such films coincides with the findings of BOI,which in my opinion is very credible as opposed to craps like ibosnetwork and now, filmMISinformation…

        • BOI don’t have any history before 2003. Film information magazine is publishing since 60’s and is only available source for numbers and verdicts of old movies. If you check archive of BOI, they used these verdicts and numbers initially, but changed later on drastically for some strange reasons. But one thing is clear, No online portal has old movies information of their own. Only source is Filminformation, No other source available.

        • For all the die hard fans and defenders of BOI,I have a simple question for you guys! Do you still wanna be believing BOI after the kind of verdicts they have given for Ra.One and Tees Maar Khan? Sample this,Mangal Pandey was “Above Average” till 2008 and then inexplicably changed to “Below Average” in 2009. RGV’s Company(2002) was “Average” till 2009 and then changed to “Below Average” in the decade classification. What do you say about a site which changes verdicts 7 years after a movie’s release! Komal Nahta is still the most reliable guy out there in the trade circuit. Taran Adarsh follows next(although he too manipulates at times).

  6. Niceeeee

    Big b roxxxxxxxx

    yakuza dude i asked to do a boxoffice report for akki films in the 90’s with verdicts

    still no response from u

  7. there are many superstars in bollywood but there is only one megastar who is undisputed and still rocking at 67..the one and only original don of bollywood..big b!!

  8. chengez now he will be 68 soon and still on top. he is real legent. all khans, kumars and roshans are babies infront of him.

  9. Opssss …. Sorry guys. This list is wrongly tabulated. Just crosschecked the verdicts with filminformation. While putting data from filminformation, some verdicts pasted at wrong position. Really sorry.

    GBK and randy, you was right. Shakti was average and Desh Premee was semi hit and bemisaal was also average not flop. My mistake. Just realize while cross checking with magazine. But numbers are fine. Will update the list in few minutes.

    Sorry guys for putting you under unnecessary debates.

  10. yakuza bhai plz put up some box office update for lafangey parindey. is it a flop or average or what?

  11. Namak Halal is blockbuster not superhit.

  12. Don’t remember if i have posted this scan before :

  13. outstanding. amitabh is amitabh. three khans total hit is less then amitabs.plz send classification of 1980,1981 and 1983.

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