Royal Dream Sequence – Ghar Ayaa Mera Pardesi (Awaara)

~ by Yakuza on August 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Royal Dream Sequence – Ghar Ayaa Mera Pardesi (Awaara)”

  1. Just watch it. What a combination of art, creativity, thoughts, expressions, lavish sets, technical brilliance and soul inspiring music. Must Watch !!

  2. Yakuga plese post the boxoffice report of lafangey parandey plese

  3. If we talk about Bollywood trade then is one of the best and pioneer sites. Most of the people trust in verdicts and numbers of But one thing has been noticed that they keep changing their verdicts and figures. Akshay Kumar is their favorite actor about this matter. They always decrease his movies figures and verdicts.

    Hereby I am giving some links which show how they changed verdicts and figures of Akshay’s recent some movies.

    This is link of Top Earner 2007 chart.

    Heyy Babyy:

    When Heyy Babyy released on 24th Augest, 2007 movie got “Super Hit” verdict by BOI but if you see it now in top grosser of 2007 chart it has “Hit” verdict.



    Same case with Bhulbhuliyaa they changed its verdict from “Super Hit” to “Hit”. In early posts it was Super Hit but now only Hit.



    About Welcome they couldn’t changed the verdict because every single person who loves Hindi movies he knows Welcome was a “Blockbuster”, But, they changed figures this time.

    In early posts when Welcome finished its life time business it was near to 76 cr. Till six weeks they mentioned 75,62,00,000 but if you will see now 2007 chart they mentioned 70,75,00,000. How come movie decreased 5 cr after 3 years?



    About Housefull BOI is confused whole time. About first day business first they mentioned Friday was 10 cr but later on it became 8.9 cr. Ok I am agree may be 10 cr was early estimate and they got real figures 8.9 later. But when Kites released and collected huge amount on Friday then on Top Friday chart they showed Housefull Friday was 9.5 cr. How it became from 10 cr to 8.9 cr and then 9.5 cr?

    May be I am on mistake. So please if you guys make me correct then I will highly appreciate it.

    This is a link which can take you to some old archives of BOI.


    One open question to everyone. Each and every single and smallest site try to keep their old post. But, why BOI doesn’t want to save their old posts and archives?

    May be they know that we have to change the figures so they want to remove all proves.

  4. Awaara is definitely amongst the greatest movies everin Bollywood, and truly of the best RK Films ever. Its sad that the sons couldn’t be able to continue the RK tradition.

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