Raja Rani (1973) – Lovely Hit


Raja Rani

Raja Rani is a 1973 Hindi film. Produced by Jagdish Kumar, the film is written and directed by veteran writer Sachin Bhowmick. This was to be Sachin’s first and last attempt to take on direction. The film starred the Superstar Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore along with Iftekar and Asit Sen. Mumtaz (actress) makes an uncredited appearance as herself.

There’s an interesting history about movie, Movie was in making along with Aradhana (1969), but due to financial problems, it never took off beyond four reels till 1971. But when Rajesh Khanna became superstar in all these years, producer Jagdish Kumar met with financiers to cash the lead pair popularity, and as predicted he succeed getting 100% finance (till this point Rajesh Khanna was at pinnacle of success). He also put Mumtaz in special appearance to build up hype. Even some portions of movie from earlier four reels was reshoot to sustain continuity.

Well movie got grand release on January, 1973 and stake of financiers and producers were paid off. It became silver jubilee Hit with handsome returns (Though a bit short of rajesh khanna’s earlier Hits). Movie was made with good budget of around 75 Lakhs and returns were around 3 Crore Nett (2 Crore DS). Movie was definite HIT with over 200% ROI. But its pity to see how movie is more remembered as underperformer despite handsome returns.

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  1. I liked this movie. But it was sad that Rajesh Khanna superstardom ended at this year. Also, he had the SuperHit Daag in the same year of 1973, while it marked the beginning of Yashraj Films, it also marked the beginning of the end of Rajesh Khanna super fame.

    Rajesh Khanna achieved alot in those 6 years (1969-1974), that will still be talked in the future.

    Definitely one of the 10 greatest Superstars ever

    • I find that the ten greatest superstars ever in Bollywood history (in terms of popularity, BO impact, fan-following):

      1) KL Saigal
      2) Dev Anand
      3) Dilip Kumar
      4) Raj Kapoor
      5) Rajendra Kumar
      6) Dharmendra
      7) Amitabh Bachchan
      8) Aamir Khan
      9) Salman Khan
      10) Shahrukh Khan

      • Rajender Kumar ?? He was just Hit Machine, consider as Non-Actror. I will pick Manoj Kumar any day over him. He delivered some great blockbusters as a director/actor and producer.

        • Manoj kumar really made his mark. He created history at the time when he went on to deliver 3 back to back blockbusters out of a Roti kapada aur makhan, Sanyasi and Dus numbri. He was also the director/producer of the first one. He also delivered blockbusters like Upkaar and of cos, his production starrer, the Almighty ‘Kranti’…That guy remains one of my favorite actors till date..

          But you see, in terms of “Superstardom”, Common, i think Rajendra Kumar scored above him. Rajendra earned the name, “Jubilee” Kumar which was a remarkable feat at the time..

        • yakuza agreed rajender kumau was non actors but are salman khan n srk actors they are also non actors

      • SUNNY DEOL

    • In real sense, It was 1975 when rajesh Khanna lost all his glory under super dominance of Amitabh.

      • I don’t think so bro. To be quite honest, Rajesh Khanna started to have miserable number of flops in 1972. A good set of his films were flopping till he had Raja Rani and Daag.

        To be quite honest, I think in 1972, Dharmendra overtook him.

        • spot on…..well said randy!!!.. You are absolutely informed and up to date..

          But actually, a good set of his films were flopping till he had, Apne desh (1972), then Daag and Namak Haram (1973).. By 1972, Dharmendra duely overtook him due to his admirable level of consistency and ruled brilliantly till 1976, before the ever gracious and lanky AB out of an “Angry Young Man” Personae went on to achieve supreme and deserving dominance begining from 1977 till eternity..

        • Randy, Actually fading of glory and stats about flop/hits are two different things. Just like Amitabh had rare hits post 1988. Still he was considered as top star till 1992. Similarly Rajesh Khanna was on top till 1974, The mega popularity and superstardom was overshadowed by Amitabh after back to back Hits post 1975. Dharmendra no doubt delivered Hits in 70’s, but unfortunately his force never overshadowed the top star of that era.

          • Agreed…

            But the major difference here is that Rajesh Khanna became “Number 2” to Dharmendra beginning from 1972, before he eventually faded out completely in 1975.. Meanwhile During Big B’s Waning years that began from 1988, before he eventually retired in 1992, he still held the number 1 spot till that time (i.e 1991)…That is the Pure FACT!!!..

      • Yakuza, you are getting it all wrong..Raja rani, no doubt was a good film, but you see, it was a Boxoffice flop of 1972..not 1973… It was amongst the 6 flops kaka had, before “only” Apne desh salvaged the situation in 1972..Other surprise flops this year were, Meeri Jeevan saathi and Shezaada..

        • Yes, Yakuza another mistake. Lets see whats your excuse this time around 🙂

        • gbk its you and not Yakuza who has got it wrong. It was a 1973 film.
          No excuse required this time Yakuza 😉

        • No Raja Rani was January, 1973 release. It was Raja Jani(Starring Dharmendra) which was released in 1972. You are confused among Jani and Rani … 🙂

          • No sir, am not confused. At the time, Rk’s Raja rani released by November 12th, 1972..But others take the actual release date as January, 1973..I think thats the confusion here, bt you see one thing is sure, whether 1972 0r 1973, Raja rani was never a “Boxoffice” Success..

            • Raja Rani was released in JAn 73 and was declared a flop. The 6 flops in 1972 were Maalik, Joroo Ka Ghulam, Mere Jeevean Saathi, Bawarchi, Dil Daulat Duniya and Shehzada. He gave three hits in 1972 namely Dushmun, Apna Desh and Amar Prem. In fact, no distributor wanted to touch Daag as it was a dicey venture. However, the gamble paid off and the movie become a superhit from day one. Both Yash Chopra and Rajesh Khanna neede each other. It is another story that Rajesh Khanna screwed YAsh Chopra with his antics and lost on Deewar and other Salim Javed scripts as things went sore between these writers, Yash Chopra and Rajesh Khanna. Mind you, Yash Chopra has not always plyaed safe either. It was Rajesh Khanna who put up the finance along with Gulshan Rai for Daag. The name YAshRaj is Yash Chopra and Rajesh Khanna. They also had a distribution venture. Rajesh Khanna lost due to his unprofessionalism and lack of good movies. He was stuck in a fantasy world of chamchas and thinking he was god. As an actor, he was good when he stayed away from his mannerism. Could notstand him after 74, he just went down the hill so badly. He should be the first actor all newcomers should study about the rise and fall of an actor.

              • “It was Rajesh Khanna who put up the finance along with Gulshan Rai for Daag. The name YAshRaj is Yash Chopra and Rajesh Khanna.”

                Wow, never knew it. Thanks dear. About Raja Rani, yes movie always conceived as flop which actually is not. That’s why i publish this post.

        • GBK,the 4-5 flops he suffered came after Apna Desh,not before Apna Desh.Rajesh Khanna began the year 1972 with a bang-Amar Prem,Dushman and Apna Desh.And then came the flops-Maalik,Dil Daulat Duniya,Jhoru ka Ghulam,Mere Jeevan Saathi and Raja Rani-1973(Which Yakuza claims as Hit.).Shehzada is a Semi-hit,and I don’t think Bawarchi was a flop,as it was made at shoe string budget,like most Hrishida films.After these flops,he again delivered hits like Daag,Namak Haraam,Roti,Aap ki Kasam,Prem Kahani;before being completely overshadowed by Big and Dharmendra post-1975.

  2. top 10 superstars aare
    1 k l saigal
    2 dev anand
    3 dilip kumar
    4 shammi kapoor
    5 rajesh khanna
    6 great dharmendra
    7 legendry amitabh
    8 salman
    9 shahrukh
    10 i donot know whether aamir deserves place or not

  3. top 10 actors are
    1 amitabh 2 sanjeev kumar 3 dilip kumar 4 balraj sahini 5 nasserudin shah 6 motilal 7 ompuri 8 pran 9 aamir khan 10 ashok kumar (here numbers does not mean who was better )

    • I will have to agree with you on this one…Absolutely, Amitabh Bachchan was and will always remain an exceptionally “Great” Actor..His acting was pure Magic and Natural….That was why he duely won the National Award numerous times which usually credits, “Real” Acting..

  4. top 5 worst actors superstars
    1 salman 2 shahrukh 3 akshay 4 raj kapoor doing charlie chaplin 5 dev anand

  5. 3 legends in films of all times are 1 lata ji 2 kishore da 3 amitji

  6. 3 greatest directors of all times
    1 rajkapoor for commercial success 2 guru dutt 3 hrishikesh mukherjee for light hearted cineme

    • where do you put legends like Subash Ghai, Manmohan Desai, Yash Chopra (Most consistent director ever) and J.P Dutta…Nice choice though..

  7. aamir not a superstar who said this?
    yakuza y r u saying rajesh lost all his glory in 75.

  8. top 5 actress in acting capablities of all times
    1 meena kumari 2 madhri dixit 3 rekha 4 nutun 5 naaris may be but not sure well it must be smita patil of course but she was not in commercial films barring namak halal n shakti

    • Where do you put the all-time “versatile” actress..SRIDEVI!!!..

      • she was superstar but not all time great

        • Well if that is the case sir, therefore on the basis of your perception, the following actors would surely be regarded as “All-Time Greats” In no particular order:

          Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan with Arguably Aamir Khan and Shah-Rukh Khan fast Catching up….What do you think??

          What i mean is that judging from Sridevi’s point of view, Actors like Rajesh Khanna will surely not also be regarded as an “All-time” Great..

  9. top patriotic actors of all times
    1 manoj kumar
    2 sunny deol

  10. jingoism is not patriotism as is the case with sunny only border was nice

  11. Top 10 legends of bollywood

    1) Dilip Kumar
    2) Dev Anand
    3) Raj Kapoor
    4) Dharmendra
    5) Rajesh Khanna
    6) Amitabh Bachchan
    7) Manoj Kumar
    8) Salman Khan
    9) Aamir Khan
    10) SRK

  12. I don’t know what the people are talking here.
    If we talk about popularity no one has tasted the stardum which Rajesh Khanna had.
    If we talk about acting Dilip Kumar and Amithab Baachan top the list.
    Interms of all rounders (actor+director+producer)Raj Kapoor is unmatched followed by Dev Sahib.
    Rajinder Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Dharam Jee are all legends but Rajesh Khanna, Amithab Baachan, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Ananad were bigger stars. Their success and following was unmatched till Salman and Aamir emerged in late eighties.
    However, it doesn’t mean there were no stars in between. Not to forget Anil Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Sunny Deol, Sanju Baba, Mithun, Jackie, Kumar Guru all had thier highs as well as lows.
    After Aamir and Salman, SRK came and emerged as a superstar (I am not arguing how good or bad actor he is). Akshay Kumar and Hritik Roshan also had some huge hits but also had some disasterous flops (Disasterous because those films were projected as potential superhits). In the same era Govinda also had some big hits.

    To conclude if we have to pick 10 biggest stars of all time, they had to be the following. the list is based on seniority. And remember I am only considering stardum here and not acting. Bollywood has seen bigger actors then many names in the list (examples are Anupam kheer, Kadir Khan, Nana Patekar, Amresh Puri, Boman Irani etc)

    – Dilip Kumar
    – Dev Anand
    – Raj Kapoor
    – Rajesh Khanna
    – Amithab Baachan
    – Aamir Khan
    – Salman Khan
    – Shahrukh Khan

    • So what you are telling me is that, overall Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have made a larger impact than Dharmendra????…What a joke…

      Are you aware that Dharmendra boasts of the record of being the only star in the history of indian cinema to have over 60 films which have gone on to achieve “Golden Jubilee” Success..

      Rajesh khanna no doubt had an unmatched hysteria, but he didnt have a lasting effect.. Dont forget that it was Dharam that Dethroned him in 1972 before Big B went to achieve an Unbelievable level of superstardom..Dharmendra may not have been called a “Superstar” by the media, but you see, he made an overall bigger impact than Rajesh Khanna…

      In terms of all-time popularity, no one after or before can match the histrionics of AMITABH BACHCHAN!!!…

    • you talk as if Aamir and Salman never had their highs or lows..have you forgotten the unpalatable series of boxoffice flops Salman and Aamir churned out between 1991-1993…Aamir’s impact is just being felt at the moment, though he made a sober comeback at the time with a blockbuster like Raja Hindustani, while no doubt Salman redeemed himself with HAHK bACK IN 94.. But you see, after Amitabh Bachchan, the only true “Superstar” that really emerged was arguably, Shah-Rukh Khan due to his unbelievable run of fan following, consistency and success ratio of his films compared overall to Aamir and Salman …That is a FACT!!!..

      • I never said Salman and Aamir never had their ups and lows. They did. However, their fan base has kept intact for over 20 years nows. Thats why they are there in the list. Unlike Akshay Kumar, whom some might augue is more popular now, than Salman and Aamir. But his popularity has peaked now and taken 15 years. If he remains there for next 10 years, I will also include him.
        Regarding Dharm Ji, he indeed was successful. But so was Rajinder Kumar, whom was called Jublie King. However, there were always people ahead of them even in their own times. So not on my list.
        I agree SRK has seen more following than anyone else after Amithab Bachan. This continued from let us say 1995 till 2007 for 12 years. But since then there were challengers in the shape of Aamir and Akshay.

        • And You are completely wrong regarding Aamir msking a comeback from Raja Hindustani. Aamir has consistantly given hits between 1990 and 1996 when Raja Hindustani was released. His bigger hits during these years were:

          Dil (1990), Dil hai ke manta nahi (1991), Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992), Hum hain rahi pyar ke (1993), Rangeela (1995). So please stop mis-informing people.

          After this post of yours, I also investigated about your earlier post regarding Raja Rani and that was also wrong. It was a 1973 film and Yakuza was right there.
          Check the records before you claim anything.

          • Rangeela was outright superhit by filminformation. Surprised to see that most of guys consider this movie as semi-hit only, after i publish my report on this movie. https://bollybusiness.wordpress.com/2010/03/17/boxoffice-operation-rangeela-1994/

            Even filminformation has recorded it as superhit. https://bollybusiness.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/1995-boxoffice-classification-as-per-filminformation/

            And again my point about BOI old database. Total crap and twisted. They put Rangeela as Semi-hit and i juts noticed how miserably they missed raja Rani in their 1973 hit list.

            • Mr yakuza, dont be misguided.Rangeela was never a “SUPerhit”…It was Semi-hit.. It was majorly noted for Jackie Shroff’s powerhouse performance who won the filmfare best spporting actor award…

              And please, cut of the sentiments, Rajesh’s only successful film for 1973 was Daag and Namak Haram starring the ever gracious Amitabh Bachchan..

          • Read thru the post again sir. I never doubted his impact with Dil..His series of boxoffice became heightened from 1991-1993 where his number of flops far outnumbered his successes dring that time. Other actors who went through an all-time low during that phase were Salman Khan and more senior actors like Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny deol, etc.. That was the major reason why no actor was deemed fit to retain The “Superstar” Status from the Legendary Big B.. He made a convincing comeback with the all-time blockbuster, Raja-Hindustani, so also with Salman khan (HAHK)..bUT you see, it was Shah-rukh khan that became the first official “Undisputed Superstar” Beginning majorly from 2001 after Amitabh Bachchan..

            Be guided sir, am also an Aamir Khan Fan…But the truth must be told!!…

            • You are not telling the truth. You are disinforming ppl. I gave you the list of all hits of Aamir from 1990 onwards. It doesnt make a diffence if you consider Rangela as flop or semi-hit. It was a superhit by any standard. Hum hain Rahi Pyar ke was another superhit.

              It is not for 2 bad years that someone is called or not called a superstar. I never called Aamir or Salman Super stars. But they are very much togetehr with SRK since mid 1990s.

              And last but not the least, I am not an Aamir Khan fan.

              • I understand SJ bhai, common no hard feelings. You see in the 90’s before Raja Hindustani released in 96, Aamir gave “Super Duds” Like, Jawani Zindabad, Dewaana Mujse nahin, Tum Mehre O, (1990), Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Isi Ka Naam Zindagi, Daulat Ki Jung (1990), Parampara (1993),Baazi and Aatank Hi Aatank (1995) which all “overshadowed” his hit films for those years…This dented his career abysmally to the extent that it was rocked like a boat lashed by a cruel storm, until Dharmesh Darshan came to the rescue in 1996…From 1996, there was no turning back for Mr perfectionist and today we can appreciate what an extraordinary force he is…

                Definitely, You seem more like a “Rajesh Khanna” Fan….OUTRIGHTLY!!!?????..

        • We all know that.. But the fact is that, SRK Ruled and is still Ruling supreme…

          Only the “Perfectionist” Aamir Khan is closing the gap gradually, but surely, time will tell!!!..

          • lol. I can only laugh.

            At the moment Aamir Khan is miles ahead. SRK’s era has probabaly fininshed since 2008.

            • SRK….fINISHED!!!!….lol……

              Miles ahead my foot… Just because he has given some recent sets of “Great” grossers does not necessarily make him ahead of SRK…Where was he in 2007 when SRK delivered 2 “Blockbusters” in the “Same” year for OSO and CDI….Aamir has not achieved that feat in his “Entire” Career…SRK followed it up with another Blockbuster for RDBJ in 2008 the year Record breaker GHAJINI Released….Dont forget, overseas, SRK’s popularity is unparalleled…Aamir cant stand near SRK Here…Evn though his MNIK did not do as expected in india, it performed better overseas than 3 idiots and Became yet another overseas all-time blockbuster for Srk..

              You see, Srk’s popularity is extremely propagated, Aamir’s is limited majorly in india…

              Just wait for SRK when he returns with a “Bang” and puts Aamir in his place..

              Dont get me wrong, am also an Aamir fan, bt you see, it must be accepted that for now, SRK’S overall Impact in hindicinema is still more Viable than Aamir’s…

    • sj is superb [comment edited by Yakuza].

  13. SJ u r having only 8 on ur list,other 2 wld be dharmendra and manoj kumar/KL Saigal

  14. As a 20 year old this is what I think. This is the feedback I get from people. No particular order. Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Sharukh Khan.

    • Very close to what I think. Almost identical. I have to agree. The only slight objection is Dev Anand. He was right there with Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.

      By the way r u 20? I thought you got married recently?

  15. who says aamir khan a superstar he is popular only in mertos in mall cities towns he is not even in top 5

    • oh really? which part of interiors u have lived in? Have you seen the collections of Aamir Khan movies from small centres?

      • I am not Aamir khan fan but sandip’s comments is making me LOL.
        Hv u forgot Ghajini ?
        It is biggest single-screen hit ever and also Raja Hindustani (a bad film) but still huge hit all across India.

  16. Sj – I wish I was married. Lol

    No all my life I’ve lived abroad and this is the feedback I have got from people. It really annoys me when people put Akshay ahead of Salman and SRK. He has to be there minimum 10 more years to be considered.


    • At 20 all wished to be married. At 30 all those who got married, regret and wish they shouldn’t have been married. 🙂 So boy, relax and enjoy your single status. You are going to miss it badly.

  17. Well if we talk about superstardom, It was started with trilogy of Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar. Their craze among audience was similar to Aamir-SRK-Salman. KL Sehgal/Bharat Bhushan were never youth icons. It was these three guys who started making youth oriented movies, otherwise prithviraj kapoor/Ashok Kumar/Kl Sehgal/Bharat Bhushan mostly worked in mythological or period movies. They all were successful but among family audience only.

    Next superstars after this trilogy was Rajesh khanna followed by Amitabh bachchan. Dharmendra was always second to both. Anil Kapoor was never superstar, his movies worked on WOM, he was never crowd puller. Sanjay Dutt from 1992-1994 was top star and definitely a crowd puller, but his superstardom shelf of life was too short and limited to few movies, dent was more because of his personal life). SRK definitely was next big star along with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. In 90’s toss was between Salman and SRK, Aamir always considered big one, but some craps during initial years of 90’s put him down. Aamir had more flops than hits in 90’s. But surely if you chose top stuffs (regardless of boxoffice) in 90’s, Aamir was no less. This trilogy is still ruling, surely there’s twist in game (Aamir miles ahead).

    There are few stars in between who see good success (with box-office pull) for some short duration, but lacked consistency. Sunny Deol, Govinda and Sanjay Dutt was among them.

    • For once, we agree 100%. I have said the same things in my earlier post.

      • I agree, Yakuza, that was excellent.

        But, I still think Salman Khan edge out Shahrukh Khan in the 90s, with Salman Khan scoring big in 1999 and 1998. Salman Khan had more Hits than Shahrukh Khan in the 90s, plus, Salman Khan films created more records than SRK films (like HAHK, HSSH)

        • are you forgetting Srk’s DDLJ and KKHH….

          And later in the 2000’s, OSO AND CDI…

          Common Randy bhai, Srk is and was always miles ahead of Salman Khan..Not taking anything away from salman though, but you see, Srk’s films have better success ratio than salman. Even Aamir follows closely, especially with his recent exploits….

          And please, HSSH was never a record breaker, it was just “Semi-hit” in 1999..FACT!!

          • Again a crime. HSSH was definitly a superhit if not a BB. Please don’t comment if you dont have enough knowledge.

            • You seem Misguided Mr Sj….Salman Khan’s most successful film of 1999 was arguably Biwi No 1, Followed closely by Hum Saath Saath Hain and Dil de Chuke Sanam. Director Sooraj thought that with HSSH, he was going to achieve his earlier feat with Salman i.e MPK and HAHK (All-time Blockbusters) and Hence record a Hattrick of blockbusters, but you see despite being made on a very big budget coupled with the Multi-star cast, The film’s earnings were not convincing in other cities apart from Mumbai and UP Dehli caste, thereby becoming “Semi-Hit” Overall. It had an “Awesome” Initial, but didn’t live up to expectation..That is a Fact (Do your Research well) and please show some respect, and dont question my Knowledge “Abysmally”..

              • “There was, of course, Hum Saath-Saath Hain, but it has not done the same kind of business all over India. That is to say, its business in circuits like Bombay, east Punjab, Bihar, C P Berar, C I, Rajasthan and Nizam are strong enough to give it the title of blockbuster, but its collections in Delhi and Bengal don’t merit the coveted title. For those who do not know what C P Berar and C I stand for, the former (Central Province) covers parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, while C I (Central India) covers places like Indore, Ratlam, Bhopal, Ujjain — in short, the other parts of Madhya Pradesh.

                All the same, Hum Saath-Saath Hai is the biggest hit of 1999. While films like Sarfarosh, Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain, Daag -The Fire and Sirf Tum, which qualify as universal successes, are not blockbusters. ”


                If Komal Nahta, the strictiest trade person gave this film a Super-Hit tag, then, it should be a Hit.

                I did my research well buddy! Business was strong in almost every circuit in India except Delhi and Bengal!

                • You outrightly wrong buddy….The biggest hit of 99 was Biwi Number 1.. The overall boxoffice verdict of a film is based majorly on its overall takings in such cities which therefore confirms either blockbuster status or as the case may be.. In that case, HSSH Was nothing more than a “Semi-hit”…

                  We all know that Rediff at times is prone to Misinformation haven wrongly credited certain films in an otherwise manner and you know that certain movie buffs tend to be confused when reviewing articles..

                  I have myself watched Komal Natha’s Bollywood boxoffice business programme when he once interviewed sooraj bartjaya of the moderate success his HSSH got in comparison to his earlier blockbsters like MPK, HAHK and VIVAH…This is a Fact bro..I wish maybe yakuza or anyone else out of plain unbiasement can help “Us” on this…

                • HSSH was clean HIT. Impression of underperformance is due to comparison with his earlier mega blockbuster movies.

                  • Okay, now you say “Clean hit”….But one thing is sure, it was never a Blockbuster, nor a Superhit, nor a Record Breaker…

                    HSSH’s Situation in comparison with MPK and HAHK, Was just like Ram-Balram In comparison with “Sholay”…and that must be admitted!!!..

                    • Well, that’s the thing boss. HSSH was a Hit, no doubt. I’m not sure if it was a Super-Hit or not, but it was a Hit. It was the most awaited film of the year, where it did break records in Mumbai in its opening week (First film to reach the 1 crore mark).

                      Agreed it was a disappointed considering previous Rajshri Blockbusters (HAHK & MPK), however, despite its decent business in Delhi and Bengal, all other circuits were great for HSSH

          • Okay seriousy, in the 90s, Salman Khan edged over SRK. Salman Khan has more outright Hits than SRK in the 90s.

            HSSH was record-breaking. In fact, it was the first film to hit the 1 crore mark in Mumbai circuit, in its first week. HSSH is a Hit, due to its high price. BOI is completely wrong on their classification.

    • I Don’t get you yakuza….Well if Dharmendra was “always” 2nd to Rajesh Khanna, Then who assumed Number 1 Position from 1972-1975, before the emergence of the Big B in 1976…??? That Particlar year was Dominated by none other than Dharmendra.. His Brawn show in those span of years took films like Raja Jani, Jugnu, Yaadon Ki Baarat, Dost and Sholay to Super Success…Don’t forget, he was largely responsible for Big B being a Part of Sholay…

      Well, I think the basis of your perception is focused on the fact that, Unlike Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra’s Dominance as well as his assumption of the Number 1 Position From 1972 Was based solely on his performance on “Merit”, Consistency and Commanding Star-Appeal coupled with Rajesh Khanna’s decline that began in 1972, not necessarily earning the “Superstar Craze”… Throughout this time (Majorly from 1972-1974), Rajesh Khanna was still seen as the recognisable “Superstar” due to his earlier histrionics from 1969-1971, even though he wasn’t really performing as such…But one thing was sure, Dharmendra’s films were doing better than his and was the most successful, until Big B emerged in the later on to give another definition of what “PHENOMENAL SUPERSTADOM” is…

      Therefore, based on the word “SUPERSTAR”, The batton was passed from Rajesh Khanna to Amitabh Bachchan….This should be a “Fairer” Perception sir.

      • You very well summed up in second para. Rajesh khanna during 1972-1974 was like Amitabh during 1989-1992. On decline, but still a force.

      • GBK,Rajesh Khanna despite a poor second half of 1972,had more succcesses in 1972 and 1974 than Dharmendra.So,it’s fair to say that Rajesh Khanna was the spuerstar from 1969 to 1974.

  18. Well thank you Yakuza, SJ and Randy. Salman -SRK -Amir have been at the top far longer than the likes of Akki. So why do many intact all Akki fans I come across claim Akki no 1 or King Kumar. I seriously find without offending that these people are deluded.

    • Agreed…

    • Its true, the fact is that Salman-Aamir-SRK accomplishments to Bollywood is far more than Akshay Kumar. Till this day, Akshay Kumar doesn’t have a top grosser of biggest hit of the year to his credit. Also every superstar has accomplish that, or atleast one of the two.

  19. Seriously I dont know what makes SRK a big superstar.
    Ok admit he is big star and monster star in overseas. (but overseas just account for 20 % of total box-office – max).
    But he was never a huge all-India superstar.(this proves in interiors his Karan Arjun is still biggest hit – that film had Salman.

  20. Raja Rani was released 1973 the movie was at box office.

    Coming to Super Stardom. Now every tom & dicy are named are coined Super Star Rajesh Khanna. But Rajesh Khanna – The Greatest Living Legend and the real only Super Star of Indian Cinema till date.

    There are romantic leading men and there are romantic leading men, but very few have taken cinematic love to legendary heights. While there might be other icons but Super-Star- Actor Rajesh Khanna after four decades, he is the ultimate true romantic legend.

  21. Dilip Kumar
    Dev Anand
    Raj Kapoor
    Rajendra Kumar
    Rajesh Khanna
    Amitabh Bachchan
    Vinod Khanna
    Shah Rukh Khan
    Aamir Khan
    Salman Khan

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