Bheja Fry : Which actor has given maximum consecutive Hits without fail and how much ?

Q : Is there any better technique to gauze the success of movies of different eras, other than adjustment ?

A : Yes, inflation adjustment is  arguably flawed technique. We have some alternate ways, but again none is flawless. Instead of comparing Nett earnings using adjustments, we can compare footfalls, this is comparative less flawed method. But again footfall counting is not simple and straightforward method. Another simple technique is relative performance of movie to the highest grossing movies released at that time and retention of that record. For example Three idiots grossed Two times of last highest grosser (Ghajini) and record is still intact. Similarly Sholay made around 5 times of highest grosser of that time(Bobby) and record was intact for 20 years (Till HAHK).

Q : Which actor has given maximum consecutive Hits without fail and how much ?

A : Rajesh Khanna. He delivered 16 consecutive Hits in three years period of 1969 – 1971. This record is still intact and will remain in my opinion.

Q : Aamir looks quite a multitalented guy. Actor, producer, director and singer all in one. Can we figure out similar icon ?

A : Mehmood. He worked successfully as an actor (170+ movies) , Action Director (Ghulam-E-Mustafa), Choreographer (Ganga jamuna, Johny Mera Naam), Director (9 Movies) , Lyricist , Play back singer and producer (5 Movies). He was first producer/direcror who remade his own 1955 Hit movie in 1976.

Q. Looking at track record of Arjun Rampal since DON followed by OSO, Rock on, Raajneeti and Housefull, Can we expect Hit business from We are family ?

A : We are family is women centric movie and its pity to put stake of Arjun Rampal at this movie. Even in case of any other top star presence, Hit business of movie was dubious. Arjun Rampal boxoffice pull can be measured only if he come in solo movie of good commercial elements. We can’t keep any actor on same rank and page after 5-6 multistarrer hits where he was before these movies. But yes, potential of actor after those multistarrers can be measured only if come in similar rock solid entertainer as a solo lead. At the moment we can say, Arjun has positioned better, but how much ? is remained to see until his next solo release.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 17, 2010.

120 Responses to “Bheja Fry : Which actor has given maximum consecutive Hits without fail and how much ?”

  1. rajesh khana was great superstar

  2. Wow, really some great information. Rajesh Khanna stormed the nation in all those years. Surprise to know about Mehmood. Such a huge talented guy. He was everything in filmindustry except spot boy.

    • Right, SRK is still roaming around 16 Clean Hits in 17 Years long career. Rajesh Khanna’s 16 Consecutive Hits in 3 years is unmatchable.

      • I just counted and SRK has over 20-22 clean hits. Your figure of 16 is under-reported!

      • If one will be very harsh then SRK movies stand as:

        Clean Hits: Deewana, Baazigar, Darr, Karan Arjun, DDLJ, Pardes, DTPH, KKHH, Josh, Mohbaiteen, KKKG,Chalte Chalte, KHNH, MHN, VZ, KANK, Don, CDI, OSO, RNBDJ, MNIK

        Semi Hits: RBGG, KHKN, Yes Boss, HTHS, Devdas.

        • Deewana, Baazigar, Darr, Karan Arjun, DDLJ, Pardes, DTPH, KKHH, Mohbaiteen, KKKG, MHN, VZ, CDI, OSO, Devdas, RNBDJ

          All above movies were Hits [Devdas was arguable Hit]. Count is ~16 i guess.

          Rest were not clean hits.

          • Come on, Chalte Chalte, Kal Ko Na Ho, KANK, Don, MNIK all were commercial hits.

            • But not clean Hits, Check Komal Nahta Journal. Most are commision earners.

            • But again this is not important, Purpose of this post is to highlight achievements of Rajesh khanna, not to degrade other stars. So we should leave it.

              What Rajesh khanna achieved in all those years was nothing less than miracle, and this generation should recognize this fact.

              • I agree not but then you should not claim that SRK has only 16 hits. I hate him like anything but still one should never take genuine credit away.

                I agree Rajeesh Khanna was huge, the mega star but it is also true that the only other person who have somehow managed to get the similar craze is SRK. For me both are non-actors but Rajesh Khanna was atleast good looking 😉

          • unless by clean hit, you mean a superhit!

            Though I dont advocate the numers of BOI nore they are my source of inspiration but they cant be all that wrong too, hence for sake of referencing:

            Kal Ho Na Ho- oPENING:Good – Net gross: 35,25,00,000 – DS: 21,50,00,000 – Verdict:Hit

            Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- Opening: Bumper – Net: 46,08,00,000 – DS: 22,57,00,000 – Verdict Hit

            Don – Opening: Excellent – Net: 51,43,00,000 – DS: 26,13,00,000 – Verdict: Hit

            MNIK: Many people including me didn’t like it still it scored huge.

            • SJ, i guess BOI is one place where we end up with differences, not because i feel myself as superior in this game, But my history with BOI is not fruitful. And if you check archives of BOI, you will get idea where i am coming from. These guys has changed the bollywood boxoffice history to ridiculous level. Check their old data since 2003 and see how they change it over the years :*/

              This is only reason boxofficeindia don’t store archive.

              • Yar as I said, I am not concerned who they are and what they do. My point was that the films I mentioned as hits are considered hits by others too and BOI is just 1 of them. I am still amazed and amused that you think Don, KHNH, MNIK were not clean hits. Anyhow, everyone is entitled to his opinion.

                My point was when you said Rajeesh Khanna has 16 hits you also included his average and semi-hits but when you said SRK has 16 hits you didn’t include some of his genuine hits. But as you have rectified the first point and corrected it to 13 ( though I believe the clean hits were even lower than that), I would conclude my discussion on this topic.

          • khnh and devdas r definitely not hits also have huge doubt on DON and KANK

        • But yes,If we excludes semi hits of Rajesh, He left out with 13 Clean Hits. Still a record.

          13 Clean Hits in 3 years. Overall Rajesh Khanna has more than 18 Clean Hits. More than any contemporary star. SRK has maximum 16 clean hits.

      • well if one has to be all time great he should be undisputed no 1 in his era like rajesh khanna n amitabh bacchan since rajesh khana era was 6 yrs old and bachchan had more then 2 decades as undisputed no 1 so amitji is biggest star of all time as for aamir n srk they r not undisputed no 1 in their own time forget all time

  3. Between 1989 and 1991, Salman gave six consecutive hits (which I guess is the best for any lead actor of today) followed by 7 consecutive flops. However, out of those flops Love and AAA have won few hearts over the years.

  4. 99.9% of stars don’t have 16 Hits in their entire career. Rajesh Khanna achieved this much in just 3 Years. This is unmatched and Unparalleled performance. Emperor of romance . Hats Off !!

    • That is why he was given the title of “super star” ahead of legends like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Dev Aanand.

      • Right !! And law of average don’t even spare him !! The way he quickly reached to TOP, sooner he came down after 73. No one has seen the pinnacle of success like him, But shelf of life was too short.

        • In his case, it was more of bad attitude, wrong choices and other intersts (women and alcohol) which lead to his decline!

    • I’ve noticed Rajeshji’s performance at BO chart since long time ago. But never found a comprehensive article on that wherever I came. It’s a pleasure for me to reading this cool fact on this site. Thanks a million. Hats off to Emperor of Romance!

    • dear dilip kumar has given maximum no. of hit films in his carrier around 54% of films are hit and rajesh kanna given 33% hit films only.

  5. The only other actor who has somehow matched Rajesh Khanna is Katarina Kaif. She has also delivered hits after hits in a span of 3-4 years. By the way I am not her fan!

    • lol,,,,Katrina in any movie is as good as any location(beach, mountains, bunglows)where she just looks good and stands like a statue with no or wrong expression

      • Well in that case, SRK is no different, one style, same role, same clothes, same dialogues, same directors.
        At least Katarina has given hits with all sorts of directors.
        Even RK wasnt that versatile actor.

    • Katrina is plain lucky, IMO. Look at her co-stars, they are all big stars. Katrina owes them. She also has good PR, media support and big banners as the icing of the cake. She should star in a solo heroine-centric film and see what’ll happen.

      • You need that luck. Look at Salman, a complete non-actor (though a rock star) has only survied in industry for over 20 years because of his luck. He was almost gone after a string of disasters but HAHK saved him. Any actor could have done the role, equally good if not better. Anyhow then again a sting of flops till a good year 1999 saved him. Same thing is happening since then but he has survived. Why? Not because he is a great actor. Only because he gives hits. Same is with Katarina. Why other heroines can’t give hit after hit. And by the way all the heroines in bollywood do similar things. It is not an industry known for author-back roles for women.

        • Salman has all the star quotient going in favour of him.Good looks,body,attitude and ability to play to the gallery.But the success of SRK is a mystery to me.

        • I disagree. Please, don’t you ever compare Salman to Katrina. Salman is not in my Top 5 fave actors list but still I admitted he CAN act. Who do you think an actor can act well in comedy, apart from Govinda? That’s only one name, Salman Khan. And don’t think that act in comedy films is a bull****. It’s tougher than act in drama or romance films. Only good actors can pull off comedy films with ease. Salman was one of them. He can also do romance or drama as well, do I need bring proof for that? As for Katrina, so far she can’t act and only has luck. She’s way different from other heroines. You have to put her name alone.

      • which producer is going to risk his money by giving her heroine centric role

        • FYI, her first major hit Namastey London was a women centric film. How many women centric films have other heroines done? In Bollywood there is no acceptance of such movies.

          • do u seriously think that Katrina was the reason behind Namastey london being a hit ??? r u serious ????? It was akshay but at the same time i wont underplay katrina’a role . it was a role perfectly suited to her and she did well honestly

  6. @yakuza : what ! 16 hits in 3 years and that too consecutive . hmm now i understand why he was termed as a superstar when he had just 3-4 good years . SRK has 16 hits and what abt aamir , AKKI, Salman ????

    • Salman has over 25 hits, though 2-3 of those were not universal hits.

    • Aamir has 17-18 hits however he has been a lead only in around 35 films in comparison to 65 films of Salman.

    • Akshay has given over 30 hits. However, most of his old movies were semi-hits (I can count around 10-12) and not very big hits. However, AK has played lead in over 80 films.

    • SRK also has around 25 hits if the semi-hits are also included.

    • I have included semihits also becuase when we talk about old movies, let us say movies of AB or 16 hits of RK, we also count semihits as hits.

      • waiting for Yakuza’s word as well . Nice info SJ

        • Well , Purpose of this post is to highlight achievements of Rajesh khanna, not to compare with other stars. So we should leave it.

          What Rajesh khanna achieved in all those years was nothing less than miracle, and this generation should recognize this fact.

          • Arrre yakuza mitr , mera poochne ka purpose yeh nhai tha . i was just asking for getting info on that . U have read my comment on NG , I rrespect ny actor for their achievement whether he is my fav or not (iam talking abt amitabh wala discussion)

          • Ha Ha, No manish, I see discussions above was tilting towards something else. So just to make a pause, i commented. But still, all i can say Rajesh Khanna success was short lived, but pinnacle fo heights were unmatched, compared to contemporary stars, he got all these success in 3-4 years, where others just stretch it for 18-20 years.

            Well success of rajesh khanna is like blockbusters of today, Shortlived but earn a lot (compared to silver/golden jubilee era).

            • Really? I though you made a blunder when you said Raajesh Khanna has 16 hits in 4 years SRK has 16 hits in his career. As you couldn’t have defended your claim, you like an intelligent person backed off. So stop playing smart and except when you make an error 😉

            • 🙂 ya u are very much ryt, rajesh khanna was a big blockbuster in those 3 years 😉

  7. The two Superstars of bollywood have acted together in two films and on both occassions, it was Rajesh Khanna who outperformed AB as evident by no of awards.

  8. if you want to look at real multitalented actor than that is kamal hassan who cud act, choerograph, sing, direct, write and many things. amir directs one film and you guys call him greatest.

  9. Gr8 information Yak Thanks a lot 🙂

  10. yakuza how much did KM do in single screens? 30cr net?

  11. how many hits has amitabh given during his prime 1972 to 1992

  12. Hi this is a cool fact! thanks for keeping us with great informations. I admire Rajesh Khanna, he’s a great box office maker but still he’s underrated in India. I also read that among the female stars, apart from Hema Malini, Karisma Kapoor was also considered as the biggest BO draws that she had 17 Top Ten Hits in nine consecutive years from 1992 to 1999. but the year 1998 she had no releases. Can you make analysis on Karisma Kapoor BO record? Some people compare her to Kajol who has maximum hit numbers with SRK which I don’t think fair. Who according to you a big star, Karisma or Kajol? I really want you to analyze this because I think Karisma was also underrated star just like Rajesh. Because you know, it’s all media hype in Bollywood who conclude SRK & Kajol as the biggest BO draws. But I beg to differ. I love this Bollybusiness site. Keep on rocking!



    • Thanks shanne for kind words, I am Just shocked how much i have ignored the contribution of Actresses in bollywood. Yes, Hema malini, Shri Devi, Madhuri, Karishma are those few heroines who got box-office pull at one point of time which was as good as any top star. There legacy deserved much desired recognition. Will put up some articles on actresses very soon. Thanks !!

      • Hi Yakuza, you’re welcome and I’m thanking everybody on this site for bringing such GEM. I will be more happy if this site is filled with actresses threads. Wow, thank you very much for your kind response to my request 🙂 Very appreciated.

  13. you cant call Katrina an actress but yess…item girl!!

  14. Yakuza, can you have a apecial article on the All-Time Blockbusters of Indian Cinema. In this article, can you include:
    1) Rank all the All-Time Blockbusters from strongest to the weakest?
    2) Why the recall value was strong for that film
    3) Pricing
    4) A special note at the end stating the movies that were close to achieve the All-Time Blockbuster tag?

    • Naveed – Thanks for the comment below.

      I think it will be a great article. It will be great to know more about the All-Time Blockbusters (ATBB) in Bollywood. For sure, Sholay is the strongest ATBB, while Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the weakest.

      But what will be interesting is the pricing and budget of these films and why it had a strong recall value.

      Yakuza, I’m willing to help you on this potential article, if you plan to do a write-up on it.

    • Randy, will put up some time.

  15. Shanne- great idea on Karisma Kapoor. A big fav of mine.

    Randy- that article will be an interesting read for sure.

    • Hi Naveed,

      Thanks for considering my idea on her. She’s been my fave too 🙂 Nice to meet you.

      • Nice to meet you Shanne. I loved her Jodi with Salman. Plus the passion she had in everything from acting to dancing etc was unique. The one and only Karisma Kapoor.

  16. Yakuza- another great article/bejha fry. Plz keep them coming.

    Sj- really enjoy reading your comments. For me atm Amir is on top. But out of current stars SK and SRK have been at the top the longest IMO.

  17. Yakuza in 80s sridevi dominated her heroes which whole that decade belonged to her which is a fact. Even BigB himself was overshadowed by her presence during that period.

  18. all of you are talking about khan and khanna where is bachhan sahab and i think amitabh outplayed khanna in namakharam

    • lol. AB, I beileve is a much bigger actor than Rajesh Khanna but those two movies, i.e. Namak Haram and Annand, belonged to Rajesh Khanna. AB was a supporting actor in both.
      Check out the awards which Rajesh Khanna won for those two movies. And in those days awards weren’t like awards of today!

    • Big B was nothing when he got Anand, i guess it was his 2nd or 3rnd movie and matter of survival for him but it was downfall of Rajesh khanna and the rise of big B after namak Haram.

  19. KKHH is not an ATBB.Sholay wld be the strongest followed by HAHK i guess.

    • Sholay is definitely the strongest ATBB, followed by either Mughal-E-Azam or Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

      KKHH is a ATBB, but definitely the weakest as collections were Super Strong in the big cities. In the small circuits, it managed to get the blockbuster thanks to Salman Khan popularity at that time in the interiors.

  20. bring it on yakuza the ATBB thread,all r eager abt it

  21. hi 2 every one

    actually i am frequent visitor of this site but never paticipate in a big way…
    1stly great work yakuza and u r the best blogger in terms of movie prospective. i really admire u r work.

  22. and as per the current discussion senior RK(rajesh khana) is legend and it unfair 2 compare with any other actor. Rk had given hit when their was not much scope of improvisation (in terms of pulbicity, techology etc..) only pure acting was requared to made a movie sucess.
    so giving 16 hit in a row was bingo..

  23. a great news 4 sallu bhais fan

    Salman bhai Makes Record With Dabangg Trailer.

  24. why compare srk or aamir with rajesh khanna he was legend of success even amitabh said there can be no superstar like him as for srk he is more of media material

  25. YAKUZA, what third week collection of OUTIM aprrox?

    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
    2nd week 14,54,00,000
    Total after second week 48,84,00,000

  27. yakuza, what is third week collection

  28. Hey yakuza is akshay doing any film with raj kumar santoshi. And what are first week col. Of pl

    • Buddy only indicine reported that as they got news from very reliable sources but till now , i have not seen any article on that on net

  29. Hey yakuza is akshay doing any film saamna with raj kumar santoshi. And what are first week col. Of pl

  30. SRK mania: Meet the ‘Shahrukhis’…..yakuza can u put this as a separate thread…??…as you do for amitabh aand others..

  31. Dabangg salman khans ATBB films

    1) Maine pyar kiya

    2) Hum Apke Hain Kaun

  32. Dabangg salman khans BB films

    1) Saajan

    2) Karan Arjun

    3) No Entry

    4) Partner

    6) Wanted

  33. Dabangg salman khans Super Hit films

    1)Saajan Bewafa


    3) Kurbaan

    4) Jeet

    5) Judwaa

    6) Biwi no. 1

    7) Hum dil de chuke sanam

    8) Bandhan

    9) Jab pyar kisi se hota hai

    10) Tere naam

    11) Mujhse shadi karoge

    • kurbaan was a flop,tere naam was above average

    • I agree Kurbaan and Tere Naam were not super hits. I will rather call them hits.

      • Kurbaan was clean Hit, But Tere Naam though opened to 95% over first weekend, dropped in second week. Overall semi-hit commercially but Tere Naam is any day over Kurbaan as recall value. In fact Tere Naam is among top-5 Salman’s best movies in my list.

  34. Dabangg salman Khans Hit films

    1) Garv

    2) Lucky

    3) Har dil jo pyar karega

    4) Hum tumhare hai sanam

    5) Chori chori chupka chupka

    6) Andaz apna apna

  35. Dabangg salman khan given 25 clean Hits till date from 1989 – 2010 . No one can touch him . He is the real VEER of bollywood

  36. galat khabrein mat falaio saju

  37. Rajesh Khanna is the best

  38. pl visit and enjoy great analyses of rajesh khannaji’s films and career at rajesh khanna forum at

  39. galat khabrein mat falaio sanju:D

  40. Kya galat kaha saju ne

  41. Manish aur Minja sharab pikar aaye ho kya ? jo itna bol rahe ho.

  42. saju mere bhai bina sharab piye bhi main sach hi bolta hu . jhoothi listein mat banao dost

  43. Yakuza

    could you plz tell me if MNIK was a clean hit?

  44. ahhh its simple anshul Karan johar saab sold MNIK on 100 or 120 crore and Housefull was sold on 65 crore if i am not wrong so now u calcute that how much buisness MNIK was need to become hit

  45. Super site, and nice information.

  46. boss y ru all fighting yes rajesh khanna give 16 hits in a 3 year but aftr that he he give flop films in line and he give 33% hit films of total he did and shraukh given 44% hit films. and also i want to tell u that dilip kumar given more no of hit films in industry and he stayed 16 years no 1 position as same as amitabh bachan stayed aftr that sharukh take this place and last 10 year he is in no 1 position and rajesh khanna stayed only 3/4 years no 1 position in bollewood

  47. I think no one can match Aamir.If he would have acted atleast in 3 to 4 films in a year he would have been unmatched.

  48. Indian cinema produce only one superstar name is not AMITABH BACCHAN,NOT SHAHRUKH KHAN,AMIR,RAJNIKANT SALMAN AND ONTHRS name is only one and that is RAJESH KHANNA he is remain single undisputed superstar.No actor never near him he is real and original superstar of the indian cinema till date probably future all others actor is cheap entertainer


  50. No actor till date compare with Rajesh khanna he is remain single undisputed true superstar.

  51. Yakuza,can you list those 16 successes?I can only get 14:
    5.Do Raaste(Blockbuster)
    7.Sacha Jhutha(Super Hit)
    8.Aan Milo Sajna(Super Hit)
    9.Kati Patang(Hit)
    10.The Train(Above Average)
    11.Anand(Semi hit)
    14.Haathi Mere Saathi(Blockbuster)

  52. waiting for your reply.

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