SHOLAY QUIZ – Tumhara Naam Kya Hai Basanti ? (Updated With Answers)

How many times you have seen Sholay ? I found many who claimed to say they grew up watching Sholay. Ok, Let’s check how much you know about this legend epic? Have a look at these Questions, and show the stamp of genius at comment section below : 

A) Saleem Javed had narrated two scripts to GP Sippy? One was obvious Sholay, which was another which got rejected due to financial reasons? 

Answer : Majboor (1974) , Later directed by Ravi Tandon (father of Ravina Tandon).

B) Who essayed the role of elder son of thakur Baldev Singh?

Answer : Arvind Joshi (Father of Sharman Joshi (Rang De basanti, Golmal, Three Idiots)

C) Who Played the two characters in sholay(Same actor portrayed two different characters in movie) ?

Answer : Mustaq Merchant –  A) Engine driver during the initial scene introducing Viru and Jai. B) The owner of the bike with the sidecar (that Viru/Jai steal).

D) Ramesh sippy was considering which actor first for role of Jay which later on went to Amitabh?

Answer : Shatrugan Sinha. Thank god that did not happen.

E) What was the screen name of  the person who sells Arsons to gabbar?

Answer : Yeh “Heera” Gabbar ko banduke aur goliyaan bechne aata hai.

F) Who is playing eye balls with Asraani in this pic ?

Answer : Raj Kishore

G) Sholay got only one filmfare award, can you tell who won and in which category?

Answer : Best Editing for M. R. Shinde

H) When sholay was released all offices and school were closed, why?

Answer : August 15th (1975).. Independence day

I) How actor Sharman Joshi is related to sholay ?

Answer : Check second reply.

Please reply in comments section below.

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~ by Yakuza on August 15, 2010.

15 Responses to “SHOLAY QUIZ – Tumhara Naam Kya Hai Basanti ? (Updated With Answers)”

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  2. D. Rajesh Khanna
    G. Editing

  3. thanks sir for bringing the number 1 film of bollywood.i saw this film round about 130,140 times but which type of question u r asking,its too difficult and amazing also.i know about two three questions,one is before jay the role was for satragan sina.sir i have one request,please write the correct spellng of film sholay,i saw many times u wrote shloey.don’t mind.hope u will bring great topic on this historic film.

    • Thanks shakir for this blunder mastake i committed so many times, Never realised this. Thanks again,have corrected the spell.

      ABout quiz, Take your time, I wanna give 3-4 more days before declaring correct answer.

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  5. This quiz is updated with two new Questions.

  6. I know four answers …

    D) Shatrughan sinha
    E) HEERA
    H) It was released on independence day i.e. 15th august, that’s why all offices and schools were closed.

    But i must say, this is amazing quiz … eager to know answers. please update soon with right answers …

    • surya .. it was rajesh khanna i think who was offered jay role …

      well i am curious to know sharman joshi connection with sholay …. kya question hain … batti gul ho gayi dimaag ki …

    • Good efforts surya, thanks. All four are correct answers. Will post all correct answers in a day or two.

  7. suray

    ur answer

    E) HEERA

    surprises me .. kitni baar dekhi ye movie … ?

  8. wen will u tell d answers

  9. thank you yakuza

  10. Dear Yakuza,
    Firstly thanks to u that u bring amazing news about BOLLYWOOD NUMBER 1 FILM Sholay,Sir,I saw old Sholay version in which Gabber Singh was killed and there was many great scences of last fight action of Sholay.

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