Peepli [Live] stricly ok, Aisha registered poor first week

Peepli Live opened to fairly ok [Mumbai, NCR, UP] to poor [south, Nizam, CI] response this morning. Relatively wider release [600 prints] for this particular genre results in  lower occupancy, but total outcome[numbers] as a whole will be fine. Movie may have already recovered its costs for producers, co-producer[UTV] and Distributor[UTV], but its theatrical business will decide if able to make money for its real box-office investors [All India sub distributors].

Aisha after below the mark weekend[10 Crore], dropped heavily on weekdays[3.25 Crore]. Overall 13.25 Crore first week with fairly good screen space is not something to be proud of.

OUATIM is box-office winner all the way. With 13 Crore week 2 [Almost similar to Aisha week one], total billing of movie n two weeks is 48.5 Crore Nett with ~27 Crore distribution share [18 was required for breakeven]. Movie is already a hit and heading for better verdict.

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~ by Yakuza on August 13, 2010.

22 Responses to “Peepli [Live] stricly ok, Aisha registered poor first week”

  1. Thanks Yakuza Bhai, Peeli live will pickup on weekend for sure.

  2. yakuza, how QUATIM need to become superhit?

  3. yakuza, how much does QUATIM need to become superhit?

  4. will it make it?

  5. apart from sex…Aamir khan sells in bollywood better than srk nowadays!!

    • Definetly better at the moment. Peak of SRK was his blockbuster movies as a leading star. But Peak of Aamir is Blockbuster movies just because of his name. SRK and Aamir carrying the difference of goodwill. SRK couldn’t sell Billu or DMG , But Aamir able to sold JTYJN, TZP and now Peepli Live based on goodwill.

      25 years ago, Amitabh was carrying similar [or more] goodwill when his guest appearane movies [Gireftaar, Andha Kanoon, Jalwaa] were mega Hits based on his name. Audience didn’t go to theater for Rajni or Kamal, Huge Rush outside theater was just for Bachchan. SRK failed[billu, dmg] to reach this pinnacle, But Aamir has got this strength.

  6. @Yakuza
    if Peepli Live nets 40cr at box office,den will it be ATBB.

    • Dishant, first of all i am going to exclude this ATBB and some silly verdicts from my dictionary.

      At 40 Crore PL will be a similar success that sorts of big budget grossers this year [Raajneeti, Housefull]. At 40 Crore, PL will give 10 Crore profits to its distributors which is in similar lines of Raajneeti and Housefull.

      • Yakuza, that is not right. You are considering Satellite and other revenue for HF and Raajneeti, but Peepli if it makes 40 cr (21-22 cr DS), will be in profit by 5-6 cr without other modes of revenue (it has 14 cr from satellite and music so far). So Peepli profit will be 20 cr in this case doubling that of Raajneeti and HF

  7. yakuza, what is the budget of AKROASH and what is your expectation?

    • Not sure at the moment, let movie close to release.

    • it has a budget of 35 crore . it will do extremly well in north india i think so this film is based on honour killing. honor killing is rampant in panjab ,haryana,u.p so this topic is very relevent in these areas . this film has a super star ajay devgn ,

  8. anyhow thanks for the prompt reply.

  9. ajay devgn will rock in aakrosh and golmaal3. no other actor has delievered in five hits movies in a single year. i am very proud and happy about ajay devgan

  10. What was total gross of khatha meetha

  11. What was total gross of khatha meetha and what was its verdict

  12. I dont think now Outim in mumbai wd anything substantial because Pl has arrieved and that too with bang

  13. Peepli [Live]

    • Thanks, I wouldn’t say my views are radically different, but bit more liberal. Overall i end up liking it, but yes was not up to aamir’s set standards.

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