Peepli [Live] Boxoffice – Guaranteed Hit

Peepli [Live] after mixed opening picked up over evening shows to quite an extent[60-80% at places]. First day early estimate is around 3.75-4 Crore [ Quite a big number for this sort of movie]. Full credit to Aamir. Exclude Aamir name from movie and it was almost impossible to collect even a Crore for movie. This sort of faith and believe was never seen after Bachchan Era [It was time when even his show “Jumma Chumma in London” video screened in theaters and opened to full houses].

The way Peeli[Live] has picked up over first day itself, weekend figures will be nothing less than 16 Crore [A figure one can proud of].  Should be breakeven on weekend itself. A guaranteed hit venture. Aamir .. Kudos !!

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 13, 2010.

18 Responses to “Peepli [Live] Boxoffice – Guaranteed Hit”

  1. Good You changed your opinion. Peepli opened to a good response but you tried to be smart and said a bad/average/lower opening. Perhaps you were expecting that it will bomb and you will take credit by saying I was the only one who gave the real picture.

    Anyhow, from Peepli to Aisha. It has collected over 17 cr (producers figures). Again, you were off with a good few crores. Please stop bluffing!

    • SJ, today i have few discussion at NG over how one can paint picture of opening.

      Ok, you tell me, what you will report if opening is kind of 20-30% but numbers are fine as per print counts ? Or what you will report if opening is mixed with 40-60% at places and 10-20% at other places ? Just put yourself in my shoes and you will find the difficulty of how to report ?

      My model of reporting is always relative to last 3-4 reports or reports given in past for movie of similar range. Check my reports for Aisha opening day where it was not picked up for entire day, i report it bad oening day.

      Opening of PL was a bit better than Aisha, that’s why my reporting for PL was better than aisha for morning shows. But PL picked over evening whcih Aisha was not, hence my reporting of PL for first day collections is much positive than Aisha.

      About Numbers of aisha, 13.25 Crore is most authentic figure[my belief] than producers total of 18 Crore. You can verify numbers from filminformation next week.

  2. Thanks Yakuza ji for update.

  3. Yakuza, why don’t you make this site a professional ? If you ask me, Bollybusiness in last 1 year has got such a reputation and the way your site is fully loaded with such a usefull information, All this data should be uploaded at some prfessional space. Why don’t you do it for free ?

  4. After watching Peepli Live, Salman Khan tweeted “I dint let Aamir touch me after the film. agar mujhe gold mein badal deta toh???”. Yes he is true, the man with Midas touch-Aamir Khan has done it again in his production venture Peepli Live. Aamir Khan’s last venture as an actor took on the Indian education system without being preachy, in an entertaining manner, and this time as a producer he takes on media, political and bureaucratic system in a satire based on Urban-Rural Divide.

    The movie uses Farmer suicide as a background to reveal the issue of the urban–rural divide. In a small village of Peepli, Mukhya Pradesh (a fictional state), miserable Natha and his brother Budhia (Raghubir Yadav) are about to loose their land due to non payment of a loan they took for their mother’s treatment. While looking out for some help within village, they get to know about a government policy where Government pays Rupees 1 lakh to the widow of a farmer who commits suicide. Budhia who is fairly sharp, craftily coerces Natha to commit suicide.
    A local reporter, Rakesh (Nawazuddin) overhears them and does a story for his newspaper. An incident which would have been another farmer suicide turns into national issue with an impending local election and introduction of media led by national TV anchor Nandita Mallik (Malaika shenoy). It becomes an issue of embarrassment for the ruling party, and on the other hand, the opposition gets the key to get back into power. All of this happens, while the media is making up spicy stories around the issue to increase their TRPs. To take advantage of so many visitors coming to their village, the villagers put up a fair.

    Read rest here

    Kaha ho yakuza bhai , watched peepli live ??? dont miss this one its good

    • Good Yaar, I will watch it tonight, already exciting !! One more thing , is it a good family watch without any explicit adult stuff ??

  5. Adult stuff as in love making or something like that . no there isnt any such scene . but something like jornos analyzing the faeces of natha and a bit abusive lingo as u can expect from rural ppl. it is an awesome movie can be watched with family .

  6. Aamir khan has proved that he has the best mrketing skills.da greatest actor of India
    Aamir rocks

  7. jeevan your right yakuza should make it professional and he was 1st updated 1st day clloection of Peepli Live.


  9. sure shot super hit

  10. Watched tonight Peepli [Live]. Went with whole family [including my mother, her first outing after long illness]. Guys, just go, sit back and enjoy the hilarious take on media, politics and enjoy the real india i.e. village. And when you get back to home, think about all the issues raised in movie [though nothing new, these satires on media and politics told many times]. Execution of climax was brilliant. Though I was not comfortable with lingo [especially if you are with family]. But no complains when intentions are pure. Overall nothing extraordinary, but nonetheless brilliant …… 3.5/5 .

  11. Good to hear ur mothr also going along with u 🙂

  12. 7Cr being the 1st day gross,The 3 day weekend gross should cross the 25 crore mark.

  13. peepli live is flop due to amir khan.bakker movie.SRK………. is the best.salman khan is also a flop actor.

  14. peepli live a hit movie. aamir rock again.

  15. Davinder i think u live in sum other world.Peeplu live is a super hit.Its the only movie who got 10 crores even before release which is the complete budget of peepli live.
    And Srk is the third class actor who has 6 to 8 face expressions and only works in romantic films and a limited actor.Aamir is the best and Salman is also a great and versatile actor and Dabang has closed the mouths of critics.Srk is just history now.No body gives him lift.

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