Bheja Fry : What are prospects of Ra-one at box-office ? Will Shahrukh be able to succeed as first time Super Hero act ?

Q : Which movie is biggest grosser among Hum Apke Hain Kaun and Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ?

A: Hum Apke Hain Kaun !! While HAHK grossed around 62 Crore, DDLJ ended its run at around 48 Crores [Figures verified from FilmInformation magazine, only trustable source to an extent for old movies numbers]. 

Q : Will Dabangg be able to beat Wanted ?

A : Opening of movie will definitely be better than wanted. Rest depends on content. 

Q : At what maximum age any actor has given box-office hit ?

A : Dilip Kumar delivered Saudagar at age of 68. But It was multi-starrer. Amitabh Bachchan has given Solo Hit Baghbaan at 63 and Cheeni Kum at age of 67, coincidentally both were romantic movies with Amitabh as solo lead. His latest Hit Paa at 69 can also be considered as his Solo Hit. Interestingly he has been casted as solo lead in 2 of his future projects. If these projects able to release, Amitabh will be first Indian 70+ lead artiste. 

Q : What are prospects of Ra-one at box-office ? Will Shahrukh be able to succeed as first time Super Hero act ?

A :  Prospects are bright if well made. As an actor Shahrukh has great potential to carry any role. Though his strength will always remain romance genre. This movie weakest link is its too much western theme from title to content, in-fact title is hardly understandable by commons unless given proper one year certified science education [Random access version one]. Recently Vivek Oberoi starrer Prince tanked at box-office having similar settings. Ra-one has only visible strength till date : SRK. 

Q : How year 2010 has been so far [ at box-office] compared to 2009 ?

A : First three quarters of 2009 was nightmare due to multiple reasons [Exhibitor strike, Recession]. Audience attendance till September 2009 was just little above 5 Crore. While 2010 has witnessed more than 7 Crore footsteps so far. Definitely a better year.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 12, 2010.

16 Responses to “Bheja Fry : What are prospects of Ra-one at box-office ? Will Shahrukh be able to succeed as first time Super Hero act ?”

  1. Thanks for all this answers buddy.
    I was always concerned about HAHK and DDLJ. 🙂
    And Dabangg for sure will beat Wanted.

  2. Yakuza Any guess on dabangg’s opening ?? Plz just say a word..

    • As i already told above, Dabangg will oen huge. Once we get to know about screen space, numbers can be predicted.

  3. WOAH 62 crores I was only 4 when the film released. Both HAHK and DDLJ are iconic films. Thanks Yakuza

  4. I agree with Naveed. Bothe HAHK and DDLJ are iconic films.
    I can remember the craze for these movies which was far bigger than that for 3I.

  5. yakuza…

    HAHK – 62 cr gross or share????

  6. Most hope of he is srk ambitous film. srk play role superhero his name in movie and battle with all eyes release date of

  7. Quite shocked that DDLJ finished its run at 48 crores, because other website are claiming 50 crore+.

    Fast question Yakuza, if we were to adjusted HAHK collections, how much business would’ve done today considering all that 62-64 crores came from the single screens?

    • Randy, Average ticket price during 1994 was Rs. 15/- , Now it is 80/- . Must be 325+ Crore.

      • 325 crores, WOW! Thanks for the info Yakuza. If HAHK was 325 crores, imagine what Mughal-E-Azam, Mother India and the biggest of them all Sholay must’ve done.

        • few months ago, someone was asking me what would have been business of HAHK if released today, after thinking a while i replied “Similar”. Era of silver and golden jubilees can be return with a movie as refreshing and entertaining as was HAHK, it was movie seen by audience multiple times with family. Which movie in last 10 years came as innovatively entertaining as this one ? NONE.

          • Very true, but 1994 is completely different to this time bro. HAHK scored exceedingly well in 1994 as it brought out something different and unusual at that time. This time era is more mass oriented flicks.

            But yes, HAHK did change the whole scenario at the BO completely. So, the 325 crore+ is simply impressive.

            Can we say that Sholay is in the 500 crore+ mark?

            I hate people say that 3 Idiots did more than HAHK even when adjusting HAHK figures.

            • “HAHK scored exceedingly well in 1994 as it brought out something different and unusual at that time”

              Exactly. This is what i mean. No movie since last 10-15 years able to woo audience at large the way HAHK did [though movie didn’t age that well and lost its charm after few years]. Three idiots was more youth oriented, Youth went to 3I multiple times, but families didn’t. Gadar woo the masses, again families didn’t go multiple times for gadar. But HAHK was one movie where Family audience went to cinema for more than one time [even 3-4 times]. That’s why its success is unmatchable and movie is third biggest Hit after Sholay and Mughal-e-azam. Mother india was success of similar scale. sholay is many steps ahead [700+ Crore].

              • Thank you very much Yakuza for this info, you are the boss.

                Well, in my opinion, in terms of biggest hits, it looks like this to me:

                1) Sholay
                2) Mughal-E-Azam
                3) HAHK
                4) Mother India
                5) Gadar
                6) DDLJ
                7) 3 Idiots
                8) Raja Hindustani
                9) Kismet
                10) Ram Teri Ganga Maili

  8. Yakuza

    whats the BO update of OUATIM?

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