Raavan/kites : Respective multiplex business after five weeks

Though i was absent during Raavan days, But i publish the opening day report which was good opening IMO, This is complete chart of multiplex business for fiscal period of one year ended July, 2010. Raavan stands well above kites, reflecting my theory of good opening day [otherwise this sort of figure is not possible if opening was such bad as painted by media/trade persons]. Will come out with actual figures of Raavan very soon, though movie is flop for sure, but opening and overall business should be rightly accessed.

~ by Yakuza on August 10, 2010.

33 Responses to “Raavan/kites : Respective multiplex business after five weeks”

  1. 1. Comparing a flop with a disaster doesn’t prove anything.
    2. How can you claim a good opening by giving figures for week 5.
    3. Come out of your Paa fantasy! It was a minor success and an ok movie. Other movies with significantly smaller budgets and star casts than Paa have had a better content and a much better run at the boxoffice.

    • which film did better business than Paa with same budget ?
      Taare Zameen Par.
      Paa did extremely well and did 38-40 crore in 500 + cinemas.
      Compared to MNIK which was over-hyped and released in many cinemas,still film didnt do 85-90 crore business.

      • Well many films. If you go a bit down the history MPK, QSQT, Aashique all were low budget films turning out to be blockbusters. In recent times films like JTYJN, Jannat, RO, Vivaah are few examples. Most of them have smaller budgets than Paa and were bigger hits. In fact most of the films of Imran Hashmi /Mukesh Bhatt are very low budgets and their ROR is exmaplory. Vivaah is another classical example.

        • And not to gfrget Peepli Live. Aamir will show us all how a very low budget film will do superhit business.

    • “How can you claim a good opening by giving figures for week 5”

      Its not week 5, This is 5 weeks total. Weeks column mean the collections are for that much number of weeks.

      5 weeks total of Raavan was 1150.46 Lakhs, and Kites was 1070.26 lakhs. Both movies bombed after opening weekend, 60% of these five weeks collections was from initial weekend. Raavan having better collections is clear indication of better opening weekend compare to kites.

      • No I disagree. To claim that one needs to provide collection details of week 1, no of screens, ratio of multiplex and big screens etc. Anaother factor is the release of different versions of Raavan. One also needs to look into the breakdown and see how much has come from hindi version.

  2. forgot abt raavan kites mnik all were crap movies

  3. here if mnik is so low in multiplex in single screens it was washout

  4. atleast paa was commercial n critical success wht abt my name despite media overhype it was washout n crap movie

  5. shahrukh khan was going through labour pain n now he in menopause period having change in moods n emotions thts wht he is depressed abt AD AKKI N AAMIR

  6. Nice work Yakuzxa Bhai. Just let us know when are you giving complete chart of nett collections and final verdict of Khatta Meetha and OUATIM?
    SJ, plz try to appreciate work of Yakuza.

    • Yar appreciate hi tu ker raha houn. A good critique is no less than appreciation. It will make him improve his work and come out of his Paa fantasy!

    • Thanks Nauman. I want to Prepare similar charts for most of movies. But these are commercial stuffs and can’t publish on my blog. This chart was prepared for ET and a commercial stuff. Though it has been published, so no harm to reproduce here.

  7. great work yakuza dear

  8. If Wanted is still collecting a good set based on that chart, shouldn’t it be a Blockbuster?

  9. yakuza bhai where is Gajjini in this list?

  10. These are collections from Inox, PVR, Cinemax, Fun Multiplex and Satyam Cineplexes.

  11. Yakuza,

    Some questions/observations.

    – Both movies same to have similar occupancy and audience. The difference between audience is 8676.

    – The ratio of Net collections to Audience gives Rs 117 for Raavan and Rs 110 for Kites. So the first question, are the ticket prices for both movies same?

    – It seems that even if both films would have similar audience, even then the net collections of KItes would have been lower than Raavan.

    – Again the same point, based on this chart it seems that both films did similar business, had similar audience and occupancy. However the ticket price for Kites was lower than Raavan, hence the collections of Kites are a bit less than Raavan.

    • Quite a good observation and question. Ticket rates during weekdays are generally 40% less. More the number of shows for any movie, lesser will be average ticket price because Weekdays are 4 compared to 3 days of weekend. Kites was exhibited in relatively much more number of shows against Raavan, this makes difference in average ticket price.

      I hope this reply cover all ur queries.

  12. interesting…. this shows mnik is about 2.4 times.
    Ravan 29cr
    MNIK 29 * 2.5 = 74cr

    • Well neither equation is linear, nor Raavan is 29.

      • so if ravan is more than 29cr (considering you are a bachchan fan) MNIK total only goes up.

        … and if the equation is not linear, then the whole logic behind this post collapses!! LOL.

        • No, i am not saying Raavan is more or less than 29, i am not aware as i never check its numbers overall. But yeah equation is not linear. And NO, logic doesn’t collapse, because equation is non-linear for every movie. And idea behind this post was to check occupancy percentage, which is defintely better for raavan in centers where Raavan/Kites were shown in similar no of shows. idea behind this post was to state that how commentaries are manufactured based on selective centers.

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