No Ashaa from Aisha/Once upon rescues box-office

What more one can say about business of movie whose first weekend is almost similar to second weekend of past week Hit buster ? Despite critical acclaim, audience turned down for Aisha , movie didn’t open well on Friday, refuse to pickup for rest of day and end up with dismal collections of around 2.5 Crore. There was usual pickup over weekend of around 15-20% at places, movie end up with below par weekend of around ~10 Crore. Though it require only 20+ Crore Nett for recovery, collections of these sort is not justifying fairly good number of screen space. Screening of Paa (Movie of similar scale) was around 30% lesser, but collections of Paa over weekend was 30% higher.

OUATIM has another steadier weekend with collections over 9.5 Crore. Ten days total now stands at 44 Crore. Second week should finish around 15 Crore. Movie will easily cross 55 Crore life time. HIT

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 9, 2010.

15 Responses to “No Ashaa from Aisha/Once upon rescues box-office”

  1. It’s a copy of “Clueless” and has Jane Austen’s “Emma” all over it!! If its a hit — well done Bollywood with another copycat! Kudos to Anil Kapoor to give his “Emma” another platform – to showcase her talent – acting and fashion….why cant they go for an original and then try their luck at the boxoffice!!

  2. congratulation to ajay sultan mirja

  3. yakuza Bhai, So what is final verdict and nett gross of Khatta Meetha. BOI said below average. but you said above average. So what is final verdict with DS? Plz explain it. and How much DS it needed for Hit tag?

    • KM almost finished its BO run. IMO its above average with 41 Crore Nett. BOI is mad, He declared Veer below average with similar collections, total blind towards cost of movies. Veer was below average by me (And BOI as well). I can’t give KM similar verdict based on cost. KM has recovered its cost for most of distributors.

  4. yakuza bhai can u teel me how much does aisha need from its theatrical business to be declared an average and how much for a hit?

  5. TVF yakuza bhai. U r great.
    Rohit, Aisha is hit at 20 cr n it can recover it’s investment. Now minimum avg n maximum hit.

  6. also KM lost 10% to distributors which nothing, because with the added satelite rights, it will easily recover that money. its funny how MNIK is declared a hit by them and KM is below average.


  8. sir, what about ouatim? hit or flop. what would u like to say about ajay’s performance.

  9. When will action rply release

  10. Is it true that ar has been watched by some traders and they have liked it

  11. its by traders but its those biased critics im worried about. akshay either needs to pay them.

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