Boxoffice Update : Aisha/OUATIM and Khatta Meetha

Aisha has opened today with tepid response of mere 10-15%+ in morning shows before 12:00 PM at multiplexes , but glowing reviews and WOM should help boost up the ticket sales during weekend. Economics of movie is similar to Paa released Last year (17-18 Crore including prints and publicity cost), require mere 20+ Crore collections for recovery [Though satellite and other returns are lesser than paa].

OUATIM excelled in its first week with consistent collections throughout week, Last day of week was pretty consistent with 2.65 Crore collections ensuring stable second weekend. First week has finished in range of 35+ Crore. It will be a success in my books if able to cross 45 Crore lifetime and a definite Hit beyond 55 Crore. At the moment 50+ Crore is written all over.

Khatta Meetha maintained low key throughout week with just under 6 Crore loot at box-office. Movie has lost screen space this week and will not add much from theatrical run from now on. Two weeks total finished under 40 Crore and its life time earnings will not cross 42 Crore. An above average fare IMO.   

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 6, 2010.

63 Responses to “Boxoffice Update : Aisha/OUATIM and Khatta Meetha”

  1. Yakuza:It is true or just rumor of the article saying trade who have seen Action reply are saying it is sureshot hit??? Can u tell me….the article has also been publised in Naachgaana

    • If any of you guys remember, I have told many times before that AR’s Story will be USP of movie. If i am right about its reference, This will be a very unique and interesting concept executed ever on screen.

      Now its upto Mr. Vipul Shah how he handled the execution.

  2. ouatim is superhit

  3. before anybody reports its mr yakuza who steals the limelight and is the first one to report . kudos to u buddy 🙂

  4. thnx yakuza so KM is an above average fare which means another success from akshay, btw KM was never meant to be a big film, it was a normal film lke u see released everyweek, and did well despite bad review though it was better akki film than from other films.

  5. Aisha didn’t pick up on afternoon shows as well. Let’s see how evening shows will fare.

  6. ouatim is going for a 15 crore second weekend

  7. yakuza bro nice article so KM is a success YAY

    what the budget of AR?

    and how much will i need to be a clean hit?

    • Too early to state any thing. 3 Months back i talked to Gaurav, managing director of fame adlabs in Punjab. he told me that Fame is key financer of AR and they invested around 15 Crore which is 40% of its production budget.

  8. and how many circuits is khatta meetha a HIT ?

    can u give its circuitwise verdicts?

    is it a HIT in mumbai?

    • KM did good business at Mumbai circuit, Rajasthan, Nizam and Mysore. Delhi and Punjab are below average. Rest circuits are not upto mark.

  9. I don’t know why u guys think that abhay will give a hit movie. Aisha can’t work mark my words. This weekend ouatim is rock steady and from next week Ramadan n peepli live. It won’t cross 10 cr life time.
    People who hv expectations with Aisha they live in foolish paradise.
    So KM is an above avg. Yakuza till Sunday KM collected 4.75 cr so in weekdays it collected only 1.25 cr more? I don’t think so plz double check ur figures. Thx

    • KM was almost dead on weekdays. Monday was 60 Lakhs and Thurday was almost nill with 20 Lakhs. Weekend was 4.53 Crore as per my estimate.

  10. yakuza answer me dude

  11. yakuza, what is the expected collection of OUTIM from second weekend?

  12. So yakuza khatta meetha is not a HIt at any circuit?

  13. Sunny KM is abv avg. It is enough. Atleast no flop

  14. so nauman you guys r very happy about an above average flick? if any movie of amir khan in main lead was just mere hit i would be very dissapointed and you guys happy with an above average akshay movie? quiet strange

  15. i really hope that OUATIM is a hit…it deserves to be. imo the best film i’v seen this year. will write a review when i’m in the mood 😉

  16. Btw whats the economics of OUATIM?

    • Cost is 32 Crore including everything. Require 18 Crore DS for recovery. 95% has recovered in first week only. Movie will be in profit zone this week.

      • Do you mean to say OUATIM will only recover 14 Crores from all other sources…Bollywood Hungama reported that satellite rights of OUATIM has already been sold for 10.5 Crores, 2 Crore for Home Video, 2 Crore for Music, 2 crore for overseas. Which means only 15.5 crore DS required which it has already made. Also, says cost of OUATIM 38 crore…whereas ur figure is different. Which is correct?

  17. Anuparnu, I want every akki movie super hit. But KM was really bad movie I left in a half way but being an akki fan I don’t want any of his movie to be flop. So I want him to safe from flop tag.
    Exam main 80% nahi to kam az kam 45-50 % le kar pass hi ho jao.
    Did u get my point?

  18. ofcourse afer 5 releases per year anuparanu you wouldn’t expect every outing to be a massive hit, what im happy is he is away from a flop tag atleast, and makes profit and recovers. ecomcally speaking KM shud be a certified hit, because it had recovered most through satelite and single screens.

    nauman KM was better than most akki films, the problem is priyadarshan’s lazy direction and added unnceccassary stuff, he shud of kept it same as his original satire.

  19. Anuparno – good point
    KM- OUATI is by far the best movie this year.

  20. Nauman/Akki fans

    i used to like Akshay movies but since Bhagam Bhaag i haven’t liked one of his movies. Akshay really needs to change tactics and engage is brain when choosing scripts

  21. Im a a big Akki fan , but iam with Km on this thing he needs to change his tactics . He can do 4 movies in an year , it doesnt harm when they are different but 3 comedies in 2007, in tashan as well his part was comic one , SIK was comic , In 2009 also 3 comic movies, In 2010 again 2 comedies.
    He has done 10 comedies in 3 and a half year which doesnt work and most of them are leave ur brain out types . he need to do 2-3 genres an year and mark my words 2-3 genre movies if well made wd work wonder and he will be number 1 for sure .

    He fits in almost all genres be it emotional , comedy , romance , action , negative , thriller so he needs to use this versatility to ensure a better career rather than working on just 1 thing

  22. and anuaparno , even after doing 1 film an year or less than that if an actor cant maintain quality that wd be the stupidest thing so his evry movie needs to be hit with direction , story and acting all at right place. but HR did that stupidity with Kites. Infact aamir is much more intelligent than HR and so is his choice.

    cant compare him to a person doing 4-5 movies an year

  23. i have watched km its not that bad and should be a hit and i think akshay is only the second hindi hero whos movie i watched in theatres and it was khiladi and i enjoyed that movie pitty well so do you guys think he is making as good movie as khiladi now? and mind it it was not a comedy


  25. Aisha, directed by Rajshree Ojha, is a modern day adaption of the 19th century British novel, Emma, by Jane Austen set in the upper class society of Delhi, India. The main star cast includes Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Cyrus Sahukar, Ira Dubey and Amrita Puri.

    The first day first show saw very few people in the cinema halls. Most of audience was the young college crowd. Many people complimented Sonam’s outfit however, her acting skills invited a lot of negative comments.

    Asmi Shah says, “The costumes are outstanding. I didn’t like her acting but in few emotional scenes, she has acted well.”

    Brinda Desai says, “The film is lengthy and bores you on many occasions. Also, it is not even entertaining. Sonam is looking good. Her clothes are just too good. But, she still needs to learn a lot.”

    About the male lead, Abhay Deol, most people felt that his role is not as strong as Sonam because the film revolves around Aisha. “Someone like Abhay who has acted in films like Oye Lucky…and Dev D, his talent is wasted in the film. Even a newcomer could have pulled off that role. But, he was good,” says Jayant Mishra.

    Neha Shetty says, “I liked Abhay in the film. He was cute but his role was not as important as Sonam’s.”

    When asked if the film is a onetime watch, many people were of the opinion that the movie can be given a miss.

    Kanika Kotnala says, “The film is dragging and lacks a concrete story. That makes it a bore. Also, Sonam’s acting isn’t all that great to keep you involved throughout. The film is not even a one time watch.”

    Vijayta Gandhi says, “I came to watch Abhay Deol but he doesn’t have a pivotal role. Also, Sonam was getting intolerable after a point. The supporting characters especially the one who played the role of Shefali was very entertaining.”


  27. yakuza so this is good word of mouth ?i think it is very terrible word of mouth only some elite people liking it that too for sonam’s outfit this is so funny i never hear a girl saying terrible acting by the lead actress but i like it for her lovely outfit hahahahaha

  28. “King Kumar fans get over it”…Khatta-Meetha has underperformed at the box office and when u look from the overall general public view in India,this film is a flop…move on to his next flick which is ACTION REPLAY..period!

  29. Yakuza bhai tumne dekh li Aisha ? kaisi lagi ?? Dekhte hai iss baar humare views milte hai ya nahi 🙂 aur mujhe yeh confirm karo ki wanted ne 75 cr nett kiya hai ya nahi india me ??? jaha tak mujhe yaad hai nahi kiya hai wanted ne 75 cr nett and it ended between 65-68 cr but confirm karo

    My take on Aisha


    Aisha is modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma about a rich heiress with a penchant for match-making. Aisha is debutant director Rajshee Ojha attempt to make desi version of Emma set in Elite South Delhi society.

    Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) is a sweet and sophisticated girl from upper middle class who wants everybody around her to get a perfect match and be happy in love. So she indulges in match making, which is also her idea of doing social service. Boosted by her maiden successful attempt of finding match for her Maasi when she extends this social service in her friends circle, she find herself in situations which result in misunderstandings and confusing relationships. These times make her realize that how unknowingly she was imposing herself on her friends by interfering in their lives and trying to make them her Xerox copy. This is also the time when she realizes that all this while she minded others business but never tried to look out for someone who will be perfect for her. How she makes amends to her mistakes forms the climax.

    Read rets here

  30. Kya hua subah se koi comment nai 😦

  31. busy watchin cricket…laxman and tendulkar did a good job to level the series!

  32. yakuza y u km is above average as it collects lifetime 42cr and veer also collects 42cr and if this is abv average then veer also say it abv average.

  33. asad veer was made at 75 crore and KM around 35 crores, so KM is a recovery which veer made huge loss.

  34. y’day i watch Aisha…superb movie…i hate luv storys was a gud movie bt aisha has rocked…i luv da abhaysonam chemistry…and all da actors hav done a gr8 job…<3


  36. ALL INDIA – 34.04 crore

  37. The all India breakdown for Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (First Week) is as follows.

    Mumbai/Thane – 7.04 crore

    Gujarat – 4.15 crore

    Saurashtra – 88 lakhs

    Maharastra – 2.80 crore

    Karnataka/Goa – 50 lakhs

    Mumbai Circuit – 15.37 crore

    Delhi City – 3.83 crore

    Delhi/UP – 6.68 crore

    East Punjab – 2.45 crore

    West Bengal – 1.40 crore

    Bihar – 65 lakhs

    CP Berar – 1.59 crore

    CI – 1.06 crore

    Rajasthan – 1.12 crore

    Nizam/Andhra – 1.65 crore

    Mysore – 1.44 crore

    Others – 63 lakhs

    ALL INDIA – 34.04 crore

  38. 2010: Just like every year, 2010 too has starved of some genuine bona fide hits. The ones that have managed to hit the bull’s eye are Raajneeti, Housefull, My Name Is Khan, and I Hate Luv Storys to name a few. Now add one more to the list, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. In fact, the film took the weakest start of all when compared to the aforementioned films. The opening shows hovered in 40–50 percent range but the phenomenon that began from Friday evening pretty much stayed on throughout the first week. Result? A film that saw feedback ranging from good to excellent ensured that collections stayed steady till the begining of second weekend as well.

    With 34 crores coming in from the first week, the film will now comfortably surpass 50 crores and now comes with the potential to even hit the 60 crores mark. This would be a great win for everyone associated with the film because right from the time it was launched, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai was marred by negative energy around it. Bollywood had entered into a period of recession and the period setting of the film meant that pre-production couldn’t be rushed through. Also gangster films aren’t quite considered as a genre which is fit for family viewing. However, through this film, director Milan Luthria and producer Ekta Kapoor have made an ideal follow up to Satya and Company that have otherwise been considered as a benchmark for gangster films.

    The box office success of the film means that Ajay Devgn now has a hat trick of successes this year after Raajneeti and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. Emraan Hashmi now has a film which has done business much bigger than his earlier big hits. Kangna has finally managed to get out of her schizophrenic zone. Prachi has kept her success record intact after Rock On and Life Partner. Meanwhile Randeep Hooda too has got a new lease of life after being in oblivion for long.

    All in all, a much deserving box office hit for Bollywood.

  39. OUATIM Scores Big, Aims For 60 Crores

  40. ouatim is the best film of this year

  41. khal yakuza was the 1st to report that it made close to 35 crore net and BOI lied 32 crore net, but they had to change when all the other source then were giving same as yakuza.

  42. abishek is a flopstar, even ajay is comanding hit and emran hashmi is great also.

  43. prakashjaju on twitter
    Once Upon …India – 3rd day 4 cr 84 lacs -Total – 9 cr 64 lacs

  44. Once Upon – 7th day – India – 2 cr 58 lacs – Total – 38 cr 44 lacs – distributors share Apprx 27 cr (same as Khatta Meetha)..
    8:06 AM Aug 7th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  45. Mr 10 %,
    Weekends numbers of all the movies are now available at different websites. Time to show your expertise!

  46. I hope OUATIM surpasses 55rs to get clean hit status. this movie deserves it.

    Akshay Kumar – i hope you watched this movie mate! about time you made a good film

  47. Hey yakuza was houseful a superhit

  48. Please tell names of akshays hit movies

  49. Please tell names of akshays hit movies and top ten hits of decade with collections

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