OUATIM Held Rock Steady On Tuesday

OUATIM held strong on Tuesday with ~3.25 Crore collections. Five days Nett figure stands at roughly 29.75 Crore. First week is likely to finish at around 35 Crore. Next week also likely to sustain well as only competitor will be Aisha which should do good collection at metro multiplexes only, which means OUATIM will dominate interiors and should held well against Aisha in metros too. WOM is pretty strong and expected outcome for second week is in range of 10-12 Crore. Movie is definite Hit at anywhere around 50 Crore.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “OUATIM Held Rock Steady On Tuesday”

  1. Thanks Yakuza. Very happy for ajay, he is brilliant actor. Only Ajay from current lot can pull off the role in this movie. 2010 is Ajay’s year , three already hits. Two coming more … Aakrosh and G3.

  2. Very happy for Ajay Devgan. He truly deserve it, truly one of Bollywood’s underrated actors. This man is on a roll, commerically and critically.

  3. Very good news,ajay is only actor how can act like this,big thumps up,salut to ajay.i dont think that aaisha can creat any problem to ouatm at box office.

  4. ajay is superb,he did different roles in different films.now his upcoming films lke aakrosh and G3.both are different.

  5. Wt’s the budjet and DP from OUATIM? I m sure it cannot be less than KM. Then if OUTIM (1st week heading for 35 cr) is a success before 1st week why not KM(34 cr Ist week) also a success in 1st week itself. I am sure the DS for KM will be more than that of OUTIM as single screen contributed more in KM than OUTIM.

  6. HA HA HA .. BOI is copy CAT …. What Yakuza has reported yesterday, BOI is reporting today with exactly same lnaguage. Check BOI report :

    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai had another steady on Tuesday with business of 3.25 crore nett. This takes the films total to 27.50 crore nett. The drop was only 10-15% from Monday.
    The film is behaving extraordinarily well in Nizam due to the muslim touch in the film and Emraan Hashmi who has a big following in the circuit. Mumbai is also super strong and could end up with a 12-14 crore distributor share. This weekend the film will see competition in the form of Aisha and may well cut into the business of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai at high end multiplexes of metroes but in the rest of the country, Aisha is unlikely to prove much of a threat. The second weekend will tell about where the film will a finish up, it may close at 50 crore nett but a solid second weekend may eventually take the lifetime business to 60 crore nett.

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