No Khatta No Meetha At Boxoffice

Despite terrible reports and bashing from left right and center, KM scored well in first week. Mumbai circuit contributed best along with UP, Rajasthan, Nizam and Mysore. Delhi, Punjab and some south territories were not up to mark. Overall first week was in range of 34 Crore with territory breakdown as :

Mumbai – 13.28 crore,  Delhi- 3.25 crore , UP – 3.55 crore , East Punjab – 2.75 crore , West Bengal – 1.40 crore , Bihar – 71 lakhs ,  CP Berar – 1.55 crore, CI – 1.21 crore , Rajasthan – 1.75 crore,  Nizam/Andhra – 1.51 crore, Mysore – 1.41 crore, Others – 1 Crore

But movie crashed over second weekend with mere 4.5+ Crore all india collections. Overall KM is heading for ~41 in two weeks.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 3, 2010.

35 Responses to “No Khatta No Meetha At Boxoffice”

  1. Heard it will be clean hit at 45 cr, is it true yakuza?

  2. it already a flop i thnk…i saw ws a very good film.10times bttr dan other craps of its a flop despite being a good movie.nw akki ll again do those craps:(

  3. good to see you back in your true role…

  4. Yar numbers tak tu theek ha, ab tum ne title bhi copy paste kerne start ker diye hain! The same title was used by Taran (No khatta No meetha: just peekha)
    Again you changed it by 10% and used it.

    Should we start calling you MR. 10% ?

    • Sure, If you promise using -10% for Taran ..

    • SJ, can you stop your ridiculous comments ? Yakuza is humble enough to stay these stupid comments on blog. This blog was always first one to give updates. I am following this blog since KI days and evident of first reporting always. BOI never in past gave update on friday. Its only because of bollybusiness BOI started giviing update on friday, because yakuza was always first to give update on friday. There are many incidents when BOI give blunder report earlier and later on come down to match Yakuza numbers. APKGK is one instance where Yakuza was only source whose first week numbers were 37 Crore, while others were hanging on 41-42 Crore. But after 10 days all other sources dramatically comes down to 37 crore. Who wins at last ? Yakuza. There are many other instances such as KI, Housefull and Kites where Yakuza was first one to report correct numbers and other follow his numbers later.

      SJ, think multiple times before commenting stupid here. yakuza is not earning anything from this blog. He is not liable for any of us to write any article. If he gives update, we should thank him. if not, no need to complain. Yakuza, I want to thanks you first here to entertain us since last 2 years.

  5. The movie’s budget was 30 cr, it was sold for a low price

    Before the release it made more than 20 cr from TV rights/music etc

    It managed 40+ cr over 2 weeks

    It’s a hit already

  6. KM is now semi-hit but if will collet 4-5 crore then chanse to become clean hit.

  7. dont b biased guys.its a flop.accept that.n move on

  8. word mr 10% is used by pakistanis whole world knows wht the hell are u doing here

  9. YuVvrajj producer Subhash ghai got 10crs profit b4 release..

    so u cal Yuvvraaj a hit??????????

  10. Again, what bollybusiness reported yesterday, BOI has reported same today. I am talking about KM boxoffice. Its weekend figures are reported by BOI today only and in same range of yakuza whoch he reported yesterday.

  11. haha yakuza

    if u have said it wont be a hit toh maan leta but u say it wont be a success kya hogaya hai brother

    41 in two weeks and atleast 2-3 cr will give it a 43-44 cr lifetime its an easy above average

  12. Khatta Metha will be an average fair at the box office.

  13. this is rubbish we were told exclusively it was 30 to 35 cr budget now to pull the film down they increased the budget to 45 cr which shows the anti-akki sentiment. also when the movie package includes all rights.

  14. KM has flopped and stop crying and move onn..

  15. subhash Ghai sold it for 45 crs….for Ashtavinayak

    n tat made him a profit of 10crs…

    but it collectd less than 20 crs…

    nd it was a profit game for Ghai…..

    tat was i said//

  16. Jeevcy/Yakuza

    excluding the money Km got for staellite rights/DVD etc —- how much has KM gathered at the BOX OFFICE? this is a true indicator of a films acceptance – not satellite rights etc

  17. Hey yakuza can we cal km a hit and was houseful superhit or simple hit

  18. km superhit

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