Once In A Blue Moon It Happens at Box-office

Folks, BO report after almost 1.5 months. I will try to analyze numbers for movies released in this period, in coming days. Today I managed to judge OUATIM numbers. Movie has got tremendous positive reports from critics as well as public. At box-office, After pretty good opening day (6-6.25 Crore), movie picked up well on Saturday at metros multiplexes (Specially NCR Multiplexes where business shoot-up by 125% on Saturday) and end up cooking 7.25+ Crore Nett at box-office. But it was Sunday when public comes out in large and made truly an earth shattering day for movie. Mumbai and NCR made the difference and how ? Both circuits picked up by 1.25 Crore each(from Saturday). Overall Sunday was whooping 9 – 9.25 Crore. Weekend finished in 22.25-22.75 Crore range and also found its place among well occupied movies of 2010. Overall weekend capacity was around 36-39 Crore.

Today movie holds up extremely well almost everywhere. Multiplexes dropped just 20-25% from Friday. Single screens at metros also holds up well. Delhi/UP after average start on Friday registered negligible fall today. Early estimated business on Monday should be in range of 4.5+ Crore . Overall 4 days Nett should finish at 26.75-27.25 Crore Range. 

Advance bookings for Tuesday is pretty well for high end multiplexes. Looking at trending, first week should billed around 33+ Crore. This will be Ajay’s third highest first week grosser [Emraan’s highest] after Golmaal Returns(2008) and Raajneeti(2010).

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 2, 2010.

19 Responses to “Once In A Blue Moon It Happens at Box-office”

  1. boxofficeindia is fake site,they are saying that average opening of OUATIM,
    OUATIM is hit from now,ajay is rocking in OUATM.

  2. i have seen more then 1000 movies overall from my point of view best top 10 actors of hindi cinema are 1 amitabh bachchan 2 sanjeev kumar 3 dilip kumar 4 ashok kumar 5 balraj sahini 6 pran 7 mehmood 8 naseerudin shah 9 aamir khan 10 ajay devgan and top 10 stars are 1 amitabh 2 rajesh khanna 3 shahrukh 4 dharmender 5 dilip kumar 6 raj kapoor 7 salman khan 8 shammi kapoor 9 dev anand 10 aamir khan no donot indicate their position except amitabh ji who is undisputed no 1 at both positions as actor and star

    • pran and mehmood in and a laboured amir khan in but moti lal, 3 national award winner mithun chakravarti, versatile govinda and most effortless performer in history of bollywood salman khan not good actors. starnge tastes. again in commercial success two the highest ticket selling star of the last 22 years salman khan at number 7 below rajesh khanna, sharukh and raj kapoor? any personal biases???? where is k l sehgal?? dilip kumar at no 6?? raj kapoor had only anari as a big hit apart from 4 of his own directed movies. that makes him a great director not actor.

      • the list for me wud be – actors -1. dilip kumar 2. amitabh bachchan, 3. naseruddin shah 4. sanjeev kumar, 5.ashok kumar 6. balraj sahni, 7 moti lal/om puri 8. mithun chakravarti 9. govinda, 10 salman khan

        stars 1. dilip kumar 2. amitah bachchan, 3 salman khan, 4 shahrukh khan, 5. dharmendra, 6 rajendra kumar, 7. amir khan 8.jeetendra 9. rajesh khanna, 10 k l sehgal

      • u think dilip kumar no 1 must be mad

        • dilip kumar had 1 all time blolockbuster (solo hero) among 9 blockbusters (i m defining biggest hit of the year as blockbuster and biggest hit of the decade as all time blockbuster) to his credit. 1. jugnu 2. shaheed 3. baabul 4. madhumati 5. mughle aazam 6. ganga jamuna 7. kranti, 8. vidhaata 9. karma all six as hero in solo lead and 3 as the central character. salman has 2 all time blockbustesr (maine pyaar kiya and hum aapke hain kaun) amongst 6 blockbusters but he has only finished 1st innings 1. maine pyaar kiya 2. saajan 3. hum aapke hain kaun 4. kuchh kuchh hota hai 5. Biwi NO 1 6. no entry (3 solo hero 1 two hero (saajan) 2 extended special appearences (kuchh kuchh hota hai and no entry) Bachchan has one all time blockbuster (sholay) amongst 5 blockbusters 1. roti kapda aur makaan 2. sholay 3. amar akbar anthony 4. muqaddar ka sikandar 5. coolie (none solo hero, one three hero project (AAA) One extended special appearnce (roti kapda aur makaan) and not a single blockbuster or all time blockbuster in his second innings as opposed to 3 of dilip kumar) sharaukh has no all time blockbuster( Dilwale dulhaniya was the second biggest hit of the decade 90s not the biggest, that was hum aapke hain kaun) and just 4 blockbusters 1. dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge 2 kuchh kuchh hota hai 3, veer zaara 4. om shanti om. (3 solo hero 1 with salman in extended special appearences) even in hot – flop ratio dilip kumar will have the best record. that puts sharukh at no 4, salman at par with bachchan and dilip kumar much above all. if u want u can count the total hits of all four (including below average, above average, semi hit, hit, super hits, blockbuster and all time blockbuster) or total top hits (films featuring in top 5 hits of the year and you will realise the order remains the same (all data is avaialble at boxofficeindia.com

          • Old Movies Database of BOI is purely bogus. Their numbers and ratings are even lesser than Filminformation ratings and numbers. And above all the term All time blockbuster was not in use before 90’s. There are as many as 14 movies got blockbuster status by filminformation which also includes Sholay. Its tough decision which movie to consider under ATBB and which not. 14 Blockbusters by Komal Nahta is something unmatched. I am not sure about Dilip kumar, but no other hero before and after amitabh has more than 2-3 blockbusters by Komal Nahta. 14 is distant dream. But yes, i need to study about dilip kumar about his success range. But BOI is not apt site for old movies at any cost. One can have huge laugh at BOI if compare their verdicts with Filminformation .

      • i have given salman position in stars atleast he is not actor not even in top 500

  3. as for once upon i can say ajay is great actor and if any actor who should be in amitabh s film remake must be AD like agneepath as his dialogue diliversy is unique and makes people whistle even in don remake where srk failed miserably as director chose wrong star cast this has been a problem in hindi cinema where wrong star cast makes a good film look average

  4. Thanks bro. for the detailed report 🙂 as usual you are the best

  5. nice detailed report

    “I will try to analyze numbers for movies released in this period, in coming days.”
    this will be great 🙂

  6. Ajay devgan verry kind of actor.he is always gr8

  7. Yakuza welcome Back bro

    Hope All iz well there…

    I want Khatta meetha’s boxoffice in detail

    btw hows was its km’s second and whats the likely verdict ???

    btw good article

    • so far if we go by jaju and Komal nahta who has hinted at 2nd week collection to be 6-7 crore , the second weekend will be 4-5 crore only 😦

  8. i hope it touches 40 cr atleast

    • 40 to ho jana chahiye , even if 2nd week is 6 crore it will be at 38.24 cr next week 2 cr tak to hi jana chahiye.

      when OUTIM’s figure are wrongly given by Boi maybe Yakuza can come up with figures that might suggest recovery by Km also . lets see when yakuza comes up with his report on KM

    • dude it will touch 45 cr

  9. Good Copy psste work! You decided to play safe and give slightly higher numbers than BOI and slightly lower numbers than Taran!

    Have you ever thought of astronomy as a side business? I bet, u will be very successful!

  10. mithun in top 10 make me laugh yes motilal was good actor

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