Boxoffice Classifications : Year 1979


Sr No Movie Name Nett Collections(In Crore) Verdict
1 Suhaag 7.75 Blockbuster
2 Mr. Natwarlal 6.5 Super Hit
3 Jaani Dushman 5 Super Hit
4 Kaala Patthar 4.8 Semi Hit
5 Sargam 4.25 Super Hit
6 The Great Gambler 4 Above Average
7 Kartavya  3 Hit
8 Noorie 2.5 Super Hit
9 Gol Maal 2.5 Super Hit
10 Dil Kaa Heera 2.25 Semi hit
11 Khandaan  2 Hit
12 Dada 2 Hit
13 Baton Baton Mein 2 Hit
14 Lahu Ke Do rang 1.85 Semi hit
15 Gautam Govinda 1.75 Average
16 Muqabla  1.5 Flop
17 Jurmaana 1.5 Flop
18 Suraksha 1.5 Average
19 Ahinsa  1.25 Average
20 Duniya Meri Jeb Mein 1.25 Disaster
21 Naukar 1.25 Flop
22 Naalayak 1.25 Average
23 Amar Deep  1 Below Average
24 Ahsaas 1 Below Average
25 Raakhi Ki Saugandh 0.75 Flop
26 Cinema Cinema 0.75 Flop
27 Ghar Ki Laaj  0.75 Flop
28 Bhayaanak 0.5 Flop
29 Love in Canada NA Below Average
30 Ikraar NA Flop
31 Jaandar NA Flop
32 Man Ka Aangan NA Flop
33 Premvivah NA Flop
34 Krishna Sudaama NA Flop
35 Sawan Ko Aane Do 1.75 Hit
36 Chowki No.11 NA Flop
37 Meera  NA Flop
38 Sunayana NA Flop
39 Bin Phere Hum Tere NA Semi Hit
40 Hum Tere Aashiq Hain NA Disaster


~ by Yakuza on July 30, 2010.

13 Responses to “Boxoffice Classifications : Year 1979”

  1. Excellent, I would love to see more articles like this Yakuza. This is simply great.

    But quite shocked that Suhaag was the biggest Hit, as I thought it was Jaani Dushman or Sargam.

  2. Suhaag a blockbuster? At best I thought it was a superhit

  3. Suhaag Blockbuster film,
    Please Yakuza,bring Amitabh and manmohan desai combination movies.

  4. Superb combination of amitabh and manmohan dasai,
    AAA (ATB)
    Parvarish (Superhit)
    Suhaag (BB)
    Naseeb (Superhit)
    Desh Premee (Semi-hit)
    Coolie (ATB)
    Mard (BB)
    Ganga Jamna Saraswati (Flop)
    Toofan (Average)

  5. Nice post, Yakuza.

  6. I love ur BO related posts but Kaala paththar was just a semi hit ? 😦 i loved thet movie AB n Shot gum were brillient

    • Kha ho yakuza bhai ???? Kaala paththar ke baare me kuch batao. it was nicely done movie . why it just managed semi hit staus ???

      • Manish, Kala Pathar was above average as per film information. Though it made money, but was not up to mark of bachchan standard. It was time when bachchan movie earning below 5 crore was considered as underperformer (though general range of hit movie was 2-3 crore). IMO depressed portrayal of bachchan character didn’t go well with audience who consider him one man crusade at that time.

  7. BOI par to totally diff collns aur verdicts hai

    • I have taken collections from Filminformation and verdicts are upgraded to one step above (like Super Super Hits upgraded to blockbuster and semihit becomes hit, to justify the media verdicts).

      BOI has even lowered down the verdicts and collections of old movies from already so strict verdicts of filminformaiton. Their agenda is visible.

  8. My take on OUTIM
    Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai – Zilch. Nada. Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai – Zilch. Nada.

    Bollywood’s fascination to gangster movies dates back to days of Deewar which was a masala action flick loosely based on Haji Mastan. But after that the filmmakers turned to gritty and realistic gangster flicks like Nayagan, Parinda, Satya, Company etc. Milan Luthria with Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai takes us back to the days of Deewar and Dharmatma type masala gangster flicks. The film is loosely based on Haji Mastan and Dawood Ebrahim’s rise to power, where few events from there life are taken and woven into a fictional story.

    OUATIM takes us back to the era (1970-80s) when organized crime has just begun to spread its wing in Mumbai. Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgan) is the reigning king of Mumbai Underworld. He is a smuggler who rules the sea. He is a Gareebo ka Maseeha and a Robin Hood figure who is feared as well as respected in the city of Bambaai. The dialogues “Main unn cheezo ki smuggling karta hoon jinki sarkar ijjazat nahi deti, unki nahi jinki zameer ijjzat nahi deta” (I smuggle only those things which the government doesn’t allow, not those which my conscience doesn’t allow) and “Jab dost banake kaam ho sakta hai to dushamn kyu banaye” (Why make enemeies, when the goal can be achieved as friends) sums up the personality of Sultan Mirza – a conscience driven Smuggler. Rehana (Kangana Ranaut) – a Bollywood actress plays his love interest.

    On the other hand is the devilish Shoaib Khan (Emraan Hashmi), a power greedy youth who doesn’t believe in principles and can do anything to rise above everyone and clinch the power to rule. The dialogue -”Duniya raakh ki tarah neeche hogi aur khud dhuye ki tarah upar” (the world will be below my feet as ash and I’ll rise like burning smoke) very much sums up his personality and his outlook. Mumtaz (Prachi Desai) plays his love interest.

    You did not metion the name of Rajendra kumar blockbuster sAJAN BINA SUHAGAN.

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